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Tom Cruise Recreates Risky Business Underwear Scene -- With a Les Grossman Twist!

Tom Cruise Recreates Risky Business Underwear Scene -- With a Les Grossman Twist!

Tom Cruise returns to the Risky Business set for this hilarious promo for the upcoming 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

The 47-year-old actor also reprises his role as Tropic Thunder studio exec Les Grossman

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards air Sunday, June 6 at 9/8c on MTV! Aziz Ansari hosts with Les Grossman producing. Vote for your favorites at!

Watch the hilarious video below!

Tom Cruise Recreates Risky Business Underwear Scene — With a Les Grossman Twist!

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  • fin

    luv tom cruise , n here comes hateful comments from tom cruise haters who spend their whole day hating on tom cuise and ass licking brad and angelina in 3 2 1

  • Meter

    Hate Tom Cruise the wack job. Don’t care for Brad and Angelina either. And Aniston, can’t stand that lousy actress bleach blonde either. Happy fin?!

  • fin

    i dont giv a shit about any of them , its just the hateful comments always boggled my mid , i dont care about tom cruise either , but when ever i read a story about him and read the comments they’re unbelievebly hateful , when he’s out having fun with his daughter , i read unbelievebly hateful comments about him and his daughter and how its a photo op and stuff , and by the same people who omment like that when the same story about brad and angelina story comes up , they’re literally on their knees like they just saw god and angels . i dont care about either of the families and dont give a shit and both of them are just publicity whores , so why attack 1 and worship the other , hate is jus the worst crime

  • Jess

    How do you not post the best one? ROBERT PATTINSON and TOM CRUISE. Epic win.

  • Jess

    How do you not post the best one? ROBERT PATTINSON and TOM CRUISE. Epic win.

  • people

    For some reason, I only see c r a z y when I see him. May it is b/c he try too damn hard.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …no matter how nice or funny this guy is people gonna to hate on him. fcuking hilarious.

  • alice

    i love tom cruise , he’s always been the biggest movie star of the past 20 years , no actors movie have grossed as much as his movies except tom hanks . u people can hate all u want , haters

  • kelly

    post the one with him and rob pattinson. its so funny.

  • love tom

    tom is great

  • me me

    that is so funny thaks jess for that link he is really really funny and the look on roberts face ha ha i like tom he meaks some great movies and he seems to be a very nice and sweet man and a great dad i dont get the hate ad all.

  • Janey

    You do realize that it’s obvious that most of these posts come from the same person, right? Yes, the silly little video’s are cute. They are coming from a man who is desperate for this film to be a success.

    Simy Alanes is the nutcase making most of these posts. She has been thrown out of every Tom Cruise fansite on the net for being a complete lunatic. She’s scary.

    Honey, I don’t care for Cruise for alot of good reasons. I’m not a fan of Brangelina either. Neither are most of the people who dislike Cruise. We’re adult women who used to be fans of Cruise but gave up on him when he lost it an insulted women who have had PPD. His old fans don’t care for him anymore. Face it. It has nothing to do with Brangelina. It has to do with Cruise and his ignorant opinions and crazy cult.

    These videos are from a deperate man.

  • debbie

    luv! luv! Tom Cruise!!

  • To fin

    Hey fin,

    Do you realize how hateful you sound? Obviously you care alot cause I have seen u in a few Tom threads. please stop being so hateful and judgemental of those who have different opinions than you do. I won’t see Tom films because I cant see the character. All I see is Crazy Tom Cruise. Thats my opinion. It hasnt anything to do with Brad and Angelina, I dont like them either. Stop being so hateful and mean! Its bad Karma!!

  • troi


    Excuse me, but that is not true. Tom Cruise is #7 for grossing films.
    Frank Welker is number 1 followed by Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Eddie Murphy and John Ratzenberger for total box office.

    And Tom Cruise comes in at #36 for average gross.

  • mickey

    Tom Cruise is a dork.

  • lindy

    Cruise is a complete nut job. Can’t believe that after all his ctrazy antics the past few years, people still think he’s “normal.”

  • danni

    The only reason tom is out and about is he is attention starved. You can always tell their antics when one of them has not been in the media for awhile. Heidi,spencer,lopez,mark anthony,mariah,paris,kartrashians. They are all self absorbed people,their are plenty more. Tom is whacko,he did it to himself not us!

  • dido

    ı love tom and he is an incredible actor and less grosman you are my man, ı can ‘ t wait knight and day it will be gorgeous

  • muck
  • bluuu

    I don’t care what you guys say. Hate is a pretty lame thing.
    But Les Grossman is the man. Too funy!

  • Sienna

    Yeah, he needs now Robert Pattinson to make people watch the video. Without Rob in it nobody would bother and it would not be funny at all.

  • Toni

    Maybe he’ll try to recruit Rob for Scientology (by helping him to quit smoking). Rob has ideal age of 24, great asset he would be.

  • ++Logan++

    I think he is an icon, everyone just spreads hate because he chose to be a scientologist, so what? There are so many religions out there, if you don’t like Scientology, don’t become a scientologists, but don’t ridicule others for their own choices.

  • Kirsten

    I think he is a funny guy and I am a big fan of Brad/Angie. Tom has a good sense of humor.

  • karen

    When has Tom Cruise ever had to work this hard to promote his movies..

    I think he was very funny in Tropic Thunder.. surprising really, but man he is really putting it out there.. Yes he is ONE of the biggest stars in the world. But the OTHER biggest Stars in the world don’t have to work that hard to promote. Tom is doing things he would never had to do 5 or 10 years ago.

    That says a lot.. Expect to see him continue to be EVERYWHERE… AND DOING EVERYTHING

  • LEE

    The biggest ‘out there’ is when he went on ‘Oprah ‘ to beg ppl to like him again.
    The whack job knows he blew his likability by showing his true colors with his manical outbursts.

    You couldn’t pay me to watch his movies.

  • America

    I love you Tom Cruise.
    Greatest movie star on the planet.
    $uck it haters.

  • America

    I can imagine what you look like.

  • troi


    First Logan, many of us haven’t cared for his acting or him since long before we knew he was a cult follower.

    And if you read anything about scientology–it is NOT a religion. It is A CULT. One that has wide spread abuse on many levels–physical, mental, emotional.

    The Cult has blackmailed, bribed, humiliated members that want to leave. They have been punished physically by being held forcibly against their will. They have been punished by being declared a suppressive person which means they cannot contact family members and friends at the risk of punishment and vice versa.

    I’m absolutely sure that part of the divorce settlement that wasn’t seen by the public via the court system were drawn up documents which Kidman had to sign. You can tell she WON’T talk about scientology. Her auditing tapes would probably be made public. Tom declares she can see her kids anytime, but he it seems like when she is in LA he makes sure pictures of the kids surface in NYC. She has publicly stated she hopes when they are older that they will decide to visit her more.

    For you to call this cult a religion is an insult to religions everywhere. Tom stated that you can be Catholic and a scientologist, but this is untrue. They want you to be a cult member.

    It is hard to respect anyone that elevates a cult founded by a sci-fi writer who publicly proclaimed that if you want to get rich, develop a cult and then a proceeded to do so. A person who beat his wives. Married wife three or four while still married. Was homophobic and drove his gay son to suicide or had him murdered. A person who laughed at the cult followers as stupid morons for believing his drivel.

    And his successor David Miscavage is just as bad. Tom is best friends with Miscavage so he can’t be blind to the abuses the cult perpetuates on its members. He has also been accused by cult defectors. According to Andrew Morton’s bio and research Tom is way HIGH up in the cult so therefore he has to be aware of what goes on. But then Tommy girl gets special treatment. Cult members who have left stated they had to spend 24 hours planting a field of flowers when Cruise married Kidman because he wanted to be married in a flowery meadow. His kids are not treated like other cult members. It is hard to believe that Bella and Connor are locked up and forced to work at manual labor. I do believe Tom is a decent father and don’t think he’d allow the kids to be beaten. But many others are. PUnishments within the cult are often physical.

    So it is very very hard to believe in Tom when he believes he was once inhabited by aliens, overlooks cult abuse, and divorced Kidman due to cult influence because she was swaying away from Scientology.

    Should be interesting if the kids and Katie ever go back to their Catholic roots. Both Bella and Connor were raised Catholic AND Xenu until Kidman left. So will Tom kick them out of his life if they leave the spaceship?

    Should be interesting.

  • Well


    Thanks for posting that. Lmao, Pattinson and Cruise are riot. But geez Rob, do NOT join the COS. They desperately need fresh meat and Cruise, you do that…let the Twihards bring it down on your head. Don’t think we haven’t seen the blog where you are being discussed along with DM.
    Cannot wait for Water for Elephants.

  • pr person

    So he has to stay relevant by playing Les Grossman?! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Come on Risky Business?? How OLD is that movie? Plus.. Crazy lost all the fans that would have given a hoot about that dancing/underwear scene. The younger generation could care less… hence the other promo with Rob Pattinson and Crazy playing Grossman. (giggles)…. Oh Crazy.. people still aren’t going to see your movies…… But keep bringing the desperation…it is very amusing and makes for some good laughs!

  • Pac Man

    Right, #1 and #3 and #4 and #7.

    He doesn’t ‘need’ him, #22.

    Exactly, #24 and #25.

    Cruise has always been known for pushing his movies hard, #26.

    Cruise has nothing to do with any of that, #30.

    What’s wrong with Les Grossman,#32? He’s a popular character that people want to see.

    It’s a an iconic movie. You’re getting desprate trying to make it look like Cruise is desperate. His career is far from over no matter how hard you try to twist it otherwise.

  • So Judgemental

    Pac Man.. Les Grossman is a popular character people want to see? Wow. It worked in Tropic Thunder since people like to laugh at Tom vs with him. But I do not remember anyone clamoring for a Les spin off.

    Tom burned his bridges with me with how he handled his leaving of Nicole and the divorce. Then with his ridiculous antics and public meltdown that followed. Once you realize just how unhinged someone is.. its hard to attempt to gloss over it and escape into a character they are trying to create unless it is self parody. Les Grossman is funny because IMO that is what Cruise looks like on the inside..not because I think it is an amusing character.

    His day is done. The joke had an expiration date.

  • Twihard

    Tom Cruise has turned into the such a lame-tard. He’s lost whatever cred he had (never was that great of an actor, all he has is an intense crazy-ass stare), so he reaches back to remind everyone of his silly Risky Business underwear scene. La-de-da. He’s a goofball jerk is what he is.

  • troi

    @Pac Man:

    And exactly how do you know Cruise has nothing to do with the abuse the cult levies on others.

    Have you viewed his YouTube videos where he maniacally is proclaiming and exclaiming about the cult?

    How many people defecting charging that he does know will it take for you to believe?

    Oh, right, you only believe what you read in People Magazine. But, gosh, they printed an article where the person stated that Tom must know. So now you don’t believe them?

    And you say you aren’t a cult member??? Right. Only someone mentally ill and a stalker or a cult member would continue to believe Cruise is totally innocent of knowledge about the abuse and about the true nature of Miscavage.

  • Jessica

    So TC is actually in love with touching TC? I knew it

  • viv

    haha his movements are exactly the same as in 82!

  • skorstensstillads

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