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Ke$ha Dons Fun Feathered Headpiece

Ke$ha Dons Fun Feathered Headpiece

Ke$ha hits the red carpet wearing a huge feathered headpiece during the 2010 MTV World Stage VMAJ Awards held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on Saturday (May 29) in Tokyo, Japan.

BTW, this picture cracks me up!!!

The 23-year-old “TiK ToK” singer tweeted, “okok so it is time, japan. we are doing karaoke. Now Taio Cruz tell me how you feeeel…” (Taio and K$ did a song together called “Dirty Picture.“)

K$ Performs “TiK ToK” and “Your Love Is My Drug”

10+ pictures inside of Ke$ha rocking out a fun feathered headpiece…

Just Jared on Facebook
kesha feathered headpiece 01
kesha feathered headpiece 02
kesha feathered headpiece 03
kesha feathered headpiece 04
kesha feathered headpiece 05
kesha feathered headpiece 06
kesha feathered headpiece 07
kesha feathered headpiece 08
kesha feathered headpiece 09
kesha feathered headpiece 10
kesha feathered headpiece 11
kesha feathered headpiece 12
kesha feathered headpiece 13
kesha feathered headpiece 14
kesha feathered headpiece 15
kesha feathered headpiece 16

Credit: Koichi Kamoshida; Photos: Getty
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  • Ali

    he’s an idiot.Sorry SHE

  • Boo

    All i can say is … Lol

  • BEN

    If Christina Aguilera wore that Lady Gaga would call Perez Hilton crying she copying me do something.

  • Vera

    She looks a hot mess!!! LOL

  • $he

    She makes me laugh lol….xoxo

  • wow

    I think I want those shoes.


    ROFL. This girl is basically me if I became famous. LMFAO LMFAO LOLOLOL.

  • Jason

    Darker hair suits her.

  • Tori

    Wow who knew Ke$ha could be so clever

    Where a big feathered hat to distract people from her ugly face,smart ..her and rihanna should share advice.

  • meh

    @Tori: I like her face…it’s androg. and her nose is the cutest. PLUS she has good teeth.

  • Sacha

    she so doesnt take herself srsly which is one of the reasons i like her.
    rihanna doesnt either. theyre both young girlies who are just havin FUN, yknow.

  • w11

    Funny NO ONE ever accuse this one of copying Lady Gaga. Funny how that works. Guess they save the whole “copying Gaga” BS for a certain talented vocalist, eventhough there are clearly other who are actually copying Gaga…wearing insane outfits to draw attention to themselves. But we never say anything about them. Funny.

  • Amelle

    @w11: Where have you been? When Tick Tock went to #1 and prevented Bad Romance from making the top spot (it had been travelling up the charts forever and then some newcomer came and knocked Gaga off before she could make no.1) Gaga fans were FURIOUS. Kesha got compared to Gaga like craaaazy “second rate Gaga” and to Uffie, she got compared to everyone. She got so much more hate than Christina….then it died down a bit when people realized she’s just harmless and not that talented anyway. After Christina’s A.Idol performance, I think a LOT of people regained their respect for her. Her comeback song & video is still godawful…but she proved on that stage once again she deserves respect. Kesha’s just Kesha. As for Rihanna, she herself said she could never pull off any of the outfits Gaga does, “there is no one like Gaga, she owns it”. Rihanna’s just experimenting with current fashions…the fact that her style overpowers her (lack of) talent is another matter lol. It’s funny because I like at least 4/5 songs from every female artist there is. I don’t get why people are obsessed with pitting people against others.

  • Matt

    she looks hot. nice legs and boobs.

  • Jessica

    Just my opinion but i think she actually looks better with things that distract from her face.

  • OOO.

    Why are people mean to Kesha? She writes all her own songs (that all become instant Hits) which is more than Rihanna does. I’m not hating on Riri, just stating the facts.

  • Ben

    She is funny and looks hotter here than she has in ages.

  • hmm

    She looks cute when she smiles. When she doesn’t she just looks drunk and kinda ugly.


    “BTW, this picture cracks me up!!!”

    Lmfao Jared.

  • Sam

    her face is ugly like a grandma’s. not as unfortunate as miley’s football and chipmunk mouth face but close.



  • .

    @GROSS: lol wtf

  • Lesismore

    Looks like my feather duster, if my feather duster had breasts, smelled like Starkist, and could not sing.


    I had the same feather duster, except mine came unplugged and leaked all over everything. But not in a good way.

  • ZEUS

    Ganymede looked like that when he was full of divinity.

  • Ron

    Ke$ha, great show. I’m having a party in my head. Please come. As often as you desire. In a good way.

    Joy to you, Rose,

  • Accrehab

    Her live is improved
    but she didn’t make good use of the T-stage…

    anyway, luv her music and the headpiece xD

  • jane

    @OOO.: yeah sure, she writes all her own songs and that’s why the lyrics are total crap. rihanna has the intelligence to not do it. not too complicated huh ? ;)

  • Jessica

    she i s pretty

  • ++Logan++

    trying way too hard

  • neon tiger

    what a wannabe BRANDON FLOWERS…lose the feathers babe, you can’t sing either…you sound like a pig in heat.

  • platforme

    Its Pleasure to go through your weblog.The above content articles is quite outstanding, and I truly enjoyed reading your blog and points that you simply expressed. I enjoy to arrive back on a typical basis,post much more for the subject.Thanks for sharing…keep writing!!!

  • Mike

    She’s hot.