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Megan Fox: Hot Pink Bra!

Megan Fox: Hot Pink Bra!

Megan Fox is quite the tease, showing off her hot pink bra while passing through a security checkpoint at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 29).

We can’t imagine how many people were gawking at the 24-year-old former Transformers actress!

Earlier this week, confirmed that Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be replacing Megan in the Transformers franchise.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox flaunting her hot pink bra

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megan fox pink bra 01
megan fox pink bra 02
megan fox pink bra 03
megan fox pink bra 04
megan fox pink bra 05
megan fox pink bra 06
megan fox pink bra 07
megan fox pink bra 08
megan fox pink bra 09
megan fox pink bra 10
megan fox pink bra 11

Credit: Gerallt; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Claire

    Am I the only one who thinks she got botox on her lips?!

  • heathen

    she ruined herself, she looks like crap!

  • cece


  • wtf

    is it just me or does she look like she has lost weight??

  • WTF

    Who the hell walks around in public with their undergarment clearly showing like that? What a skank.

  • Florence

    Can Rosie Huntington-Whiteley even act?
    I think the next Transformers wont be very good, not because Megans not in it, but because they are taking it too far. Its like POTC that went too far. 1st film was good, 2nd film got too silly and the third was okay only because of the love story at the end.

  • Nic

    Man no eye make-up and still looks stunning, her skin is flawless.

    But this outfit makes NO sense, its half sexy, half casual, if you are gonna go for it, go big or go home, this is NOT well done, and it looks stupid and random like this!

  • dundies

    i wonder if she wants some attention

  • Ethan

    Desperate for attention.

  • palvasha

    its not just bottos its alot of botox in lips duhhhhh!!!

    damn she looks so good when they all make her up but she looks like crap now

  • Bleh


  • Ashley


  • bryony

    I watched her allure video and she seems totally different in it compared to the actual interview in print!

    I wonder where she’s going. Maybe hiding from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Michael Bay the Creepy Pig?

  • Shan

    I guess she wanted to save the LAX security the trouble of searching her

  • andy

    i cannot believe you called her a ‘tease’ what are you getting at justjared? that if women dress a certain way they are doing it for men or to attract or because they want sex? people should be allowed to dress how they feel, you never call other women that where costumed bras teases… so i must say i am highly disappointed.

  • Bryony

    Maybe she’s fleeing the country to escape form Rosie and Michael Bay the Creepy Pervert Pig!

    I watched her allure video. She seems totally different from the interview in print.

  • Elizabeth

    Way too thin – Sorry, but Michael Bay was right (if the stories are true); you’re too skinny – women are supposed to have curves!!!

  • Henriette

    Definitely trying to escape from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Michael Bay. Good luck going into “hiding” with that outfit, Megan Fox!

  • Henriette


    If that is the case, then Rosie should not have been chosen! She is even skinnier than Megan! And people in his movies should not be forced to sport a horrible, orange-tan. It looks sooooo cheap and tacky!

  • Ming

    That is so tacky!

  • sara

    and she keeps saying she doesn’t want to attract attention from the paparazzi! what a f*cking liar! i guess she is just trying to prove she can be as sexy as a VS model (aka rosie). desperate much, megan?

  • http://j ivanka

    i can see her bones and her fake boobs

  • gig

    omg she is truly the dark haired heidi montag.cant believe what shes done to herself.

  • Meena


    You know, I’ve seen people at my high school dress worse! And whatever reason she may be dressing as this, I think the last thing she wants is more attention from the paparazzi. Plus, she’s usually in sweatpants and a T-Shirt! I don’t think she dresses like this regularly. Look at the way Lady Gaga dresses.

  • andy

    i was just saying that she may look a lot of things to a lot of people- good, bad, slutty, whatever… but tease is not appropriate as it is associated with a lot of negative connotations- including sexual assault.
    So… choose your words wisely.

  • sara

    @Meena: i’m sorry but when you wear a hot pink bra in public you know you are going to be the center of attention especially if you are a celebrity. well the girls of your school are lame attention seekers then.

  • Jaye

    Oh, please unless you live under a rug, you’ve seen celebrities showing their bra or a bikini top.
    I have no idea why some people think she’s desperate for attention. i haven’t seen her do anything to call attention to herself. Is she suppose to stay locked up in her house. The woman isn’t wearing make up and she’s accused of of trying to attract the paparazzi.. She doesn’t have to invite the paps to follow her, that’s their job. Just a bunch of silly things get said about this woman with NO back up.
    If you don’t like someone that’s your choice, although not liking someone you don’t know and calling them names is pretty silly. Don’t know why people who don’t care for her would care about how she looks. Frankly, I don’t care what anyone thinks, including Michael, the perv, Bay. She obviously didn’t try to impress him. Guess what, she’s still working. I have to give her an atta girl; a lot of young women in Hollywood would have just put up with a diva director treating them badly.

  • wtf


    o god..what are you? some lawyer looking to take on a new sexual harassment lawsuit? clearly, jared was not implying any disrespect and ur the only one who has a problem, so please just get off ur high horse.

  • Jenny

    Wow, Megan looks so plastic and too skinny now. And she’s walking around showing her bra? Whore!

  • JH

    ummm wtf??? she looks so stupid…i guess she needs attention…like it would have been that hard to button another button….weird.

  • pook


    Thanks for the laugh babe.

  • Venom

    Jesus she is hot.
    To this day my favorite Two and a Half Men episode is the one where she is on it.

  • joslyn

    she has got the worst taste in fashion.. you’d think a girl as pretty as her with her money would know how to dress better

  • Nirvanic


    Women are not suppose to “have” anything you ignorant fool. Women come in all different packages. Its like looking at a skinny man saying he is not a man because his body is not built like a Greek god.

  • hey

    thank you! i hate when people say that! naturally skinny girls can’t be real because they don’t have boobs? why people think it’s ok to bash skinny girls? saying someone skinny can’t be real is just like saying a fat girl can’t be pretty. they are both prejudice. people please don’t be ignorant.

  • kaylin


    Agreed, there is no standard when it comes to beauty.

  • Angela

    She is apparently a size 0 now

  • oletimer

    This girl is like nails on a chalkboard to me….ugh! :(

  • Mel

    Remove your cheek implants please. They scare me.


    Quite frankly, she should have been arrested.

    THAT is not fashion, it s indecent exposure.

    No family should have to see that.


    MORONS, once and for all time, no ONE “get’s botox” in their lips.

  • mickey


    Total classless wonder

  • Jasmine

    Please Sign To Save Megan In Transformers 3

  • Mia

    LOL look at her showing off her engagement ring. She also looks tan…i thought she was against it now? She sure knows how to work the media but wow is her studio image/persona completely fake!

  • pantsless

    @Claire: botox is never for the the lips, people, it you gonna make cracks, at least not sound like a moron

  • Maybelle

    Is she supposed to be engaged? I just noticed the ring on her finger is all.

  • face

    is this oh i lost my button , a new fashion trend?….seems like a lot jealous people here, she looks pretty good, but this bra showing is something i expect from miley cyrus, anyways she seems happy, be nice

  • Jasmine

    I’m usually a fan of the way she looks because she’s always looked gorgeous but what the hell did she do to her face?! It looks like effin’ cheek implants. Did I miss something? Is she trying to one-up Heidi Montag in the unnecessary plastic surgery department?

  • Shannon


    You can’t get botox on your lips

  • .

    Why do people say she got “botox” in her lips? You don’t plump lips with botox you morons.