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Rachel Bilson & Johnny Wujek: Little Dom's Date

Rachel Bilson & Johnny Wujek: Little Dom's Date

Rachel Bilson grabs brunch with stylist pal Johnny Wujek (Katy Perry) at Little Dom’s restaurant on Saturday afternoon (May 29) in Los Feliz, Calif.

“I love their blueberry pancakes!” the 28-year-old actress has told of her fave dish to order at Little Dom’s.

Earlier this week, Rachel got into a little parking ticket trouble again!

10+ pictures inside of Little Dom’s brunch with Rachel Bilson and Johnny Wujek

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  • pantsless

    Who is Rachel Bilson?

  • Kate

    The guy in the picture is hot!!!!

  • nobody

    @pantsless: just some jobless bimbo

  • Amelle

    @Kate: Yep, and he doesn’t play for your team ;)

  • cigarette smoking man

    Maybe if you weren’t pantsless, you’d know.

  • SachaK

    LOL why is @Amelle’s comment thumbed down. He DOESN’T play for our team.

  • Kate

    You mean your team, Amelle!!! ;)

  • Amelle

    @Kate:Sorry. I assumed you were male from your username… : /

  • Amelle

    @Kate: Sorry. I assumed you were female from your username… : /

  • max

    Rachel Bilson grabs brunch with stylist pal Johnny Wujek (known for styling real celebrity Katy Perry) at Little Dom’s restaurant on Saturday afternoon (May 29) in Los Feliz, Calif.

    “I love their blueberry pancakes!” the 28-year-old actress has told the only person that cares, of her fave dish to order at Little Dom’s.

    Earlier this week, Rachel got into a little parking ticket trouble again and not much else!

    10+ pictures inside of Little Dom’s brunch with Rachel Bilson and Johnny Wujek…

  • Jenna



  • Penn

    LMFAO at Johnny being the most interesting thing about this post.

  • mailey

    she doesnt seem to do much of anything. she flies across the country and overseas to attend other people’s premieres.

    must be nice.

  • Lake

    He kind of looks like Paul Walker. Who has a movie coming out with Hayden.

  • Confused

    Two questions:
    1. Are you sure that was today, Jared?

    2. I believe that is Rachel’s friend Lea with them. Does the ring on her left hand look like Rachel’s engagement ring?

  • Reality Check


    That ring is not RB’s engagement ring, RB looks like she’s lost some of the weight she gained last year and her ring is probably being cleaned and resized, happens all the time. Either that or she is just opting not to wear it every-single-day and that is perfectly normal. She did not wear it one day last week, then the next day it was on again. It does not mean anything.

    Why does RB get to take credit as a “stylist” for InStyle when she has other people dress her?

  • moi

    wow, where are the usual trolls today?

  • Mr Fixit

    Why does this dumb homely bitch with a butt like a football and a chest like a kitchen table get constant press even though she rarely works and when she does work its mediocre to poor? Yeah she pays for Jared to run the pics and calls the papparazzi whenever she leaves the house but hello, a junior high school girl could do a better job at acting, and her style is absolutely nothing special. This idiot is a loser and she’s engaged to a loser who cashes in on every opportunity he can now including psuedo charity.

    Stupid Bilson hasn’t lost any weight except on her chest. She has no boobs at all and her saddlebags are just as big as they ever were. She’s not getting the ring cleaned and resized. She she just doesn’t take the relationship seriously. Its a paid publicity stunt like her endless papparazzi photo ops

  • Jax

    You hit that nail right on the head Mr Fixit. No pun intended, lol.

  • viper

    Get real re-sized or cleaned are you for real!!! Woman don’t just do that all the time. Once you have an engagement ring it’s on your finger for good at least it supposed to be. She doesn’t need it re-sized her finger isn’t losing weight or gaing it that fast to force it to be sized over and over. This chic acts as if this is the little black dress she can pull it out and put it on when it so suits her to do so. She pimps it out like the fiance when it convent for her and only her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! It’s sad that JJ has to tell us that her celeb “friend” works with Katy Perry. I guess Rachel’s PR folks want him to try and associate Rachel with famous people! Unfortunately Katy works her butt off and has talent so no one would think of Rachel & Katy in the same circles. Love how Rachel always pretends to be so busy – on her cell, texting, meanwhile you see REAL actresses (Halle Berry, even Katy Perry) and they are never pretending to be busy!!!

  • zoey

    copied isabel lucas hair trend that has been going on.

  • the truth

    Its seem every since that it was announce that her and hayden wasn’t getting married.She has been seem with other guys.She can’t hide the fact that the engagement is off.She should not ring the ring at all.That the rule if there is not going to be a wedding at all.If there are no plans and no date been set. its called a broken engagement when both parties decide not to get married.She’s with another guy and she’s dating again.And shouldn’t put the ring back on again And that’s not paul walker. No18 Hayden is not a loser he’s smart and he dose a really good what he do. At least he real at what he does and don’t play around like rachel does with her charity work like rachel does when she does. It about time she took off the ring and start seeing other people. Don’t you think? Putting her name with other people is not getting her nowhere jared. She on a date with a guy

  • @the truth

    The guy she is with is gay, so it ain’t a date. At this point both Hayden and Rachel are still engaged–they have not told anyone they have broken up.
    You still need to translate better.

  • moi

    ahhh, there they are…all is well with the world once again.

  • ocsethummer

    Rachel’s IMDB has been updated, she is no longer listed for Existence 2.0, wonder why?

  • @ 23

    @ the truth You need to read the interviews that Hayden gave in Brazil on his fansites, has. In it he talks about Rachel being his fiancee and how he can’t wait to marry Rachel. People can be engaged and not have wedding plans yet, or a date yet. I have 3 friends who are all engaged, but are not ready to get married yet, for various reasons, and have no dates or plans on weddings yet, either. They will in the future, just have other things they are doing before they want to get married. Just because you see a picture of Rachel with a guy does not mean she is dating that guy. She has business managers, and guy friends, as well as girlfriends she spends time with. And there is a girlfriend with her in the picture with the stylist guy–two girls and a guy having lunch is not a date, it is three friends having lunch! Have you ever had a boyfriend? It doesn’t sound like you have if you think every man Rachel is seen with she is dating. You don’t stop talking to or being around all men just because you have a boyfriend! Who knows if Hayden and Rachel will get married? But if they break up, it will be announced like their engagement was.

  • the truth

    NO.24 Stop making excues for her rachel and hayden is not getting married and it called a broken engagement when both people is not getting married .When they both say it and they bioth agree on it . that what read upon it. So whyn hayden and rachel, haven’t been seem together then. You need a translate better.That’s what it called when two people agree to call off an engagement. rachel needs to translated it better cause that’s what its called. Just becuase both haven’t said does make it true in a sense.Rachel is the one that announce that weeks ago . when she suppose to have told the true months ago. The guy is not gay . How you know that anyway.This not the only guy she been seem with lately. There have been other too.why she take so long to tell people that she wasn’t getting married.? Everytime hayden try to get something going for himself she mess it up for him. Like when she was at the gala she could announce that in april not when he took her the gala.Then when hayden went to new york she went to cannes knowing that she didn’t need to be there. Rachel is always upstageing whatever he do.And you know this.why would rachel do such a thing?If rachel wants to call it Quits then she need to do it right instead are playing games.He’s the one that got the talented and she don’t.Why put up up so high?Rachel has been seem with other people nad that’s a good thing. Are you tierd are rachel using this engagement thing? Think she is getting tired are being engaged and what come with it.Hayden should not be use like that. And if rachel has any grown-up sense she would called it like a grown person and using this not getting married(broken engagement for personal gain)>Cause that what its is..raachel should tell all the magazines that she is not getting married instead are just people . That’s the right trhing to do and move on with her life.So NO@ you need to find out what the rulse are about when ttwo people decide not to get married. Cause rachel bilson is the one that broke the news that way. You ‘re mad cause rachel didn’t translated as a broken engageement like she suppose to done?That’s what she suppose to have said instead. She wants to keep this relationship cause she don’t have nothing left.And yes she suppose to give the ring back since they are not getting married. That would be the smart thing to doNo.@.

  • Shanda

    No.24 what is the topic rachel bilson on a date with someone ok.Rachel suppose to have told you people that she date other people. Not that her and hayden is not getting married be happy for her not make excuse about what she does. rache will continue to play games like this.And no25 its the ture about her what you want people to say about her. She don’t need to be posted on this site so much like she do. JJ need to stop posting her so much and promoting her like she an super star. yes here we go again that’s right teling the true about her because you and others are afraid to say sometrhing bad about her.jj suppose has stop posting her as soon as she said she wasn’t getting married. She didn’t have no picture to promoted so why posted her anyway. Hayden should have been the only one posted not her.JJ next time put hayden by hisself and not togtheer with rachel it didn’t look right at all. He doing the real work and she’s not.And she was with another guy on a date. Broken engagement i see?

  • Naty

    Another Rachel Bilson everyday post…enough.

  • the truth

    Why do people like you people get mad when people say something about her breaking with hayden or don’t go near it?When other womwn don’t wear their ring be with another guy. you all said that they are separating or about to break-up.But when rachel do thing like that you all just brush it aside like its nothing and she gose about her day. She deserve the same treatment wnen she break the rules.You all know that she does that to stir up trouble.Like when i comment about that its broken engagement one are you got mad. So i would like to know what its called? I read that if both parties agreed that no one is going to get married that its over.Also if no one don’t set no date or plans then the odd are that its not going to happen.If rachel would have announce it right in the first place and said that she had started dating again this would not have happen here. Rachel didn’t have her rep say the right thing weeks ago.She suppose to have said that her have decide not to get married.He said it first anyway. She didn’t waste no time letting Adam go.She let him go in a hurry and didn’t give it a second thought. And she let all the mgazines know that she dump him too.So why she ‘s not letting all the magazines know that she’s not going to marry hayden like she did adam.And that she has started dating other guys as well. I”m sure hayden is not that understanding about that. And she lied about going to parties too.And without hayden.He had time to be with her. He was only there a one day at the most and he didn’t come back to visit her or when he was in new york.So what the fuss is about. She need to playing game with the ring and leave it off for good and move on with someone else. intead are waiting another month or two about splittting up with him.Cause that what a broken engagement is about. Don’t need hayden to come and visit her to fix it. Rachel can do this by herself . if she know what a broken engagement is.This is the way it suppose to be.Her not wearing the ring that show that she can date other people now.Know that you all don’t want read this, but that what it mean when you take off a ring. Its about making no excues about her behavior and moving on.This can’t contiune every year when she does the same thing.If she wants to end the relationship she has the right to do it. But she shouldn’t drag it on so long.Don’t waited until hayden started working then she wants to say something about leaving him. She should start by letting everyone that its over.Then no one would be surprise about it. I’m sure that he’s not that undrestanding about her being with other guys. And don’t say that its alright cause its a lie. I’m sure if he is understanding about her being with people. Then he must be dating other people as well. And you can forget about the interview it was done like year ago. jj didn’t say nothing about the other interview.Its suppose been about hayden not rachel and what she wear.She need top make another statement about not marrying hayden to all the magazins not just one are them. And the real reson its not going to happen.She know she made those people put those stories about her getting married in those magazines last year.Just for publicity only for her only. Cause hayden don’t really need it He has things going on with him and she don’t.And trying to make people believe that she’s still engaged when she’s not.Why can’t she say its over.That’s what she supposed to have said in People Magazine.

  • sadie

    @ the truth alias shanda Will you stop writing books on here, no one reads them, you are in such denial it is unreal! The articles Hayden did this month while he was in Brazil a couple weeks ago, from May 2010, on are in Portugese and had to be translated into English, so they would not be on an English speaking blog like JJ. They are not one year old! You need to get your facts straight, give Hayden a lecture for saying Rachel is his fiancee and that he can’t wait to marry her, instead of preaching here about why they should not be engaged!

  • Jessica

    cute couple

  • Reality Check

    They are still engaged, she is with a stylist, that means she was either on her way to or from a photo shoot and you don’t wear your own jewelry, even engagement rings, on photo shoots.

  • viper

    Actually his comment was he can’t wait to get married didn’t mention RB in that statement. I’m sure ppl will assume just that engaged or not they are the worse couple to date. HC more or less danced around anything about RB and himself other then she was his stylist..PLEASE a 5 year old dresses better then the both of them if he considers what she is handing him to wear as some great fashion ensemble then he needs his head examined. Keep in mind things translated into other languages are not transfered in english very well doesn’t mean he said it and doesn’t mean he did.

  • Reality Check is an Idiot

    People wear their wedding or engagement rings to photo shoots all the time. Notice SJP has worn hers and guys also wear them. Ewan McGregor wears his constantly and only takes it off when working in a film. Most women are so pleased and proud of their love and relationship they love to show it off. Only someone who knows the relationship isn’t real and its only jewelry would keep taking it off. Face it Hayden isn’t eager to marry her. Look at how she continuously milks her relationship with him for everything she can get for press. She is a huge famew**** and everyone knows it. They’re rarely seen together because he is ashamed of her. He lies to the press all the time you can’t believe him when he says he is eager to marry her. If he was they would be married by now. She was after all baiting the press and papparazzi for months if not a whole year with hints of their engagement and maybe even marriage. She unsubtlely announced their actual engagement with a carefully planted ‘accidental’ disclosure at an airport. OMG if they were ever going to get married she would be giving full court press on every detail of the wedding plans. For God’s sake she calls the papparazzi when she takes the recycling out to the curb, gets groceries, picks up her dry cleaning, puts gas in her damn car. Its not cos she’s so damn popular or works all the time that she’s in JJ every day doing nothing. She PAYS JJ to run the pics and calls the papparazzi to take them maybe directly hires them too. Who the hell would wants pics of her so bad they would go to her house and stake it out for hours to get her taking out the recycling? Excuse me but she is such a presswh**** she does this. She’s so bad she makes Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag look tasteful. I hear they’re splitting up because Heidi is complaining Spencer is dragging her down and making her look bad. Yeah right. I’m sure Bilson will say the same thing if he has another couple of flops and still makes no move to actually marry her. There’s nothing worse than a reluctant bridegroom to make a potential bride look bad unless its a bride who isn’t a bride but a beard with a shoe fetish and a spendthrift attention seeking personality.

  • sadie

    @ Viper The article about Hayden that said he was deeply in love and could not wait to get married had as a title in the orignal translation that “Hayden loves Brazil and wants to marry Rachel Bilson”. Did you read the translation done by a native speaker of Portugese that was on I speak Spanish, and talk with people in Spanish that speak Portugese, and we communicate just fine. The translation was done as well on an interview that Hayden talked quite a bit about Rachel as his fiancee. There was part of that interview in another thread here on JJ, where it was translated that Rachel is Hayden’s stylist, “and she’s all mine”, which also translates as “she is mine only” (which is the way the interivew was translated in the article). No matter which way you say it, it means the same thing. If you read both the article done and the interview Hayden gave at the Lacoste fashion show, he is very specific, he did not “dance around” anything. I think Rachel is the one wanting to wait on getting married, for whatever reason. Hayden also states in the article he plans to take Rachel to Brazil with him the next time he goes back for Carnaval.

    @ 35 Are you incapable of expressing a different opinion without resorting to name calling, just because someone else has a different one than you do? I bet you are one of those people who insists everyone can say “whatever they want because this is not a fan board”. But it is plain to see that you do not extend that right or courtesy to others who disagree with you. Grow up!

  • sadie

    Sorry, I meant # 36 Reality Is, not # 35 Viper in my last comment about growing up.

  • jeezzum

    Joining some fad awareness project then blurting out some sugary-coated lovelines – yeah right these were all should be relevant (?!) most esp. when HE have some random movie w/ full of c-d listers that’s about to be shown this summer.





  • rullestilladser

    Thank you for one more great blog.Where else could I get this type of details composed in this kind of an incite complete way? I have a project that I am just now operating on, and i am sure this can help me a great deal..and I’ve been trying to find such facts since from couple of days….Thanks!!!!!

  • Merlene Rohan

    There’s a problem with your header.. thought you might wanna know