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Sex and the City Talks Gay Marriage

Sex and the City Talks Gay Marriage

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon drop by The View to promote their new film Sex and the City 2 on Friday (May 28) in New York City.

The SATC girls recently chatted with Towleroad about gay marriage. Sarah Jessica Parker shares her first gay friend is not alive anymore. Kristin Davis expresses how extremely excited she is that Laura Bush is on board. Watch below!

Sex and the City 2 is in theaters TODAY!

10+ pictures inside of the Sex and the City 2 girls chatting it up on The View

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  • sienna

    Why are gay people so obsessed with being gay/lesbian? I mean, they always have to know what other people’s opinions on gay people/marriage are. Why do they care so much? It shouldn’t matter to them, as long as they’re happy then that’s all that matters. It just annoys me how gay people only have one thing to talk about – GAY MARRIAGE or anything that has to do with being gay.


    Love these girls! Unfortunately, I saw Sex and the City 2 yesterday and the movie didn’t do it for me. They had some good parts but I found the first movie much more entertaining. This one kind of fell flat for me, too gimmicky, and some very cheesy parts. With that said, if a Sex and the City 3 movie came out I would probably watch with hopes that it redeems itself from the second movie.

  • http://australia wikig

    These girls are becoming BORING!!!!!

  • kamikaze

    how are gay people obsessed with being gay/lesbian? i would say part, if not most of the reason “gay topics” are brought up is because the media/interviewer knows the celeb’s point of view on gay topics/marriage will be of interest. it will be of interest perhaps because the celeb is gay, a gay audience, or if there is some gay related hot topic in the media already, etc.

    also, sure, if gay people are happy then who cares. but you do realize gays have something to be UNHAPPY about right? you know, a little thing – GAY MARRIAGE IS NOT LEGAL IN ALL OF THE US. idk about you, but im not even gay and im unhappy about this tidbit. so im guessing some gays might be, too.

  • kamikaze

    oh, and even though no one has said anything about it, but talking about a topic/problem does bring awareness to it which can lead people to educate themselves and help the problem. so repeatedly talking about gay marriage can lead to getting more help. like, some people i know wouldnt have even known about the BP oil spill if a couple of us hadnt talked about it first.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Why do they care so much?! Are you serious?! Perhaps because they are being denied equal rights? And no, it’s not ‘just’ about marriage (a piece of paper ultimately) and you really should get a tad informed before you open your mouth. It’s about the fact that they have for example zero rights sometimes when their partner is ill so all decisions are taken out of their hands even if they’ve been with that person for decades. They can’t even be in the room. Why? Because they’re gay and cannot be married or cannot form a civil union.
    And for what? Because a bunch of homophobes got their knickers in a twist. Like you.

  • Dasiy

    These chicks got old quick. Except Kirsten, she rocks. SATC@ sucked tho!

  • Amberdawn

    They raise a good point. It is surprising that a progressive state like New York hasn’t legalized gay marriage yet. Good for them for raising awareness about this. I hadn’t really thought about it before.

  • mailey

    whoa what happened to kristin? she’s beautiful, but needs to have a cupcake or two now and then…………..

  • ny times

    I saw the first movie. It was tedious and I also thought it would never end. Obviously I wont see the second one

  • Katie n

    Good to see them supporting the legalization of gay marriage. I admire celebs who are not afraid to put their weight behind worthy causes.

  • Freddie

    @sienna: wow… i don’t even really know how to respond to such an ignorat, sub-moronic comment. um, gay people aren’t obsessed with being gay, but they have been (and are continued to be) beaten down for a long time. what you call “being obsessed” is nothing more than standing up for oneself and demanding equality. i really hope you were kidding with your comment. really and truly.

  • Donna yeah I totally agree w. everything you said. Not bad but not good either…it was an “almost” move. “Almost dramatic”…”almost funny” (though soo many cheesy puns LOL) and it all honesty…it was “very real” and it kinda depressed me about how hard relationships, marriages, and motherhood are…I know it’s difficult but man, it kinda ruined my mood haha

  • Amy

    WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Absolutely horrific. So SHALLOW and offensive! Funnily enough, it was offensive to gay people amongst many others!

  • Nicole

    Gay or not, I dont really care. But is it a little bit, er, ironic to play such an extravagant lifestyle while the whole economy is still shaky?

  • kraken

    kristin davis, you gotta lay off the crack before interviews… hahhaa

  • Presley

    i agree with Sienna!

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    Sex and the City may not be the meat and potatoes of TV and cinema, but it’s a delicious bowl of ice cream on the side. It’s not meant to have great nutritional value, it’s meant to be fun, sweet, and tasty.
    Love you girls!

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