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Alexander Skarsgard: Beverly Hills Break

Alexander Skarsgard: Beverly Hills Break

Alexander Skarsgard keeps it casual sexy in a tee and jeans as he chats on the phone on Saturday (May 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor recently talked about his vampire character hating on werewolves.

“Eric hates them,” Alex told USA Today. “In his opinion, werewolves are very primitive, stupid, disgusting, not sophisticated. After a while, you’ll find out there’s a deeper reason he hates them.”

Alex‘s girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, recently shot a new comedy short with Richard Gere and 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer.

More pics at X17!

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  • Cheery

    Hair plugs…stat

  • Abby

    OMG has he lost A LOT of weight or is it just me?????

  • Bunny

    Isn’t he going to have his long hair in this year’s True Blood?

  • caitlin

    Oh Alex u tease with ur low cut top! Gotta love askars!! Ooooh all the haters are gonna rip me apart but whatever!! cannot wait for June 13th!!

  • true blood

    Alex looks tired but good.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • mailey

    he is starting to bald.

  • HellzBellz

    Alex looks great. He has his father’s hairline. Only the Bill Lovers wish he were going bald. LOL

  • ron

    He’s so boring I can’t stand him.

  • darkbloodyvamp

    The guy is NOT attractive at all especially the hair, flood pants (doesn’t wear pants well) and hunched over. Sexy NOT! Oh and why is this news?

  • well duh…

    what the heck happened to him.. it looks like he aged ten years in the past 6 months or so… bosworth must be sucking the life out of him, she’s the vampire not

  • Kimmy

    He is so hot

  • Sasha

    I love Alex, don’t get me wrong. BUT, he’s dressing worse and worse. Those brown shoes are hideous with his black slacks and white T. Plus, he has no socks on with leather shoes…ewww.

  • RatsNest

    do people really find him attractive ? are you serious people ? lol not one thing i can see

  • but…

    the shows may be hideous but no one can deny how LARGE they are LOL

  • but…

    I meant shoes LOL

  • but…

    dang I say the man has big azz feet and get a negative rating LOL

  • Idiots

    @darkbloodyvamp… you are the ranting Bill Lover psycho who has been asked to leave sites. Even though you did not rant here… I’ve seen them and you needs meds.

  • S

    It is funny how all the Bill lovers comes crawling from underneath some rock out in the woods, just for some hatin. They really are crafty, you gotta love them! *read with sarcasm*

  • @S

    I love how you assume all the negative comments are from Bill lovers.

  • S

    I might be generalizing but I’m 75% right…

  • Katra

    @Idiots: What are you talking about? DarkBloodyVamp didn’t even mention a character on a tv show… They talked about Alex and how he doesn’t look to hot in that getup.

  • darkbloodyvamp

    @Idiots: Just because I find him unattractive and question why him walking around makes the news on this site means I cannot make the statement? I’m AS entitled to speak my opinion as you.

  • Skeidi? Skarstag?

    OMG, did X17 find Alex Skarsgard outside the Chateau Marmont? What were the odds? There’s no hiding from them. Heidi Montag is single now so he has a shot at his dream girl. Heidi is as big a famewhore as Kate Bosworth, but she gets mag covers.

  • Àlan


    Oh id ad those 25 % too.

  • Megan

    @HellzBellz: “Alex looks great. He has his father’s hairline.” HOW STUPID ARE YOU, HellzBellz?! Isn’t his father a 60 year old senior citizen? You think it’s a good thing that Alex has the hairline of an old man?

  • Alan loves Sookie Stackhouse

    Did any of you read the article his dad – Stellan Skarsgard – gave to a Swedish tabloid magazine called Expressen? He spoke bad about Natalie Portman who he’s worked with before AND the entire country of the United States of America. His father is such a douche, not to mention he has the face of a Nazi. If you have the google toolbar just hit “Translate”. Here is the link:

  • Mikaela Smith

    This wouldn’t be the first time Stellan has made a-hole comments like that. He’s also insulted the The Da Vinci Code / Angels & Demons franchise in which he co-starred in. But being the arrogant coward that he is, he waited until he finished shooting to start trashing the author of the books. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  • I love Alex

    OMG What did papa Stellan say about Natalie Portman and the USA? Is it because Natalie supported that nasty child rapist director Roman Polanski?

  • Preventative measures!!

    In pics #1 and #5 you can see that his hairline is really starting to go. Askars should take care of that before it’s too late and he ends up looking like a 50 year old man. I love him and would hate to see him balding.

  • BONESWORTH snacks on lettuce

    Woah, I had never noticed how receding his hairline was. Could it be due to Kate BONESWORTH stress? Hmmmm….

  • Stellan hates vegetarians

    I actually read Stellan’s comment about Natalie Portman on imdb. They translated it from Swedish. He said: “Natalie [Portman] is so incredible good. And smart. Too bad she’s a Vegan, it’s so unsexy, hahahaha.” WHAT A DOUCHE!

  • Mikayla

    Wow can that one crazy hater stop posting under different names… I love alex but I’ll admit he does look a bit tired maybe cuz of Kate.. Go hate on her and don’t hate on him just cuz he’s dating her!


    Okay, I’m a meat-and-potatoes kind of girl myself. But I don’t go around disrespecting other people due to their personal choices so long as they’re not hurting anyone. How does her being vegetarian affect him and why does he care one way or another? It’s like critizing someone for being Jewish or Catholic. It’s a private thing which he shouldn’t even be speaking about. Sounds like he’s a BULLY to me.

  • Love Alex but hate his jeans

    Why does our dear Alex constantly wear those jeans that are baggy in the back? They give him a flat pancake booty and they make him look like he pooped himself !!! *Cringes*

  • Swedish girl loves True Blood

    @I love Alex: No, it has nothing to do with Roman Polanski. He said Natalie Portman was so NOT sexy because she doesn’t eat meat (she’s vegetarian). And then he went on to say that he would never ever live in L.A. like his son Alex because the USA is still a developing country and Sweden is superior. He’s kinda known for making those types of nasty comments. I’m Swedish and I’m not shocked by it at all. You can read his interview in the website.

  • Isn’t it ironic?

    Does anybody notice how ironic it is that a wrinkly, beer-bellied, balding, Nazi-faced, 60-year-old-senior with enormous eye bags larger than my Fendi purse is actually making comments about how a fresh-faced gorgeous 28 year old young woman is SO NOT SEXY and then laughing about his criticism of her like he’s amused with himself?! I think Stellan needs to take a good look at himself before he opens his disgusting mouth again.

  • Tina

    @Isn’t it ironic?: Your comment reminds me of the Alanis Morissette song. Yes, I can definitely see the irony in Stellan’s hateful statements.

  • Gay Tony loves Alex

    Call me crazy but I think these black pants are an improvement to the I-just-pooped-myself jeans he always wears.

  • Please take my pic


  • Swedish style

    Is this the way all men dress in Sweden? It’s so horribly ugly.

  • Swedes rock!

    Not all Swedes dress like this! He’s just trying to be very Euro-chic and eccentric but it’s backfiring on him. His siblings seem to dress a lot more normal than him with sneakers and jeans and nice tees.

  • Cindy

    Why oh why does Alex wear BLACK pants with BROWN loafers and with NO SOCKS??????????????? His ugly ass clothes actually make me shudder.

  • papa Stellan

    I read the article at about papa Stellan. The translation with Google toolbar wasn’t perfect but I understood almost everything. He really sounds like a jerk calling the U.S. a “developing country” and who does he think he is to make fun of a beautiful actress half his age and call her unsexy? God, I truly hope Alex never turns out like his old man. :(

  • Crystal

    How many of us have crazy parents, grandparents or aunts or uncles that say stupid outdated and possibly even racist comments? The older generations are always going to be less progressive. Just ignore Stellan’s comments. He’s an old dude whose opinions aren’t even relevant.

  • Jason R.

    What I don’t understand is if Alexander’s dad hates the U.S. and thinks we are a “developing country” as he said in the interview then why does he come here to make movies and earn money?

  • Rainier Rodriguez

    I don’t agree with Natalie Portman defending creepy child rapist Roman Polanski just because he’s a good director but yes I do think it’s stupid of Stellan Skarsgard to pick on a girl young enough to be his own daughter just because he doesn’t like the food she eats. So what if she’s vegan? What a bully this old d-bag is!!

  • PEDOBEAR got turned down?

    Could it be that Stellan tried to hit on Natalie Portman and she wasn’t having any of it? So maybe he’s resentful? Stellan is know for being a PEDOBEAR. His wife is as young as his own son Alex! Yuck

  • Pick on someone your own size

    How about Stellan pick on someone as OLD and as FAT and as WRINKLY as he is? Instead of on little Natalie Portman.

  • Joshua

    @Jason R.: “What I don’t understand is if Alexander’s dad hates the U.S. and thinks we are a “developing country” as he said in the interview then why does he come here to make movies and earn money?” I’LL TELL YOU WHY. Because Stellan Skarsgard is a two-faced coward hypocrite. I’m not completely against immigrantion because immigrants do play an important part in our economy. But I just hate to see these foreigners like Stellan come to the U.S. to make a living and then bitch about how bad and underdeveloped we are while lining their pockets with the money they earned here. Let’s see Sweden ever make a huge blockbuster like Pirates of the Carribbean. His attitude makes me sick!

  • Kimberly

    People, alex is NOT HIS FATHER. They are two seperate people. I’m sure he’s a lot more progressive than his father. His father is old and probably has a lot of old-fashioned outdated hateful beliefs and ideas. With each generation people usually become more progressive. Keep in mind this man was born in a time when blacks had to give up their seats on the bus to whites. HE’S OLD!!!!!