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Alexander Skarsgard: Beverly Hills Break

Alexander Skarsgard: Beverly Hills Break

Alexander Skarsgard keeps it casual sexy in a tee and jeans as he chats on the phone on Saturday (May 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor recently talked about his vampire character hating on werewolves.

“Eric hates them,” Alex told USA Today. “In his opinion, werewolves are very primitive, stupid, disgusting, not sophisticated. After a while, you’ll find out there’s a deeper reason he hates them.”

Alex‘s girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, recently shot a new comedy short with Richard Gere and 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer.

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  • Leave me alone!

    Look at how he’s staring at the cameras. He looks so resentful and annoyed at the papparazzi. He used to look happier before, right? Smile, Alex. You look so cute when you do.


    He looks ok, the way he always looked. I like him, even without socks ;)
    I don’t believe Stellan Skarsgard meant something bad (if he had given that interview at all) – you must consider, that in Europe people do eat a lot of meat, so I think he simply joked.
    And I also agree with him – come on, Sweden is really better developed than USA. They have such a social programs, they take care for poor people and orphans, their health care system is better and they are environmental far forward than USA.

  • Giving Credit

    Looks like Alex finally picked up some new pants & a new t-shirt but GAK! Those hideous brown shoes & no socks??? He’s gone from sizzle to slob in under a year. He used to look happier too. Someone lock Bosworth in a basement . She’s sucked the life outta him and he’s to stupid to notice.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Sasha #12
    No socks is normal in Europe. In fact, if you said socks, I would have said ewww. The rest, I agree, I mean brown and black – no, no, no Askars!

  • Ashley, UCLA Class of 11′

    @Joshua: I totally agree with you. I find it very distasteful how Stellan Skarsgard knocks down the U.S. by saying we are a developing country inferior to Sweden yet comes here all the time to work on movies. He could never make the millions he makes here (POTC, Angels & Demons) back home in Sweden. He seems like an extremely ungrateful and bitter man with ZERO class.

  • Purse Blog Forum ladies

    I’m sure the ladies at the Purse Blog Forum will be miffed about some of the comments regarding Stellan Skarsgard. LOL There are a couple of loosers at that forum who have crushes on him. I don’t understand why? He’s clearly a pedobear a-hole who only dates women who are young enough to be his own daughter. The old Nazi-looking pervert probably likes to be called “DADDY” in the sack.


    @Iffy Miffy: Are you high???? He looks disgusting without any socks on! I don’t care about how they dress in Europe. It’s unhygenic to be wearing enclosed loafers like his brown ones without any socks – just imagine the stink at the end of the day without any socks to absorb the sweat? Not only unhygenic but also it looks extremely tacky and ridiculous.

  • Iffy Miffy

    No need to be insulting, now is there? And yes, people are different in different parts of the world so they wear items of clothes, shoes etc differently. No need to throw a fit over it. There are hygiene products to use if you want to wear your footwear barefoot. In Europe we wear shoes with no socks in the summer, even enclosed shoes (not counting business people etc of course, that’s different). Still, people can talk about it and be calm, hmm?

  • Sasha

    Your delusional and in need of psychiatric care if you think Sweden is better than the U.S. Their govrnment have a monopoly over everything. They actually discourage independence and ambition. They even have a deragotory phrase for people that want to succeed and be different. They want everything and everyone to be exactly the same. You can’t even buy alchohol unless you go to a special government owned liquor store which isn’t even opened on the weekends. We as Americans have freedoms very few countries in the world have. There is no comparison.

  • Elaine

    @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: Two things I prefer about Sweden: 1)They take better measures to protect the environment. Here in the U.S. the large corporations have too much power and it’s not in their interest for us to be environmentally-friendly because they lose money. 2)They have more equality (but still have more ways to go) between women and men. Women are less objectified and sexualized in Sweden than here in the U.S. And men are encouraged more to be present in their children’s lives than the men here. … HOWEVER there are too many downsides. Too many losses of freedom and independence. So I will have to say the U.S. is OVERALL better but not in every way.

  • Get over it.

    Wow, I could have swear that this was about AS walking down the street. But as usually it always gets derailed to someone else KB or now his dad. I think he was just joking about NP tho, but hey you guys know better right and EVERYONE thinks their own country is better IMO just get over it already.

    AS looks GREAT, love him no matter what KB, Pedo dad LOL love him and his work. As for him not wearing socks love that too. But must we all be the same? Really!!!
    JJ haters you need to stop hating, you guys hate on everyone is yours lives so SAD fill it with something worth while. if it’s not AS/KB/Stellan hating it’s AJ/BP or their kids seriously get over it already.

  • but…

    if the shirt was black and the loafers were black he would have looked cool as h$$l, euro chic or not

  • Jam

    stellan dont like the america… im starting to like this guy…

    and alex looks like he wants to cut a b…. he must be thinking of the crazy fangirls…

  • Boooring!

    I’ll take the Aussies any day – Kwantan, O’Loughlin, Jackman, et al.
    They’re exceptionally talented, truly classy and mouth-wateringly gorgeous. Sweden can have this Euro trash loser back in a heartbeat!

  • yup

    Those shoes do not go without socks. Sure there are shoes that do go without them (like boat-style moccasins) but not putting socks on those isn’t an European trait, it’s a global trait , but those aren’t it. Also, he seems to be wearing some sort of low ankle socks (see pic 2), but look awful, regardless. And as a last thought, that type of shoes don’t do well the black pants-brown shoes combo. They’d look better with blue jeans or brown pants. (ugh)

    About his hair…gelling his hair makes it look unwashed even when it’s not, and glues his fine hair to his head. His hair isn’t thick enough to handle hair gel. He’d likely look better, hair-wise, if he stopped using that crap.

  • S

    Stellan said Natalie was great and smart (and made a joke about her being a vegan). My god you are sensitive!

    About the US, the only thing he said was that he prefered the swedish model of having higher taxes so that schools are free for everyone (also health care is cheap, though he didn’t mention this) and in that aspect the US is a developing country (are you saying he is wrong?), jeez you guys actually have google translate as a credible source of translation…wow I’m in awe!

  • xxx

    Alexander youre from Sweden-remember that! He tries to be so bloody Hollywood, sooo lame. And anyway hes the rudest person ever, fame has really gone to his head.

  • scandinavian


    Are you Swedish then Sasha? Cause you sure dont know shit.

  • nicole

    Alex does not look good anymore. Gone are the days when he actually cared about how he looked. Now that he is dating HOSworth he thinks he is a cool L.A. hipster and he tries to dress like one but ends up look really stupid, dirty, and low class. Anyways, his father was joking about Natalie Portman and he is right in so many ways about America. We ARE still trying to figure things out here especially with education, health care, the environment…everything. No one agrees on anything. In Sweden, they agree the country as a whole benefits if everyone is educated, healthy, the environment is balanced, and a few are kept in control from trying to dominate the rest. In that respect, I agree and would love to visit Sweden soon!!
    It’s just sad to see Alex look so pathetic now and like he is on drugs. Kate has not been good for his image, reputation, or career. Maybe he feels like he has really made it by being with a hwood starlet but he really has scraped the sewer to pick up that one.

  • evathediva

    I thought we could go at least a week withour Askars/Bonesy and Hans…LOL , but I guess we can’t.

  • Vanessa

    You guys get so bent out of shape over this dude. Why? He’s a D-list actor who’s claim to fame is a supporting role on a cable show. Do you honestly think he’ll have much of a career after True Blood ends? The writing and character development on that show is already slipping, I’d give it one or two more seasons at most.

    As for Bosworth, she hasn’t had a career since Blue Crush and how long ago was that? Let’s just remember these things before we go postal.

  • Àlan

    As im not a shallow person, then I see that Alex looks like he always has, not as tanned as he usally is but other then that, the same.

    And by no means is Alex a “rude” person, not that I would blame him if he was, with these type of “fans” that he has.

  • Sasha

    @Iffy Miffy:

    Wow, really? No socks with slip on sneakers is ok, but with leather lace up shoes? Doesn’t that create A LOT of foot sweat – especially in the heat of LA…..gross.

  • Sasha

    And for the record, there are 2 Sashas in this thread. This Sasha is talking about fashion and foot sweat, not making political statements, lol.


    Well this is fun – I mean a post about Skarsgard walking down the street and 73 comments about him wearing no socks:


    His wide neck tees are a huge turn off. Look at how nice he looks with a regular tee that is not so wide:

  • Don’t you find funny

    that this guy has more comments for walking in the streets or his personal-not so personal life than his work…..

  • Small head

    both literally and figuratively…..

    Alex you can look furious about the paparazzi but you only get what you give…plus you worked with the paps so hard to achieve this state of stardom

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Sasha #73

    Well yes because you have those hygiene products from firms like Dr. Scholl’s that take care of that problem. I doubt the heat in LA is worse than south of Europe so … most people will wear leather shoes like he is wearing now only for business during the day so you have socks then of course. Sometimes people wear those little socks up to your ankle – I wear those but quite a lot of other people wear nothing with their moccasins or sports shoes. The point is that you shouldn’t see the sock above the shoe because that’s just ew in the summer. Well that or you’re German and you wear sandals and socks …

  • Poof

    Wow people, relax.

  • TBfan

    Why the stink eye? Perhaps AS is really the fool everyone thinks he is. Everyone but HIM knows that Kate B is a famewhore with the paps on speed dile, perhaps, she calls the paps arranges them to be caught together and then complains to him “why are the paps always following us” while smiling inwardly that she can manipulate him, could Alex be that naive? He used to be so calm and relaxed around the paps but now he just looks pissed off all the time.I quess he needs to start being pissed with that girlfriend of his and have a little talk with her that privacy should be valued. I doubt Alex is now a famewhore like everyone is saying now, he just does not realize yet that KB is tipping off the paps. He is the one who does not want to acknowledge a relationship. KB would have no problem with talking about her relationships as she did with Orlando Bloom and James R so no I do not think he is this fake famewhore now!!!! Sad to see how one person can change someone…..


    People calm down, he is sooooo GAY. He and Kate went to a Britney Spears concert lol any self respecting stright guy would NOT go to a Britney Spears Concert. When I read this I was what, now it makes sense about all this PR drama, LMAO………………………..He is not looking so good now…….

  • Hilarious

    In the video in X17 lol he grabs his junk while walking real classy there douche……..

  • nnikk

    I agree with some comments about Alex “getting all Hollywood” and that he doesn’t look so hot anymore, but the gay thing… who cares who is gay!!!

  • @hilarious


    Never understood why do men need to do this……
    Do they know it’s not gonna fall?

  • Hilarious

    LOL , He’s lucky there were no kids or old ladies around while he was grabbing it…………………………..

  • Alan

    Hey it’s not like there is a lot to grab onto……..heard he is real small in that department…….but I still would give anything to have that in my B hole, it does not matter how big it is but how you use it, right………….?????????????????????????? KB can go back to James heard he has no problem in the department can’t blame the girl for missing him and looking for him after she banged AS…

  • mini

    oh please anything is way too much for a douche that never change his clothes…..I’m not following your statement there..

  • Passingby

    Alex went to a Britney Spears concert ?lol how lame but it explains it all……………………………

  • Alan

    @84 nnik
    Who cares if he is gay or bi? Of course the crazy fangurls will have a hissy fit if he was gay or bi…..I don’t mind one bit!!!

  • Betty

    @Skeidi? Skarstag?: Eeeww, isn`t Heide Montag that over implanted blond that looks like a blow up doll? He wouldn`t touch her with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

  • Betty

    He doesn`t look like he`s losing his hair yet, he just has a high forehead like Neil Patrick Harris. His brother, Gustaf, who is 29 is going bald, though. It`s probably hereditary, but maybe it will skip Alex.

  • Betty

    @ASISGAY: He went to a Britney Spears concert when he was filming a movie in Shreveport. A bunch of the cast members went together. He said someone gave them tickets, and they went because there is not a lot to do in Shreveport on a Saturday night. He is not a Britney Spears fan. He prefers punk.

  • Betty

    @Alan: Actually some of his costars have said that he packs quite a bit in that department.

  • Idiots

    Haters get over yourselves. Everyone who works with Alex say what a great guy he is. Ryan Kwanten just said it again in an interview. The actor who plays the werewolf who attacks Sookie and Eric says what a great time he had on the set and how nice everyone was to work with… but most of all Alexander.

  • squirelmeat

    Sad to say, but if anyone implied for real that he was bi, the fans (gurls, girls, whatever) would be in devastation. Why, who knows. Ted C has been all over his bi status lately, as has others (Gossip Boy, etc) but really, who cares. A friend of mine, as we recently shared the whole ASkars/KBos msytery, pointed me to some of the KBos YouTube fame, particularly her last big film, 21. the Jimmy Kimmel appearance is pretty interesting, esp re the weight issue and her choice of accents (multiple). Can be found on YouTube easily. Who in the US calls a bachelorerette party a “hen party” unless you’re channeling Brits? yikes.

  • Àlan

    I see the real nutters have arrived now, or should I just say “the Bill clan”, meh same difference. Toke you some time, were you lost in your litle bubble?

  • Kimb

    @Passingby: He only went to that Britney concert in Lousiana because he was filming “Straw Dogs” right there in Louisiana and the movie studio executives set it up for him and the other cast members as a way to take a break from work and for them to bond off set. James Marsden and a few other guys also went. It wasn’t just Alex and KB.

  • Grosssss & Dysfunctional


  • Carmen in Miami loves TB

    @Alan loves Sookie Stackhouse: “Did any of you read the article his dad – Stellan Skarsgard – gave to a Swedish tabloid magazine called Expressen? He spoke bad about Natalie Portman who he’s worked with before AND the entire country of the United States of America. His father is such a douche, not to mention he has the face of a Nazi. If you have the google toolbar just hit “Translate”. Here is the link:
    OMG I just read that swedish article! I used my Google toolbar to translate it to English. Thank you for the link. I had no idea his dad was such a D-BAG. I feel kinda sorry for Alex and I truly hope he doesn’t turn out like his dad.