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Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols Hit Gym with Sophia Bush

Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols Hit Gym with Sophia Bush

Jake Gyllenhaal works up a sweat during an intense two hour work-out on Saturday afternoon (May 29) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actor was accompanied by One Tree Hill co-stars (and real-life couple) Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush.

Jake and Austin used to bike together all the time and have been hitting the trails since at least 2006. They look quite snug in their spandex together!

Jake‘s new movie, Prince of Persia: Prince of Thieves, opened in theaters this weekend. It debuted at #3 at the box office with $30.2 million behind Shrek Forever After and Sex and the City 2.

10+ pictures inside of Jake hitting the gym with Austin and Sophia

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# 1

Love Austin’s shorts! Forza Milan!

# 2


# 3

Work-out with the beard.

# 4

Glad his movie flopped. I’m not watching any of your movies, Jake, until you come out.

# 6

Prince of Persia was BORING! I was disappointed.

# 7
I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 05/30/2010 at 3:51 pm

..Prince of Poop got horrible fcuking reviews. ahahahahahaaa.. i’m surprised it even made that much money. it’s going to do horrible next weekend.

# 9

the movie is Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. :) title is wrong.

Austin beard is so cute. wink wink

Are Jake and Austin still dating?

Yes Kate ,cute couple jake and austin

“Jake and Austin used to bike together all the time and have been hitting the trails since at least 2006. They look quite snug in their spandex together!”

Read between the lines people. Read between the lines!

I know that Sophia is Jake’s friend too, but going to gym with Austin’s berad is just … odd.
What are they doing?
Did Jake and Austin broke up?

yeah jake and austin are soo totally ga.. oh screw it!! I can’t do it anymore!! :’( I know you’re not gay jake but i just wish you were SOOO badly i always post comments on justjared claiming this true.

Im sorry. I’ll go and find somthing better to do with my time rather than pine after you.

Here only for Jake

Sophia finally decided to hit the gym.. lol

Forza Milan AC
Sophia & Austin Forever
Jake and Austin gay lol stupid yes !

Stupid people pffff!!! got all your life

Jake & Austin are Best Friends, Sophia is Jake’s friend and Sophia & Austin are a couple. That’s all!

And it’s Jake who presented Sophia Austin

Cute that they are all going to the gym together! You work out better with your friends :p I bet there’s some competition!

Jake <3 Sophia

Jake looks fat here.
Is he? Or is it just the shirt?

Looks like Sophia should try hitting the gym more often.

Jake and Sophia would make super cute couple <3

Austin and Sophia look really good, could care less about Jake, Prince of Persia was awful.

Guess that Jake is back o crying on Austin’s shoulder after POP BOMBED!
Jake is NOT an action star.
Should have got Orlando. At least people expect to see him do well in action adventure movies.
Guess that the 40 million that they offered Orlando wasn’t enough for him to ignore a bad script.
Sorry Jake. Dumb move on your part.

jake and sophia will never happen….but id love to see them being bffs :)

this is a very sexy threesome!

Jake looks great and Sophia is gorgeous!

Orlando Who? @ 05/30/2010 at 5:24 pm

“Guess that the 40 million that they offered Orlando”
That never happened,
Disney would never ever offered him more than 7-9 millions.

I feel like Jake kind of sold out, so maybe this will be a wake-up call for him to go back to doing independent films. Sucks for Gemma Arterton, though. She is very talented and deserves more work. Loved her in Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

The paps were ONLY there for Jake.

Sophia’s square ass can step.

not again @ 05/30/2010 at 5:40 pm

I’m sick of homophobia and Hollywood showmances.

I to Sophia my support.

Pan training in The Room of the Soul and Time.

Is she it is dangerous.

The title of this sounds like Jake & Austin went to the gym together and Sophia just tagged along. It’s so nice that Toothy and Grey still hang out.

hokiegirl @ 05/30/2010 at 6:25 pm

Love Sophia!!!! Keep the post coming Jared!!!


I agree with “Whatever”. I would admire Jake if he would come out – and it might actually help his career. It would make him more interesting. I am not going to support a closet case. If he comes out, then I will see his movies.

Just come out of the closet, Jake!

Jake’s boyfriend, Austin is mighty mighty fine. Poor Sophia being a third wheel to Jake and Austin.

“Prince of Thieves”!! Poor Jakey, even JJ can’t get the title right. LOL Wonder if all that bearding with Witherbeard was worth it??

Love these two! Imagine if the rumors are true…..haha

its Sands of Time not Prince of Thieves…

Austin is way hotter!!

If PoP was Orlando Bloom, box office were worst. He is bad actor, hasn´talent and did already something similar (remember, Pirates is JOHNNY DEPP).
Jake is the best of the movie.
Americans love Sexy and city (argh)!
Pop is a popcorn movie, not bad than the weak Sexy….All these movies are $$$$. Not art-movie.
Come on, Jake hasn´t any fault in results.

p.s. Los tres amigos need work out.

i saw jake today at hollywood farmers market, he there almost every week, he loves his fruit

Well it looks like Austin Nichols returned to his beard Sophia Bush. This is such a joke it seems both Jake and Austin are hiding their homosexuality in order to protect their careers. Very lame guys!

Realistic @ 05/30/2010 at 9:44 pm

“Jake and Austin used to bike together all the time and have been hitting the trails since at least 2006. They look quite snug in their spandex together!”

lol I wonder who wrote this write-up lmao

Sophia is BEAUTIFUL.
Austin is SEXY.
I LOVE all three of them!!!!

Nope, the offer was for 40 million for the trilogy.
Orlando earned 12 million up front for the last two pirates, then earned back end of more than 20 million. He earned over six million last year in just residuals.
I have to agree with #26
People expect Orlando in an action adventure movie. Especially a Bruckheimer, action adventure like POP. Orlando would have been much better suited for this role, and evidently the audience agrees.

Bs @29. What major movie has Orlando ever carried? Certainly not Pirates where Depp was the big star! Jake is much better actor anyway. No one expects Orlando to be anywhere!

i think they are a trisexual couple

What movie has Jake ever carried?
None, that I know of.
Kingdom of Heaven earned over 200 million world wide.
I believe that POP’s poor opening just proved that Jake can’t carry a movie.

Orlando would have mad a much better Dastan.
Jake looked ridiculous.

Orlando worked under shadows of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and others.

Jake did two big box office: BBM (this movie cost little and earned more than 200 million and TDAT, which earned around 350 million.
Both movies gave Jake a lot of awards.

I like Orlando, but I don´t remember one great job of him! I disagree he ´d do PoP better than Jake totally.

Jake is much, much better actor than Orlando.

Orlando carried Kingdom of Heaven by himself. He was the star.
HE earned 211 million world wide.
In BBM, Heath was the star. Heath carried that movie. TDAT was an ensemble piece. Jake didn’t carry that one either.
Orlando received tons of critical praise for KOH, Haven and Sympathy for Delicious. He was also nominated for best supporting actor in Australia for his role in ned Kelly. And critic after critic mentioned how perfect he was in the roles of Legolas and Will Turner.
And don’t forget that in internet polls, Orlando was the favored candidate for Dastan. We aren’t the only ones who would rather have seen orlando in the role.
It’s fine that you like Jake. But don’t kind yourself about his box office draw.
Brothers = bomb
Rendition = BOMB
Zodiac = bomb
Proof = bomb
And now POP = bomb
He can’t open a movie.

Uh, sorry but Orlando Bloom was not the star of any of his major blockbuster hits, except for Kingdom of Heaven, which FLOPPED in the American box office. All of his other movies which he was the star of, like Elizabethtown, also flopped. So while Jake may not be a huge box office draw, neither is Orlando. Orlando has successful blockbusters because of the bigger stars surrounding him.

Also, you can’t compare Jake’s critical success to Orlando’s. Jake is an Oscar nominee. Orlando isn’t. ‘Nuff said.

You’re calling a movie that earned 211 million world wide a flop?
You are showing your ridiculous bias.
Conversation over.
But just one more thing….
Not only is Jake not a “huge box office” draw. he isn’t even a small box office draw.
POP was seen by gamers this weekend. It’s now dead in the water thanks to Jake being, to quote Box Office Mojo, “unbankable”.

I think that it all boils down to the fact that Jake was mis-cast in the role.
I just don’t think that people can possibly take Jake seriously in the title role of a movie called Prince of Persia. He’s just too ‘American’.

The only one who is showing their “ridiculous bias” is you. This post doesn’t even have anything to do with Orlando Bloom, and yet you’re trying to make it out to be.

His name came up earlier, and you added the insults, so a couple of his fans responded. If you hadn’t attacked their guy, they wouldn’t have attacked yours.
I like Jake. I think that he is gorgeous, and a great guy, but I have to agree that he was miscast. Orlando WOULD have made a better Prince.

RT = 39% Box office = 30m Jake called “unbankable”
ouch.. ouch… ouch!!

Hey it’s cheaper to use just one beard for two people.

All I said was that Orlando isn’t exactly a major box office draw. I don’t see how that’s attacking anyone.

CHICKEN LEGS @ 05/31/2010 at 4:42 am

Ewwwww Austin has chicken legs. That’s why he wears those high shorts – to cover up the bony ankles.

Sophia could do so much better than Austin. He’s fugly.

I can’t believe Shrek was first place at the box office this weekend. I guess kids make up a huge portion of the film industry’s market. Wow.

Ice Age water @ 05/31/2010 at 4:52 am

What’s with all of those “Ice Age’ canadian bottled waters that they’re carrying around? Is this supposed to be the “coolest” of the bottled waters? Geez, L.A. people are like sheep. Always following every new little trend.

Hm, it’s been awhile since we last got pics of Jake and Austin TOGETHER. Loves it.
Jake looks hot, as usual.

Jake, Austin and the beard. What a joke!

Austin is fug and looks like a stick.

the african darkside @ 05/31/2010 at 8:14 am

Poor casting,. A white guy as prince of persia.

Hollywood more than likely,would rarely,if ever,cast a person of color as a major lead comic book or video game character:

Black batman

Black superman

Black wonder woman

Black Bruce banner

Black spiderman

Black thor


LOL @ Austin’s legs..

Austin is gorgeous. So many men in Hollywood have body types similar to Austin, the only difference is that Austin is really TALL. And if you’ve ever seen the man without his shirt, you’d quickly realize that he has an amazing body with rock solid abs. And on top of that, he’s incredibly nice. I love all three(Sophia, Jake, and Austin).

Austin is an AC Milan (Italian football club) fan!! Coooool

What’s so gorgeous about your precious Austin? In my opinion he is just weird looking. I’m not saying he’s ugly just not attractive, plus he’s a dumb ass.

Just because you don’t happen to find someone attractive doesn’t mean you have to get on the case of others who do. Everyone has different opinions and they’re entitled to their opinions and I just so happen to find Austin EXTREMELY attractive. I’ve also met him once and he is even more gorgeous in person and is one of the sweetest people ever. So just because you may think otherwise, there is no need to jump on someone’s case. Try acting more mature about it and less like a ranting immature imbecile who can’t stand it when others may not agree with your opinions.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaake! NOMNOMNOM

Austin is not ugly but hes not gorgous either.
Jake on the other hand.. <3

Y’all are just WRONG….so what if Jake is gay???? It’s no one’s business nor should we care….Will everyone’s support of him as an actor change your view of him? Do you admit things to people you’d rather keep or consider private? If he’s in the closet, it’s his business…if he’s not, you all owe him an apology.

I know that Bruckheimer threw big, elaborate parties to celebrate the huge openings of the POTC films.
i wonder if he threw a wake, this weekend.

Not to get in the middle of your argument, but you did insult Orlando.
You insulted his acting and said that he only worked “in the shadows” of bigger stars. Then you ignored the box office take of Kingdom of Heaven to try again to prove your point. Twisting facts will get you attacked. Sorry, but you deserved it.

@the african darkside: Yeah, but keep in mind, White men wrote these stories…Gods forbid if they can look outside their boxes.

The overall consensus is that PofP is a 50% okay movie. Ratings were for the most part 2.5 out of 5. Or 5 out of 10. or 50 out of 100. There is doubt that there will be a second one unless this one’s sales pick up.

“If he’s in the closet, it’s his business…if he’s not, you all owe him an apology.”
Jake is gay and in the closet.
An apology???
Stupid homophobe, there is nothing wrong with being gay.

Are you stupid???? Really???? They went to the gym together because they are friends. That’s it.
Austin and Sophia loves each other…..whatever you think.

i have always enjoyed jake’s movies. but never thought much about the type of person he is, probably because he has always played fairly serious characters and i never really considered him to be an ‘outgoing’ type of person. imagine mysurprise when i went to see pop last week, only to discover how ‘unbelievably’ sexy he looked and he just totally pulled off being this cheeky, charming, playful charecter. as for the british accent, its not bad. im british and in some places he did sound a bit too british (if that makes any sense) but at least he didnt sound american!!.
ive been looking up interviews with him and i cant believe what a sense of humour this guy has. he is very fun loving, witty and has that sarcastic kind of humor which i have and have never really noticed in other people. hes the first person ive come across who could be alot of fun.
as for the gay rumours – where are these coming from?? because he did brokeback?? that does not mean anything.

Nice socks Austin. You’ve got some girly legs.
Poor Sophia..

also, does anyone know where jake lives. is it ny or la?

@sab: My understanding is that he lives in the Hollywood Hills (when not gigoloing at some female abode as he was at Witherspoon’s)on Woodrow Wilson Drive, but exact street number not clear. Supposedly (from someone who knows) a secluded house at the end of a long driveway, to keep the Paps away.


thanks jimmy for answering my question


You should Google ‘Toothy Tile’.

Orlando´s fans,

He has a beautiful face. Only this for while. He has to have a lot of action lessons so that Academy starts think some nomination to Oscar.
He is young and has time to do.
Jake on the other hand…

showmance @ 06/01/2010 at 6:09 am

Jake never dated Reese Witherspoon and he certainly never lived with the beard.

mike, i checked out toothy tile. i dunno, to be honest it doesent seem all that ‘authentic’ but which ever way jake is – all the best to him.
me personally, i never really considered jake to be a physically attractive man, he is not good looking in the ‘oh my god i want to shag him NOW!!!’ way. i think in pop he just looks sexy cos he bulked up and grew his hair reminding women of their primal lustful instincts back in the dark ages. (caveman fantasies).
what makes him attractive to me is his cheeky personality, that just shines through when you hear him talk. he would be a good laugh and never boring. now hes back to normal (ie short hair and less muscley), physically he has lost the appeal but mentally i could totally shag his personality.
actually, going back to the gay thing. i dont know if anyone caught him on late night with jimmy fallon last week but what i found weird was that when he was explaining the century city mall incident – out of nowhere he brought up making out with girls. WHAT???? at the time i thought it was a bit strange and had nothing to do with what he was talking about. like he was haveing a seperate conversation with himself. Now, he could have been plugging his ‘straight’ image. i dont know.


I will support Jake regardless of his orientation, and whether he chooses to come out or not.

That’s the thing with speculating celebrities orientations, you’ll never know for sure until they take out a spread in People.

I love Jake no matter what he is; gay, straight or an alien. ; )

Mike, you said everything: whatever be his preference, Jake is adorable.

All these actors and actress of Hollywood don’t make any kind of protest or criticism against Oil Industry like Exxon or BP. They don’t talk about all these dirt things that all these emterprises are making against USA.
The people in USA are living in a eternal Disneyland !
Hallo! Jake Gyllenhaal! Do you have corage to speak against all these Monsters!

wow.. from the looks of things.. sopfia needs to live in that gym!

austin is so hot, but he can’t support milan (loser). No way! INTER RULES AND UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNER!

Really useful write-up. I simply stumbled upon your website and wanted to say that I’ve quite favored studying your weblog posts. Any indicates I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I hope you publish the moment extra quickly.

i am sure they are gay…

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