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Kate Bosworth & Richard Gere: Comedy Couple

Kate Bosworth & Richard Gere: Comedy Couple

Kate Bosworth and co-star Richard Gere kick back during one of their film breaks at 82Mercer in New York City earlier this month.

30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer was also there to shoot the comedic short film, which was written by Swedes Tobias Carlson, Jonas Wittenmark and Claes Kjellström — all pictured below. (Kate‘s boyfriend is also Swedish, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard.)

The trio was tapped to do this short by producer Charles B. Wessler (Something about Mary, Dumb and Dumber). Kate and Richard‘s segment will be one of 17 skits in the not yet titled anthology feature film.

15+ pictures inside of comedy couple Kate Bosworth and Richard Gere

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53 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Richard Gere: Comedy Couple”

  1. 1
    xposed Says:

    Those are old pics.

  2. 2
    harper Says:

    Looks like Kristen Chenowith.

  3. 3
    foul Says:

    good to see you sinking so low as to post pics from facebook Jared

  4. 4
    t Says:

    is that really kate bosworth? her face looks stretched.

  5. 5
    Wicked Says:

    @foul: He stole them from Facebook?

  6. 6
    ness Says:

    His wife should be worried, everybody knows she has a thing for taken men.

  7. 7
    Josh Says:

    I used to find Kate pretty but sometimes she looks like a demented clown. Her expressions are strange.

  8. 8
    Kiss Says:

    Gere looks good.
    Bosworth has a big, shiny forehead.

  9. 9
    who? Says:


  10. 10
    offtheproperty Says:

    what is the uncomplimentary word that describes him best? hard to say because basically he’s a nothing at all.

  11. 11
    Yay! Says:

    I see she finally has a job. Lol

  12. 12
    Deck the Halls Says:

    @Kiss: Yup, you could screen movies off of it.

  13. 13
    ivanka Says:

    wwooo.. richard gere:)!

  14. 14
    uh oh Says:

    @Yay!: I read she only worked for a day. It doesn’t sound too promising.

  15. 15
    oseary Says:

    She hasn’t aged well. She looks young from a distance but botoxy in her closeups.

  16. 16
    lilac Says:

    @uh oh: That’s pretty sad. I remember when she was billed at the next It girl.

  17. 17
    burnt bacon Says:

    One day, huh? Sounds like a walk on role.
    But hey, thanks for the Skarsworth reminder. It’s been a whole week or so since they’ve been pimped here, so I’m sure some people forgot.

  18. 18
    nyro Says:

    @harper: That’s what I thought when I first saw the pics. I thought it was that chick from Pushing Daisies.

  19. 19
    Nicki Says:

    I love Richard

  20. 20
    Wilson Says:

    She suffers from early onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  21. 21
    Wilson Says:

    She could help a lot of women.

  22. 22
    becca Says:

    @Kiss: Is she losing her hair or something cause it looks like her hairline is receding.

  23. 23
    jazzy Says:

    One day? Even Rachel Bilson works more than this girl.

  24. 24
    gemini Says:

    I like Richard Gere.
    I think Kate Bosworth’s outfit is cute but she’s wearing movie set clothes.
    Usually she looks like a homeless person in her candids.

  25. 25
    WTF Says:

    WTF did she do to her face?
    Does she really botox?
    She has a glassy stare.

  26. 26
    omg Says:

    @WTF: yes she does something to her face, she also a known druggie, she does look scary sometimes

  27. 27
    Kimmy Says:

    Cute couple

  28. 28
    rannick96 Says:

    Richard is B- or C list, she just drug this movie down to direct video. on demand….ugh.. KATE is a Bad actress…YUCK.

  29. 29
    Umm Says:

    Really, jj, WTF cares?

  30. 30
    Question Says:

    Soon she and her BF will get “Featured” here coz JJ is under her payroll.

  31. 31
    Why Richard Says:

    Gere doesn’t look too happy to be pictured with Kate. He worked with the extraordinary Diane Lane and now he’s stuck in a movie with Bosworth? What a downgrade when his career is doing fine. He should have turned this project down or insisted on a better actress.

  32. 32
    Loving Gere Says:

    @ Why Richard,
    Yep, he doesn’t look thrilled. Diane Lane is beautiful and intelligent. He was able to carry on a conversation with her that didn’t involve where the next party would be.

    I have been in lust with Richard Gere since Looking for Mr. Goodbar. It’s hard to believe he’s in his 60′s. He has aged well while his *cough* costar *cough* looks rough and used.

  33. 33
    WHY??? Says:

    Why JJ did you sneak in a picture of Alex & his buddy Tarik? Where they in this move or did you think everyone would forget he’s Bosworth’s flavor-of-the-month? Don’t worry, the TB Premiere will give you plenty of photo ops.

  34. 34
    lol Says:

    kate bosworth is a selfish, girly snob like all orlando bloom girlfriends

  35. 35
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Ay Richard, how far you have fallen to be working with her …

  36. 36
    Nicole Says:

    Who cares??? Seriously…she really and truly sucks as an actress!! Gere, not hot anymore. And she really drug down Skarsgard to not hot status!!

  37. 37
    Rikki Says:

    I love her. She’s worked with Richard before.

  38. 38
    Di Says:

    she looks like a really faded rose.

    My first advice for her would be, get rid of your horrible shoes or assume you’re in your 80′s!
    Second advice, try to get pregnant, that’s the only career path left, and it’s great you’ve got someone who has the same passions( drugs,paparazzi,horrible clothes taste…………………)

  39. 39
    not class Says:

    ooh and jared, this is a so not class picture of alex!!! The one where he touches his teeth.
    Do you want him to lose the only fans that he has left?

  40. 40
    @not class Says:

    He’s using snuff (or snus) in that picture. The can is in his other hand. Nice habit there, AS. NOT!!! Disgusting.

  41. 41
    not class Says:

    @@not class:
    Sorry I’ve never heard or seen this kind of habit until the picture, what does it consist in?

  42. 42
    @not class Says:

    It’s a powdered form of tobacco. You put it between cheek and gum or under your lip like snuff.

  43. 43
    not class Says:

    @@not class:
    thanks for the information and precious help.

    I never though I would learn something with AS!

  44. 44
    Sammie Says:


  45. 45
    Chloe Says:

    She’s a cool girl unlike some of you losers on this site! Jealous girls give females a bad rap!

  46. 46
    amanda Says:

    Richard Gere has worked with Lasse Hallstrom twice, so he is also a little bit of a swedish lover!! hahahahahahhahahaha :)

  47. 47
    LJ Says:

    She’s beautiful and he’s not bad either.

  48. 48
    Layla Says:

    @LJ: She was cute back in her Blue Crush days but she hasn’t been pretty for a while. Only time she looks good is when she’s styled for an event.

  49. 49
    Daniel Says:

    Some of you are so clueless. Gere and Bosworth have already worked together in Bee Season.

  50. 50
    Jealous Says:

    I think she is gorgeous, and I really like her and Alex together.

  51. 51
    real actors don't need paps Says:


    I totally agree with you they’re good for each other!!!
    losers are meant to be together!!!

  52. 52
    facadestilladser Says:

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  53. 53
    golden shower Says:

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