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Brooklyn Decker: Jennifer Aniston Treats Everyone Like BFFs

Brooklyn Decker: Jennifer Aniston Treats Everyone Like BFFs

Brooklyn Decker has been working in Hawaii with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston on their new comedy, Just Go With It.

Brooklyn only had high praise for Jen during a recent interview. She told ET, “She’s stunning. She’s such a great mix of beautiful and kind. The most surprising and amazing thing about her is she treats everyone like she’s been best friends with them for years. The first time we met, she came up to me and gave me a big hug. She’s been like that the whole way. Someone in her position doesn’t have to be that way and she is. It’s incredibly refreshing.”

Click inside to watch Brooklyn‘s interview…

Brooklyn Decker: Jennifer Aniston Treats Everyone Like BFFs
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  • Def

    How can you have a Brooklyn Decker interview with the camera shot cut way above the cleavage? Travesty!!!

  • mailey

    she is so ugly.

  • jojo

    Jen is a sweet heart.

  • cool

    Can’t wait for this movie, it looks so cool, Jennifer and Nicole were like sisters holding each other arms and they were good looking.

  • stacey

    Everyone loves Jennifer!

  • K

    You mean kind? Not king.



  • truth

    Jen is a sweetheart in the beginning but later u see a different Jen which is such a contrast. Ask all the men and her former close friends…she fell out with her best friend Andrea and also close friend Kirsten Hahn who is also her part owner of Echo Productions. The one movie they were working on is not getting anywhere because of the fall out. Why do u think she just recently signed on to horrible bosses and then wonderlust. Goree Girls was Hahn’s vision for Jen and now with her gone, Jen can’t further the project.

  • Dee

    That’s really nice of her to say. Love Jennifer Aniston

  • whatabeauty

    Jolie Pitt fans – DO NOT POST HERE LET IT DIE BEFORE IT STARTED – POST AT THE JP thread its almost 400 posts…

  • avatar

    Ya rught, she paid her to talk like that

    And I dont wanna be rude but have you noticed Jen,s ears
    so big and saggy, like and older persons ear
    it really does not good look when she opens them
    she should do something about them already her chin and face futures also very unproporotioned

    Anybody agree?

  • avatar

    ya right she paid her to talk

    dont wanna be rude but have you noticed Jen,s ears
    so big and saggy, like and older persons ear
    it really does not good look when she opens them
    she should do something about them already her chin and face futures also very unproprtioned

    Anybody agree?

    Read more:

  • bet

    look the media make it as some kind of competition, this buetifull women they are not shallow insecure , they are fit , healthy and buety and at the same time professtional and get along well. that is the buety of women , but media , some men/and insecure women make it what is not.

  • Almighty

    Another loon who pretends to know Jen and what ‘s going on in her life

    Get a life of your one……

  • Almighty



    Ha Loon what is jen eating today, seems that you know her HAHAHA

    So both the women that you are talking about have a falling out with jen because jen is only a sweethart in the beginning, that’s why is friends with them for twenty years or so…. LMAO

    Get a life and stop pretend that you know her or what ‘s going on in her life

  • whatabeauty

    Thanks Jolie-Pitt fans for not posting here but post at the Joile-Pitt thread which is almost 400 and X fans you can post there too,cause see like alot more are posting over there-he,he!
    THanks for not posting here!

  • val

    She treats the ACTORS like they are best friends. I am curious how she treats the people who work behind the scenes.

  • truth is telling the truth

    Truth @#8 is just telling the plain and simple truth people. Hahn and Aniston are on the outs, Echo is not producing anything, and the one film Echo sorta executive produced is caught up in the whole Miramax mess (The Switch or whatever it is now called). Echo has not been able to get greenlit for any project by a studio as of this date. And for some reason Aniston won’t spend her own money for a project she supposely believes in.

    The only people you see Aniston with these days are BigLeigh her paid acting coach of over 20 years who does Aniston PR on twitter, and any actress who needs an acting coach for over 20 years is an actress who can’t act, her paid makeup sisters, and other paid staff like her BFF highly paid hairstylist and PR main guy SHuvane. When has Hahn or AndreaB been seen with Aniston recently? When has CCox been seen with Aniston? Aniston’s long time friends have families, she does not and her career is her #1 priority, and they are not at her beck and call anymore.

    Aniston is caught up in rom com hel*, she can’t get out of it, she is grabbing every role she can at the age of 41+. ColinF will not be in Horrible Bosses like gossip said he would, he said no. GerryB has moved back into action/drama roles. BDecker is saying all the right things cause this was her 1st film role, she is now up for other roles and knows how to pour the butter on. Aniston and Kidman did not hang out together away from the set in HI, Kidman hung out with her hubbie and kid and friends (fact is Kidman was born in HI).

    Just because you do not like truth’s message does not make it a lie. Some posting here live 100% of the time in LaLa land.

  • truth is telling the truth


    Aniston treats nonactors she works with quite differently from the Actors most of the time. She is not known to be either considerate or friendly to crew, and has little interaction with them. She is friendly to those Actors she considers important in the project, to her paid staff BFFs who are always always with her, and that is the way she rolls.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    It is sickening how people are so obsessed with Jen’s personal life, don’t you have one of your own?

    NOBODY is perfect and certainly not Jolie or Pitt.

  • truth

    Smart girl . Anibut fans were ripping her apart . We know Jenny has to go and hag everyone. She is still that abandoned 8 year old girl who needs to hagged and get clinged. Being seen as a “friend” for everything and everyone is importnat to her. She is the only one like this.

  • get real

    ms anon,
    aniston fans are the most horrible fans ever who say bad things to kids going blog to blogs. Now you compalin about other people fans while her hens are still bitter from the end of that awful marriage and blame Angie for ending of it day in day out eventhough it has been many years and Aniston has been with many men after that. Don’t be hypocrite

  • truth is telling the truth

    @Ms. Anonymous:

    LOL. So telling the truth that is widely known to those in the industry whose heads are not filled with tabloid lies and manufactured PR is an obsession? LOL. And talking about a career is considered talking about someone’s personal life? How idiotic is that. Everything I said about Aniston is related to her career. Guess you can’t read. Aniston is like everyone else in the world, NOT PERFECT. She is who she is and you can’t change that. I am not the first and won’t be the last to accurately describe her behavior toward the crew members of her films.

    And why mention 2 people who have nothing to do with either this thread or Aniston? Why????

    You are the only obsessed one here it appears, obsessed with the past of over 5 years ago, a lifetime ago in reality. What an idiot you are. Try to stay on the subject of the thread, it is really not difficult at all for rational intelligent people to do so.

  • So true

    @CASSIE: You nailed it.

  • gisele

    Cheap looking average girl.

  • truth is telling the truth


    OH NO they definitely do not. What are you trying to do, rewrite her history? Such a rediculous statement.

    Her former costars on Friends don’t love her, and with the lone exception of one who is not around so much these days, they do not even associate with her. And they worked with her for years and years and know her well.

  • truth is telling the truth

    Must say about BD, she ain’t all that, but admire how she is working it to transition from model to actor. Of course it does not hurt her to be married to Andy Rodick and have him backing her in her career.

  • Stacey

    Truth and the other one are liars, they are making things up

    Get a life and stop pretending you know anything about her life….

  • DR

    I’m so glad Jen isn’t snobbish or anything like that sort. Her attitude and the way she carries herself is very amicable. Love this woman to death!

  • Katsaridoula

    I am tired of fugly maniston being everywhere. Sick of it…

  • Danna

    you have a big problem, whatever you are (male or female) cause you do not have have a good thing to say about Aniston, what do you know about other people?

  • daffodil

    All you people who hate Jen GET A LIFE grow up you are obsessed with her NOT HEALTHY. Jen could not care less.

  • lara

    you are speaking about jen’s friends and her relationships, like you spent all your life with her. in fact you can’t be bff with everyone, she has her own, maybe little but friendly circle. she is extremely positive person, it is very easy to notice. there are a lot of actors/actresses who concentrate on their career, but are unable to get roles.however jen always has smth to work at. due to fact she is really good person to work with, her movies are always succesful and have good box-office. so write whatever you want. Jen c’mon and rock at your best, we love and support you (your fans)

  • African Girl

    I’m starting to feel sorry for the woman-child also known as Aniston. Are these stories meant to portray her as endearing?! If so, then she miscalculated because all it does is punctuate the fact that she an insecure and emotional stunted woman.
    Seriously if a child went around hugging and kissing people she just met, treating them like they are her best friends, alarm bells will be sounded. People with all sorts of letters after their names will be talking about how the overly affectionate child has no respect for personal boundaries, unacceptable social behavior, delayed maturity and so on yet a 41yrs old does it and she’s oohed and awwed at.
    This of course is not a one time thing, take a look at her red carpet pictures, she clings to her friends and co-stars like her life depends on. The woman has no sense of appropriateness and way too insecure to control her impulses. She has this dying need to show the world she’s loved that’s why she practically paws at whoever is standing with her…feigning intimacy. I’d say seek help JA but from what I’ve read, she’s been in therapy for over 20yrs now.
    It is so sad! She is so sad!

  • African Girl


    Smart girl . Anibut fans were ripping her apart . We know Jenny has to go and hug everyone. She is still that abandoned 8 year old girl who needs to hagged and get clinged. Being seen as a “friend” for everything and everyone is important to her. She is the only one like this.
    Boy, her mother sure did a number on her.

  • Stacey

    African Girl

    I am really getting sorry for you…….

    You who don’t know her pretending to know her and how pretending to know how she feels, pretending to know how she is with her friends etc.

    You are sad, you are so sad

  • xxx

    Brooklyn seems nice enough, a girl you’d hang with but I have major major disrespect for her for marrying that prick Andy Roddick. I guess he has a lot of money and fame and power but even with all that I don’t understand how she can handle his disgusting personality. He is so arrogant and cruel and horrible euughhh…. and he looks so bizarre… ew

  • Nancy

    Brooklyn is a pretty girl and she seems nice. Jen has always been
    nice to her co-stars and she is still friends with Hahn and has
    been for years. They seem to be having a great time making
    the movie and that’s good. No one forces you to read about her.
    It’s easy to skip over the articles if you aren’t interested.

  • matt

    This story was on E at least a week ago so if anyone put it out
    after that long if was Just Jared. Guess you need to blame him.
    Both Brooklyn and Jen are good looking women and they like
    the other members of the cast. That’s good. It has nothing to
    do with anyone else.

  • Keepin’itRealandRelaxed

    @truth is telling the truth:
    Actually they haven’t fallen out. I don’t really see where you’re getting this news from. Courteney Cox just talked about getting Jennifer Aniston on her show, Cougar Town.
    She still very much believes in Goree Girls. She’s been talking about that project for ages. I don’t know where you keep spilling off these claims as though they’re real. That’s not the truth. I don’t know what the truth is but you can’t claim that’s the truth. You don’t know her -_-” You do realize that right?
    Leigh Kilton-Smith is her life acting coach. Everybody has a lot to learn. I don’t think you can ever finish growing as an actor. Maybe its not the cool thing to do but I admire her for opening speaking up about having an acting coach. I don’t see a big problem with someone there to help advise you on career choices and work with you to develop your art. Maybe because she’s stuck in a rom-com slump (or she chooses to be there because she excels in them), she doesn’t have many chances to advance her acting skills. I can understand this choice she made.

  • tp


    The switch was produced by Jen and Kristin and where did you read that Krisitin and Jen had a fallen out? Post it, prove it or shut up. Plus Gorree Girls is being rewritten.

  • tp

    So many haters are saying the Brangie posts has 400 hits. We are not surprised every internet blogger knows this is a site for people who worship their god and goddess Angie and Brad.

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Haha, everybody loves Jen, contrary to loon beliefs, she’s a great gal and lots of fun to be around. And she doesn’t go to the beach looking like Morticia and thinking she runs the politics of the world. Actually, nobody can blame Morticia for covering her body at the beach, I would too if I looked that bad in a bikini.

  • TriniLady

    They are using Brooklyn to give Jen some highlighting thank god we are not seeing her

  • anony

    Brooklyn is way more intelligent and all American than the ‘fake one’.
    Also, Brooklyn spoke audibly and intelligently in the interview.

  • Kelly

    Sounds like she lacks boundaries – that is what everyone actually says about her.

  • anie

    People who are longing for love and acceptance treats everyone like BFFs, they hug and kiss everyone. Jennifer is like that to her friends and acquitances. she is one lonely person deep insider. she kisses ass to every actors and actress she mets. As John Mayer said, she just want people to love her. She is very narcissistic and neurotic thats why she has been in therapy for years. she is so insecure she knows she is not a real beauty, she knows she looks ok because of cosmetic and enhancements, she knows her blonde hair is not real, her blue eyes are not real, her boos are fake, her nose have gone 3 operations already, hence cant believe that she got lucky and married Brad Pitt.

  • Stacey

    Another one who thinks she knows aniston

    I am really getting sorry for you…….

    You don’t know her so stop pretending that you do

    You are sad, you are so sad

  • opinion

    the more I read comments like this the more it seems it true that Jen still has low esteem and self confidence problems.
    Be truthful when was the last time someone one you did not know gave you a hug and acted like you friend on the 1st day. Didn’t you later feel you needed to get away from that person because she was too tiring a “friend”. It’s because being kind is more about her needs than yours.
    It’s crazy that she acts the same way to a person that she just met that she does has know for years. It’s because those aren’t real emotions or feelings; just taught faux ones to get the needed result…YOU LIKE ME YOU REALLY LIKE ME.
    Good Luck Jennifer I hope some day you will the true person be seen without fear of rejection.

  • opinion

    It’s crazy that she acts the same way to a person that she just met as she does to someone she has known for years. It’s because those aren’t real emotions or feelings; just taught faux ones to get the needed result…YOU LIKE ME YOU REALLY LIKE ME.
    Good Luck Jennifer I hope some day you will the true person be seen without fear of rejection.

    Read more:

    Sorry I had to correct my typing errors