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Lee DeWyze & Crystal Bowersox: Oh, Orlando!

Lee DeWyze & Crystal Bowersox: Oh, Orlando!

American Idol finalists Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox arrive at Orlando International Airport in Florida on Sunday (May 30).

Crystal, 24, traveled with her son, Tony, who waited in the stroller. What a cutie!

Lee, also 24, and Crystal both signed record deals with 19 Recordings. Lee is also with RCA Records while Crystal is also with Jive Records.

WHO DO YOU THINK of will have more success – CRYSTAL or LEE?

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  • sigh


  • Liz

    I love them both, but I’m partial to Lee! And he looks good in that pic! :)

  • meh…..

    American’s sure like their idol winners to be bland and middle of the
    road…..David Cook, Kris Allen and now this guy……so boooooring!!!

  • Ty

    Lee is AWESOME !!! All of u that are not beLEEvers will have to wait and see how amazing his album will turn out to be !!!

  • lis

    I like both of them — but I voted for Lee because I like him more. His voice is amazing as well as Crystal’s. They both will have amazing careers and no matter how much we put down either one of them, they will both come out better than any of the negative people out there!!!!!!!!

  • M

    Lee Dewyze without a doubt. He is AWESOME.

  • Jean Johnson

    Lee DeWyze is the “American Idol” and really deserves the title. He worked hard all during the season, perfecting his singing voice and stage delivery while giving us “Fantastic” performances. If you have doubts, go back and listen to Sinatra week ,”That’s Life”, “Treat Her Like A Lady”,” A Little Less Conversation”, “The Boxer”,” Simple Man” and the best: “Hallelujah” . . . some of these were out of his genre but he sang them beautifully. Watch out because Lee is going to be a “Big” star!!!!
    Grandma Jean, Las Vegas

  • Jordyn


  • nicole

    Flove them both! They should totally date! i love Crystal more though and i wish they both do well! They are both so awesome! Also loooove Casey!

  • Lise

    Lee will have more success even though Crystal is also amazing! Gotta love them both! BeLEEve :)

  • Carla

    Go lee! I love his husky voice.

  • happy girl

    Apple pie. Bland. Boring. Adam Lambert will always be the best Idol ever!

  • holly

    CRYSTAL you’ll rock the stage!!!!!

  • Heilige Bimbam


  • Lilac

    I really liked Crystal, but I’m absolutely sure Lee will have more success, he is great)))

  • Silverpetal

    I think Crystal has an amazing voice and she’ll be very successful in her niche. But I think Lee is also excellent (in spite of his nerves getting to him on the final singing night), and of the two, I think he has the more “commercial” voice, which means he’ll most likely sell more albums overall.

  • gina

    They are both very talented and will both have success. He was my favorite throughout the competition so I am partial to Lee. Both have amazing voices in their own particular genre.

  • Teresa

    I Think America got it wrong!!! Crystal should have won hands down..
    Nothing against Lee, he was good. But just like all the others, they “all” had to improve week to week to even get in Crystal’s league.
    Seriously, crystal was fantastic out of the gate. How can she possibbly top herself week after week??The others had no choice but to see what she was doing and either jump on or get voted off. When it counted on finaly night she kicked into gear and again showed us she deserved it. I think the majority is little girls voting for eye candy.
    Or too busy critizing that she has dreads, and a unwed mother with tatoos and not perfect teeth!! How could “she” be “our” American idol right??, when not for nothing, that is America people!!!!! Time to open up you eyes, and more importantly your ears..

  • BeLEEver

    Lee is GREAT ~ and so is Crystal! I just love Lee MORE! He will continue to grow & grow & grow the more he sings before huge audiences and follows his dream! I wish them both well though.
    And I do not think they should date – Lee doesn’t need the extra responsibility of a child right now, or even of dating right now. He needs to keep his mind & heart on his music – it’s a LONG ROAD AHEAD! Can’t wait to see the whole crew on tour, away from the Idol stage and “being judged!” That’s when their talent REALLY comes out!

    And Glamberts, go back to your Adam news – why mention him here – this is not about him! You have your own idol – go support him elsewhere!

  • AI Fan

    It’s LEE ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! Crystal is just not my style – neither is Melissa Etheridge! To each his own! End of story! I love Lee’s husky voice (which, I’m sorry, Crystal does not have). She’ll be fine, but I’m not interested in her music. And guess what – I’m not a tween – I’m not even female! Actually, I guess I’m a redneck – and I do like Casey’s guitar-playing too! But my wife’s in love with Lee!

    And by the way – yes, the dreads and the whole “look” are a turn-off to me. She needs a drastic makeover. She’s actually very pretty, but who can tell! But I wouldn’t “knock” the baby – Fantasia was a single mother too when she won Idol, and it didn’t make a bit of difference. That’s really not a factor – though it will be harder on her and the baby!

  • Ace

    Lee will. He has 2 albums out pre idol that are really really good .”So I’m Told” and “”Slumberland” seek them out buy them they are great

  • Mindy


  • Leah

    You dumb people needs to stop asking that question!Their dreams are coming true so all you hater people including articles people needs to shut it! It doesent matter cause they both are living their dream.

  • [marie]

    Nobody is gonna remember who this guy is in three years.. There I said it..

  • slambang

    Another boring AI winner, just like Taylor Hicks, David Cook and Kris Allen. It’s all good, tho’ – Crystal will have a successful career regardless. In a year or so, nobody will remember who Lee Whatshisface is.

  • Andrea

    I love how Lee is smiling now! His smile is gorgeous!! I am so happy for him! He’s truly enjoying this. As for answering the question, I think they will both do really well… probably Lee a little more since I have listened to his other songs, and it’s definitely the music I like and would buy, and he has a radio voice, which is amazing.

  • Kallie

    I’ll just stick with following Kris Allen’s career. These people are boring and not so talented.

  • jennalu

    IMO, Crystal will have great success in spite of being in a class by herself. Her voice is absolutely amazing. She is a very pretty girl and I think somehow, TPTB will have stylists greatly improve her looks by having her teeth fixed, something done with the dreads which will be very difficult to do without leaving her almost bald. Crystal is the one who has had a very difficult life and with her very excellent voice deserved to win not that it matters as they both get almost the same contract. Outofpitch Lee concerns me as how will he be able to do all the necessary live concerts? Of course anyone’s voice almost could be fixed in recordings. I do like Lee, however, and wish him well. However, IMO, Crystal is going to be the big breakout star. Casey is my fave and I think the Brett performance (which he should have been allowed to do on Idol 9 but was constantly led towards doing bland ballads due to being too much competiton to the judges’ chosen ones) Casey with Brett on the finale will assure him a great career. His voice is very good and with the many instruments he plays so very well – he will go very far.


    Crystal will have way more success.If your talking about substance and heart and soul,then Crystal is the one for sure.No Comparison to be made.She is far,far,far better than Lee.
    All 16 weeks she proved it’
    I know it, America Knows It, Lee Knows it Too !!!
    Enough Said!!!!


    @slambang: What his face will be hearing the call of the paint shop.Paint mixing rather than music mixing for sure!!!LOL

  • Alterius

    There is no artist as original as Crystal. She speaks of our times, and her vocal versatility is tremendous. She is the most relevant.

  • CrystaLee

    I’m a Crystal fan, but I think Lee will have a bigger career because his genre IS popular music. Crystal is more of an Indie artist and you really don’t hear much Indie on your Top 40 stations. Lee’s got the easier path and a radio voice to boot.

  • Maffroo

    Who will be more successful? Crystal. Why? Because she’s not looking for super-stardom. She’ll have a career of longevity and a broad-following. Meanwhile, Lee will get one single on the radio and disappear into the obscurity of music. Lee is going to be old news once season 10 of American Idol comes. Lee won because he has a penis, and that’s something no one can deny. Talented? More-so then Crystal? Ha! You’re delusional to think that he is.

  • Luke

    WHO CARES? lol. they’re both bland as tapwater! tho the girl is a lot more talented if i had to pick

  • LOL

    Wtf ofcousre LEE!!!!! Love his smile and voice!

  • Crystalized

    Crystal will. Period.

  • Stef

    It’s crystal clear… it’s CRYSTAL.

  • BEV


  • BEV

    @Teresa: AMEN TO THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beth

    So stupid. The winner is announced (through Americas damn votes!) and then everyone does nothing but whine and bitch and complain about it for the next year (or longer). They cry, “the runner up should have won! They’re so much better!” So ridiculous. Crystal and Lee were the best out of this somewhat lackluster year. I think Lee will have more success because he’s got the gruff rocker voice that’s more popular. But, Crystal is great., too.

  • SWgirl

    Crystal and Casey for the long run true artists. Lee maybe long term. Wish them all the best.

  • Bob nide

    Crystal will have more success!!!

  • annica mccarthy

    I like Crystal Bowersox much more then Lee. He’s a nice guy, but his music doesn’t leave much an impression on me.

  • Ab

    @Teresa: You are the only one American who open their ears not their eyes. U cant beat Crystal, the way she sings. Even Simon’s last comment was “fantastic”. I couldn’t agree more. Good luck Crystal..

  • Gina

    So glad Lee won AI he deserved it. Yes he will be very successful and yes we will remember him. Just wait, you will be hearing his music on the radio.
    Always like to listen to Janis Joplin in my younger hippie days; but too much is too much Crystal, won’t miss your music.




  • Irena

    LEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary


    I agree with you.

  • http://photoblog.tomsidockcom Tom Sidock

    Neither one will crack the top 10 until they can do the songs that they wrote!

    I agree about the haters, lets look ahead, the question was who, in my opinion, once Crystal get off the AI tour and completes the obligatory AI album of preselected covers. She will hit the charts from time to time, but my feeling is she is here to stay and her songs will be played 20 years down the road.

    Lee, He is really going to hit big with his 2nd or third album. After that it’s hard to say, it’s Lee’s future to lose, but he has shown us that he is not a loser.

    It’s possible, but not highly probable that there will be more more Lee/Crystal duets, that could be a game changer.

    People like crystal, don’t fade away, she is in it for the long haul. Lee, isn’t having fun yet. Time will tell.

  • lmyrna

    Casey will be more successful than either of them.