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Rachel Bilson: Pre-Memorial Day Dinner!

Rachel Bilson: Pre-Memorial Day Dinner!

Rachel Bilson and a few of her girlfriends make a stop at a local liquor store to pick up a case of beer on her way to a friend’s home for a pre-Memorial Day dinner on Sunday (May 30) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress is set to appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Tuesday, June 1st! Check out RB!

FYI: Rachel is wearing her favorite “Jimmy Jimmy” short in Sardinia by Paige Denim!

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson enjoying a pre-Memorial Day’s dinner…

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rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 01
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 02
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 03
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 04
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 05
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 06
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 07
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 08
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 09
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 10
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 11
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 12
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 13
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 14
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 15
rachel bilson pre memorial day dinner 16

Photos: GSI Media
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  • i-i

    Seriously how can someone who works so little get so much press coverage?????

  • alice

    Why is she not wearing her engagement ring, she has been wearing it twisted round or not at all for over a week, very strange

    Wonder where Hayden is

  • Ted

    she is annoying – seriously.

  • Ida

    i cant stand this any longer! even brangelina dont have so many pictures in jj! she doesnt do anything but she still manages to have pictures in every jj page!

  • Elise

    She seems like a sweet girl and all, I just wish she’d actually do something with her career.. =S

  • haka

    jared, you’re the only one reporting anything on her these days.

  • lexy hates bilson

    How do you think she gets all this press? She PAYS JJ for it. You don’t see her this much on E! or any other website. Her people tip off the paps and then pay JJ to run these silly posts.
    That’s right Rachel – drown your sorrows in booze! Maybe you’ll have a revelation and realize if you want an ACTING career you need to take acting lessons!!

  • Cece

    So how much does she pay you Mr J?
    Seriously tho how much?

  • anna

    Jared must be raking in the $$$$ from this loser.

  • tinsky

    imagine how wider those hips could get after a couple of pregnancies…

  • max

    He’s always going to have to credit her as “former OC actress.” Its been 3 years since the OC!

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s better than him pretending she’s the “star” of the few things she’s done since. Why doesn’t Rachel ever help carry things? Why get out the car if you’re not going to help your friends??

  • Viper

    We all have seen how this woman loves to work the media for attention in any way she can get it. Ring, no ring, please and cleaning and sizing are not the reason. Engaged or not she loves this and pays good money to make sure that all this is posted out or b/f is or isn’t with her. It looks more or less that any engagement is more or less an arragement of some sorts. HC doesn’t seem to have much in common or just totally doesn’t like to be around her Bff’s at all or else for a man who is also not doing much rather not spend the time with her while she parties and drinks with friends. Pretty sure he has is own party he goes to.

  • Suzanne

    Well, I love her for her style and that is basically how she keeps herself relevent. She is all over and magazine because of her style.

  • trish

    I’ve never seen an “engaged” couple spend so much time apart. Something’s just not right.

  • Reality Check

    @13 I don’t mean to start a fight or contradict, but when the diamond turns upside down it usually means it’s falling that way because the ring is too large for the finger. There is really no way to keep the diamond from falling under her finger unless she has it resized.

    So, I guess time will tell. I’m sure they will be contacted to ask about the status of their relationship if she continues to not wear it.

    Unless they confirm or deny being broken up, as they have numerous times in the past, I will assume they are still engaged.

    And, yes, this is one of the strangest engaged couples I’ve ever seen. The entire point of an engagement is to plan a wedding, yet they have no wedding plans and they are rarely ever together.

  • the truth

    That’s all fit for is to be on people magazine showing what she wear No 15. Its more to life than showing what you are wearing all the time. She needs to get some work and be known for that.And the guys that you date.Some are you mention she’s not wearing the ring again. Its about time she took it off she not getting married.And you all can stop saying she’s engaged .Think they have call it off.But must admit I do like what she wears but she need to get movie or tv show. Its more to her than what she wears. Other people work for a living and she should to. Happy Memorial Day!

  • shanda

    You’re right something isn’t right. Think they called it off? Happy Memorial Day!

  • Rain

    To all the stupid fans of Bilson’s saying we are so jealous of her. Yeah notttttt………Look at this bod! Now that is something to actually be jealous of. Megan Fox has a rocking body and Rachel looks like Pooo!!!! Come on admit it! :-)

  • Zoe

    Rachel Bilson is so cute! Can’t believe all this criticism.

  • Viper

    @ reality check

    Her ring has never looked like it was falling of her finger she hasn’t lost that much weight she has more or less has gained it. Granted take what you see as just that what you believe but this woman isn’t resizing shyt and if she tried to profess she is then she is lying as much as her counterpart does in his interviews. Seems she ditches the ring when convent to do it it’s all for the press and the public nothing more. Plus the more you have to re-size something the weaker you make the band and it will eventually break from what your saying she is sizing it all the time she has it off more then on and only now started to wear it more b/c ppl noticed.

    And why would she publicise a breakup wasn’t it both of them that didn’t want ppl to know they were even dating till many many months later. He would pop in and out of pictures with her when he so felt like being around her. Then this so called planted annoucement on the a/p to the Page 6 reporter that so happened many months before hand. I think this chic would wear the ring even if she wasn’t with him seems that is what she does anyway. He isn’t around and she takes it off as if it were costume jewelry piece

  • Cutie

    She is such a cutie.

  • angel of darkness

    @ viper

    I agree on all fronts! if she were to get the ring resized. HELLO! it does not take long to do. Few hours at best. Not 3 weeks. Better yet she could get a necklace to wear the ring. Did she ever think bout that? Hmmm.. Nope!!

  • Suzanne is an Idiot

    She is NOT all over People mag. Nothing on her for weeks and then when there is something its on the bottom of the last pages of the mag. She’s rarely on any mag for anything esp not working as an actress or as a designer. The only reason she’s in anything is because she pays the mag or the web site for it and she continues to w**** out her ‘relationship’ with Trashden The Worst Young Actor in HW. Unbelievable how such a useless waste of space keeps putting herself in front of the public for nothing but breathing and walking and still expects to be popular. She and Trashy deserve each other. Can’t wait to see her try to live with him on a farm in Canada and raise a bunch of kids away from the camera when she calls the papps to take pictures of her every single day. Yes those hips and saddlebags will be immense after a couple pregnancies and the flat boobs will get even flatter. But then she can het boob surgery like Heidi Montag and get back in the news so maybe that’s the plan. Its sure not going to be WORKING at some profession.

  • leimore

    She never fails to DISGUST…

  • sand

    you think perez will be reporting on this ho every day?? i dont think so. JJ youz a sucker!!!!!

  • periwinkle

    “Action-Speaks-(More Often)-Louder-Than-Words”…
    Yeah right, Mr Christonesen cant wait to get hitch (as he have stated in his interview that still needs to be translated & comes very timely for his summer movie called TaNkers)… yet he can’t be w/ his extremely-paparazzi-friendly-fiancee far more longer than 2 weeks or is it more like just bout a week?! Looks like that his farm animals are far more entertaining & interesting that it is them whom he cant bear to “not” to see even for a short period of time LOL


    AWWW Rachel! I love her!!!

  • jane

    What happened to that movie she was supposed to work on.
    It was removed from her IMDB page. Before that she was supposed to be cast in another movie but she was replaced by another actress.

  • shadowy

    Not really wondering that her regularly-invisible fiance could bear not to see her for (al)most all/of the time; all he could do is to check out JJ and some other tabloid blogs sometimes and hoopla… she’ll be there in a heartbeat.
    Obviously till now “he” hadn’t missed anything that much as she’s looks & acts just as the same when he first met her : a same ole clueless tartlet who’s still bargaining herself for more media attention for a (whatever & no-credit) HW fame.

  • Reality Check

    Well, maybe the ring is not being resized, maybe she just took it off in a hissyfit, but it will be back on, maybe she is like one of those pathetic women who always threatens to end things but never does.

  • Reality Check

    Just because they call off an engagement it does not mean they are not still dating, so until either of them confirm or deny being “broken up”, I’m assuming they are still a couple and always will be. RB seems like the type to stay in relationships that go nowhere with guys who are unfaithful or not in love with her enough to marry her if she can get some free press.

  • Reality Check

    p.s. P>SP.PS, I’m not insinuating that Hayden cheats, but RB seems like the type that would not break up with a guy if he did. That’s just the vibe I get from her, she seems like the type of woman that gets used by men.

  • @Reality Check

    wrd out ws AB dump kicked her srry a$$ coz of her cheatsum 2sum w the SW dude sos 2 f_k her way 2 fame w a name not saying ur rong tho



  • Teiya

    Since May 20, she no longer wears her engagement ring.
    Then in 2009, there was not a day without her on his finger.
    When Rachel returned from Cannes, it was not the most, only at the airport when she saw the paparrazis, she has given the finger.
    . What an idiot not to notice?
    The output Melrose Place was without her engagement ring so that even the day she went to a Starbucks and it has taken a fine, either.
    IT WAS rings’keys she had clung to his fingers.
    It really takes us for fools.
    She goes to a meeting with a famous designer in the street, she does not wear it but when she goes to see her stylist official, she dares to put on 1 June.
    We are not fooled.
    There is a problem between her and Hayden!
    Not long ago, in late May, he returned to Los Angeles without a visit to his fiancée.You call it a couple?
    And not because she will swim at a pool it should not take his commitment ring.Rachel is not an angel.