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Clay Aiken: New Album Out TODAY!

Clay Aiken: New Album Out TODAY!

Clay Aiken sings some new songs during Good Morning America on Tuesday (June 1) in New York City.

The 31-year-old American Idol vet has a new album called Tried and True, in stores TODAY. He told Reuters about his new sound, saying, “These are songs that I grew up listening to in the car with my mum. They are beautiful melodies. They aren’t top 40 driven necessarily but they are called standards for a reason – they set the standard for what is great. I don’t think there are songs on the radio nowadays that meet that standard. There aren’t any new classics. What will we in 30 or 40 years time look back on and see as the classics from today?”

Clay Aiken on “Good Morning America,” 6/1

10+ pictures inside of Clay Aiken on GMA

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Credit: Heidi Gutman, Mike Disciullo; Photos: ABC, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Tried and True

    Great to see Clay Aiken on my tv again this morning. His new CD is definitely a classic and his true genre of music.

  • Markus

    Jared, are you a closet Claymate?

  • whatever

    he’s tired, it’s true

  • Sian


  • wtf

    Omg not him again lmao

  • Ellen

    I used to be indifferent to Clay but he seems to have gotten really angry the last couple of years. He has gotten this nasty attitude. I don’t know what’s up with him but he’s changed. Or maybe he’s always been this way and is finally showing his true colors so to speak.

  • Jonna

    blech, i can’t stand him. why not post about KELLY instead jared?

  • Tyrone

    why is this…thing still popping up on this site bruv?

  • blackberry

    Clay Looks good His new CD is brilliant

  • Gabrielle

    He’s uglier than Gordon Brown LOL

  • sioux

    Honestly – don’t you people have anything better to do than make mean,nasty and inappropriate remarks about celebrities? You’re really all pretty pitiful. If you don’t like someone SCROLL. Oh but wait – that wouldn’t be any fun, would it. Asshats.

  • Thom

    He’s 100% irrelevant. How much is his team paying you JJ?

  • Ms. Anonymous


    Exactly, everyone needs to stop being so filled with hate, it’s not worth it.

  • Cody YH.

    so corny…..

  • musiclover

    It is so good having Clay back singing to us. He looks and sounds fabulous.

  • Joey

    @sioux: I’d hardly call Clay Aiken a celebrity.

  • RSmith

    @sioux: Have you ever surfed this site? Every post is the same, even posts of nice celebs, at least this nasty, lying coward ***** deserves the hate.

  • alicia

    GMA was a real treat. Just a small sample of this spectacular voice. Listening to Tried and True right now. Superb voice, incredible arrangements. Definitely a 10!

    The haters posting above, while entitled to their opinions, are just doing this because they don’t seem to have nothing else in their lives.

  • Lena


  • Becky

    I loved Clays performance this morning on GMA! He looked great and sounded awesome! Tried and True is a classic masterpiece !!

  • joke

    I hate him and I love that Simon Cowell HATES him too, rofl.

  • lol

    Does he actually think his orange powder and matching hair looks good? Bwahaha.

  • Jackie


    Thank you JJ for sharing these pictures.

  • mailey

    he looks like he’s had some plastic surgery.

  • idgi

    How come you didn’t post Xtina or Janet’s Idol performances?

  • Angela125

    What a great performance Clay gave this morning. He is a real talent and I am proud to support this outstanding young man.

  • Sue

    Thanks Jared. It was nice to see Clay on my TV again. He’s sounding better than ever, at least to those who actually appreciate music – you know, real vocals, real music, real arrangements, real instruments. Very nice addition to my CD collection.

  • Klee

    Love the new CD.

  • Anne

    Clay Aiken is looking and sounding great. Nice to see him again after his absence from the music scene for awhile. Kudos to him.

    I really like this kind of music and will probably take myself to the store to buy this CD today.

  • TDC

    Thanks for the great pics Jared. Clay does a superb job on this cd. Decca did a great job capturing his “concert voice”. Can’t wait for the tour with Ruben Studdard this summer, Clay’s PBS special and all the other wonderful things lined up for this year!!

  • Leslie

    He’s gorgeous! Sorry I missed GMA.

  • claire

    Aw , I missed Clay Aiken on Good Morning America . Thanks for the clip , jj . I found the new cd on itunes . His voice is better than ever . He was my fav on Idol . He is so cute .

  • jean

    Clay was great on GMA this morning and now I’m really looking forward to the arrival of Tried and True from Amazon.

  • katy

    Caught Clay Aiken on GMA this morning after dl’ing Tried and True last night. Love the music and he looks great. Very happy, too, now that he’s able to sing his choices.

  • April24

    Thanks Jared for the great pictures. Clay looks great. Loved his GMA performance today and the CD is terrific!!

  • diane

    Thanks for sharing those great pictures Jared! Clay voice just soared this morning. One of a few singers who actually sounds as good live as on the CD.

  • cari

    I can appreciate his talent, but he says there are NO standards any more? and what will we hear in 30 -40 years??

    Has he ever heard of Michael Buble??

    I’ll bet people will have in 30-40 years.

    Aiken…..not so much.

  • penguin

    Thanks for the photos. I downloaded the CD last night and it is fantastic.

    Don’t worry about the haters. They are just jealous.

  • Shandra

    Sigh…. I just love him.

  • Anne

    Ah, Cari, Michael Buble sings the same kind of standards that Clay is singing.

  • Freddie

    Yeah he is incredibly ugly but it’s his personality and voice that makes him more repulsive. You post about…this….creature….but a stunning A-lister like Carrie Underwood gets what? 1 post every 5 months?? Pathetic.

  • Anna

    This is one of the best CDs I’ve ever heard. Honestly. The arrangements are killer, and the voice is superb.

  • Rachel

    Thanks for posting the pics of Clay at GMA this morning.
    Didn’t think I would love the songs on the cd but Clay’s vocals have never been better. The arrangements and orchestration are stunning and add fresh appeal to these timeless songs.

  • katy


    Freddie, I understand lambert’s fans are using Carrie’s name to post negatives on sites, esp one that might have a nice article about Clay. I guess you might fall into that category.

  • Freddie

    @katy: ?? 1. Why would you think I’m a Lambert fan? 2. Lambert gets a billion posts a day, so WTF?



    I wasn’t even going to click on this but I KNEW Claymates would bring Adam up without a-n-y-one even mentioning him lol. KNEW it.

    Obsessed, much? But it is hysterical to me, how Adam is mentioned at least once, in like, EVERY post [ !! ] Even ones not even remotely linked to him. Talk about imprinted in Pop Culture. Get it gurl.

  • Jermaine

    @PSSSHT!: i swear people are threatened by lambo or somethin. he’s brought up flippin everywhere.

  • Llana

    Great to see Clay Aiken on my TV, he looked great and very happy, and his CD is perfection !

  • Llana


    cari hate to break it to you, Michael Buble also started singing the old standards and to this day he is still singing them.

  • wow.

    The Claiken fandom is terrifying.