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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Corona Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Corona Couple

George Clooney his girlfriend, aspiring actress Elisabetta Canalis, celebrate Memorial Day by chugging down Corona beers on Monday (May 31) in Malibu, Calif.

The happy couple were accompanied by a few friends including George‘s BFF, Rande Gerber (the husband of model Cindy Crawford). Rande actually owns the restaurant they ate at, the new Cuban spot called Cafe Habana!

15+ pictures inside of Corona couple George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

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george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 01
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 02
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 03
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 04
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 05
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 06
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 07
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 08
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 09
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 10
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 11
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 12
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 13
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 14
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 15
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 16
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 17
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 18
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 19
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 20
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 21
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 22
george clooney elisabetta canalis corona 23

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  • ?

    George is looking his age unfortunately.. even with the trying way hard to look young, the/ she or a he? who is standing next to him looks like a mix between a horse and a transexual.

  • edskee

    So sad, he is dating a wannabe actress/celebrity with a Twitter page. He needs to grow up and stop buying his girlfriends.

  • LoveisAllYouNeed

    Why you people are so hatefull, what on earth they did to you?

    They are both beautiful, they seem happy and in love, you shoul try some day, I bet you would be a lot less bitter.

  • lil

    Rande is hot

  • to edskee

    what ever you may think doesn’t really matter. all that matters is what george thinks. he obviously wants to be with her. i have to give her credit, she has done what others have failed to do. keep george by her side for this long. one thing for sure, you won’t find this woman giving personal information about their relationship to the outside world like that dimwit sarah did.

  • Brangie Rules

    Love you Elisabeth and hope you make George happy.

  • Tori

    He can do better.

  • JOHN

    Elle marche toujours derrière pour voir si il a pas fait tomber son portefeuille …

  • commonsense

    Sometimes when I see photos of George, his girlfriend, Cindy and Rande I suspect them of being swingers. It’s just something about the body language. And then there are the rumors…………

  • happy girl

    I sooooo want to be her! Why isn’t he with me? lol. MY bf is going to get really mad but I would leave him in a sec to be with George. Why her??? Why not me????!! Geoooooorge!!! lol.

  • sugar

    George is sk@nk, with little moral values, yet women love him?

  • anonymous

    This was a staged photo op, and they are a publicity couple only. There is no relationship here, despite what Canalis’s publicity rep posts everywhere. Canalis is an ugly nasty skank.

  • fan

    They made it almost a year. They look good together.

  • Ily

    I agree with you #12 and #2!
    the transexual with horse-face is really ugly here!
    poor George! penous fake couple!

  • hippi

    I don’t get it.Why people need to be so hateful when a celebrity has done something with his or her loved ones? Let’s just put aside the jealousy for a while and reanalyze these photos. George Clooney is 49. What do you expect a 49 year-old man to look like? a youth without any wrinkle? Hahaha!Then you will talk about Botox and plastic surgury…..brah brah brah! He looks gorgeous at his age in such a natural way! Just compare him with those 40s guys around you and male celebrities of his age. E.canalis may not be popular but hey, she does make him happy and keep her around him up to now. We should be happy for both of them! Why do people keep criticising her look? She is beautiful and attractive. They look nice together. A star’s love life is not a love story film. We as fans can’t choose the candidate to play opposite the star in his life. In stead of hating or cursing, we should wish them all the best, and settle down happily ever after!

  • Tina

    Good for George, this is a very long relationship he’s been in. Congrats to them.

  • Peter

    for “to edskee”: she doesn’t give personal information about relationship because she can’t!
    she’s always called paparazzi and spoke on her boy-friend, this is well known in Italy!
    do you never thinked why she said she likes young black men the she dated with Gabriele Muccino and now Clooney? ah!ah!ah!
    Clooney isn’t an exception!!!
    He looks very aged for his 49 years and she’s really an horse-face-man! see photo n. 15, she’s always so ugly , volgar and ridicolous! a very embarassing!

  • Noemie

    I don’t care who she is, who george is with…


  • rachel

    It’s a PR stunt for George Clooney and Rande’s cafe. Look, the paps are with them IN the cafe. They are publicity wh0res. And you call that an A-list movie star. I call that a pathetic old man with famewh0res for gfs and who makes a living by doing ads for coffees/cars/alcohols…and Rande’s cafes. He is a bad actor and a man whitout respect for women of substance.

  • rachel

    Eww. And now, she’s insulting Jen Aniston on twitter. (2 posts on celeb*tchy). She’s stupid.

  • Mitzi

    Any woman who is with George gets hated. I don’t at all see the tranny face. She looks European/Mediterranean to me and is a little skinny but that is all. I think her face is cute. As for all the rumors about people, I don’t give a damn. It is so easy for some idiot to fabricate and spread one and then that gets picked up and circles around like a virus and damages somebodies reputation. He is happy, she is happy and that is all that matters.

  • So Judgemental

    The cafe is mostly open air.. so not hard for a pap with a long distance lens to get the shot.

    I mean I know it is always fodder on this site to assume the celeb has invited the paps to stand within 20 feet and take a picture of their kid at the their school, or of them walking out of the gyno’s office.. or perhaps eating at a restaurant they have an investment in.. but not always the reality.


    I don’t know why, but I don’t like her….

  • LaughORama

    That’s right George. Drink up! Drink up! You need it if you continue to insist on dragging that he-b*tch around everywhere with you. Send her back to Italy! We don’t want her and she has been nothing but trouble and drama for you since Day 1. You’re an idiot for getting involved with her in the first place. But you know that already. I’d rather see pictures of you tongue kissing Iggy Pop than to see you drag this mean spirited ugly skank around with you another summer.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Clooney looks old and that ugly helmet does not help
    Canalis is pretty she looks like cindy crawford george is coveting his BF wife ha,ha,ha

  • soi

    @24 you are an idiot like you have any say in his decisions. Jealousy is so ugly.

  • LaughORama

    @soi aka friend of Elisabetta Canalis. Or are you her?

    No you’re the idiot if you don’t think that George’s value is based on his popularity and reputation with his… FANS. You know, the people who spend money to watch his films and buy the products he endorses world wide. If he allows his reputation and image to reach a certain level in the gutter then it is over for him. No more multi-million dollar paychecks. No more private planes. No more film production deals. No more award nominations. It’s done. Over.

    And one more summer with this groupie leech just may knock the illustrious George Clooney into Can’t Recover Land. Every day he’s with her is a risk to him. She’s a loose cannon – as she has proved over and over – and he needs to cut her free.

  • soi

    Clearly you are the one so invested in his actions- I am just saying live and let live.

  • LaughORama

    And I am saying I will not INVEST any more money into his ACTIONS until he dumps the blackmailing hooker. As a CONSUMER of his ACTIONS it is my right. We’re in the midst of a recession, haven’t you heard? We need to be careful how we spend our hard earned money. If Clooney doesn’t deserve it, then he doesn’t get it. Simple as that.

    Then I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we don’t get a repeat performance with the next one…

  • giftOrCursed

    who hates George Clooney? he made great film better than Robert Pattinson and he won Oscar!George is one of the original bad boy! robert pattinson just a wannabe bad boy!

  • SHE’s UGLY

    Agree with #2….She talked about Jennifer Aniston it’s WAR now…she’s a ugly wannbe with boobs she needs to go suck on Georges d*ck and cloke on it because everybody nows thats how u got him in the first place stupid h*e sleep your way to the top!!!!!!!!!

  • Lys

    I agree with you #27!
    I see a old stupid man’s touching the ground with his used cocked tatued soccers-groupie!

  • Brad Pity

    Good God! Look at the inset pic of her face in the top photo. That is one mean looking nasty b*tch! What the hell r u thinking George buddy? At least my woman has a face worth looking at. Oh & btw, would you mind telling this skank to st fu about my ex please? I really don’t think she’s got any right to go around comparing other women to ugly rock stars. Am I the only person here to notice that your gf looks like Steven Tylers ugly daughter? Please.

  • Barry

    George, you really need to muzzle your skank. Better yet, turn her in & have your people find you a beard with beauty, grace and class. You can seriously do better than this.

  • Katie

    @ Brad Pity – Hahaha! She def looks like Steven Tylers ugly daughter! Now thats funny!! (and true)

  • Katie

    Sad to see how beat Georgie is looking. His sk*nky gf is draining him of all his mojo. Like Delilah did to Samson. Funny how when men get with the wrong woman, their fortunes/careers go downhill. Lots of instances in history.

  • D.

    @rachel: it wasn’t her… a friend of hers, alessandro cattelan (he’s an italian tv host) took her twitter account and wrote it… he said so on his account.

  • Katie

    @ D. – Ridiculous. He wrote it first on his own account & she read it & retweeted it. Everyone knows all about it now. I knew they would come up with some lame ass spin…Oh, her account was hacked! Now, her friend put it on her twitter account! For Godsake grow up. No one is going to buy this crap. Just apologize and move on. That would show a lot more character than the spin bs. People might actually cut her a little slack if she just admitted it & made a public apology to Jen.

  • NonBeliever

    And just as everyone expected she still denies that she did anything wrong. (see her latest Tweet below) I don’t buy that she didn’t understand what “retweet” means. If you don’t understand it – then don’t do it! That is beyond stupidity. She saw the post from her friend, thought it was funny and retweeted it in a fit of b*tchiness. OWN IT! It’s not our problem if you don’t understand the consequences of being a public figure. You wanted it. You f*cked to get it. Now deal with it.

    # But I don t know what to do with somebody who doesn t understund that it was a MISTAKE to retweet what SOMEBODY ELSE wrote ok?!? Ciaoooo 1 minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    * Reply
    * Retweet


    So,coming back to us,thanks to everybody who understood my problems tweetting,I was at the beginning,not sure what “retweeet” meant 4 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    * Reply
    * Retweet


    Mmmh cooking fish filets and coconut rice

  • Katie

    Brad Pity is right. Look at the inset picture of her in the top photo. God, she looks mean!

  • NonBeliever

    Katie, that’s her sexy face! She was pouting for the papparazzi!

  • anonymous

    One of two things needs to happen before I will ever see another of Clooney’s movies. This b*tch needs to own what she did and APOLOGIZE TO JENNIFER ANISTON, or Clooney needs to dump her.

  • Jane

    He is one lucky stud

  • hello

    How come people never point out what Clooney is? Someone who treats women like they are PETS. He picks a woman and rips her out of her life and KEEPS her around until he gets bored like Paris Hilton and abandons his latest chihuahua for a new one. See. And what brain dead ladies he prefers too, she has absolutely NOTHING to live for other than Clooney from the day he picks her until he dumps her. Women are human beings, we can’t be kept as pets. This man has perfected the keeping of a wife but never having a wife thing. Pig.

  • Ilaria

    Elisabruta that looks a transexual with a horse-face (a across between S.Tylaer, M.Manson and a horse) and has flabby ass and boobs and a lot of cellulite offends Jennifer Aniston publishing on twitter a friend’s stupid post saying Jen looks like Iggy Pop!!!! ah!ah!ah!
    she was olny a big before to meet Clooney and all italian people know that and now she offends good actress…that miserable wo.hre without brain!
    I don’t believe she has posted this comment by accident or mistake…I don’t accept her patetic apology now!
    I wonder Clooney’s falling so down in the ground…he’s touched the ground!!!

  • http://. Blue

    The helmet makes her look better, she needs to wear it all the time!!

  • houdini

    isn’t it true that he prefers his talent young, male and black??

  • murerstillads

    Thank you for this webpage. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something speciel. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many corners.see you