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GLEE Adding Christian Character

GLEE Adding Christian Character

Glee creator Ryan Murphy is all about promoting acceptance of everyone, regardless of race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. That’s why he’s injecting a little something for his more conservative fans.

“I’m adding a Christian character,” he tells TV Guide. “We’ve taken a couple jabs at the right wing this year, so what I want to do with this character is have someone who Christian kids and parents can recognize and say, ‘Oh, look—I’m represented there, too!’ If we’re trying to form a world of inclusiveness, we’ve got to include that point of view as well.”

This character, who will appear next season, likely won’t be accepting of Kurt (Chris Colfer, pictured), Rachel‘s dads, or the club’s sexually suggestive music selections.

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  • Spandex

    I bet this Christian character will evolve and eventually turn gay and atheist, right?

  • Reallllly?

    This new ‘Christian’ character looks SUPER gay. That kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?….nice try though….

  • Girlyboy

    He looks really GAY this was intentionally done by the creators of Glee just wait and see. I hate stuff like that and I am tired of seeing all the fruits on t.v.

  • WOW

    @Spandex No, but hopefully this character evolves to the point where he/she stops being ignorant. (If the character is like what is mentioned above)

  • WOW

    Well, you all obviously DO NOT watch the show… The person pictured is an existing character on the show.

  • Teresa

    If the character is Christian, they WILL be accepting of Kurt, Rachel, Quinn, etc. S/he won’t agree with their choices or lifestyles, but true Christians are accepting and realize it’s not up to them to judge.

  • Jamie

    Oh good, another stereotype added onto a show that’s basically an ode to them. Just that Glee needs.

  • canadiangirl

    Umm…guys, the picture isn’t of the new character!!! That’s one of the characters already on the show!!! Read before you comment! Also, I think it’s great. I’m Christian and I like that they’re adding this to the show.

  • Maddy

    I agree with @Teresa. I’m a Christian and even though we don’t believe in some things we can still ACCEPT and love these people even though we don’t agree with something of their choices. Dislike the action, not the person.

    I really hope they don’t do some stereotypical weird christian kid because I love Glee and would hate to see that happen :(

  • Coffee

    I bet it will be a poorly written, flat character like the rest of the ones on the show. The only likable, believable Christian character I’ve seen on network TV was Millie from Freaks and Geeks. Most other shows either makes them hypocrites or over-the-top.

  • Amber-louise

    I don’t like the show but its good to hear about shows having a variety of characters, people can relate to.

  • Coffee

    While I’m on the subject, why add a new character? One of the annoying things about the show is that there are several kids in the glee club who will still don’t know. There’s a black boy, an Asian boy (they mostly dance), and maybe a couple of more. Why not flesh them out and let them be the Christian? Or have one of the existing characters suddenly find faith? It would have been interesting to see Puck, Brittany or Santana (who they’ve only just started giving real parts) evolve become Christians, especially given their current lifestyles. Or, heck, even Kurt.

    Lazy show.

  • Alex

    I can’t believe that Glee would do this. Christians are such hateful, evil homophobic and judgemental people. Glee might paint them as understanding but they’re nothing like that. They break their own rules, pray about it on Sunday and think they’ll go to some fictional afterlife because they can’t cope with the fact that their existence is limited to a few decades.

  • Coffee

    *WE still don’t know.

    *evolve AND become


  • Josehine

    that’s really stupid. just another stereotype. i’m a christian and i love everyone. gay straight whatever and it’s sad to paint all christians as conservative right wingers. he’s a terrible writer. the show had a lot of promise but it’s just not living up to it’s potential

  • Ashley

    Honestly I’m all for having everyone represented. Religion, race, etc. Everything! It’s important to know that steretypes can extend to everyone and even someone who believes in god or any relgion isn’t necessarily an ignorant or bad person. Far from it! However I sorta hope Ryan doesn’t take it the other way and have a religious character who is somewhat closed minded. A religious character who learns and accepts others is great but I don’t want someone on there that promotes the idea that belief in a higher power means you can’t be accepting of others.

  • Coffee

    @Alex: So, you’re as judgmental as you assert them to be.

  • Marianne


    Well JustJared is speculating that this Christian character is going to be homophobic…we honestly don’t know what will happen.

    As for adding new characters, it will have to happen eventually. I mean they are in high school, eventually they will leave, maybe go to college etc. So it only makes sense, that the Glee club would be getting more members.

  • Coffee

    @Marianne: Those speculations come from TV Guide, presumably from hits the creator gave. The character will also be female, apparently.

    Long live Millie Kentner!

  • shell


    Truer word have never been spoken. The show’s creators and writers are obviously flaming liberals because this character sounds to me like another way to exaggerate christian beliefs to make fun of them even further. Why do I say this?—

    “This character, who will appear next season, likely won’t be accepting of Kurt (Chris Colfer, pictured), Rachel’s dads, or the club’s sexually suggestive music selections.”

    I’m a christian and I rather enjoyed the music they have done so far. People assume that because you are a christian you hate pop, rap, and anything other than country. I love most types of music, I’m 22, and I’m a conservative christian….The show will obviously play into the stereotype of Christians.

    I have enjoyed the show so far but it looks like I’m gonna stick with community, the office, HIMYM, and The Big Bang for my comedy fix…I don’t need more liberal propaganda.

  • Charlotte

    I thought Quinn was the Christian of the group, why would they want another one?

  • anon

    That’s not the new character, he’s already on the show.

    That being, this show is made up entirely of chliches. My goodness, every character isi almost cartoon like. The dialogue is worse. They talk in the third person sometimes. It’s like it’s not a tv show but something you would see in community theatre. And the whole HS thing is OVER, beaten to death. If it were Murphy’s goal to put on a musical every week then it’s a success

  • lu

    @Coffee: I agree. They should’ve just made the black boy, who’s name is Dijon, Mark in the show, have a slightly bigger role and be more Christian. He’s seems really religious in real life. I know it would seem weird to have him all of a sudden become really conservative, but hey Brittany and Santana were part of the celibacy club at the start of the season and then they turned out to be really slutty.

  • Please

    I guess everyone else on the show is non Christian. If the creator is gonna portray a realistic “Christian Character” (demonimation unspecified because that would require too much work for the producers or might get the wrath of the leaders of these) he will show this Christian as tolerant and that’s all. Nothing more nothing less.The “Christian” has better things to do like survive this cheesy show. Keep the character moving along. This show is already too dam preachy..

  • dee

    READ before you post people! Or atleast take a reading comprehension class. How can you understand a 2000+ year old book if can’t even understand the context of a modern day blog site.

  • offtheproperty

    They’ll no doubt lampoon Christianity, the fools.

  • Cheyenne

    @Coffee: Ummm….I don’t know if you ment it this way or not, but Puck is Jewish. Sugjesting he should maybe become a Christian is kind of offensive. Just sayin’.

  • shelby

    This is awesome. all these haters on this article is also awesome. A show with such successful talent is sure to get a lot of losers talking crap.

    and kurt looks so cute in that picture.

  • darla

    I would really prefer a flamboyant drag queen than a conservative scream queen they’re more artistic and creative and fun.Being around a Jebus army is like being in a vacuum they just suck the life out of everything they touch.. I hoper he does not ruin this show for everyone

  • sleepynb

    @Coffee: Good suggestions!

  • k

    lol i didn’t really like the way they were describing the new “christian” character. i guess it’s because i’m catholic so i don’t get this stereotype all the time but just because i have a religion doesn’t mean i’m conservative or against gay people…

  • Coffee

    @Cheyenne: Puck may be Jewish racially, but I don’t think he’s shown anything about his actual faith. Many Jews convert.

  • ganymede30324

    Why not make Matt Christian? The guy could use more lines, and maybe a character trait.

  • Nice

    it’s nice that they’re doing this and i just hope it does not become misrepresenting, stereotypical or over-zealous.

  • D

    LOL I love how some people exploded with “HE LOOKS SO GAY”. They obviously don’t watch the show, since the picture is of an already existing character. Who is openly gay.

  • lu


    You’ re being naive and judgemental , Christians are not evil, its evident that you dislike christians , but what have they done to you, I am i christion i dont agree with Gay relationships but i just accept it and try and get along with people no matter what they are , you cant make such judgements because not all christina are the same .
    Unfortunately we have ended up in a society whereby religious people are constantly mocked for having their own beliefs, i hope glee does’nt portray this christian in a bad light or make jest of him/her.

  • Shawna

    Great, what a wonderful way to ruin a show I totally love. I am a Christian and I am tired of Christians being portrayed as homophobic, judgemental idiots. If they want to put a real Christian in the show they would have them loving and being nice to everyone. Like I said, I am a Christian and I would have no problem with Kurt or Rachel’s Dads and so far I have loves all the music on the show.

  • Josh01

    hey did u also heard dat CHARICE is going 2 be this new christian character. charice did perform at oprah and launched her song PYRAMID feat IYAZ.
    She would be the perfect choice 4 dat new role. but i’m not sure if it’s true.
    hey guys do u know her?!?!

  • Shawna

    Josh01 – Go back to school. Please.

  • melissa

    What the heck? I’m Christian and I don’t hate gay people. I don’t care if they add a Christian character, but don’t stereotype them as conservative, gay hating, preeching people

  • Kevin

    I know gay people who ARE Christian. and everybody treats them fine and respects them. Honestly, people have to stop stereotyping. It’s like saying that all muslims are terrorists.

  • CJ

    I believe in God and I couldn’t care less is someone is gay or not.

  • Jen

    Love the show, but it will be a turn off if they portray the new Christian character to be homophobic and judgmental about everything. I am a Christian, Catholic to be specific, and am not like that.

  • Chelsea

    @Teresa: you just took the words right out of my mouth…i think that if they have a christian character they shouldnt agree with those lifestyles BUT should accept the other characters as human beings

  • Chelsea

    @Chelsea: they better NOT make the christian character look like a “preaching, gay hating” idiot because thats what many shows do these days :/

  • ty

    Bad Idea- This show is about music , dance and fun. Christians are too uptight !

  • Lucy

    Nicely said. That’s the absolute truth.

  • Mew

    I dont get it, therefor i think its dumb!!!!

  • jasmine

    alright , justjared , what the heckk ? i have no problem with gay people. i LOVE glee. i LOVE the music. & i don’t get why on earth they feel the need to be political about every single little thing. why are they making the show like this? like a constant anit-right wing stereotype. now they’re going to throw this kid in here just to make it even stupider. christians don’t represent the right wing. that’s the first thing i want to say. and second, who the F cares? throw in whatever characters you want, but for once, why not stop the judging. it shouldn’t even be a big deal. christianity is a belief, not a single person. so stop with the labels.

  • Jayne

    I think it’s really sad when Christian’s say something along the lines of love the sinner hate the sin. As a Christian that belongs to an LGBTQ affirming church I think it’s important to note that not all Christian’s believe that being apart of the LGBTQ community is wrong or sinful. A movie that I strongly recommend watching is “A Fish Out of Water” it goes over the 7 clobber passages in the Bible that are commonly used against LGBTQ persons.
    Currently the climate in our country towards the LGBTQ community is one that needs to be examined. Teens in the LGBTQ community are 30 to 40% more likely to attempt suicide then their heterosexual counterparts. In addition to that the continuation of discrimination in our laws including school administrations restricting same sex couples from taking their dates to a dance makes school a very hostile environment for LGBTQ students. LGBTQ students have much lower self esteem and are are risk for self destructive behaviors. In addition to that parents sometimes kick their children out; an over whelming amount of children that are homeless are LGBTQ.
    In addition to all of this I find it extremely interesting that people see being LGBTQ as a choice. I would be hard pressed to think of an individual who wants to be hated and rejected because of an expression of love. Just think about that little boy who was shot and killed by his classmate because he gave him a Valentine. When we teach love the person hate the sin we still are teaching that LGBTQ people need to be corrected. Some people take this out of context and build hatred and fear towards LGBTQ individuals. While we are all sinners, as a society we view LGBTQ as one of the most damning. It’s time for a wake up call. It’s time that we move forward with acceptance for all of God’s wonderful beautiful children because we are all created in his image and God doesn’t make mistakes.