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January Jones & Adrien Brody: Memorial Day Date

January Jones & Adrien Brody: Memorial Day Date

Mad Men babe January Jones and her rumored boyfriend, Adrien Brody, attend movie producer Joel Silver‘s Memorial Day party along the Pacific Coast Highway on Monday (May 31) in Malibu, Calif.

Earlier in the month, January, 32, and Adrien, 37, were spotted getting cozy with one another at NYC’s Rose Bar. Looks like things are heating up!

FYI: Joel was the executive producer on 2009′s Splice, which starred Adrien.

DO YOU THINK January and Adrien make a cute couple — YAY or NAY?

20+ pictures inside of January Jones and Adrien Brody‘s Memorial Day date…

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Credit: Fame Pictures, Michael Wright, Whittle/Kaminski; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • http://@leisaleisa leisa

    whoa. what happened to her neck?

  • wtf

    wait…isn’t this the same guy who just spent an entire weekend playing tongue hockey with paris hilton during cannes? ummmm…i can only say that i HOPE they’re not together

  • hello

    he’s ugly who cares about him???

  • Get Your Story Straight, JJ

    They are both at the event, but they are not pictured together – arriving or leaving. This is a non-story. Please. They are not together.
    She is seeing Kellan Lutz! Sorry 90210 skan/k.

  • Cuckold

    didnt his ex fiance ditch him for olivier martinez? maybe he need s to drown his sorrows and sh&t

  • Laura

    That looks like Joel Silver in picture five :) So I’m sure there were lots of famous people there.

  • Amy

    he’s reallll ugly and shes real plain and ugly looks like kirsten fug drunkst.
    they obviously did not attend this event together JJ making sh*t up again

  • I n f a m o u s l y S T U P ID

    Yuck who is that girl? She isnt famous! NEXT!!
    These NOBODIES are giving me gas.

  • Adrien Brody likes PEDOPHILES

    Adrien Brody is a disgusting creature. He (and Natalie Portman as well) have both defended that child rapist director Roman Polanski. These are such sick people to support child rape!!!!!!!!


    he is fug! what a mug! of course he doesnt have a hot girlfriend! where are the hotties! this is ike nicole kidman and claire danes love child

  • Adrien Brody GOT DUMPED!!

    @Cuckold: This is true. Elsa Pataky whose a Spaniard model DUMPED Adrien Brody (maybe the fact he supported Roman Polanski was getting to her) for French actor/model Olivier Martinez. Despite being French, Olivier is gorgeous and seems like a catch. It’s like if Elsa Pataky updated from McDonalds to Los Ranchos steakhouse. HUGE IMPROVEMENT.

  • Jason

    How the hell does a fugly man like Adrien Brody with that busted face get a model? And now this lovely actress? Damn, some people would do anything – OR ANYONE – just to be more famous and climb the Hollywood ladder!! Just look at that Russian 20 year old model who’s dating the almost-senior-citizen Mickey Rourke. Lots of hungry desperate actresses and models in Hollywood, huh?

  • Nose job ASAP

    Adrien’s nose makes me shudder. Truly one of the ugliest things my poor eyes have ever seen.

  • Kimb

    Does he think that motorycle bike and jacket are going to make him more attractive? He’s delusional.

  • Christine

    @Kimb: LOL. I think the HELMET will certainly make him more attractive since it will cover his face.

  • I give it a few months

    I predict January Jones will dump Adrien Brody as soon as she becomes a little more famous just like Elsa Pataky did. I had never heard of Elsa until she started dating him so it seems to have worked for her. People in Hollywood date each other just to get more publicity and to get their names out there.

  • France and Spain

    @Adrien Brody GOT DUMPED!!: Since Elsa Pataky is from Spain and Olivier Martinez is French they will probably make a great couple. Both the Spaniards and the French are rude, arrogant, and racist. Match made in HELL.

  • Adrien supports child rapists

    I was a big fan of both Adrien and Natalie Portman until I read in a newspaper and then on the internet that they signed a petition supporting Roman Polanski despite the fact that he raped a 13 YEAR OLD CHILD orally, vaginally, and anally. And not to mention he pumped her full of drugs so she couldn’t run away or even scream. I don’t think I will ever be able to watch any of their movies ever again.

  • *CRINGE*

    @Adrien supports child rapists: Your comment made me cringe and shudder. Some Hollywood actors are so far removed from the rest of society it’s like they’re living in this Hollyweird bubble. They become delusional and their morals, thoughts, and ideals get so twisted. I hope both Adrien and Natalie Portman come to regret their support of that monster Roman Polanski.

  • Stacey

    Comments #18 and #19 are true but sad. :(

  • Anikah

    @Adrien supports child rapists: OMG that sounds like a horror movie. For reals! I can’t even imagine how scared that little girl must have been. It’s like nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

  • Katrina in L.A.

    I truly hope they will be able to extradite Roman Polanski to the U.S. soon. The coward is trying to hide in Europe but the U.S. government is working to get him here to serve trial. As Americans we all have to unite on this issue and show the world that this is important to us and that he needs to serve his time because he has avoided his trial for far too long. That little girl who is now a grown woman never got the justice she deserves. How can this happen to an American child on American soil and so many years go by without any justice?!! This sick pedophile pervert is just thumbing his nose at us.

  • me

    @France and Spain: I am spanish, congratulations you hurt me with your comments. By the way I have friend all over the world I guess I might be the exception to your comment.

    Elsa Pataky is not a model, now she does some publicity adds as she is a famous person but she never was known and never started as a model. She started as an actress in a TV series named “al salir de clase” after that she had plastic surgery all over her body and face that is how she is started to be known as she was well operated (it does not look fake at all). Anyway she dated adrien broody for three years which gives her some credibility I guess she dumpted adrien (if it was her doe to couple reasons) and not OLivier since she is hardly seen with him. Plus she denied having a relation with him.

  • missal

    I love Adrian. He is not ugly. HOT

  • L

    She could do better.

  • spanich

    @France and Spain: You are wrong, spaniards are good people as in the US there are stupid girls in Spain happens the same. Not everyone is racist, rude or arrogant. Personally do not compare France to Spain because generally speaking I find French people arrogant and rude and didn’t help Spain anytime in history.

  • anna

    She only seems to like douchebags!

  • Fiona

    How do you know they were on a date? Just because they were seen at the same party?

  • mailey

    jared, i DONT think they make a cute couple. he can do better.

  • Melanie

    she is hot

  • Kelly

    everyone is so mean on here! Adien Brody is NOT ugly! And obviously the beautiful January Jones can see that! Of course not everyone has to think hes the best looking, but hes definetly NOT ugly, hes very nice looking! And so is January Jones.

  • Marcus

    @spanich: Spaniards suck!! They are savages. Just look at the disgusting and cruel bull “fights”. It’s not really a fight because the poor animals have no chance anyways. They are slowly killed with sharp objects over and over. They have vaseline and chemicals put in their eyes to blind them and disorient them. Spaniards are savages and they are also racists and arrogant. Look at the behavior of Penelope Cruz, Benicio Del Torro, all of those people have that same unlikeable attitude. I think Spain is even worse that France.

  • Karen

    Poor Adrien. He has a face that only a mother could love.

  • Nicole

    @Karen: Don’t feel bad for this pedobear-loving douche, even if he does have one of the fugliest faces I’ve ever seen. Anyone that supports child rapist Roman Polanski is trash in my book.

  • Stacey Potash

    @L: ITA. January Jones can do soooo much better than this ugly anorexic man. She’s lovely and much much much better looking than him. I had no idea he had signed the Petition to support Roman Polanski, but now that I do I think January Jones needs to get away from this scum!!!

  • Byrne-Wickey

    Am I the one here who thinks that January Jones is the ugliest woman in Hiollyweird??
    She is plain BORING ugly body big feet, scars on her fu*king NECK, gross pale spindly legs and dry straw hair.
    January and ugly Adrien make a great couple bc they are both 5s in a world of 10s.

  • brad

    the chick is ugly

  • brad

    the chick is ugly

  • brad

    the chick is ugly

  • brad

    the chick is ugly.

  • brad

    the chick is ugly.

  • brad

    janary jonnes is too pale an ugly for a famous guy even ugly ones

  • brad

    janary jonnes is too pale an ugly for a famous guy even ugly ones

  • brad

    janary jonnes is too pale an ugly for a famous guy even ugly ones

  • Amber-louise

    @brad: Geez Brad, you seem really hung up on calling her ugly. What’s wrong, she dump your ass or something? lol

  • Byrne-Wickey

    I agree with Brad. LOL JJones is a big huge Clair Danes, Kirsten Dunst wannabe. She is lucky famous guys even look at her.
    She dated Jeremy Piven, where do think that rates her on the celeb scale in H’wood? LOL She’s a loser.

  • FRANK H.


  • Irene

    Look at the pathetic troll posting under different names.


    January Jones Isn’t famous! Sorry if that is tough for you to hear, JANUARY!!! Nice to see you here commenting on your own stupidity!!

  • me

    @Marcus: I am may be too late! I am spanish not everybody likes the bull fighting here. It’s like saying that everybody dances sevillanas and flamenco which is wrong. Spain has a lot of regions with their own culture and dances, personally I live very close to france in the mediterranean part I hate bull fighting and we have broght to the parliament of our region a law proposal to forbid bull fighting in our region so not everybody should be put in the same bag dont you tyhink?. BY the way waht about the fox hunters? THe way you insult and think could be put in the same level as thses barbarian that tyou mention not to say that you might be racist number one to say that one country sucks.