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JLS: 'The Club is Alive' Video Premiere!

JLS: 'The Club is Alive' Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of “The Club is Alive” from British boyband JLS!

Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold, Oritse Williams, and JB Gill worked with Justin Timberlake‘s choreographer Marty Kudelka.

Pictured below is Marvin holding hands with his girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman, from British/Irish girl group The Saturdays, while attending a Pool Disco Party at Shoreditch House on Sunday (May 30).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of JLS’ new music vid — HOT or NOT?

JLS: ‘The Club is Alive’ Video Premiere!
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marvin humes rochelle wiseman 01
marvin humes rochelle wiseman 02
marvin humes rochelle wiseman 03
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  • Stan

    Who are JLS?

  • rebekah

    i feel need to punch everyone of them in their non existent balls, music today is crap

  • rebekah


    a band that DID NOT win the music contest ‘X factor’ idols to chavs across the nation and JLS stands for jack the lad swing which is clearly what they are singing (sarcasm)

  • Leila


  • lol

    so corny and tacky.

  • iris

    Just NO..

  • Stan

    Thanks Rebekah. I guess my next question is: Who cares?

  • sarafina

    I think they are good…………………………. Listen to there other music….

  • Tori

    You guys are so rude & disrespectful. They’ve worked hard and deserve everything that is coming to them <3 The new song is great, didn’t like it at first but it’s a grower.

  • Hannah

    Well i personally love these guys. Chavs? lol You are so pathetic stereotyping people. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not good. 4 boys who had nothing before the x-factor and now they’ve been heard of all over the world. Congrats JLS

  • Hannah

    Just because they don’t wear purity rings doesn’t mean you cant like them hahaha

  • 123

    OMG….i heard this shitty song on the radio and instantly assumed it was them…guess i was right!!!

  • 123

    btw..the starred out word above is sh*ty

  • redfirex

    Who are these people? NEXT LOL

  • Michelle

    Not a fan of this song, but their debut album is ace! Love it. Their slower/ R&B ballad-like songs are my favorite.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i’m kind of wondering what Jared’s getting out of this.

  • KC

    who are these tool bags cause they suck…boy groups were so 10 years ago

  • KC

    who are these tool bags cause they suck…boy groups were so 10 years ago

  • nina from england

    This song is crap and overly tacky!

  • holly

    I LOVE JLS but even I have to admit that I HATE this song, there other stuff is SO much better, I mean come on guys whats with all the autotune?….. they sold out to america

  • anne

    really? these lyrics are bad. i didn’t think this was really serious until I read some of the comments. for once, england is behind us on a trend. just stop.

  • S*

    the song is hoorriibblleee

    Jay Sean and Craig David represent better the UK!

  • facts

    God-Awful. Auto-tune nonesense! What a way to ruin a song! besides the crap lyrics, stupid beat, and non-existent hook, this song is a piece of crap! I disagree with the poster who said music today sucks. No it doesn’t, just these twats.

  • Vi

    theyre still amazing and this song is suppose to have thick beats becouse its a club banger stupid people!
    And yeah i prefer they earlier stuff but this is amazing club tune!
    All of them lookin hot as ever^^
    And very talented just check their performances on X factor and stop sayin total bullshit ttheyre hot. got girls at their feet thats what annoys boys i guess…

  • Jane

    i like marry popins better

  • moollymoo

    JLS are the worse boy band ever!
    MALE SLUTS,, i hate everyone of their stupid stuck-up-self-loving faces which are NOT fit…. and who the hell would buy JLS condoms… what a bunch of retards :P