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Jude Law Is At The ATM

Jude Law Is At The ATM

Jude Law walks through Waterloo station with no socks on and uses an ATM on Monday (May 31) in London, England.

The 37-year-old actor recently explained his opinion on women and bad boys. “I think women like bad boys. That’s been my experience – I just think it’s kind of a given,” he told The Sun.

“You know, at a certain age you figure out what works for you, and being a good boy never worked for me,” Jude said. “Eventually, you have to grow up and realize relationships are hard work. It’s like cultivating anything. They need attention.”

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  • Tina

    He is a good dad and a great actor. How do paps find him? They must follow poor Jude all the time

  • june


  • memememe

    “being a good boy never worked for me” – is that Jude’s excuse for being such a sleazy asshole?


    By “ATM machine” you mean ATM – the ‘M’ in ATM already means machine!!!!!

  • Eric Shinn

    He’s not wearing socks – he’s wearing pantyhose!!! Hence the beautiful, shimmery brown legs!!!!!

  • Katsaridoula

    I’d rather be with a nice guy rather than with someone who inseminates any prostitute out there, got it Jude? ;-)

  • Katsaridoula

    @Eric Shinn: you are a sicko

  • Katsaridoula

    @memememe: I can’t agree more. Law is such a sleazy disgusting b****** with no respect to other people, especially women.

  • Sophie

    If he actually said that, and believes that women find bad boys somehow irresistable, he needs to seriously wake up.

    Nobody wants a relationship with a player in the long term. You might enjoy your sleazy one night stands, but when your 50 years old and the work has dried up, who is going to be there to cuddle you, show affection and even have a loving conversation.

    He really needs to grow up. And is Sienna Miller loves his cheating ways (well, she is one herself) then they deserve each other.

  • nm

    he’s not attractive.

  • angie


  • sheryl

    I love that jacket and jeans on him.
    *blows kisses at Jude*

  • French Girl

    Katsaridoula : So we know now that Jude does not use condoms. It could be very dangerous to sleep with a guy who does not protect himself from diseases.

  • French Girl

    Katsaridoula : So we know now that Jude does not use condoms. It could be very dangerous to sleep with a guy who does not protect himself from diseases.

  • Lillie Macey

    there called ‘cash machines’ in england!!!

  • dolorescraegt

    jude actually was with his son rudy holding rudy’s school bag. someone said he dropped his daughter and ex wife at the train station. he looks so handsome. there’s only one jude….lovely man.

  • dulce mirita

    Bad boy or good boy… I don’t care. I wish he be mine.

  • anon

  • ericap

    Love you, Mr. Handsome!

  • Joel McHale Groupie

    I don’t think he’s a hot commodity as far as physical charms, but I can see that he eludes a bad boy image. I mean, having an affair w/the nanny is always on the bad boy list. And getting a one night stand preggers is also a popular to-do on the bad boys list. I guess he knows what he is talking about, but yet that does not seem alluring enough for me.

  • Twihard

    @Joel McHale Groupie: LMAO, I love it so much when people like you try to be all superior and end up saying stupid Crack open a dictionary and study what ‘elude’ means, sporto.

  • mailey

    those pants are horrid.

  • Katsaridoula

    to me this trashy actor is a nobody, he is not all that talented, whenever he “smiles” you can almost feel the arrogance he is evaporating. He is a t.w.a.t full stop.

  • Melanie

    what a sugar daddy

  • juicy

    He is so yummy. I heard Sherlock Holmes is getting a sequel and I can’t wait for it. Him and RDJr are hottttttt!

  • dolorescraegt

    oh jude,
    carry my school bab…i’ll give you extra credits.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    very good looking. yummy and hottttt…Wish we could see Jude more on Jared. Thank you , Jared!!

  • XYZ

    ATM = Ass to mouth? lol

  • ann

    i just would like to know how does he does it ! to look always so young so handsome so perfect! he is so hot, brad pitt looks so tacky with him

  • dolorescraegt

    i’ve met jude and i tell you as beautiful as he is on the screen he is much better looking in person….and what a personality…he has such charisma plus he’s been nominated for oscars and the tony and won the british academy award….nice resume jude.

  • Brenda


  • Amber-louise

    Good actor and good looks too. I think he and Sienna look great together. Sure they have made mistakes but so have many others.

  • Mirabel

    Cheating on his wife…? Or is a divorce more acceptable to continue playing the dandy…
    How big his needs are, if he cannot control that attitude…
    He forgets too easily he is aging too.
    And his attitude to be protective of his children is NOT justifying the rest of his behavior.
    He isn’t attractive to me because he cheated on his own
    Doesn’t matter if he ‘s a good actor. That is not the question.
    He is not presented as an actor, he is presented as a man here (and in the most PR pics)
    I would never trust or like him, the way he behaves. Yuk.

  • Jello

    @Mirabel: God, chill why don’t you? Sienna wasn’t his wife, k? Relax.

  • Jello

    I can’t wait for my boys Judesie and Robert to get back to cutting another Sherlock Holmes! They’re perfect together.

  • dolorescraegt

    he was divorced from his wife at that time…don’t have a heart attack. he’s a sweet man who happens to be gorgeous, sexy and talented. he and his ex wife go on holidays with their children….they are on excellent terms with each other…i have spoken to hiim and got a small sense of what he’s like…you are taking what you read in the tabloid trash and presume to know the facts. the public has no idea…if you use the tabloids as your basis for the truth rather than knowing people personally it’s very misleading.

  • jprssr

    I am glad he spends time with his kids. You never really hear or see him being a Dad.
    Sienna is not a good influence on his kids. I wonder what his ex wife thinks about him being with a sleazy person.

    Is not wearing socks the in thing now?

  • angie

    @jprssr: “You never really hear or see him being a Dad.” You’re obviously not looking very hard, if at all, because if you did, you’d know better than that.

  • mimimimimimim


    loipon esena tha sou apantisw sta ellhnika……. (sxedon) an erthei pote edw min trexeis na tou zhthseis sernontas na se gamisei………. den tha to kanei giati para poly apla emeis eimaste aidiastikoi me afta pou grafoun merikoi dithen exipnoi…..!!!

  • Mouni

    Unacceptable all comments …. We must learn to not deal with bullshit!

  • Nichole

    LOVE him!

  • sharyllee

    Love him always!!

  • Cassie

    Of course, he’s too busy being a bad boy and having sex with any available vagina including that trashy ho bag Sienna Miller to bother playing any part in the child he created in Florida and then dumped like she was trash. This guy isn’t a bad boy, he’s scum, pure and simple. The fact that people idolize or admire this irresponsible playboy skeez is beyone me. I’d be ashamed if he were my son.

  • Heather
  • Heather

    It’s 7:17 pm in China,hehe.
    Anyway, he is so charming.

  • http://verysexy!!! sharyllee

    where are you now, Jude?? Miss you..

  • Chris

    Why is the fact he’s not wearing any socks attention grabbing? He’s wearing boat shoes, you don’t wear socks with boat shoes, of course being, most likely an American, you wouldn’t know anything about fashion :)