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Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Luna Park Pair

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: Luna Park Pair

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart greet fans and pose for pictures at Luna Park on Monday (May 31) in Sydney, Australia.

The Twilight co-stars promoted their new film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, in theaters on June 30th.

Kristen is looking better than ever! She wore a Bridgette tee from Market paired with a yellow Jenni Kayne skirt and Sergio Rossi “Gstaad” booties. So cute!

30+ pictures inside of Luna Park pair Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

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kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 01
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 02
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 03
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 04
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 05
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 06
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 07
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 08
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 09
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 10
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 11
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 12
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 13
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 14
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 15
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 16
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 17
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 18
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 19
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 20
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 21
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 22
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 23
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 24
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 25
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 26
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 27
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 28
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 29
kristen stewart taylor lautner luna park 30

Credit: Robert Wallace, Getty, Brendon Thorne, Scope Australia; Photos: WENN, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • julio


  • FM

    where’s Robpatz?

  • Kate

    She’s awful. Such a surly, rude girl. I can’t wait for her to fade into insignificance about 5 minutes after the final movie comes out. Thank god she can’t act and has been successfully type-cast :)

  • Amy

    She looks effin gorgeous! Yes that smile on her face is her being surly & rude. It’s amazing what people see when they are blinded by hatred for someone they don’t even know & their own heads up their asses. She was around long before Twilight was ever thought of & she’ll be around long after. Never really have much to say about Taylor, but that young man is a cutie.

  • Julie

    bahhh i love her she looks so stylish

  • anti-twilight
  • Andy

    Kristen looks fabulous.

  • islandergurl#671

    kristen look pretty than ever,,,love her she rock star……

  • anna

    @Kate: May be she can’t act ( your opinion) but at least she is way better than Pattinson at acting. At least kristen doesn’t look constipated all the time and doesn’t look like a moody puppet when she plays a part where she has to be angry. And she has not been typecast, Bella would never act like she did .

  • Carrey

    She actually looks decent in these photos.

  • Super

    She looks stunning!!!!

  • tal


  • Kate

    Yes Amy in these photos someone has clearly told her to pull her head out of her @ss. Why don’t you google “Kirsten flipping the bird” to see what a delightful angel she is. She’s been savaged by the Australian media quite rightly for being a surly punk who doesn’t seem to understand that if you’re on a promo tour, not a holiday, you might want to smile and sell your product.
    Yes she’s a better actress than Pattinson, who has one expression – constipated, but only barely. Try a drinking game next time you watch New Moon. Every time she “moans” take a shot. She was in soooo many crap unsuccessful indie movies before this, and now that she wants $20 million to moan, I even think that avenue is closed to her.

  • Victoria

    go back to America you spoilt brat…she has been nothing but rude the whole time she has been in Australia. She needs to stop complaining about the paps and get some perspective..the come witht he business and they day they stop wanted to take you photo then you need to start worrying.

  • mickey

    She can’t act. Every line she delivers in a movie sounds flat and lifeless…and her upper lip doesn’t move. It’s like she doesn’t have the energy to form words. Oh, and she is an ignorant fool. She compared having her photo taken by the paps to watching a rape. Dumb, stupid child.

  • Starr

    She always looks so morose…have actually never seen her smile. Def has been getting bad press during her stay in Aus and rightly so..she gets paid to travel to amazing places most people can only dream of and acts like there is no where else in the world she would rather be. She is lucky to be living her dream but instead continues to act like a brat..

  • Ruby

    To compare having your photo taken to been raped really does show what an idiot she is…what an inconsiderate thing to say.

  • vanita

    why does kristen is with taylor launther????????????

  • vanita

    and taylor you look gawjuzzzzzzz?????? not with anybody but me/

  • NG

    I went to the Q&A lastnight at the movie theaters, and kristen is a beautiful and mature young lady. If you had been there and watched the interview, you would see she puts everything into these movies, and believs in them so much, She appreciates her fans, walking around in the rain at the end signing autographs and taking photo’s. She looked stunning. As for her flipping of the paps in Australia. Get over it, I am an Australian and I find it so ridiculous that this supposed laid back country of our actually thinks she was doing it to insult Australia…It’s pathetic the way people carry on. There are worse things out there, than someone giving the finger to the paps… love to see all those people critising, having to tollerate the paps all the time, and at 20… K Stew stated in an interview, the hassiling paps are worth it to be in the job she is in, so she isn’t ungratefull for her success. The paps and media hassel and hassel waiting for celbs to react up so they can print it for a story…this is obviously what happened with her… Get over it Australia!

  • Neish

    I agree with NG. I was at the event . Kristen and Taylor were fantastic in their interviews. Kristen has a gorgeous personality and cares so much for her role and fans.

    After the interviews is when all these photos were taken. Its really looked like the most uncomfortable thing to do. Everyone went silent and Kristen was told to go stand infront of the Eclipse boards so professional photographers and hundres upon hundreds of fanscould take photos. Most people were saying oh, poor girl how awkward Taylor hurry up and stand with her!!

  • lulu

    sucks that rob wasnt there….since eclipse involves edward. at least he is getting away from the twilight stuff. looking foward to water for elephants.

    as for rob have the same look on his face….its called acting. bellas blood effects edward…read the books.

  • Alison

    She is certainly getting bad press here in Sydney with her sticking her finger up quite a few times at the press. Charming….
    I saw some of the morning interviews today and she was OK with the journalists, but as one of them said afterwards you could tell by her body language that she just didn’t want to be there and that she either needs to find a new career or act like she gives a damn…. I could not agree more. Her attitude stinks! At least Taylor acted like he was happy to be here and has acted professional the whole time.

  • wow

    Kristen looks terrific !
    and those legs are drop dead gorgeous.

  • Abigail

    She’s looking better and better. Love those outfits. :)

  • kraken

    shes actually really pretty in these photos!!!! whats happening to the world?!?! ahahaha

  • V

    I saw Taylor and Kristen at the Q&A Event in Sydney (broadcast live to a cinema) as well. And I loved it. I’d def attend if they do the same thing for Breaking Dawn.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in their position. It would be exciting to know something you’ve put so much effort into is loved by so many all over the world. But at the same the paps would be something that would always uncomfortable to deal with. Watching them get photographed was bizarre, but they behaved very friendly and appreciative of it all.

  • xxx

    What a spoil , rude brat! She’s paid to travel all around the world and she still can’t lighten up…. oh boohoo kristen you’re famous and rich (even though you can’t act). I feel so sorry for you…

    She keeps going with this “I hate fame” act but Kristen, if you hate it so much, its simple. Quit acting…… go work at McDonalds or something… its really not that hard to figure out.

    Lighten up FFS, some people don’t have food to eat or homes but all you can do is stand around and sulk….

  • NG

    The girl isn’t complaining she hates fame, she gets nervous in interviews, Why is that so hard for people to understand? It doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be doing something she is passionate about! Some people can handle it and others can’t! Negative comments on public posts (fueld by the media) is probably one of the reasons why she is so nervous and insecure… I would be if I was constantly judged for no reason. I get insecure and nervous in situations, Im older than Kristen and not in the media. It’s a normal thing for people to feel that sometimes, she is after all human.

  • Beth

    I can’t stand it when people make these broad and inaccurate generalizations about her. She is not rude, she isn’t complaining and the Aussie press isn’t bad mouthing her.

    Going to a public fan event is a lot different than having paparazzis book rooms surrounding your hotel while trying to catch you in private moments.

    I guess it’s easier for you to hate than understand.

    Anyway…she looks stunning here. I love Kristen.

  • HD_2010

    Numbers 14 – 17 are all the same person…it’s so obvious.

  • Kelly

    Kristen looks GORGEOUS AND SEXY!!

  • Gold

    I love her style. She looks beautiful.

  • linna

    she looks good… wow i cannot believe I am saying that.. :P

  • eyeh8twilight

    I will agree, her outfits are getting better compared to a year or 2 ago, but she still looks ugly with that grumpy look on her face. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. She’s famous for doing basically nothing. She can’t act in Twilight, yet she’s one of the most famous actresses in the world right now (at least in the media’s eyes), she should be so f***ing happy right now. These Twicrap kids are some of the luckiest kids in the world. They can’t act yet they’re famous.

    Still, they’re 15 minutes are running out.

  • mailey

    holy lord, what is she wea? lol she always looks awkward in anything other than jeans or pants. that’s what she should stick to.

  • Melanie

    nice couple


    so funny that all comments are about kristen haha

  • rocknmovies

    Poor Kristen. Stuck with the most boring young actor in Hollywood. I hope she is receiving plenty of funny texts/messages from her boyfriend.

  • Lief

    She needs to start exercising those gams NOW- otherwise she’s gonna have trouble with cellulite a few years from now.

  • laur

    To all the people who leave negative comments about these young actors. I know we have Freedom Of Speech, but, when you people were growing up (or are still trying to grow up), didn’t your mother ever teach you, “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all!”
    These young actors are making a living doing something they love, please don’t ridicule them for their art.” Be NICE people, doesn’t the world have plenty of hate already?!
    Much success to Ms. Stewart, Mr. Taylor & Mr. Pattinson… And by the way, They’re all Good Looking Young People!

  • catl82

    i ‘am happy that she is single. she is confirmed that

  • http://geraldineAmr Geraldine

    i love her skirt!! and her shoes too and taylor … OMG taylor is so hooot!

  • Gwyn

    Is her hair growing back or is that weave?! It looks a hell of lot better!

  • jane

    she looks soooo cute and she has such an amazing legs

  • patricia (Brazil)

    Love her! She’s really beautiful!!!

  • TwiHard4Life

    she looks stunning and tayor looks hot like always :)

  • platforme

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