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Leo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Samy's Camera Couple

Leo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Samy's Camera Couple

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, stop by Samy’s Camera in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 1) to pick up some new equipment.

Leo, 35, picked up a new Canon camera, along with a 70-300mm lens. Afterward, the couple picked up a few items from the Fred Segal boutique.

Yesterday, Leo attended movie producer Joel Silver‘s Memorial Day party. Also in attendance: rumored new couple Adrien Brody and January Jones.

10+ pictures inside of Samy’s Camera couple Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli

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leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 01
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 02
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 03
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 04
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 05
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 06
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 07
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 08
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 09
leo dicaprio bar refaeli samys camera 10

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  • scrug

    he may wear black glasses to hide his face because one day he will lack a step!!

  • Catarina

    Hello, Leo! So good to see you! =)
    Beijos, gorgeous! xxxx

  • wow

    … too bad we have to see Leo with this unfortunate woman again. :(

  • Dreadhead

    I bet they’re making a sexy tape…. hehe

  • lisali

    They’re relationship is just plain odd.

  • Hans Franz

    hottest chick ever

  • wowowow

    beautifullll israeli woman.. stand with israel.

  • Cheyenne

    I really like this couple. They are so cool.

  • ichi

    well, is not surprise, I was waiting for that pics, is so obvious that they wasn’t break up, well the best luck for you Leo.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What a cute couple!

  • Candycotton

    Leeching on Leo is her Only Job!! …..!since that loser could’t even get the role in Transformers 3 ….but who wants to See Barfy’s fugly a*s face on a Movie screen..!!exactly…NO ONE!!..almost 25 and she has nothing to show for it ,but a Famous Part time boyfriend..who’s too lonely to break up with her!!…she’s desperate and needs any attension she can get!!Four years on/off…And Leo has yet to even acknowlege her presence or show any emotion of (This Person Makes ME Happy)..!!..It’s Just another Outing of 2 strangers!!… As always!!

  • Byrne-Wickey

    Bar, Brooke Decker and Rosie were up for Transformers and they chose Rosie over HER???
    Rosie is disgusting! She must be boning Bay bc Bar is way better looking even though she needs bigger lips to be an actress.

  • lol

    Are you surprised that Barf wasn`t picked for that role? lol Why? It`s not like she has talent or anything! I wonder what Leo sees in her other than her looks… He could do way better than her. I hope he will come to his senses soon!

  • M

    he’s just gross looking

  • Marmeduke

    Is it me or does she look chunkier and sloppier than ever? Daisy dukes haven’t been in style or even cute for 20 years and what is with that green tent she is wearing? I’m a very casual dresser and even I wouldn’t do this. Argh I give up

  • sad

    Leo is not aging well he is no longer hot!

  • BAR

    Bar is gorgeous she is way hotter…

  • CNXY

    I hate it that Leo is always hiding underneath his cap!

  • happy girl

    she is gorgeous. he is hot. their kids are going to be gorgeous! best looking girlfriend he has ever had!

  • goldie03

    Just as I predicted last post-
    its baaack…
    JJ just had to post a slob w/ a star. Guess it would cost Leo too Much $$$ to buy her next role.
    Anyone know when is friend gets married ? (the one who wrote orphan)

  • lol

    their kids are going to be gorgeous? Not to mention imaginary! lol Biggest downgrade of his life!

  • offtheproperty

    Hollywood’s star has landed in the toilet.

  • Brasil

    Leo don’t hide your beautiful face, honey! I was missing see you!!! love you no matter what, vou imitar vc @Catarina, BEIJOS!!! Muitos beijos do Brazil! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicki

    Thanks Jared for these new gorgeous pictures of LeoBar!
    BAR is going to be 25 on June 4th!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance to Leo’s lady!

  • Simon

    She’s trying out to be a plus-size model, now that she’s not going to be in transformers 3! She needs to shave her armpits, that’s not even fashionable in Europe. How can one model, with those legs?

  • http://!! Ek200

    shes the definition of a BUTTER FACE lol she’s got pretty eye color, i’ll give her that!

  • @24

    LeoBar? Really? Are you for real? 25 and apparently her career is over. All she has is her gf status. She should enjoy it while it lasts!
    @25 lol, good points!

  • offtheproperty

    @Brasil: Leo is ascared of the paparazzi. Lindsay’s not ascared. Britney’s not ascared. Ashley Tisdale’s not ascared. But Leo is ascared of the paparazzi so he puts his fist or arm or baseball hat over his face whenever he sees them. Those shoes are a disgrace and he is a complete weenie.

  • Lola

    Could he walk any further away from this girl? lol! As to the whole “rumor” she was in the running to replace MF-Please! Her calves are bigger than his now! I don’t even think he is taking advantage of the “benefits” part of their “friends w/benefits” relationship. The pattern is they hook up for awhile (read: few months at best) and then it gets to where he is only seen w/her once a month and then its breakup time b/c she gets on his nerves. I would cover my face too if I had to be seen w/a sk*nk like her. Her “career” is over and now even being seen w/him doesn’t get her work. GO HOME BARFY! No one wants your lazy gold-digging, service dodging, and tax invading fat *ss here in the US….

  • shimmyallover

    She has packed on the lbs.! Wow, surprising. Also, we’ve seen wayyyyyyyy too much of her…….overkill, definitely!!!! There is no way she could have gotten the role in Tranformers over Rosie……you kidding????? She must really be talentless if Leo couldn’t get her the job….he got her the S.I. swimsuit issue cover but not this job!

  • mailey

    i like that she’s not gross skinny. she’s very athletic healthy. she actually looks like she could kick someone’s ass.

  • wonder

    I’m new to this website and I am surprised to see the negative opinions towards Bar. I didn’t know it was like that. I thought that Leo and Gisele were a cute couple and I don’t know much about Bar to have an opinion, but she is a pretty girl. I do wonder if Leo was dating a non-celebrity with her own career (teacher, nurse, etc), would the opinions be the same? Would you prefer that to Bar?

  • wow

    @wonder: A non-celeb? Absolutely! But at least someone with a character, some substance and maybe a career based on her own merit?
    @mailey: Athletic? Are you serious?

  • …..

    leo deserves better than this average cheao porn zionist ho… ( btw just to think about what this disgusting cirminals did lately ughhhh) she is known for just being leo’s wh*re night, what’s next for her to “exist “after her porn pictures with those ugly guys…a tape sex maybe?? what a cheap h* disgusting, she could never be in the high level of Gisele, Adrianna, average ho she is and will always be even if she f-ck any celeb to get known, she would be replaced soon.

  • offtheproperty

    Leo deserves to bounce up and down on a bedpost.

  • Candycotton

    @35 But Not……On A BED WARMER!!!

  • Bar is HOTTR than pig noseRosi

    Bar should have gotten T3 – not that pig faced snout loser Rosie NOBODY. She must be sucking

  • shaar

    I don’t understand the negative comments about Bar?I’m being truthful here, I have no clue if did she do or say something. Could someone fill me in?

  • Vincent L

    DiCaprio is such a piece of S**T. He is a scumbag, I know, I use to be his friend. Just walk like a man instead of hiding behind that cap and blocking your ugly face with your hand. If you took as much care blocking your face from the paparazzi as to your acting, maybe you will be a good actor. Right now you can’t even act your way out of a bathroom stall.

  • Girl Gossip

    who’s Leo DiCaprio???

  • magsy

    I can’t believe she’s a model… She has short legs and honestly, she’s nothing special unless we see her in a mag after a whole lot of work with makeup and photoshop.

  • happy girl

    I think any woman would be lucky to look like her even for a day. Her eyes are blazing blue, a natural blonde, a beautiful curvy body, and very worldy – she is just stunning. LeoBar. I like that. How about:
    DiBar – OOOH! Nice one I came up with.
    LeoRaf – lol.

    Either way, Jared, we should have a name for this hot couple!

  • Sweetie

    Leo needs to grow up. What’s up with hiding ur face?! Walk like a real man with confidence for gods sake! He is 35 and behave like he is a terrified teenager.

  • whoa

    wow, could they be physically more apart in this pic. and if wasn’t for this pic I wouldn’t even believed they went to the store together. what a pointless “couple”.

  • Ms.FatThighs

    God, she is getting FAT, those thighs. She already has a thick body build, now she’s starting to pack on the pounds. Leo needs to get out while he can.



  • JH

    how is she a model!? her legs are sooo short…..??? really???


    Well, people are against bashing on Bar. I get it. But the same people bash on Rosie. CAN YOU SAY DOUBLE STANDARDS?

    well check this out : Victoria’s Secret to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Congrats on Transformers 3!
    Read more:

    Obviously Rosie is a successfull model and they appreciate her.
    Now please point me some job Bar has done in the last 1-2 months OR where she is in the Forbes list with best paid models.

  • Whamo

    WOW she def put on some weight! those fat legs.. what happend to leo?! he used to date gorgeous models?

  • xxx

    She has gained at least 15 pounds since her last appearance… wow too much junk food bar…….