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Rachel Bilson Always Has The Same Basic Formula

Rachel Bilson Always Has The Same Basic Formula

Rachel Bilson pays the parking meter before heading off to visit her stylist in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 1).

The 28-year-old actress recently shared her method of getting dressed. She told UK’s Times Online, “I always have the same basic formula: I start with simple shapes and then add accessories or an interesting jacket or pair of shoes.”

10+ pictures inside of simply and chic Rachel Bilson

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  • lexy hates bilson

    Why is she going to see her stylist? Isn’t she a fashionista?? She’s probably going to pick up the answer’s to this month’s questions for InStyle! What’s her formula for remaining unemployed??

  • Sophie

    How dull. I’ve tried to like Rachel Bilson but she’s just … boring, in everything she does professionally and personally.

    She’s literally just famous for The OC and that ended years ago … along with her career by the looks of things.

  • max

    Just Jared always has the same basic formula

    Rachel does everything under the sun except act

    Rachels PR persons send Jared the info and pics

    He writes something lame

  • Isabella

    I love her. I don’t care. It is true that she doesn’t have a Job and it’s annoying even for me that Jared posts a post on er everyday. But I jut really like her!!! I no people will rate me down. But oh well. :)



  • V

    Another Rachel Bilson post! Must mean payday for Just Jared.


    F F S!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellie

    @Isabella: Ok. What is it about her you like?

  • GINA

    i love her!!!!! shes great she always looks great and shes a very sweet girl im sure she knows what she is doing dont under estimate her!



  • fim

    Love her outfit

  • whatever

    nude/shoes belong on game show models, period.

  • Reality Check

    She is wearing her ring, again. LOL

  • Same Formula Boring Style

    Now I understand why she always looks so dated and so boring. She following THE SAME FORMULA. She even admits it! And she appears on this friggin gossip site EVERY SINGLE EFFING DAY while never ever getting a real job. I can’t even believe she would have the nerve to call herself a fashionista or style icon when she GOES TO SEE HER OWN STYLIST REGULARLY and ALWAYS LOOKS BORING because she’s FOLLOWING THE SAME FORMULA. OMG and this person has a regular fashion column in a supermarket rag on style?!?!

    If she weren’t engaged to the Hayden Christensen, the man who ruined Darth Vader for millions around the world, no one would even know her name. The OC went of the air year ago and if anyone remembers her now apart from that it’s for her dismal performance in Jumper. With her equally lousy fiance. She is the rock bottom worst celebrity famous-for-nothing in HW.

  • Boiled and Baked

    And this woman says in interviews it takes her 2 hours to get dressed in the morning, and she uses the same formula every time?

    She must be dumber than a plastic turd.

  • Hayden’s ex flame

    I’ve never been more convinced that HC is Spencer Montag to Rachel BIlson, crafting good and bad publicity for her to keep her and his sorry ass relevant.

    There are no fans or detractors, and the bottom line of the companies that waste money on Bilson will soon find out that in coming on JJ to see how big a celeb she is have been duped.

    HC writes the JJ taglines for her as well as makes all the posts, i”m an ex gf of his and I know it’s true.

  • PurelyLovesRachel

    You idiots need to fut the shuck up. She’s adorable, always has been and always will be. I’d watch her in anything.

  • Bizzy

    Jared, she’s so boring and irrelevant to look at.! I can’t even remember what she’s famous for …except being Hayden Christianson’s g-friend. LOL!

  • Victoria

    I really really really don’t get why you write about this girl every day??? LOVE your site, not in love with all the Bilson coverage.

  • Victoria

    I really really really don’t get why you write about this girl every day??? LOVE your site, not in love with all the Bilson coverage.

  • lexy hates bilson

    If HC is writing these lame stories and tag lines she needs to stop calling him a human dictionary!!! I think it’s the JJ folks there are some REALLY bad headlines I’ve seen for other celebs.
    @ PurelyLovesRachel….well maybe if you dragged your friends & family along to the movies with you to see her movie – NYILY or got them all copies of some of her straight movies HW might think she’s bankable – presuming you have a LOT of family and friends!!
    @ Arabian Nights – don’t you think it’s funny that you are monitoring the Rachel posts to see what time people post AND posting under different names AND accusing people of the same thing?? Also, why be jealous of Rachel when there are so many beautiful, young talented actresses and working women with handsome boyfriends. See Leo & Bar, Natalie and her man. Even Jane Lynch – she’s married her long time girlfriend, she’s a great actress (loved her even before Glee) and she’s one of the stars of a hit show!!

  • Viper

    how can one tell if she is wearing a ring or not her nails are painted white and red she is placing her hand in her pocket all the time. At this point who cares if she has a ring on or off she is no fashionist all she is someone who is using another celebrities fame to market herself to the general public.

  • Andrew Le

    im now interested in Rachel post, just to see how much people hate her, thanks to Jared .

  • Reality Check

    @22 You can clearly see the diamond in this pic.

    Stop trying to kid us.

  • @ reality check

    You are right, the ring is clearly visible, and picture #8 is a close up
    of that same shot you posted, where the ring is even more visible. She just did a photo shoot for Times OnLine of summer dresses last week, probably why she took the ring off. Too bad she forgets to put it back on, she would not get criticized as much for taking it off, if she did.

  • sand

    u s e l e s s ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !
    p o s t ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !

  • searlus

    So what have happened now to this “gremlin’s” numerous & pap reported casting office visits – now gunning into a faux just like her HW radar?!
    It’s now running half a year and she’s still striking a “zero”.
    Her frosty-looking fiance who’d hiding anywhere but LA for most of the year, could even scores one even if he partly/practically will produce it (his brother – huh & duh?!).
    Talking about her having the “nerve of being consistently shameful & shameless”.

  • Jax

    The whole reason she didn’t wear the ring for an entire week is to get coverage like this, to start all the useless speculation all over again.
    She’s so transparent and desperate for attention it’s pathetic.

  • jamie

    I wondered how many women is with hayden in his farm right now … : D

  • Hayden’s ex flame

    @ Jamie,

    Hayden and I dated on and off for eight years, he was never faithful and even continued to see me after being “engaged” to Rachel. I’m sure he’s not alone on his farm. Only a naive fool would belive that.

    He tried to meet a girl online, G, who rides bikes in skirts, tried to seduce her but she would not meet him so he used RB to try to ‘entice’ G to meet him.

    He wanted to get RB to smile more for the paps in the event that he met G or other women then he would have a good excuse for ‘cheating’…RB is “happier in LA without him.”

    He’s manipulative and immature and a creep, I actually broke up with him.

  • Hayden’s ex flame

    He’s not the ‘great guy ‘ you’ve all been duped into believing he is. He’s never been faithful to any gilr he’s ever dated, he’s actually very open about that when you first start to date him, even RB agreed to be in an open relationship in the beginning…I don’t know about now.

    I think she changed her tune and wanted a commitment so he gave her the ring. Or, she’s still agreeing to let him sleep with others while she does the same. Hayden lied to me the entire time we dated so it’s anyone’s guess as to what the truth is.

  • @25

    Why take a ring off for a photo shoot know one else does. She is pimping out this relationship she is nothing of any fashionist only having her PR manager promote her as one.

    where you not the one that made the claim she was having the ring sized or cleaned yea NOTTTTTT!!! Those things don’t take several days to achieve she forgot to wear it was all. The wench took it off b/c it’s just promotional topic of conversation for her. Wears it when convent and when she knows ppl will make the efforf to notice

  • she’s back again

    @ Hayden’s ex flame, alias Gina, TPL, and various other names I see you are back again with stories about girls riding bikes, this one named “G” , for Gina, perhaps? So, you broke up with your imaginary boyfriend, Hayden, the same one who put cameras in your house and cars to spy on you? Please get some help, you really need it, living in an imaginary delusion of Hayden being your boyfriend, and thinking everyone who posts on the internet is Hayden or Rachel is very sad!

  • jamie

    Is very stupid to think he’s alone, a man is not alone all the time, Hayden is not perfect, in 2005, he dated with Elisabetta and Araba at the same time, later, he dated with Lola and Sienna at the same time LOL

    I remember seeing pictures of him with Sienna at the Factory Girl party, days after he was seen kissing another girl in Canada (Lola?), the same week he and Sienna were seen together again and kissing.

    Faithful? I think not.

  • Hayden’s ex flame


    I’m not “G”. RB needs to realize what I, and many others, had to realize – when it comes to dating/marrying male actors there is no such thing as fidelity.

    There are millions and millions of “starfuvkers” lined up around the block to sleep with Hayden and his ilk and there always will be.

    Once he even bragged to me about how he excused himself from Rachel at an airport to get food for her and him when actually he ran into a janitors locker to get a blow up and have vaginal sex with a fangirl who was ‘making eyes’ at him while he sat next to Rachel waiting to board a plane from Barbados.

    He’s a full-blown sex-addict, but she’s a love-addict, neither of them can be alone, Hayden does have many, many friends with benefits.

    I feel sorry for tween girls who idolize them and their relationship – not all that glitters is gold.

    I suppose that he’s not famous enough for it to matter, either that or it will just take more time, but eventually the truth about him will come to light – it always does with guys like him. Just look at Jessie James and Tiger Woods, maybe other women have gone to the media to talk about Hayden, but, he’s simply not famous enough for them to care, to pay for a story.

  • @ # 4 & 9

    Kids will always say the darndest & the dumbest things!

  • Rain

    Who cares if the ring is on or not? The thing is she goes without wearing it for a week and people speculate their is a breakup. Then, boom the ring is back on again. This is what she wants to cause is media speculation is all. She has done the same trick numerous times already.

    The thing is you only take the engagement ring to clean and you know she probably has a maid or to get you hands in cooking such as, making dough or working with raw hamburger meat. She takes the ring off for a whole week. Your telling me she is that much of an airhead to forget wearing her engagement ring for one whole week? Stupid thread on her anyway. She is trying to hide the ring by putting her hand in her pocket. She knows people are going to look at her hand is why. She wants the speculation. She loves being papped. Their smirk like, she just swallowed the canary is a dead giveway she loves playing media games. Ugh!! Worhtless silly woman!

  • Hayden’s ex flame

    Well, it’s obvious to me that these two have replaced Spidey, and like Spidey they too will be voted off. Neither of them does anything. She and he both just like the attention. Hayden has a long history of dating a few women at a time for several (4-5) years at a time with short flings thrown in.

    He dated many women for many years simultaneously and nothing has changed. I’m not “g”, and I’m outta here, I have nothing more to say about it, he’s out of my life and I”m much the better for it.

  • @ Hayden’s ex flame

    You are Gina, also known as Drag Queen Names for Tom, you give yourself away by saying Rachel was waiting to board a plane from “Barbados”, which you have done when posting before on Hayden or Rachel threads. They do not go to Barbados, Hayden has a house in the Bahamas, which you always mix up and say Barbados when you post. You make up stories about Hayden and Rachel. You have also posted comments about girls riding bikes and Hayden, and stating all the posters who comment are Hayden before. You enjoy being vulgar, which is very immature.

    Where is the proof of the accusations you have made? Why don’t you sell your story to the tabloids, if it is all true? If you do not, it is because you have made up everything you are saying,as usual.

  • jeezzum

    @ 37 – Who cares if the ring is on or not? The thing is she goes without wearing it for a week and people speculate their is a breakup. Then, boom the ring is back on again. This is what she wants to cause is media speculation is all. She has done the same trick numerous times already….

    Right on… and this is what this INBRED FAMEH0 craves & salivating to be… where her name should always be – rag tabloids!

  • Hayden’s ex flame

    1. I’m not “Gina” or Drag Queen.

    2. Barbados/Bahamas…it’s obviously a typo so get over it.

    3. No one would buy my story, Hayden is not an A lister so no one care.

  • the truth

    Rachel need to stop playing with people with that ring. She need to take the ring and put it up that’s the smart thing to do right now and move on with her life.And stop people from guessing what;s going on with her.If she didn’t wear the ring last week keep it off. And like i been saying that it a broken engagemnent and she don’t want no one to know that she’s single again. How long can she keep this up. Its a different ring anywway. Hayden still haven’t said he gave it to her.She don’t have nothing to do but run around here a create drama. when other people are having fun are working. She suppose to have given it back anywway.This is not how she suppose top act when things not going right for her.Wearing the ring is not going to solve anything by wearing it.She making her look like a fool by doing this. Trying to keep this alive and everyone that like her is buying it..She did this last year and she’s doing it again. This time because she don’t have nothing left to do. Wasn’t she posted last month about this time.?She has done this all month. Trying to be popular all over again like last month. She ought to know that it don’t work that way and people get tired are you doing the same thing over again.And about hayden cheating .Don’t rachel be seem with different guys too?She also a womwn and she has need just like a man does.Its ok for her to talk to other guiys . But rachel has to stay with one thing. If she is not going to wear the ring then don’t.She can’t be changing her mind like that.No one don’t know what to say.If they has split -up need to announce and move on with her life.And if she decided to keep the ring then its just for show.People will throw you off are what’s really going on with them.All this is for attention nothing more.That is what like anyway. The ring and her is waste are time then she still try and hide it. Look hayden has the right to do what he like she does.And rachel too. She does it anyway without question cause she knows that no is going ask her anyway about it anymore. That’s why she had people magazine to print that story for her last week. She can’t say that it herself and she has her rep to do her dirty job for her.If thing are over then she and her rep need to do it like other people do and don’t play with it. Life is too short for jokes. If hayden has moved on from her then she has moved from him too.This will not get her in his next movie.She wanted it to be like last month. She doesn’t need to be posted until she has done some work or her rep and her come clean about what’s going on with her and hayden.Rachel always choose the right time to do this when he’s not around. She should done this last month with the no wedding plan story.Then things would been better for everyone here.But you know her she has to keep it up to keep herself in limeilgt the best way she can.It they both have split up then there should been a better way to do this.Hayden is not worry about this why should you all? Hayden already know that she does this when she can’t get her way.The ring is nothing but a joke now and everyone knows this. And it don’t be same ring anyway.She shouldn’t wear a ring at all and just keep it simple. I’m single and i date other guiys like i want and hayden date other people too. That would be the truth are what she keep doing. Need to leave hayden alone!

  • Voice of reason

    Have not posted in weeks actually over a month but because Gina/TPL/Hayden’s EX/Girl Power/DQ etc is going a bit out there just thought I would type something:

    Gina yes you are all of the above names listed plus more, yes you have written about bikes, camera’s and your fantasy about being Hayden’s GF-in graphic detail.(barf bag was req’d)

    My fav was when you typed that Hayden stole your copy of Revenge of the Sith in 2003 from your house-pity that Hayden himself said on TV he had not seen it till 2005, in fact nobody saw it in 2003-it was still being made LOL.

    I hope you can see that you do not fool anyone but yourself, as per numerous conversations in which you have described me as either Hayden or Rachel, PLEASE get some help, you need it.

    As for your story/ies hell yes National Enquirer would jump at it, if you back it up with the sex tapes you claim to have, proof he wired tapped your house, instilled camera’s without your knowledge(that’s illegal) in both your house and car, geez you could have had him arrested by now!!!! see how silly your story is?

    Now let’s leave the haters in peace, they are doing a great job in making JJ post more pics, and making me laugh.

  • yeh

    she wears the ring only when it coordinates well with her outfit.

    this girl is sad!

  • yeh

    shes wearing trousers & a button down, whats so fashionista about that?

    ive seen many celebs with better fashion sense yet they dont get coverage on their good fashion taste.

    RB pays JJ & others off to talk about her style.

  • fashion icon, much!

    Yup, same old, same old = fashion disaster =D

  • Hayden’s ex flame

    I’m not G. Sorry. I don’t know about any of that stuff, and the G he told me about was not interested in him. He admitted he stalked her, but she found out and became afraid of him and would not meet him. That’s all I know about that. But she is not me and I doubt she would ever write about wanting to date him since according to Hayden he’s been trying to get her to go out with him for years but she’s flat-out refused to hook up with him. Honestly, I think you are Hayden posting bullshit, I know you’re speech pattern by now, lord knows I should!

    If you don’t want your ex’s to talk shivt about you online then maybe don’t be such a cad!

  • Hayden’s ex flame

    @ 42 Why would RB not want the world to know if she was broken up? How else is she supposed to get a new, better man if she does not let the world know she is single? That makes no sense.

  • Voice of reason

    Thanks Hayden’s EX for validating–that means proving– my point. Get some help OK. PLEASE

  • Ludicrus

    Hayden isn’t into women. That he’s gay is well known in his home town (not Vancouver.) Hayden’s Ex Flame is another crazy like Gina if not Gina. The whole thing with RB is a front. Neither are actually in a relationship with each other. They’re only together a few times a year and she relentlessly pimps out the relationship for attention in a desperate attempt to have a career.

    Hayden is as gay as Liberace but Hayden’s Ex Flame is right about one thing. Hayden cheats on his bf all the time and doesn’t know what ‘faithful’ means.