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Victoria's Secret to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Congrats on Transformers 3!

Victoria's Secret to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Congrats on Transformers 3!

Over the weekend, Victoria’s Secret posted a 90-second congratulatory video on Facebook for their angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who recently replaced Megan Fox in the Transformers franchise.

The 23-year-old British model is set to play the love interest for star Shia LaBeouf, who plays Sam Witwicky.

Rosie is currently dating British actor Jason Statham.

Watch the new Rosie video below!

Victoria’s Secret to Rosie Huntington-Whietley: Congrats on Transformers 3!
Just Jared on Facebook

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  • jemi

    watch her hot pics..

  • dundies

    only in america

  • mailey

    i dont think she’s very pretty, but ok i guess.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..for all those who don’t give a fcuk about this person and might get annoyed at the fact she’s getting posted on (and will a lot more) don’t worry, remember Isabel Lucas? yeah, i barely do too. she was the girl in Transformers 2. you might have missed her cause she was only in the movie for about 3mins. well i’m sure just like Isabel as soon as Transformer 3 comes out (and she has a trash role) we wont hear about Whatsthisgirlsname anymore.

  • Alan

    How lame………………………………

  • Justin Sane

    What a butterface…….for a model she sure has a thick pug nose, probably the least attractive of all the VS models……………

  • sharon

    wow i think this is pretty cool actually :)

  • Rocky


  • celebitchy

    I cant believe even men like her for ‘do me a favour’

  • Rita

    Wow really, congratulations to this no name lingerie model for landing a role that requires no acting skills so that she can strut around in hot pants, pouting her big lips. I mean, is she set for life now? This is one of the stupidest post I’ve ever seen.

  • lyn

    the Big nose is BACK lol omg the worst model of victoria secret FOR SUR !

  • what

    the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. A video congratulations to someone …Please….what next a press conference when someone actually lands an audition to read a part?…..stop the madness….

  • Ms. Anonymous

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Oh shut the HELL up, she’s an amazing model so shut your trap for once. We’re sick of your trolling.

  • Nic

    Um so its offical? Well congrats to her, that is huge for her, but its a mistake on Bay’s part, because Fox has a built in teenage horny boys fan club, which is part of the box office appeal and success.

  • J

    congrats to rosie ~ yor’re so hot

  • what

    “the box office appeal and success”???????? lol..
    Why ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Flopped.?!

  • So Judgemental

    Yeah.. that why every movie Megan did besides Transformers flopped.

    How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Whore, Jennifer’s Body.. all box office rejects.

    Soon to be added to that list Jonah Hex and Passion Play

  • Anastacia

    her body is hot ! but I’m not sure about the face…

  • Mary


  • .

    So many haters on here! What’s the big deal? It’s not like Michael Bay movies are known for Oscar nods towards the actors. They’re big explosion movies with “hot” girls in them. If you think you’d do a better job then her, then go take her job or get into VS!
    I would rather have Megan Fox in the film, but it’s not happening. Maybe for her that’s the best thing. She seemed to have issues with the director and maybe she’ll work on different projects now instead of being pigeon holed.

  • oh~

    megan fans are soooooo pathetic. Megan fox is replaceable. I don’t think her role was a necessary one in a Transformers movie. The only thing that’s gonna get hurt is Megans career


    I’m so happy she got it! She’s my favorite VS angel by far. And I’m so happy she hasnt gotten a nose job like most models would have. Not that thats a dig or anything, she’s just beautifull and doesnt need anything done to her face.

  • liv

    Wow, I think Victoria’s Secret overreacted about this. With the video, it’s like Rosie just won an Oscar! (while parading in her underwear, of course). Well, good for Megan, leaving that pervert Michael Bay.

  • liv

    @So Judgemental:

    Don’t think Passion Play would flop. It’s an indie, and it doesn’t seem horrible, unlike her other movies. I think Jennifer’s Body flopped because of her post-Transformers 2 over-hype and her outrageous comments.

  • Saudia

    lol really? Well this movie is definitely going to bomb.. neither one can act

  • Alaia

    Rosie is actually a pretty decent model. She’s no Daria or Snejana, but she’s a lot more interesting than the other Victoria’s Secret models in looks and personality. I also think she is more attractive than Megan Fox and her fake plastic face.

  • Cheesy corny video

    What’s with the suspenseful action movie music??? This is the cheesiest corniest video I’ve ever seen.

  • toule


    you do realize that horny teenage boys don’t care about megan fox specifically, just her looks right? replace her with any other “hot” girl and they will still come out in droves.

  • Gay Mike

    @liv: “her outrageous comments” REALLY????? I think all the bad stuff she said about Michael Bay are true. That man is a sexist racist a-hole.

  • Da Truff

    Instead of taking part of her comment and making a big deal out of it, like the media did, you should read the whole statement. She said Mike Bay is like Hitler while filming the movie, however, when the day is over he is nice and blah blah. It’s crazy when the too hot to be true Megan Fox says something minor, the media and jealous b*** and gay men I’m sure makes a big deal out of it, but when the plain janes of Hollywood or America’s Sweethearts, that seems to be the title for them, says something major, ppl think it’s sweet and cute. I guess because their not a threat. Megan can say what she wants its a free country. TF2 already sucked, Megan was the only reason it was watchable, now that she’s gone, TF3 can bomb like the rest of Bay’s movies, that Jerry Bruckheimer didn’t produce.

  • Back Again

    If Gisele and Miranda Kerr had an ugly a** kid with fetal alcohol syndrome ,it would look just like this ugly Rosie girl. Not a good choice Bay.

  • Gay Mike

    I wonder if her daddy – err I mean boyfriend – Jason Statham got her this job? I cannt imagine this poor girl acting her way out of a bag.

  • durka

    @Gay Mike:

    Statham should be able to show her the ropes when it comes to starring in crappy movies.

  • jane

    please don’t be ridiculous, this girl just can’t be ugly. i mean, look at her for a second! beyond beautiful and she’s sweet in her interviews.
    i don’t know about the acting either, but one thing’s sure, she has the sex-appeal needed.

  • huh?

    If VS was going to waste time producing a ‘congratulations’ video for anyone, it should have been for Miranda.
    Sure, Rosie just nabbed the ‘hot girl role’ in an action movie, but Miranda just appeared in yet ANOTHER high fashion editorial. THAT means more that this lousy acting gig.
    So stupid.

  • Andie

    Jennifer’s Body floped (in USA because it had some pretty decent audience in other countries) because it was a RATED movie. All the horny teens or her teen girl fans (yes, she has, I’ve seen many teen girls who worship her) weren’t allowed to see the movie in theathers, so it lost a lot of money because of that.

    And it’s pathetic to put How To Lose Friends And Alienate People in this. She wasn’t THE Megan Fox em 2008. People were beggining to discover who she was back then. The Fox Phenomenon really begun in 2009.

    And BAY will never be able to repeat it again, not to mention with an ugly model with no personality like this Rosie Whatever is. BAY is desperate to “launch” this blond robot thinking it will happen the same that happened to Fox.

    Newsflash, it won’t happen. Megan is a phenomenon. Rosie is a joke.

  • Andie

    And yes,

    Horny teens saw Megan because of her body. But the answer is not replace a hot body with another one. It takes much more than that to make a person “disappear”. A lot of people will go see the movie, see Rosie and think “Oh, I wish Megan was there”.

    Not to mention the automatic hate towards the new girl. A lot of people don’t wanna see T3 anymore. Congrats BAY, less money in the box office.

  • T Pain

    Micheal Bay is a RETARD.

  • Anne

    Her nose is fine and not big at all.At least it`s real,without any plastic.And besides, my sister looks like her… so she`s good),but not sure about her acting/

  • Andie

    Yeah, how do you know Rosie’s not plastic?

    She a model for God’s sake. They have more surgeries than actresses.

  • Amber-louise

    @liv: No. Jennifer’s body was just all round bad. It had nothing to do with overhype. It was laugh out loud awful.

  • @36

    Nice try..
    Jennifer’s Body earned an embarrassing 16.2 million in the US. Most of her fans are over 17, so they WOULD have been allowed to see it, with no problem. You can’t blame its poor showing on its rating.
    It earned only 15.3 overseas, so I don’t know where you get the idea that it earned a “decent audience”.
    Those numbers are pathetic for the supposedly ‘hot young actress that everybody wants’. Evidently, it turned out that nobody wanted her.
    Including Michael Bay.

  • Brighton

    Not sure if it’s true or not, but it seems pretty credible.

    Insiders tell that Rosie secured her sex object status by wearing lingerie to her audition! Saucy!

    How did Rosie Huntington-Whitely beat out fellow beauties Miranda Kerr, Bar Refaeli, Gemma Arterton and Brooklyn Decker for Megan Fox’s role in Transformers 3? Easy. She wore lingerie to her audition!

    The Victoria’s Secret model made a crafty clothing choice when director Michael Bay called her in to do a trial love scene with leading man Shia LaBeouf. “Rosie wore a white, see-through lingerie top and panties. Shia was there to run lines with her,” an on-set source tells exclusively. “It was a formality, she had the part, but she had to meet Shia to see if they gelled. Having her in as little clothing as possible was just the icing on the cake. When she walked down a staircase in that outfit — wow.”

  • Andie

    Not pathetic number at all. JB was not a blockbuster to win 100 million dollars or more. Ut had a pretty decent audience outside USA.

    And if you think her fans re only above 17, you should really do a research.There are loads of underaged teens that are fans of her.

    And BAY didn’t want her because she’s too skinny now, not because of her acting.

    So nice try for you to bash her without ho reason at all.

  • HF Gal

    I’m beginning to like Rosie more and more:)

    Congrats to you girl…

  • Mariana

    If Rosie is ugly, the mother of those people who speak it, must be the devil, no? HAHAHA What a joke these reviews of mongolian people. She is WONDERFUL! BEAUTIFUL, HAVE A GREAT PERSONALITY! These people have never seen her and tell her, please die!

  • Bella Coola

    VS models are not as attractive as they used to be.

  • raena

    WOW people are so critical!
    its amazing how easy it is to sit at home on your computer and write mean things about someone
    i think she’s lovely, and obviously so do a few higher powers.

  • Andrew

    They should have got Miranda Kerr

  • Luisa