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Brad Pitt Joins USA Bid Committee

Brad Pitt Joins USA Bid Committee

Brad Pitt is the newest member of the Board of Directors for the USA Bid Committee, which hopes to bring the FIFA World Cup to the United States in 2018 or 2022.

“Soccer is a truly global sport and the opportunity to join the effort to have the U.S. host the world’s greatest sporting event again is a great honor,” said the 46-year-old actor. “FIFA has set a world standard for using sport as a tool for positive social change and I’m proud to be associated with a United States World Cup Bid that has so ardently adhered to the principles established by FIFA.”

Brad joins the prestigious list of athletes, politicians, and pop culture celebrities that are supporting the bid, including director Spike Lee (pictured here with Brad over the Memorial Day weekend), Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley, rocker Gavin Rossdale, comedian Drew Carey, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You can help this cause by signing the petition that Brad did at!

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  • busted

    Not sure if that is a new pic.. but it looks like he was in NOLA over part of the weekend.. if that picture is current.

    Love Brad so

  • Stacie

    I have to say I’ve really been getting into soccer lately. Most English , but I would love for the World cup to come to the USA .

  • lurker

    awwwwwwww love brad go USA 1994 world cup was awesome

  • lurker

    i thing brad was there because of the oil spill and make it right spike is doing a documentary about nola

  • Sofia

    Yay, I love him!!

  • 33 usd lv

    good job
    31 u–s–d Coa–ch,Gu–cci,L–V,Cha—nel han–dbag,
    15u-s-d- Gucci,E–d Ha–rd–y sun–gl—a-sses

  • whatabeauty

    Yeah, Shiloh will probably with daddy at the game!
    Brad Pitt knowing how you work and with Angie supporting you the FIFA World Cup will be playing here .

  • briseis

    Am not a major soccer fan but I remember the excitement when the USA in general, and Chicago in particular hosted the 1994 World Cup. Everyone is Chicago was suddenly a soccer nut (like everyone now is a major hockey fan. Go Blackhawks! Ooops, I digress), and it was a lot of fun. I don’t know if Brad is a soccer fan (though he did mention wanting a soccer team of kids), but I am glad that he accepted membership in this group. I hope they succeed.
    Hmmm, his beard is still long, so this pic must be new, but was it really taken over the Memorial Day weekend?

  • A fan

    Is it just me his beard is shorter? Love Brad and World cup.

  • lurker

    might be new spike is doing a documentary to show the progress and problems in nola since brad played a big part in helping nola he had to be there am really loving the beard i will actually miss it

  • briseis

    @lurker: Oh, thanks, lurker. Wasn’t sure — Jared is not exactly accurate all of the time so I take everything he writes with a grain of salt.

  • Everything_but_the_Girl

    Victoria Beckham has long been praying her Gods for a chance to befriend The Brandgelina–so far she’ stuck with Eva Longoria’s B-List ass! Apparently with Tomkat there is only a bromance between Becks and Tom, as her and Katie fell apart. The Smiths like to keep their lives private…i bet Posh camp ‘s already working on it

  • Brad News…-the-isabella-blow-.aspx

    Treacy’s Model Casting

    MILLINERY master Philip Treacy has cited Brad Pitt as his ideal casting to play the role of himself in the new biopic of his late friend Isabella Blow. Treacy confirmed the film is to be written by Max Nesome and produced by Anders Palm.

    “I am trying desperately to forget that someone will actually have to play me in this film,” Treacy told VOGUE.COM. “I would never want to appear in it myself- I am a hat designer not an actor. Acting isn’t my forte. If I could pick anyone I’d run with Brad Pitt but it’s wishful thinking and perhaps not very likely I know.”

    Treacy last week unveiled a series of new hats and masks at the Museum of London, all inspired by historic examples. The pieces will be worn by mannequins in a recreation of a Georgian Pleasure Garden, as a part of the redevelopment of the museum’s galleries. Treacy commissioned London based artist Yaseman Hussein to design the copper wigs that compliment his featured designs. He recalled one famous style icon who set her heart on one of his intended museum designs before it made the gallery.

  • Ha!

    Spike Lee is SUCH a racist *ss.

  • soi

    I just read lainey and now I know why she is so far up x butt. She was wished AIDS upon her by x fans when they didnt like something she blogged. I could never understand it, now it makes complete sense! They went as far to say as ‘l hope you die of AlDS like Zahara’- pretty sick. Love to the Jolie-Pitt family, I am so sorry you are subjected to such vile people. I must say l love the whole lggy pop comparison. Hilarious.

  • Brad News

    Brad Pitt Buys Rights to Tom Rachman’s ‘Imperfectionists’

    By the Globe and Mail
    Published: June 02, 2010

    Brad Pitt has swooped in to buy the rights to Canadian writer Tom Rachman’s comic first novel, “The Imperfectionists,” for an undisclosed sum.

    The novel, which is set in a dying English-language newspaper in Rome, is a series of linked stories about the reporters, editors and one crucial reader who have invested their lives in the newspaper and are desperate to keep it afloat. Rachman, 35, who was born in London but raised in Vancouver and educated at the University of Toronto, was a foreign correspondent at the Associated Press and an editor at the International Herald Tribune.

    Pitt’s company, Plan B Entertainment, won the film rights over several producers, in a competition that was triggered by a glowing review of Rachman’s novel on the cover of the New York Times book review.

  • Observer2

    Looks like a new picture to me. His beard looks the same as it did in the Malibu pics and he’s wearing the white hat.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s in NOLA checking up on things. It’s been a number of months since he’s been there.

  • Jasmine

    Oh great, here comes the bandwagoners. Suddenly Brad says he knows what a soccer ball is and all the Brangelina fans will come out of the woodwork.
    I love soccer, and it sometimes annoys me that it isn’t very popular here in the US. I don’t really care about the US winning anything, but I just want matches shown as much as baseball and basketball.

  • fyi

    It is a new picture. He was in NOLA on Monday. There was a tweet.

  • hmmm

    Penn Bagdley and Gavine Rossdale? okay, then…

  • Brad News

    Pitt Joins US World Cup Committee

    Brad Pitt joins bid committee trying to bring 2018 or 2022 World Cups to United States

    NEW YORK June 2, 2010 (AP)

    The United States has added more star power to its bid for the 2018 or 2022 World Cups, putting actor Brad Pitt on the committee trying to bring back soccer’s premier event.

    The USA Bid Committee said on Wednesday that Pitt accepted an invitation to join the group, which also includes former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger , New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and comedian Drew Carey.

    Pitt said he was honored to join the effort to have the U.S. again host “the world’s greatest sporting event.”

    The U.S. hosted the tournament in 1994.

    FIFA’s executive committee will select the 2018 and 2022 hosts in a vote on Dec. 2.

  • melissa

    I hope he is there to raise funds for the Louisiana fisherman who are not making any money now, how about a televised benefit for that like they had for the Haiti earthquake victims, where is Hollywood? why are they not helping? I guess helping US victims in not as fashionable as helping foreign countries

  • Jess

    I just sighed the petition. Join Brad and support the USA.

  • Bearded Man

    @A fan:

    No, this is a older pic. His beard is just as gross and dirty and ratty as always. Seems he wants to look ugh. It’s working. The Sexiest Man alive is no longer . He was a hunk, in the old days. Sigh…

  • SurfingEagle

    Are they sure this isn’t Brad joining the USA Beard Committee.

  • Dawn


    That’s because the victims of the oil disaster most likely will receive compensation from BP. This was a man mad disaster by BP and they are the ones who should have to pay all those people for the loss of income, not the rest of us and Hollywood stars.

  • YAY

    Brad rocks.

  • Free Angie

    @melissa: I’m surprised we haven’t had a few photo-ops of Brad on a boat visiting the oil. rotflmao! i mean, really… he had to make an appearance in Nola before he was called out and I see he leaked a picture. I see nothing has changed… Angie is in hiding in Los Angeles like she always does when they are in the states. Brad will be photographed more (as usual) and he will be praised for making mini stops at homes he didn’t even pay to build but gets 100 % credit because he’s the voice/face.

    He probably read about all of the hate for BP right now and said what did I dooo… I better get to nola and pretend like I care. And the media Hype generated by Brad’s Pr hooos continues.

  • nata

    I would love for the World Cup to come to USA! That would be awesome!

  • Love Them

    He is a busy busy man. Love him. Go USA.

  • Dawn

    @Free Angie:

    Oh maybe she is enjoying some downtime with the kids because she just finished a movie and will start a promotion tour for a movie in a few weeks.

  • Passing Through

    Brad’s joining the USA worldcup bid campaign, huh? Well, that’s a smart move on their part because Brad travels around the world constantly and can whisper in a lot of ears.

  • Passing Through

    # 787 gracie @ 06/02/2010 at 3:32 am
    PT, she said she is not preggie, the denial came from own mouth. Her tummy may be bloated b/c it may be that time of the month for her. As for Angie, it would be a welcome news to hear she is preggie again, that will send the Ho and her fans over the edge and to my pleasure.
    Sorry, but I ain’t buying it. Gwen also denied she was preggers with Kingston…and Zuma…until she was ready to make the announcement herself. Did you go look at the picture? If it’s food bloat, then she hand one hell of a bean burrito.
    Here’s the picture from the side. Can you honestly look at that belly on an otherwise skinny woman and tell me you REALLY think it’s just menstrual bloating?

  • Brad News

    Chemical Free Cleaning On The Horizon Thanks To Brad Pitt & New Non-Profit

    June 2nd 2010

    brad pitt

    How many Ecorazzi readers out there used to think that the supposedly fresh, just-scrubbed scent wafting through your household following the application of oodles of household chemical-based cleaning products meant that you successfully restored your living space to a pristine, bacteria-free zone?

    Okay…now who’s still coating their countertops and floors with liquefied, laboratory-created chemicals even though they have an inkling that it’s not only bad for the planet but also probably pretty awful for our bodies?

    Despite the fact that a DIY recipe featuring white vinegar, botanical oils and baking soda can pretty much take care of all our cleaning challenges in a far safer manner, there are still skeptics out there who are convinced that nothing can work as effectively as chemicals.

    Fortunately, a non-profit group called the Green Products Innovation Institute (GPII) is poised to revamp the chemical cleaning biz within the next few years by: a) establishing acceptable industry standards b) acting as a third-party certifier c) creating a cradle-to-cradle classification system for products that fulfill their exacting standards d) emblazoning their name on products that meet their eco-requirement so consumers can purchase them with eco-confidence.

    Additionally, all of GPII’s approved products will be socially responsible, sourced using safe, sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and be produced using renewable energy.

    Believe it or not, Proctor & Gamble deserves kudos for being an early adopter of GRII’s system by being receptive to developing eco and human-friendly alternatives to their traditionally toxic chemical compounds.

    Guess which high profile individuals are backing this effort by becoming regularly involved? Not only the founder of YouTube Chad Hurley and celebrated eco-attorney Robert Kennedy Jr. but also Make It Right founder, proud papa and (oh yeah) megawatt movie star Brad Pitt.

    Why should we care about GPII’s efforts? If the future of our planet and its ecosystems isn’t enough to motivate us to step away from the chemicals once and for all, our own personal safety should light a fire under our derrieres and remind us that there’s always a better way!!

    Via CNBC and the New York Times

  • niwatori

    I just love that both Brad and Angie have a wide range of interests and get involved in what they love. GO B&A ♥

  • brad

    good job Soccer should be in North America…we need it…Thanks Brad love brad..

  • Passing Through

    # 809 Observer2 @ 06/02/2010 at 9:36 am
    O2 -
    If you’re still lurking – Do you think Turkey Baster will even see the light of day in August? The Miramax sale is all but dead – unless the Weinsteins can convince Disney to take less money. And Disney was waffling about keeping Turkey Baster and releasing it themselves in the first place. Are they really going to want to shovel another $30MIL into that flick to market it? Only to see it do Shite Happens numbers? Or The Back-Up Plan numbers? My money is on Turkey Baster’s release being shelved indefinitely.

  • Lucky Charm

    @ #33 Passing Through – If she really were pg wouldn’t she have to stop bleaching her hair though? It’s been years since my kids were born, but I always heard that bleaching your hair was harmful to the baby and you couldn’t color/perm/chemical process your hair.

  • Observer2

    oh my hell, Brad’s on one of his humanitarian trips. NOLA is in a world of hurt, so he’s bringing attention to it, just like Angelina brings attention to her humanitarian efforts.

    And the hate for BP. ROTFLMAO! You trolls continue to make a s s e s out of yourselves on a daily basis with your theories.

    Hey PT,

    I’m not sure obut The Switch. There’s a website up for it. Doesn’t give a release date on it. And it’s not showing up on anyone’s radar as a must see movie. Other than being called another Aniston crappy rom com movie.

    I’m sure Disney is thinking up a strategy after The Back Up Plan bombed. And Aniston’s track record hasn’t been good for her last 3 movies. TBH did middling business. And that was in part to GB.

    Jason Bateman isn’t an A-Lister, he’s always been a supporting player, yet from the trailers I’ve seen, the focus has been more on his character and Aniston is supporting. Was that on purpose to make it seem it’s not an Aniston movie?

    She’s needs this one to be a hit, so she can prove that she can open a movie with a much less well known actor.

    I don’t think it’s going to get a big wide release. They may due a limited release first and then open it wider if it does decent numbers.

    She’s going to have 4 movies out in a year’s time. Aniston fatigue will set in.

    But, yeah, I do think Disney is watching things closely. As they’re going to be flipping the bill for the marketing cost and taking a chance that it won’t make a profit for them.

  • brad

    Here we go again Angie on the cover of the Star magazine….I guess the magazine is not making money… they have to go back to Angie….

  • Passing Through

    # 819 briseis @ 06/02/2010 at 10:38 am
    New Star article is so stupid as usual. It says Angelina is panicking over the Andrew Morton tell-all book, because it chronicles her drug use and multiple sex partners. Duh, don’t we already know about this because Angie herself revealed it? So what more “scandalous” stories can Morton crank out that Halperat didn’t cover?
    LOL, Briseis! I saw that Star cover and said, “OMG! It’s deja vu…all over again!” LMAO. It’s basically the same cover they had when Mr. IUC’s book came out. Actually…it might be the same cover they used last February to announce Andrew Morton was writing a book on Angie. They recycle that cover so damned much it’s hard to rememeber without going back and finding the exact covers. Let’s just say that I saw the cover and laughed myself silly.
    I don’t know what these mags are going to do for material 3 months after the book comes out. If Morton supposedly is exposing all of Angie’s secrets – then doesn’t that kind of negate any crap from Angie’s past they fictionalize in the future? They’re shooting themselves in their size 12s.

  • niwatori


    I just saw it too. “betrayal that will break Brad’s heart” <— Give me a break!! Based on such stories, Brad’s been having his heart broken CONSTANTLY during the past 5 years…..Instead of covering real stories, the reporters write up their own life story and put Brad and Angie’s names in.

  • alena

    Papa Brad is great.

  • teri

    Such a nice guy, love him.

  • Passing Through

    # 832 lurker @ 06/02/2010 at 12:09 pm
    crdt real lou so star mag are lying as usual

    lBritish writer Andrew Morton tackles Angelina Jolie. Candace Bushnell revisits Carrie Bradshaw. And True Prep follows up the official handbook.
    All about Angie: Attention, celebrity-watchers. British writer Andrew Morton, best known as the confessor of the late Princess Diana, is taking on Angelina Jolie in his next unauthorized biography. Angelina, on sale Aug. 3, is under an “EXTREMELY TIGHT EMBARGO,” according to publisher St. Martin’s Press, which DECLINED to share any early juicy tidbits.
    Well, of course Star is lying. This article will be exactly the same as the last time they did the same story – “These are the revelations that COULD be in Andrew Morton’s upcoming biography.” It’s just a re-tread of last year’s story. When Star and OuttaTouch get desperate for Angie covers they just recycle. Very green of them, don’t you think?

  • gracie

    I didn’t know that Brad is interested in soccer. It’s a beautiful game especially World Cup. I get crazy watching the World Cup. Brazil is my fav country to win. I’m ready for it already. I always lose my voice from all the excitement.

  • Passing Through

    # 11 briseis @ 06/02/2010 at 12:54 pm
    @lurker: Oh, thanks, lurker. Wasn’t sure — Jared is not exactly accurate all of the time so I take everything he writes with a grain of salt.
    My 2 cents is that it is a new picture. That’s the hat Brad had on at the beach party…and the jacket he was seen wearing going into Sony studios last week.


    woot! Glad to see celebrities FINALLY jumping on the bid bandwagon!!! the more the merrier! I would love for us to be able to host another WC!

  • Passing Through

    # 18 Jasmine @ 06/02/2010 at 1:08 pm
    Oh great, here comes the bandwagoners. Suddenly Brad says he knows what a soccer ball is and all the Brangelina fans will come out of the woodwork.
    Jasmine, dear, don’t you have a Disney movie to get back to? Brad is a big soccer fan and has been for a long time. There have been several sets of pix of the J-P family playing soccer over the last few years. Hell, the ratzi in France went so far as to rent a helicopter and film them in the yard at Miraval after Angie was released from the hospital. When Maddox was barely 4 there were pix of him in a soccer outfit when he was playing in a pee-wee league during the summer. They were pix of Brad playing soccer with the boys in a park when they were in Prague. Angie has said that Maddox is an English soccer fan and likes the Liverpool team becuase their friend, and her stunt double, Eunice is from Liverpool and her son and husband are fans of the team. And to top it all off – Brad grew up in Springfield, MO. Soccer is very popular here and has been since the mid-70s. God knows I’ve sat through my share of Saturday afternoon games. So sorry to shove your head back up your butt, but it’s so easy to do when you trolls haven’t got a freaking clue what you’re talking about.

  • brad

    @Passing Through:

    yes we will come out ans support him……I love Soccer i grow up watching it….