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Cameron Diaz & A-Rod: Serafina Sweethearts

Cameron Diaz & A-Rod: Serafina Sweethearts

Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez exits Serafina Fabulous Grill after reportedly lunching with rumored girlfriend Cameron Diaz on the Upper East Side of New York City on Wednesday (June 2).

On Saturday night (May 29), the couple entertained a table of friends at West Village eatery The Lion.

A spywitness tells The Post, “They arrived around 10 p.m. with a group of eight friends and sat in the private lounge upstairs. The staff took turns guarding the ropes that led to their upstairs room, which was theirs exclusively for the dinner party.”

Yesterday, Cameron (in Dsquared2 Eyewear) was seen shopping at athletic clothing store, Lululemon. She even got playful, hitting a photographer with one of her bags.

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Credit: Lawrence Schwartzwald, Donnelly/Swarbrick; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Sunny

    Cameron looks soooooo old.

  • Madrid

    Slave and Master! LMAO!!!!

  • Dieter

    Cameron is so beautiful !!!! By far most beautiful woman alive !!!!

  • Beauty Is Diverse

    A Rod

  • Lu

    Everybody will get old one day!!

  • Joy

    She is hideous!

  • happy girl

    I don’t get his or her appeal.

  • hmmm

    @Dieter: You have to be cameron. I’ve never known anyone who thought Cameron Diaz is the most beautiful woman alive.

  • Jack

    Dieter, don’t you know you’re only allowed to say Angelina is the most whatever alive. These fans here will go after ANYONE who says otherwise.

  • M

    A Rod is ugly.

  • Dieter

    Cameron has the perfect face and perfect pooper !!!!

  • hmmm

    @Jack: I’ve found it to be the other way around. Most of the time when I go into jolie threads I do a hit and run. I say what I want to say and I split becuase the people are out of control and get upset if you say anything positive about her. I did spend some time in pitts recent thread and there seems to be a lot less posts/hate than angelina threads but his fans are maniacs. I usually don’t bother with jolie Pitt threads anymore because it’s all hate jolie/ kiss pitts butt. I don’t like brad Pitt so that’s a no go zone for

  • Jane

    where’s kate hudson?

  • um

    He’s waaay to pretty for her. Cameron should stick with Justin Timberfug.

    Yeah these are two “latinos” But A rod could do a million times better. What’s up with the fug blondes Alex?

  • Millie


    Thank you, he goes thru these women like he’s drinking water.

  • lmao

    rotflmao.. No contest, Alexs is better looking than Cameron and she knows it. Look at her expression. Alex knows it to, look at HIS expression. lmao!!!!

  • NE

    #2 Cameron is Cubana baby not Castillian…and A-Rod is a georgeous Dominicano with beautiful big lips and green eyes and a skin tone to die for..actually cubans and people of the carribean have alot in common..if Cameron is Castillian so is A-Rod because all the people from the islands such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic have been colonized by the Spaniards and have a lot of their blood running through their veins.

  • lola

    Cameron looks very manly. She is not attractive and could use a cheeseburger. Any bets on how long till Arod is sticking it elsewhere. He cheated on Kate as well as his wife. He wont change,.

  • http://. Blue

    Are Cameron and Kate Hudson the sluts of Hollywood or what?

  • dave

    Hudson uses her curly haired male friends to terrorize and abuse other people with the scam are plighing like sniffing bloodhounds in the pursuit of me, while diaz uses grimy fat white papparazi to perpertatrate violent acts ie assault on other people and both are best friends with the perpetrators of criminal acts of assault. How depraved are the people who support them?

  • don

    She’s a whore who should have the favor returned of being gang raped poor violent little pea brained hag with burly violent protectors to threaten others while she spreads her prostitute legs.

  • ew

    That restaurant is so gross.
    Out of all the places in Manhattan to go, that’s what they pick?
    A Rod is so classless but an awesome Yankee.

  • cheap ho

    Any woman with self respect will not hung with the cheap A Rod, but since it’s Diaz the famous wh*re who get f-cked by every male in the industry, who change males like clothes it’s not suprisng coming from this low aging desperated ho, they are similar, and since it’s the summer and the movie with that tiny crazy xenu is coming so let’s pimp up the PR machine she is obvious and despertaed..

  • sk

    One of the most hideous, fake, fugliest chick i’ve ever seen in hollywood, a joker face a manly features a fugly fake nose even after 3 nose jobs nothing change even the plastic surgery didn’t help her, flat butt, no hips, ugly skin, fugly attitudes and personality a woman in her 40′s who acts like a teen who have no stable life who didn’t want to grow up she thinks she’s 16, poor old thing.

  • mailey

    cameron doesnt have the greatest skin. she has a great body bec she is athletic, but all her activity is outdoors, so the sun has wrinkled her skin. so that is the trade-off for her. great body, bad skin.

    i dont see the attraction to him all these actresses have. dont think he is all of that………………….

  • Boa

    His boobs are bigger then her’s, but her’s are bigger then Kate Hudson’s. It’s the first thing I noticed when I looked at this picture – go figure.

  • Neutral as Switzerland

    I bumped into this commentary about Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez. The comments are ridiculous at best then the tone turns to race, attractiveness, all manner of judgment. Who cares who ANYONE dates? They are both single adults. No one on this webpage is remotely in their league. Focus your attention on your lives for once. Hope you all voted in national elections since you’re bursting to share opinions.

  • Nike

    Jeez some people can be so hateful towards others they don’t even know! To go so far as to say she needs to be “gang raped” shows that ppl like @Don actually need to be in some sort of an institution!

  • Fidel

    Spain enslaved the Dominicans and owned them like cattle but they were always human property not on par with white Spain. Cameron’s father was a Castilian Cuban, the white European descendant of Spain. She is only half, speaks no Spanish and knows nothing about Cuban culture by her choice obviously. She has no slave ancestry like the Dominicans.

  • Chola Hood Gurl

    White Cubans do not date the dark Domincans or Puerto Ricans like Arod and Camelio Anthony because they want to maintain their whiter ancestry. Arod only dates white because he wants his kids to be as light as possible, he wouldn’t give Zoe Saldana, Rosie Perez a second look…too dark for him. He thinks his biracial kids are better than Dominican kids and certainly much better than Puerto Rican kids because the Puerto Ricans were slaves much longer than the Dominicans but his kids have already changed in appearance which I’m sure he doesn’t like. They look more Dominican as they age..they are darker now, curlier hair and none have light eyes like Arod’s slave master ancestor.

  • dana

    Cameron is only slumming it for now. She still loves Justin and is only with Alex R to get Kate mad, but since Alex only dates white girls with big boobs and a stripper mentality this relationship is going nowhere.

  • Jessica

    derek jeter is better

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