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Heidi Montag Reflects On Her Split

Heidi Montag Reflects On Her Split

Heidi Montag has a girls day out with her new roommate Jen Bunney on Tuesday (June 1) at a park in Malibu.

The 23-year-old Hills star is reportedly not ready to file divorce papers. Jen, who recently moved in with Heidi told TMZ that Heidi felt that she had an obligation to The Hills to stick it out until the show wrapped.

Heidi has spent so much time with Spencer and now she wants to be able to spend more time with herself and friendships,” Bunney said of the split.

10+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag reflecting on her split…

Just Jared on Facebook
heidi montag reflects on her split 01
heidi montag reflects on her split 02
heidi montag reflects on her split 03
heidi montag reflects on her split 04
heidi montag reflects on her split 05
heidi montag reflects on her split 06
heidi montag reflects on her split 07
heidi montag reflects on her split 08
heidi montag reflects on her split 09
heidi montag reflects on her split 10

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  • kraken

    so sad how much shes changed since we first saw her on the hills season 1…

  • Denise

    Yuck – does she just call the photogs up to take photos of her? Everything she does is a photo op.

  • t

    HAHAHAHAH these photos are so generic!! her sad, nostalgic face looking into a body of water…. and that rank jen bunnney got work done too

  • Luntek

    whoaaa barbie xD

  • POP!!

    Im actually laughing at this one:

    Can’t believe she thinks shes famous already!

  • mare

    omg who would pay money for these shots?Fraud. ANother show and photog show. poor girl is so dumb.

  • n.o.l.a

    PUBLICITY STUNT!! They’ll be back together in a few days. She should apologize to her MOTHER!!!

  • rachel bilson’s mother

    She always brings the LOLs.

  • Dasiy

    Pitiful girl.

  • I Agree

    Yep, definitely a publicity stunt.

  • Denise

    She’s so far off reality that it isn’t even funny – it’s like looking at a car wreck at the side of the road. All of her life is a photo op now.

  • brightside

    Oh please, please, pass the f*cking sickbag…..I feel an upchuck coming on….

  • ef

    wtf? two wannabies, dumb pinky blondes, i cant believe someone want to pay fot taking pics of them! They will always be NOBODIES no matter how many ridiculous reality shows they will made, cause dont have brains, education and self-respect, just nothing, empty barbie dolls

  • scary

    even though we love to hate her and spencer, you cant deny that these desperate photo ops are so FREAKING HILARIOUS! hahahaha

  • breakfast at jennys

    What is wrong with you, Heidi? You used to be so beautiful and you actually had fans when you first started in the reality tv show… now your just as plastic and fake as the rest of Hollywood.

  • Rocky

    OMG!! Who the hell cares? These pictures are so bogus! Give me a break. She can’t act and it shows in the bloody pictures. PLEASE GO AWAY!! THEY SHOULD BOTH JUST GO AWAY!!!

  • Mer

    What are with the “woe is me” facial expressions in several of the pics? That is just milking the situation for every dollar it is worth. If she were really mourning the possible end to her marriage, she would most likely look like a wreck ( no make-up, hair a mess), rather that look like a Barbie Princess. As for feeling as if she has spent too much time with her husband? Guess what !? You are married…you are supposed to spend lots of time with your husband. That’s how it works.

  • fifi

    Umm…didn’t she get plastic surgery to look BETTER? Her chin is freakin’ HUGE! It looks horrible!

  • arminette

    The worst is that it makes me laugh more than pity! I really think we can not expect anything from her, but us entertained with her stupidity…

  • whitney

    an obligation??? more like a contract.

  • Girlieboy

    She will always have a horse face. No plastic surgery can change that.

  • Alaia

    Reflecting on her split…by posing for a photo-op?

  • Ella

    Anyone with half a brain know that Heidi CALLED the paps to take her photos and her Z-list friend
    That fake sad face is just too pathetic

  • pre-raph

    HHAHHAHAAHAHAA these photos! really have made my day!

  • xxxxx

    Hahahahahha, she is hilarious…… everyone that knows her (not many cos she’s z-list) think she’s a joke hahaha shes a joke to everyone

  • Lilian

    New spin-off brewing … She is a poor excuse of a girl. Sad and tiresome.

  • LOL

    Heidi has on her sad face. Cry me a river.

  • Beansi

    Heidi’s mind “I think I’ll stand here and pretend to look sad, wait, I’ll sit here and reflect, oh wait I’ll try and look sad over here. Shit, how will they know how I feel since I can’t move my face?!?!?!”

    What a loser, LMAO. As if anyone cares about her and that freak she’s married to.

  • Kris

    Seriously????? Stupid staged photo shoot !!!!!

  • chelsea

    Jen Bunney, lol… blast from Laguna Beach past.

  • GossipGirl

    Come on guys….she might really be sad about this…’s just that her face muscles can’t properly frown anymore :(

  • So Judgemental

    Ok.. from the moment they announced the psudeo seperation that was not legal in any way but just her taking a “time out” to move in with a psuedo “show” friend and pitch a pysudo reality show.. I thought for maybe a split second that just perhaps Heidi was coming to her senses and realizing that she was an absolute joke idiot for the manufactured over the top lame PR exposure she had as part of Speidi..

    NOW THIS..

    Heidi.. you are an idiot. Your life is not some kind of performance art piece. Acting sad in set up photos is not acting. You are not talented as an actress. Stop. Get help. Seek professional psychiatric help. Go back to Colorado and attempt to rebuild a life that is substantial and real. Please. Before you end up like Dorothy Stratton or Phoebe Prince.

  • Woe~Pony

    What a shallow, silly and certainly a mentall ill person. It’s too bad our media continues to feed her illness by giving her attention. She needs some serious help not a photo op! This sad, sad woman is a very sorry comment on our values as a society.

  • Jack


  • snap

    @GossipGirl: rofl :3

  • idy

    no JLo sexy behind. Not sexy even with huge pillows front and back.
    only good thing here is the mop-loking little doggie in the pic.

  • Mary beth

    Okay JJ you need to stop posting pictures of her it’s giving her attention she wants, she just needs to go away!

  • Joel McHale Groupie

    She is ridiculous.

  • L.

    LMAO! @ The Pictures!!!
    Hahahahaha!! What a dumb ass

  • Baby

    So THIS is suposed to be a private moment between two friends, And THESE are “candid” pictures of these two women?
    I don’t know what ia worse, Them for doing this or Jared for posting it.

  • Ang

    ROTFLMAO! So hard.

  • yeah

    Jared, you should really quit posting about this pathetic girl. The more posts, the longer it takes for her to go away. She’s a joke.

  • Jeff

    Lol! What is she thinking?? I wouldn’t be surprised if she hired the photographer for this.

  • Susan

    Girl’s day out? More like a staged photo shoot.

  • Doh

    she is a mess and looks like a TRANNY

  • ummahyk

    =))=))=)) this is just so incredibly pathetic=)) i don’t know whether to laugh or to cry..but for know..i am so much laughing=))..HOW STUPID=))

  • Toni

    So umm Heidi if you were going to do a “I’m separated and sad, but trying to move on” photo shoot, at least take your wedding ring off. She looks desparate along with Jen and they both need to get a life.

  • Shannon

    Her face looks a hell of a lot better here than she did on her People cover reveal of her plastic surgery. It’s much more natural and closer to her before look than we all first thought it would be considering how swollen and awful she looked back in January and when she saw her mom. One of the pics shows a wrinkle so it looks like the botox is wearing off which is great since she never should’ve gotten it in the first place. I hope she doesn’t start messing with her face again. She’s lucky it didn’t turn out as bad as we initally thought.

  • Francee

    Oh, please! This is just TOO funny! Maybe these photo-ops were meant to catch Michael Bay’s eye, to show him that she can act SAD and MOPEY.


    Seriously, BAD acting.