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Jennifer Aniston: Crystal + Lucy Awards with Courteney Cox!

Jennifer Aniston: Crystal + Lucy Awards with Courteney Cox!

Jennifer Aniston comes out to support her BFF, Friends co-star Courteney Cox, at the 2010 Crystal + Lucy Awards: A New Era held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Tuesday (June 1) in Century City, Calif.

Courteney, 45, was honored with the The 2010 Lucy Award for excellence in television! She was seen rubbing shoulders with High School Musical hottie Vanessa Hudgens.

FYI: Everyone wore black! Jen donned an RM by Roland Mouret “Phoebe” dress in black jersey and both Jen and Courteney wore Jennifer Meyer Jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox at the Crystal + Lucy Awards…

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Credit: FayesVision, Jason Merritt; Photos: WENN, Getty
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  • LoveisAllYouNeed

    Courteney Cox is great! She is really funny!

  • Kelly

    I can’t stand this old Aniston.

  • Dani

    Friends 4ever…

    Courteney looks gorgeous as always!

  • George

    Aniston looks like hell – she is looking like the AGING girl next door.

  • Lisa

    Jennifer will find someway to make it all about her and slip in some comments about her divorce.

  • Kelly

    Time to lay off the sun a bit.

  • Tim

    Yawn. Does anyone actually care about these two?

  • Jullia

    So boring, so old looking.

  • Alex

    Boring is right.

  • Sue

    Aniston will find someway to make sure the entire evening is focused on her.

  • Liza

    I am a fan, but don’t like all the silly contorted faces Jennifer is always making.

  • why oh why

    Why is this not a CCox thread, SHE IS THE ONE WHO IS BEING HONORED. CCox looks great, great well fitting dress, she was always so pretty and is aging so well. Disrespectful to CCox as usual. So tired of this.

    No comment on the one whose name appears in the thread first and who is always clinging on to whomever she is standing next to like she can’t stand up. Ugh!

  • monica

    Aniston better stop messing with her face, she might not be recognizable in a few years. She still doesn’t know how to take a picture. Stop drapping your arms around cox and let her get an opportunity to take a good picture too….the way Cox and Vanessa is how you do it professionally.

  • Johnny

    Jennifer Aniston cannot be any hotter!!! Wow, wow and wow!!

  • classic beauty

    Courtney Cox is a classic beauty.

  • PH

    Wow, all black! Who wears all black to an awards show? — Thought I’d throw this out there for those who always criticized a certain lovely, porcelain-skinned, OSCAR-winning actress whose favorite color is black.

  • canadiangirl

    So great to see that Courtney and Jennifer and still really great friends!

  • dianad1968


  • fan

    Great to see best friend Jennifer there to support Courtney for getting her award. These two are friends for life.

  • anonymous

    jen is so ugly

  • truth is

    wow! Courteney Cox followed Angie’s hairstyle . that was Angie’s hairstyle last Golden Globe 2009 award. Courteney looks great . she looks classy and elegant. well, that’s what you look like when you admire a classy woman. good for Courteney at least she follows Angie not her BFF

  • African Girl

    There she goes with the two hands death grip on CC (like a child trying to lay claim on something). Even DA does not hold on to his wife like that on the red carpet…I guess he’s got nothing to prove. JA on the other hand, now she’s got to let the world know she has a personal relationship with CC (or whoever she got her paws on) after all, how else can she show she’s besties with ‘em and so well loooooooved?
    It would be funny, if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • Priscilla

    Courteney looks absolutely stunning, i love her dress and her hairstyle, very classy. She really deserved this awards, im so glad she received it!

  • goldierox


    Writing Jobs

  • lurker

    damn i promise myself never to write or give maniston a hit but i have to say that she really does look like iggy her face is very many and ugly cox looks okay congrats to her

  • ann

    is it me or is JA looking more and more like meg ryan?!

  • Doh

    jen is getting up there looks bad now. too much sun. halle berry is her age and looks nothing like that

  • susan

    Jennifer Aniston is the most clingy person. It’s actually a bit creepy.

    Courtney Cox looks great. I really enjoy her in Cougar Town. Much more than in Friends, although there are similarities with how she plays both characters.

  • exposting the fame wh*ore

    Fame wh*ore Maniston is trying to prove something by going to Cox Lucy award after the rumoured fall out with Andrea and Kirstin. lol famew*ore doesn’t get along with other friends cast only Cox whom she didn’t attended Jennifer’s Lucy Award last year. Fameho needed this one to prove she is still “everyone friend” Not.

  • nfnghfbgrhgb

    @anonymous: At least she is prettier than you….ha ha ha

  • sarah

    Jen looks so classy and elegant… does courtney <3 I adore both of them….

  • lol

    Aniston looks every bit of her plastic and ho self. Where is cox husband or is she married to Maniston now? She is holding her like she is her wife.She is truly Manison.

  • hell no

    big ugly nose,square jaw,manly face she is the ugliest most overated b lister out there cox looks pretty

  • Riri

    CC looks so pretty and so elegant with perfect makeup especially her eyes, and her shoes are to die for. So glad to see her honored by her peers. It is about time CC got some recognition. She is talented and always overlooked. I never understood why.

    JA looks older than CC in the face, all her tanning and smoking has a negative effect, and her feet are horrible in those type shoes she always wears. And why is JA holding on to CC like she is, that’s just odd. Does she think CC is going to run away or something? Just strange.



    Q. It’s really important to you not to be taken lightly, isn’t it?

    A. I couldn’t live with myself if I was going down the Jennifer Aniston route. I’m sure she’s very happy doing those movies, but my dream was always to do great movies.

  • WTF??!!???

    Is there some event in Courtney’s life where Jen could let her have the spotlight on her own? Do you think she stayed out of the delivery room when Coco was born?

  • Sand

    bla bla blaaaaaaa bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaa
    * zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *

  • nice

    this is supposed to be a Courtney thread. ignore Maniston.

  • Patsy

    I guess it’s not a CRIME to wear black after all!

  • This why she’s famous

    she’s a clingy friend.


    Wow her eyes are so BLUE….. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT, AHAHHAHAHAHAH ho my, ho my, my tummy hurt.

    I like courtney she looks good.

  • ummahyk

    aniston has ugly hands and she should let cox take a beautiful picture…you can see from her body language how jealous she is on cox winning an award….bleah.

  • http://guido guido

    Aniston is beautiful on her photos, What class this girl., and that her gentleman back in moscow has his hand on the shoulder of Jen., BRAVO Jen and all my wishes of happiness with your love forever. You’re tired of playing because of a hidden cache of two shits who wanted to be all alone to shine.

  • Chinnefer’s old nose

    Old saggy as* Bit*h.How can ppl stand her. She is so fake and uninspiring. Maniston is just like wonky hilton- all hype,no substance.

  • FYI

    J Ani is so insecure that she would steal the lime light from her supposedly BFF on her night. CCA doesn’t look impressed with all the clinging. Her body language is screaming… let go you clinging hag.

    Why is this thread not about Courtney getting her award. Why does J Ani have to steal CC-A’s thunder again…???

  • WHY?

    @why oh why:

    I was going to post the exact same thing.. This is about Courtney.. yet Jared puts whose name in the title..

    Just like at the GG when Courtney was nominated.. Did Aniston have ANY pictures taken with her BEST friend..NOPE all about her and Butler..

    hmmm yeah some Friend. She was not even as funny as Cox on that show..HECK she was the 6th funniest person on the show.. Just goes to show that TALENT does not rule..

    don’t worry hens. I won’t post again on this thread..


  • WHY?



    the only Aniston friend that told the truth about that marriage.. I admire her for that. And she (Cox) looks lovely.. Sad she can’t just have her day.. but someone needs the PR..

  • LULU

    I guess i will never understand how Jennifer got the movie roles and Courtney didn’t. She’s way prettier than Aniston!

  • Alea and J´alone

    Jen makes Brooke Hogan look feminine

  • Manho

    Aniston is so touchy touchy with the girls…may think she is a clsoeted lesbian.