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Mariah Carey: Pregnant or Not?

Mariah Carey: Pregnant or Not?

Mariah Carey is expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon, new reports are claiming.

Radar reports Mariah already recently dropped out of her next film gig because of her pregnancy (a role in Tyler Perry‘s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf).

Just last month, Mariah, 40, and Nick, 29, renewed their vows to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

DO YOU THINK Mariah is pregnant?? Congrats if it’s true!!!

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  • [marie]

    Either Nick Cannon is going to be known as Mr Mariah Carey anyways.

    Congrats to them both if it’s true…

  • ana

    who cares??????? I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocky

    It would be nice if she were. I like both of them. Nick is such a sweetheart and I love watching America’s Got Talent because he’s on it.

  • Rocky


    I totally disagree with you. Nick is and was very popular before he hooked up with Mariah.

  • Amanda

    Why post your comment if you are not interested?

  • Rachael

    Oh Wow!! I sure hope so. Love Mariah.

  • miss infamous

    Shes getting older so she better try!

  • bethie

    this woman has the mindset of a 13-year-old. if she is it’s going to be a disaster.

  • addfefzxcf

    DO YOU THINK Mariah is pregnant?? Congrats if it’s true!!!

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  • ck_always

    If I was going to be in a movie called “Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf”, I would say I was pregnant too.

  • Connie in Des Moines

    Who Knows?She always looks pregnant.

  • hmm

    she’s old and he’s young . probably wants to pop them out before she gets to grandma demi moore’s age

  • Courtney

    congrats to them I believe she is her face has looked fuller than usual lately like an expectant mothers usual is particularly early in pregnancy as her body is still adjusting to the increase in hormones but it feels like it was announced to early as Mariah has had a miscarriage scare previously and that makes you skittish to announce a new successful pregnancy ask any of a long list of stars that have gone through it through the decades

    Vanessa Redgrave for example granted she also already had 3 young children when she miscarried her 4th and had been nominated for the best actress oscar twice and was on her way to her third nomination

  • hmm

    @ck_always: it will be a disastuh but oh so entertaining

  • mailey

    that’s nice. exciting for them.

  • yo sista

    I can’t stand her.

  • Rocky


    And you know this because you looked into your crystal ball?

  • callmewhatever

    Who cares if she has a young mind? I think her personality is adorable. Geez is anyone allowed to just be THEMSELVES anymore? Does everyone have to follow the boring society’s view of what a 40 yr old should be and do? She’s got 12 years on me but I cant imagine being that age and being any different than who I am just because of a number. GOOD for her if she is pregnant. And to people who are gonna say she is too old to have her first child…….ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

  • sssss

    Nick is like her little is love..congrats to both of them if it’s true

  • tee it up

    she’s not to old to have a baby….she’s too immature. anyone who expects/wants the world to revolve around them will not make a good enough mother.

  • Doh

    nick is a big nobody. how did he get mariah? and he broke too.
    she is worth two hundred times what he is on paper (and that is FACT)

  • Doh

    nick is a big nobody. how did he get mariah? and he broke too.
    she is worth two hundred times what he is on paper (and that is FACT)

  • Doh

    nick is a big nobody. how did he get mariah? and he broke too.
    she is worth two hundred times what he is on paper (and that is FACT)

  • Always be my baby

    Love Mariah , I hope she is indeed expecting. She will be a great mother .

  • ta


    then dont comment you dumbass!!

  • Mike

    Perfectly said!!!! We love us some Mimi and congrats to her, if it’s true.

  • Tiffany/Gucci/Only

    That baby will be extremely spoiled!

  • bae

    I think she is probably just pleasantly plump.. She isn’t called Mooriah for nothing

  • bae

    I think she is probably just pleasantly plump.. She isn’t called Mooriah for nothing

  • Jasmine

    Why do people still care?

  • Courtney

    She is the furthest thing from immature she may have a young spirit that doesn’t make her immature she’d make a great mom 40 is kind of dangerous to start but she’s had a busy career for 2 decades so doing what her personal desires want know should be applauded not trashed

    but announcing it so early can’t be good as she’s had a miscarriage scare previously so you think her and Nick would be skittish to announce the happy news because they feel like it would curse this pregnancy to end the same way ask anybody whose miscarried at one point in their lives how scared they were in their next pregnancy to say or do anything wrong or even get excited because their terrified of going through the same thing again

  • Jane

    Its about time

  • lola

    I wish them both the child they really want. I dont see her as a mother though.

  • hazelnut

    Nick is a PIG. He was guest hosting a show on E and he said he could vouch for Kim K’s a$$ being real, and made some other reference like “been there done that”. Um, we don’t need to hear about your former sexcapades, Nick, and by the way you’re a married man now. Have some integrity. Think about how your wife might feel about you publicly discussing your former sex partners. He’s disgusting and I lost all respect for him after those comments.

  • LL

    I’ve heard of Nick Cannon before and knew he was married to Mariah, read that he basically had to take care of her at times…oh well with the rumors, just that rumors. But, if this is true, good for them!
    I watched that show So you think you can dance? and oh my, Nick Cannon is adorable, a kind-heart and funny. Mariah is so talented and I hope she is pregnant, motherhood will do her good.. someone to need her, not the other way around.

  • LL

    oops, my bad. America’s Got Talent. My niece got me confused talking about those shows. There are too many of them, too many promos and such.

  • blue_moon

    Tyler Perry’s movie is based on a very popular Tony nominated play that had a long successful run on Broadway in the ’70s and has since been performed probably thousands of times in theaters all across the country.

  • iFellytone

    @ana: Clearly you shouldn’t be on here then

  • Cosmy

    she always looks pregnant

  • XYZ

    Simply I dont care and why should I? This world is going to hell, I dont give a damm if Mariah has a new taxpayer in her womb or not.

  • Yum-Yum

    Congrats to Nick and Mariah if you are indeed pregnant. I suspected this was the case when he presented her with that anniversary ring. I look at that as a pacifier instead and his sign of saying thank you for having my baby. Do you haters think that they are PUBLIC DOMAIN and you get to dictate when and if they should be married or have kids? Who give you the right? They are totally comitted to one another unlike other people out there nowadays and I love that. Mr. & Mrs. Cannon keep on loving each other. God bless you and I predict it’s a girl but I prefer it to be a twin.

  • http://myspace dnt worry

    i dnt care she doing her damn yall reAL DEAL press it aint yall so dnt worry

  • Courtney

    you can’t always plan when your going to have a child just ask anybody whose at one point been expecting one only to have the hopes and dreams snatched away by a miscarriage or stillbirth a loss is a loss no matter what

    stars deserve the privacy but don’t get it now a days like they did in the old days like Vanessa Redgrave when she miscarried in 1971 granted her management and studio could buy her privacy because she was a double oscar nominated star and also had three young children already to watch out for correct that would be eight year old Natasha Richardson 6 year Old Joely Richardson and 2 year old Carlo GabrielNero her son with then live in love now husband italian actor Franco Sparanero whom she had met on the set of the movie Camelot in 1966

  • Celia

    She’s pregnant. Fo’ Sho.


    They are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood so I hope the pregnancy rumors are true!! They look so normal unlike looney-tunes -crazy-Tom-Cruise and please-save-me-from-him-Katie-Holmes. I just hope Mariah doesn’t end up like Katie Holmes who dresses her daughter, Suri Cruise, like a little fashion barbie doll and doesn’t even allow her to wear pants (even when it’s cold) or shorts. I think Mariah and Nick will be great parents!

  • Ikem

    i wonder y u bitter idiots r ere if u dnt like her?jealous much.i hope its true…………MC always nd nick u the man so jus keep on steppin on these haters (crush them 4 all i care).u knw wats bad about this?sumtimes we jus decide 2hate ppl for no just cause!.

  • http://myspaceandfacebook not that any one cares

    yeah she might be too old and immature may be if she is pregnant, and had the kid, she will grow up coz with a child comes great responsibility.
    its their life any way every one has their own ways, yeah she is immature so what! am sure you also have vices of your own that people loathe!

  • Jmann612

    Mariah’s pregnant? WAIT WHAT? That’s Crazy . . . but she is sexy. And Sexy Chicks are coooool. Like The hot chicks from Miss Universe that are gonna be on Minute to Win It tonight on NBC at 8/7c! Maybe Mariah can be on there next! Or even the next Miss Universe!