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Orlando Bloom Talks About His Dyslexia During Lecture Series

Orlando Bloom Talks About His Dyslexia During Lecture Series

Orlando Bloom crosses his fingers while talking about his own experiences with dyslexia at the 2010 Adam Jeffrey Katz Memorial Lecture Series held at NYC’s Rockefeller University on Wednesday (June 2).

During the “Dyslexia and Creativity: Two Sides of the Same Coin” lecture, the 33-year-old British actor was joined on stage by Child Mind Institute‘s Dr. Harold Koplewicz.

Orly learned to overcome the learning disability at a young age but it’s still an ongoing struggle. He earned a scholarship at the British American Drama Academy in his native England, before going on to study acting at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

FYI: Orly‘s girlfriend, model Miranda Kerr, was there to lend her support!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom talking dyslexia…

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • gah

    Such a great guy to open up about his own problems.
    His speaking in public about his dyslexia may help others to accept the fact that it doesn’t have to hold you back.
    Orlando earned a BFA at Guildhall. And he is going to be presented with an honorary doctorate from the University of Kent.
    An international star, a ‘doctor’ and a UNICEF Ambassador. Not too bad for a kid with a learning disability, hmm?

  • FR


    Having dyslexia doesnt make you thick. You can acheive all those things and more with or without dyslexia. You dont need to be able to spell to be an international star. If he had became a doctor, a poet, an author etc then he would have acheived something great indeed considering he has a learnign disability. Sure, its good of him to do a talk on it, I have mild dyslexia myself, but please dont make out like anything he has done in his life is great considering he has dyslexia because its acheivable regardless! It may make his acting a little more difficult but everything else – a breeze!

  • N.

    Wow, interesting. Clearly it hasn’t kept him from achieving success. What a cutie.

  • @2

    It’s “a breeze” to rise to the top of your profession, while spending enough time in the care of others that an international organization names him an ambassador??
    It’s “a breeze” to graduate from a respected school with a BFA Honors while having dificulty reading?
    He may not be ready for canonization, but he has achieved a great deal in overcoming his learning disability.
    And if you believe that dyslexia is just not being “able to spell”, then your opinions on the matter mean nothing. Dyslexia is not that simple. I even doubt that you have dyslexia at all after saying something so ridiculous. Being a poor speller does not make you dyslexic

  • Jen

    Come and bash the delphi haters at my new blog, gospel of delphi, click on my name to be taken there, you dont have to join, and can post anon if you wish!

  • Jane

    I love Legolas

  • sara

    I would love to see the video of this!
    he looks beautiful in the pictures.
    I saw on twitter that Miranda was there too.

  • musky bums

    He looks a freakin mess, doesn’t he ever take a pride in his apperance? I always thought this guy has more issues than dyslexia, he is a bit unhinged if you ask me, like, has mental problems! I would say he has ADHD, most definitely, he has the signs, the not sitting still and that cough are signs, I just don’t think he has ever been diagnosed, the accident prone is also a sign of ADHD AND dyspraxia.

  • @8

    Oh, it’s so nice that mental health professionals visit this site to offer their unbiased, educated diagnosis of a total stranger.
    I mean you ARE a professional aren’t you?
    I’m sure you are.
    Because anyone besides a professional who offered an opinion like that would be an idiot.
    You aren’t an idiot are you?
    Of course not.

  • wow

    He’s so beautiful!

  • Jayne

    He looks so GOOD.

  • @8

    He has problems sitting still for long periods because of his back injury and thus the fidgeting. The coughing and water drinking he does when he’s nervous. But thanks for your professional insight. And he is gorgeous as always!

  • ^

    He looks ugly lately. Sooooo sad!!!

  • oh yes

    Such a gorgeous man!!

  • Melody

    Is there a video of this? I was just wondering why you guys say he was fidgeting. Mmmm, and even if he was fidgeting, it makes him more human like the rest of us and all that more adorable.

  • @13

    Uh oh, the Delphites must have heard that Miranda was in the audience . . .

  • Ann

    The interview was streamed live via webcast. He was nervous, but so adorable and charming, and spoke quite sincerely from the heart about his dyslexia and the problems he had as a child in school.

  • M


  • Yes!

    Just saw the caps on OLove taken while he was speaking. He is freakin’ beautiful. Those cheekbones could cut diamonds, and don’t get me started on the curls.

  • Cilla

    Check out the Delphi board….they think he has a “secret” girlfriend in England and Miranda is just a cover for her. Haha! What girl would put up with that — only somebody as desperate as them maybe.

  • @20

    Don’t look for any logic from those loons. They lost me when they claim to hate him and Miranda, but spend countless hours of their lives talking about them.

  • http://whatabeauty... Oh Orlando!

    I saw most to the webcast. I was so sincere and adorable.
    I hope someone out there uploaded this. I would love to see the whole thing. I want a picture of Miranda, always like to see what she is wearing.

  • http://whatabeauty... @20

    I used to check out the Delphi board a long time ago. But then I just could not take all the hateful speech. They lost me too when they claim they hate him and Miranda but spend so much time on people they hate. Thanks anyway Cilla for letting us know what they are up to
    lately, it’s very funny when you hear it from a third person and not have to actually read their dribble.

  • sarah

    I was at the lecture and orly was totally adorbs!

  • jaye

    Being dyslexia can be a lifelong struggle for some. Dyslexia is an impairment in the brain’s ability to translate written images received from the eyes into meaningful language. However, it is treatable. Children with dyslexia need individualized tutoring, and treatment for dyslexia often involves a multi-sensory education program. There are a slew of symptoms and depending on the severity of your dyslexia you could have some of them, many of them or all of them.
    One of the main symptoms that many dyslexics have is seeing letter and numbers out of sequence. Just think if you see the word manufacturing and it looks like numafacturing to you.

    There are different degrees, so someone with only a mild case might not realized how difficult the struggles can be. In the not so distant past, it was harder to get the help needed in order to be able to achieve the things some of us take for granted. Back then kids who were dyslexic were passed over as just not smart. However, now, a lot more is known about it and treatment is more accessible. Many people who have it may not even know. Oh, they know that something is wrong, but many of them just think of themselves as dumb. Even those that know what it is are many times embarrassed because people sometimes do associate dyslexia with intelligence, but it really has nothing to do with intelligence.
    Another person in Hollywood who is dyslexic is Stephen Cannell Some of you might know who he is. He has created or co-created such programs as: The A Team, 21 Jump Street, The Rockford Files, Hunter, Silk Stalkings and the Greatest American Hero. In fact he has created or co-created more than 40 shows, scripted more than 450 episodes and produced or executive produced more than 1500 episodes. With the proper education and therapies people with dyslexia can achieve their full potential. So, kudos to Orlando Bloom for shedding some light on the problem. Maybe some of those parents who thought their child was just slow, might have them tested; even teachers can miss this condition.
    I’m not a doctor, I just play one on the internet.

  • @26

    “I’m not a doctor, I just play one on the internet.”
    I love you.
    Very good information without trying to dignose his difficulties, or claiming that dyslexia is all about poor spelling.
    Nothing like the idiots on page one.
    Orlando has mentioned in the past about being called “stupid” by some of his classmates, and about how going undiagnosed for so long affected his psyche.
    He didn’t give up, though. He just worked harder.
    And just look where that hard work got him!

  • http://whatabeauty... @5

    Jen, I checked out the board and I peeded my pants from laughing so hard. Good job, those haters deserve everything you sling at them, as they say karma is a b —–.

  • @26 here

    That post was meant for #25
    I guess that a post got deleted.

  • @24

    So lucky!
    I wish that I could have been there to see him, too.
    I just think that it is wonderful that he was willing to open up the way he did.
    Just one more reason to love the guy!

  • sasha

    he looks fantastic!
    he is such a beautiful man!

  • http://whatabeauty... @25

    Thanks for your comments.

  • http://whatabeauty... @24

    You lucky girl, wish I could have been there. Did you see Miranda?

  • Say I not

    Thankyou @25 & @26, I would not write it better!

    Orlando is not stupid! I’m 38, have dyslexia too and had already with 12 more IQ as other Kids in my Class. I guess, it’s at him too (not that we be the new Einsteins *LOL*; for this we have the false Education).

  • @jen

    If that blog is representative of the fans who follow Miranda I really feel sorry for her. What did Miranda ever do to get stuck with the likes of you?

    Have you ever taken the time to read some of Miranda’s affirmations? Discover what she stands for? Become acquainted with her personal philosophies? Obviously not.

    You think she’d appreciate a hate site connected to her name? Really?

  • Jayne

    I would have loved to been there. Orlando is just gets better and better.

  • @34

    Oh, a delphi martyr has shown up.
    In other words, creating a site to hate a total stranger is just fine and dandy, as long as you agree with what they are saying.
    Hypocrisy, thy name is Delphi!
    I’m sure that some of you delphites believe in God, right. Do you think that HE would approve of YOUR site? Would he approve of the hateful things you say when he SPECIFICALLY said to “love thy neighbor”? I think that you guys have more to worry about what HE thinks of your site, than what Miranda thinks about Jen’s.
    Besides, there is one MAJOR difference….
    With a few exceptions, Jen’s site is full of people criticizing what the delphites SAY. Delpi is a site (not very full) of people criticizing Orlando and/or Miranda as PEOPLE.
    Big difference.

  • LOL!

    I’m waiting for the delphites to claim that Dr. Katz only mentioned Miranda being in the audience because he was paid to support the “showmance”.
    You know that you are a big star when you have highly respected academics at your beck and call.

  • pb

    Oh, they’re already claiming that his “shoutout” to her was to make up for the bad rap she got for the shoe incident.

  • @38

    Yeah, it’s a riot how they automatically believe that story with no pictures to back it up. But anytime somebody sees them “all over each other,” it can’t be true because there are no pics.

  • OBfan

    Obviously there are differing opinions of how Orlando looks in these pictures and that’s fine. It’s really about being able to accomplish so much even when you have a learning disability and are called stupid. If you don’t think that can screw someone up and mess with his/her self esteem then you are living in a dream world. So good on Orlando for working through this and being successful and giving back.

    Now, back to how he looks – adorable, gorgeous,sexy – any of these adjectives will do! This look may not get everyone’s heart pumping but it sure works for me!

    This is about dyslexia, not the crazies so just ignore them please.

  • Too messy

    Bring back Legolas! I’ve never thought he was goodlooking in ‘real’ life. And that scruff looks terrible on him imo. His features are just too soft to be sporting the ‘manly’ look. And his hair – what a mess! Does he ever comb it – or is he trying to look like Rob Pattinson?

  • Jayne

    HES LOOK WORKS FOR ME TOO. I say if you dont like dont look.

  • @41

    Well to each his own, I guess. Even though it’s practically heresy to say it, Legolas never really appealed to me. It was Will Turner that caught my eye and then I discovered the man behind him. And just WOW! And, no, thank God, he looks nothing like RP to my eyes.

  • Andi

    Many a fanfic has included a description of those “unruly curly locks,” so somebody must find them pretty sexy!

  • Rocks

    I was really impressed with the lecture. Orlando was very down-to-earth and sweet, and seemed so caring. He especially wants to help kids as evidenced by his UNICEF work. He just lit up when talking about it. And his words at the end to parents of children with dyslexia and to the kids themselves were really touching.

  • @41

    Too each his own, but how are his features “soft”?
    Strong jawline, masculine nose and cheekbones that are to die for.
    He looks very masculine to me. Unless you mean that a man should look like a neaderthal?
    Yes, he’s beautiful. But absolutely a man.
    And “trying to look like Rob”?
    You see, Orlando is actually good looking. A far cry from Rob. IMO.
    And just so you understand how ridiculous your comment was…. he looked JUST like this when he filmed Ned Kelley in 2002.
    He changes his appearance to suit his movie roles, not to mimic the latest flavor of the month.

  • @46

    You know someone once said he had the most perfect jawline in moviedom, so yeah, pretty masculine to me too.

  • Yeah!

    While I do agree that he is gorgeous, the thing I like most about him is that he seems so approachable and easy-going. No movie-star diva personality here.

  • Amy

    Does he have a movie coming out anytime soon? I miss him on the big screen.

  • @49

    He has three indies in the can. But with indies, you never know if they will get distributed. Sympathy for Delicious premiered at Sundance, and he got rave reviews.
    He will be doing The Three Musketeers, which starts filming in August/September. That’s a studio picture, and it is already set to be released next Spring.