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Daniel Craig: Samy's Camera Sexy

Daniel Craig: Samy's Camera Sexy

Daniel Craig chats away on his cell phone as he leaves Samy’s Camera Shop on Tuesday (June 1) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old Bond actor, Bruce Springsteen and the Dalai Lama were spotted at NYC’s Le Bilboquet restaurant.

It was just announced that Adam Beach has joined Daniel in Jon Favreau‘s Cowboys and Aliens, which also stars Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell and Paul Dano.

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Credit: Clicksnap; Photos: Buzzfoto
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  • alex p

    first?:D damn those jeans…

  • bjorkson

    Gorgeous. :)

  • Amelle


  • Leila

    He is so FIT for his age

  • whatever

    i’d hit that

  • wendy

    Soooooo Gorgeous

  • rachel bilson’s mother

    It’s always refreshing to see TALENTED A-listers on this site Jared.

  • sian jackson

    he is hot

  • a nice set-up

    “The 42-year-old Bond actor, Bruce Springsteen and the Dalai Lama” walk into a bar….


  • Too bad

    Too bad he’s gay. I’ve have a broken heart since hearing the news. Like I had a chance anyway!




  • to 10

    @Too bad:
    Let’s not start that crap on here. Evidently JJ didnt mention it did they?
    It’s old news, get over it.

  • re; trolls

    I see the troll has nothing better to do.

    I hope this thread ignores them..

    Yes, the gay story really has taken grip of the nation hasn’t it? Yes it’s all over the main press and main magazines…NOT!

  • ?????

    Where Sats?

  • ?????

    Where’s his ring??


  • Guinness

    wow. ah, if his shirt flew up we would be able to see the “H”!!! He’s probably talkin to mendel… luckhee!! And he will be fit for the rest of his life… and no doubt hotter than any grampa will ever be!! (step off & visit the vampire remakes!!!)

    I think he loves the idea of low riders. *gasp, I see purple elephants*

    NYC, Bruce & the D.Lam. was sooooo last week wasn’t it?

    thk the gads for a new thread… when the kids get bored, they start fighting… it is a known fact.

  • Seth


  • http://. Gay

    Wonder how his kissing partner looks, does he look better than his fake girlfriend?

    My first post didn’t go through – JJ must be moderating posts!!!

  • :)

    I’m surprised he didn’t nick the bike that was there.

  • Daniel is Hot

    He looks great! Happy and healthy. Why was JJ so late at posting these pictures? Oh well, we needed a new thread. He will be off to NM soon and lets hope we see pictures there. It was great seeing some of the sets from Dream House, wonder if we will see any from this movie?

  • to 18 and 20

    @Daniel is Hot:

    He’s already there.


    Don’t know, why don’t you call TMZ as they apparently have the ‘scoop”.

  • Carrie

    He looks happy. me too!!!!!

  • i just

    love him.

  • :)

    @a nice set-up:

    Bruce ordered a beer,
    The Dalai Lama a mineral water
    and Bond just had Sex on the Beach.

    Thank you..thank you…

  • anon

    @to 10: Why so defensive? Everyone has a right to their opinion. And just a side, gay rumours have been following him since before his bond days. There are many closeted gay men in Hollywood…including A-listers. Like or not, agree or not. It’s been a fact for decades now. Having said that, gay or not, I still think he’s hot. Not for his age, just hot, period.

  • troll

    Blah blah.

  • Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

    EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Craig Closes in on ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Lead

    One of the biggest roles in Hollywood is about to be taken off the table.

    Daniel Craig is nearing a deal to take the lead role in a U.S. adaptation of the Swedish blockbuster trilogy, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” TheWrap has learned.

    David Fincher will direct the crime thriller, based on a trilogy by the late Swedish novelist and journalist Stieg Larsson.

    Actresses including Oscar-nominated Carey Mulligan has expressed interest in playing Lisbeth Salander, a computer hacker recruited by a journalist to find a woman who has been missing for 40 years. That part has not yet been cast, and actresses including Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman have also expressed interest.

    Craig would play journalist Mikael Blomkvist who is looking for the missing woman, Harriet Banger.

    A Sony spokesman said, “We have not offered any roles to anyone nor are we negotiating with anyone.”

    While Brad Pitt has been reportedly considering the lead role, an individual close to the negotiations said that Craig was close to a deal. The James Bond star will fly out to Los Angeles on Friday to have dinner with Fincher, who’s slated to direct the three-picture franchise for Sony.

    The movie will shoot in October, and is slated for release in December 2011.

    His “Millennium Trilogy,” which includes “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” “The Girl Who Played With Fire,” and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest,” has sold over 25 million copies around the world.

    A Danish film adaptation of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” was released last year and has been playing internationally.

    Negotiations between Craig and Sony aren’t entirely finished, but TheWrap was told he’s extremely close to signing. Brad Pitt was also reportedly considering the role.

    Craig begins shooting on Jon Favreau’s “Cowboys & Aliens” next week. “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” would be his next movie.

  • to 27

    Well another attempt at a trilogy for Daniel if he gets the role.
    Hefty paycheck too.
    He really tries to go for the franchises doesn’t he?

    I hope he does get it, Pitt is toast now as an actor.
    As for LA, I thought Craig was in NM but I guess he is flying back today for that meeting?
    Maybe that was the phone call he looked happy about in the pics?

  • FishNChips

    @to 27:

    I wonder if he misses Toronto?

  • to 29

    ok, what has the city of Toronto got to do with this?

  • to 28

    No time to get married then?

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “He’s probably talkin to mendel… luckhee!!”

    Pssst…keep that under your…his low ridin’ belt ;)

    I so love that t-shirt, I want that t-shirt, not just on my bedroom floor, but actually wearing it! Love it!

    (am exhausted, really burning candle at both ends…great fun is had by all)

    to DiH

    “He looks great! Happy and healthy.”

    Yes, I sooo do love his smile (and his perfectly formed a*se!)

    to ‘Girl with the Dragon Tatoo’

    Thanks for the info – if that’s true, depending on how long the filming takes, this would partly take over the slot that was kept free for Bond23…

    to FishNChips

    “I wonder if he misses Toronto?”

    Not the cold weather I would think!

  • Project

    The question is, who pulls in the more movie goers and is a better return of investment?
    Being done by Sony, well, Daniel has the advantage there.
    Sony loves him but again, can Daniel pull off a trilogy?

  • FishNChips

    It’s not cold

  • to 30

    @to 29:

    Dream House filmed there.

  • to 32

    The fact that Bond is delayed could play to his advantage. I think he wouldn’t get a look in if he was filming another Bond this year or next year.

    Maybe Daniel knows that Bond is over for him so he’s trying to get into another franchise?

    Smart politics by Daniel here.

  • Guinness

    HEY!!! Are you ok? Good job? Any muscle aches? drink lots of water…wait, tea…surry ole chap. (what do they call the female chaps?)yes, below the belt, you always top my toppers! I get you thinking down the path of naughtyness… ohgads. down and Dan and belt and top and I have to dream tonight!!!!! I can’t get a clear shot of the shirt… a crane…correct?. Really different for him…and awesome. it is a hit ma-man!!!! the jacket is spot on too! And once again… dreaming it on my floor too!! glad you are back… the kids were getting really nasty and bored here and then jj got a new thread! thk god cuz i was thinking of never coming back without you!! (i think the others got scared too!!!) ah, is he staying in L.A. for the meeting? I guess I will have to research the new movie…huh. yeah, Brad pitt is soooo over. ah?sure. hhmm. Daniel craig and Brad Pitt for the same role? interesting. *pinky to the mouth in thought*

    He will love NM. I would. wait…that makes zero sense. I love New Mexico, and when i win lots of money some how…i will visit. Cant wait to see the set pics there either–good idea DIH!

    watching Invictus… stinks stinks stinks. the story is not powerful enough to celebrate the person it should. but maybe that is the point. Maybe it is about the person watching it to decide what it means to them about the topics it grazes in the movie. the actors are great, the story is noble…It has to mean more.. it was just too important in history to connect with this type of story. made me mad… i stopped watching.

    friday friday friday…talk to you then. is this the audi I was talking about before the sport audi? sats may be driving then, huh?

  • FishNChips

    @to 30:
    Yes it did…he was in Toronto for several months I was just wondeing if he liked it and missed it

  • Daniel is Hot

    Fish – I am sure Daniel enjoyed being in Toronto. We all know how nice and polite Canadians are. Righ? I am sure he had a wonderful time there. By the way, when I saw some pictures of NM, it looks a lot like some areas of my province. If he makes a scond movie of Cowboys and Aliens, maybe he should come to Canada again. I will twitter Jon F and put the idea in his head. If that is true about the movie Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, he will be one busy guy. Guinness I think he is going into the back seat of the car so don’t think the GF is driving; maybe has a driver. Mendel, you are tired all ready and it’s not the weekend yet? You Brits know how to party! Good for you.

  • the truth

    Still a hot man at 42. Really!

  • Fin

    I love his shoes…Maybe N*KE?
    So cute!!!

  • Tattoo

    Well one rumor replaces another.
    That’s great PR at work folks.

  • re sats

    @Daniel is Hot:

    Not necessarily, we have seen Sats drive before. She drove Daniel from the Haiti telethon.
    I think he may have been putting the camera equipment in the back then getting in the passenger side.
    But again why would Sats the pap whore stay in the car?

  • Melissa

    bond is the best

  • GF

    because, she is not there.
    she is being pushed out the door,
    now that he is out of the closet.

  • hmm

    I like him. he’s kind of ugly but kinda sexy all at once

  • hmm

    @Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: that’s weird. I thought for sure Brad Pitt’s funky bad acting behind would be on top of that movie.

  • Phew!!

    It was very hot in LA that day and it had nothing to do with the summer sun! All the heat was from this man. He’s totally sex on legs, can he get any hotter?

  • lol

    the real trolls are the “fans” who can’t believe their idol is gay or bi or dumb..! It’s pretty obvious that he is not straight- so why always thumbs down? because you know it’s true?

  • to lol

    How about the work? Fun? lol