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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Swingin' Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Swingin' Couple

LeAnn Rimes gets carried by her boyfriend, CSI: Miami star Eddie Cibrian, on the set of her new “Swingin’” music video in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (June 3).

Word on the street is that Eddie will play LeAnn‘s love interest in the video — but it’s not true! can confirm that Eddie does not appear in the David McClister-directed video at all.

LeAnn will also perform a fully-choreographed version of “Swingin’” at the CMT Awards on June 9. The song, which was originally released by John Anderson in 1983, will be on LeAnn‘s forthcoming album Lady and Gentlemen. The song can be heard now at!

“When I was a young child, I could be dead asleep in the back of my mom and dad’s car and if ‘Swingin’‘ would come on the radio, I would wake right up,” says LeAnn. “It has forever been one of my favorite songs!”

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Credit: Larsen/Tony; Photos: INFdaily
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  • nativenyker

    Damn, she wont let that out of her sight!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • lily

    Awwwwwww how sweet of Ed. Her feet must hurt from dancing for her video and heaven knows he’s strong enough to carry her. Cute!

  • moving on

    Saw a post saying Brandi is moving far far somewhere. Any info anyone?

  • Raquel

    Th outfit doesn’t do it for me though it seems appropriate for a ‘Swingin’ song. I’m not a red and black person. A fan of LeAnn from day one to the last day.

  • Semal

    Finally she speaks up now Eddie needs to do something they should have spoken out a long ago. Better than never but late. Best luck to you two and the X wife.

  • whatever

    the song sux and her shoes are super tacky

  • waves & sea

    Did Eddie and his x sell the house? Is that why she’s moving. Good to see this getting some momentum towards completion.

    LeAnne has a nice twitter page open. LOOOVVVVEEE LeAnne!

  • Raquel

    The song is liked very much by many and has received good reviews. Agree with you about the shoes. Ick

  • tala

    That’s a really funny picture with Eddie carrying her through the park. Do her feet ache or is he playing Tarzan or she twist an ankle? Done for our amusement?

  • CUTE

    I find them cute together.
    they seem really in love with each other, which I’ve never seen when they were with their exes.

  • Malorie

    soo cute

  • crazylove

    She has strengthened her arms and legs to where she looks athletic but not bulky. Good job, LeAnn. I like the new song but I want her own songs more.

  • Joey F.

    Hey gang and fellow Le fans keep at the good fight. You got me behind you all day, all the way!

  • lisali

    Those pics of Eddie holding her are pretty hot…lol.

  • Trina

    Looks like this will all be wrapped up soon. All LeAnn has to do is payoff Brandi and she can begin a new life. 3-5 million should be about right. If Brandi moves more than an hour away, the kids will never see their father, unless LeAnn stalks her to the house lol.

  • lily

    Has anyone seen her People article besides me? I thought it was honest and courageous of her to put that out there. Go team Le!

  • Brenda

    LeAnn got butchered on the web for that lawsuit against Brandi. The only support she got was obviously from her PR people. No one is buying this “I got what I want so that’s all that matters” junk. Her career is finished.

  • lily

    Doubt there are any pay offs Trina other than what the court orders. Time to move on.

  • A Poem For LeAnn

    Ode to Lele (aka Wewe)

    I ain’t got my due for some time now, so change be comin’ ‘round.
    Packed my things and never looked back as I left that one horse town.
    Goodbye Nashville, so long fans, gonna sell that big ol’ house.
    “Who’s sorry now?” oh Patsy gal, I even dumped my spouse.

    In Northern Lights I wowed them, but it wasn’t just an act.
    It happened off the set you know, ‘cause I made sure of that.
    Been slow of late, hard to find, that perfect movie role.
    Last audition, not so good, I broke my stripper pole.

    Goin’ back to Nashville, but an image I must make.
    Wholesome songbird shot to hell, what other can I fake?
    Country don’t eat sushi, nor expensive Porsches drive.
    Gotta act like real country now, if I’m going to survive.

    An album made of covers, performed by this ol’ gal
    Is what the doctor ordered and something I can sell.
    Country’s ‘bout tradition, “Would Hank have done this a’ way?”
    To hell with him, need me a gig, its my last card left to play.
    Authentic country, I must return, its money in the bank.
    The only question left to answer is who the hell is Hank?

  • Jeannified

    Puh-leese! Brandi is WAY prettier than LeAnne, and Eddie just left Brandi because LeAnne is more famous and has more money. He’s a gold digger, LeAnne’s a home-wrecker, and it’s just plain sad. I liked her too…thought she was very talented.

  • ThoseDamPilots(StayAwake!)

    Lele twittered from Bora Bora that she “cried for hours” in her luxury condo for the victims of the Nashville flood (Can I get a hug?), such a sensitive gal who feels everyone’s pain (well..almost everyone’s). Determined to show her support for the flood victims, she took a red-eye flight heading east within days of returning from paradise; what a trooper (God I hate over-night flights). Then, something went wrong. Instead of flying directly to Nashville, she awoke in NYC. The good folks at the Foxwood Casino Resort put her up for the week-end during the casino’s anniversary celebration and the Blue Hill restaurant provided a meal. Lele never made it to Nashville but the free booze and gambling was a consolation. Next month, lele releases her up-beat song (Country Disco I think) at the Nashville Rising Charity concert. Perhaps she will match Taylor’s donation of $500,000… and wouldn’t that be special (Might sell some records too.).

  • Britney

    I think its official that Eddie is a bigger star now than LeAnn. Eddie’s seen by millions every week and LeAnn’s fan base is all but non-existent. When Eddie gets tired of playing with this teenager, he’ll start looking for someone with a little more polish and class…like one of Tigers girls.

  • momitsnotmejayden has a photo of Brandi from yesterday. She’s not lookin good at all.

  • momitsnotmejayden


  • PeopleMagCrap

    She doesn’t think anyone will swallow that stink drink she planted on People, does she? After 18 months of stalking, banging someone else’s husband, and taunting his wife she thinks by “taking responsiblity” for her tramping she’ll be given forgiveness for something she doesn’t regret. Get reall!!! If she takes responsiblity for “knowing what she was doing was wrong”, then pay Brandi her $5mil and get the hell off the stage.


    I read the People piece and was very proud of LeAnn. People, more than the other gossip mags, has a good rep and rarely prints a story unless they can stand behind it. Someone here sounds embittered and foolish with envy. Brandi won’t be getting paid off but she better find something to do. Time’s a running on.

  • Jase


  • Tera

    I read several country blogs after LeAnn threatened Brandi with a lawsuit. LeAnn does not seem welcome in that conservative christian country community. That was much of her base. A few blogs are already ripping her for the People comments. This thing with her and Eddie better work out for the long term because it seems that in a year or two, he will be all she has left.

  • Yvonn

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the one where he’s carrying her. That is so cute! I love Leannn and for her sake may it be the ‘real thing.’

  • anonymous

    You got the day wrong JJ.This happened yesterday.

  • Ria

    “People” just don’t have morals anymore!

  • HelloEverybody

    @moving on: His wife Brandy is much better looking than LeAnn. What was he thinking?

  • Selvon

    Once again the person who promised to love their spouse before God and sticked to that promised is made to seem the pathetic one.

  • Radi

    Where has her heart-broken husband gone too?

  • Rocky



  • haha

    I don’t doubt that they find happiness in each other, but I just don’t like the way they did it. They could have waited at least until they file for divorce and came out with their romance. They both cheated on their spouses, and Eddie has 2 young sons. What kind of a message is he sending to his sons? As a parent, he should known that he’s setting the moral example for his children, and it was very selfish of him to break up the family like that. At least LeAnn didn’t have any children.


    The new Mr and Mrs Smith although I think Mrs Rimes is a lot more available in the bedroom than skeletor cause man she can suck a mean finger!

  • WTH

    LeAnn takes responibility for her actions & says sorry “that people were hurt” not “for the people I hurt”, not “for the people Eddie & I hurt”. Hey I’m happy the way things ended up – ie. Dean was nice & didn’t challenge the prenup & I gots the money. I never wanted to go through childbirth, and altered my chisled body, so I’m just going to take Brandi’s boy (I love giving baths to the 7 year old -give me a few more years -they’ll be all mine – yummy)! The ends do justify the means you know LOL!!!!!

  • Rocky


    Why does Lee have to pay Brandi? Please explain. Thanks!

  • Sndra

    This girl is a bitch!

  • momitsnotmejayden

    hey there alter ego Bassy sass/jayson691……see you’ve been busy but you arrived late. Yip yip!

  • Where’sTheMusic

    I see Le is doing a lot of advertising on this site for her twitter page and link to CMT. I’m sure all the “big” stars have to do the same lol.

  • FunnyAsHell

    Only two of LeAnn’s people are voting but post dozens of comments. Where are all her supporters?

  • HelloEverybody

    @FunnyAsHell: Why would anyone support an ugly adulterer like LeAnn? Eddie will be dumping her soon and she will be a laughing stock.


    There are so many events coming up that she will participate in in the next month. TV, concerts, release of new music. Just love her so much.


    These photos scream white trash.

    Whatever is that in Cibrian’s pocket, a nylon skull scarf?

  • cassandra

    Eddie looks interested and in love with her. The People article is welcome after wondering when their side was going to speak up. The Tarzan photo is just so hilarious. Thanks Jared for providing.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @Selvon: Let God judge that – you aren’t qualified.


    Rimes finally realized every one of her actions was destroying her career, and for GOOD reason. Spin was necessary to attempt to salvage her reputation.

    Congrats are in order to her publicists for the People article. However, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still just a pig.

    Seriously, WHO calls a married man AT HOME for weeks?
    WHO threatens to serve a lawsuit on the wife and mother of his children in their own home?

    Sorry, Rimes, no publicist can save you now.
    Unfortunately, it won’t work. Neither will the one person pretending to be 20 people praising you here, on this silly site.

    Rimes isn’t only an adulterer, she was a Sherman tank bulldozing a family until she got her victory.

    Congrats LeAnne! However, your C list career isn’t going up now or ever.

  • Nels L.

    Cutie and her cave man is what that one photograph evokes as an image. My family shall always support Le ann. Come over to my country soon I think you have never have held performance in Europe.