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LeAnn Rimes: I Take Responsibility for Everything I've Done

LeAnn Rimes: I Take Responsibility for Everything I've Done

LeAnn Rimes has spoken out about her divorce from Dean Sheremet and her affair with then-married actor Eddie Cibrian.

“I did one of the most selfish things that I possibly could do, in hurting someone else,” LeAnn told People, adding, “It was very emotionally driven…I never once thought what I was doing was okay.”

“I take responsibility for everything I’ve done. I hate that people got hurt,” LeAnn concluded. “But I don’t regret the outcome.”

For more from LeAnn, pick up the newest issue of People magazine!

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  • helga t.

    God bless you LeAnn for apologizing! We love you out here and what you just said redeems you. May you and Eddie have a good life together.

  • Ivy L.

    Awwwwwww good for her. Now everybody get on track and work together for the welfare of commitment and peace.

  • Joey F.

    That’s my doll. Don’t do it again. Many of us have done something to hurt another but if we learn from it we will be forgiven. Love you doll.

  • Gs

    I’d like to see a world where husbands and wives do NOT hurt each other, especially when they have kids. However, at the same time, I realize how powerful attraction is. Maybe the best way to handle extramarital affairs is to be honest from the start. TELL your husband/wife that you’re attracted to another person and want to possibly leave them. DON’T tell them after you start a secret affair. People forgive husbands/wives loving other people, but lying and making a fool out of them is childish and disappointing.

  • memememe

    i personally don’t agree with what they did – but at the very least Leann admits she was in the wrong. It’s terrible to cheat on your husband and with a married man with children, no less – but hey, we only have have one life and if they couldn’t imagine living their lives without one another, then i guess i understand that she doesn’t regret the outcome. I just hope their happiness together is worth all the condemnation they’ve brought upon themselves.

  • Hello USA

    Please start a family soon with Eddie. i read where the X is moving far away so he won’t see the children but a few weeks every year. So you two hurry up and make a beautiful family. Muck luck.

  • Hmmm

    I can respect that answer

  • foxtrot

    Ok now go make some music for your listeners.

  • trading up

    It would have been better to divorce first but they have company

    AJ & BP
    JLo & Marc Antony
    Paul & JoAnn Newman
    Tori & Dean
    Reba McIntyre & her mate
    Johnny Cash & wife
    Ronald Reagan & Nancy

  • Janis

    That’s a great picture of them. Stay faithful to each other this time or do it differently.

  • lily

    Divorces must be coming close. Sweet pic! Cute pair.

  • layfee

    Well, of course, she doesn’t regret the outcome! She ends up with the guy she wanted! Her ex-husband probably regrets the outcome a lot!

  • Joey F.

    Got tickets for one of your summer concerts because I never get tired of your lungs. Met her once in a meet and greet. Even prettier in person and sparkling blue eyes.

  • Janeth

    Obviously you didn’t feel that bad because you couldn’t even wait for the divorce! You s.l.u.t. bag w.h.o.r.e.

  • Jess

    I just love LeAnn even more for saying that. I’ve been hoping for LeAnn and Eddie since I saw Northern Lights and even though I didn’t agree with what they did everyone have to agree that they look happy together and neither one of them did that with their ex.s

  • Girl Please

    Check out the comments on the people link..the PUBLIC is not buying it lol..tell me again are all these commenters on gwen and betty

  • Liz

    What a wh*re. To sleep with a married man, with CHILDREN! She broke a family, and now is sooooo happy. Bitch.

  • gwen

    Where did Leann apologize? All the public heard was that Leann thinks it’s okay to cheat if one thinks that their marriage or the marriage of the other person is broken. She does not take responsibiltiy for her actions and even sounds like she is gloating over what she got away with.

    If Leann was sorry for her actions, she would not have issued the C & D against BG, continue to use her tweeter account to taunt BG using her own kids, single white female BG, recreate every photo of BG and EC, gloat when EC breaks a promise to his kids, stalk BG under the name of WEWENLOVE, and then pay x17 and JJ to constantly spin this farce as some great romance.

    It looks like this is just DAMAGE CONTROL because of the backlash against her and EC is getting worse. If LR was sorry for her actions, then we would not continue to see anymore pda photos.

    She doesn’t regret her affair with EC, now if she felt sorry for what she did, she would regret her affair with EC.

    Wow, JJ and x17 needs to stop babying Leann.

    So how much is LR dishing out so that these tabs don’t find out that EC has been cheating on her all along.

  • Girl Please

    Interesting that all the comments were NEGATIVE and from various facebok users so took it down..couldn’t let leann know what the public really thinks about her lol..comments on here are hilarious as well

  • gwen

    Leann and Eddie are the Sienna and Getty of 2010.

    Remember how Sienna Miller also made a similar statement?

    How odd that just like Sieann M fake remorse for her affair with a married man, Leann’s fake remorse also falls when she is what? PROMOTING HER ALBUM.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I regret that I robbed the bank. Iam very sorry that I walked away with 200,000 dollars.
    It was emotionally driven.I do not regret the outcome.

    I amvery sorry I embellezed hundreds of thousands of dollars from people, widows, old people, young families as a shotty investment broker. I am truely sorry Ihurt people.
    I donot regret the outcome.


    This pr job by her is NOT good. It is best that she and Eddie just carry on and say nothing.
    Ever heard of let sleeping dogs lie. Leave well enough alone. Don’t reopen that can of worms.
    Whatever,something along these lines.

    What LeAnn and Eddie did was shotty.
    Yeah, they are not the first and wont be the last in show biz or elsewqhere.
    Read online Amy Grant’s determination , ;love at firstsight when she saw Vince and knew he was the one for her. Her own words.
    nevermind he was married and she was too. On Vince’s part, ummm Janice Gill, who the hell was that !?!??

    LeAnn just dropped her lawsuit of defamation of character against Brandi Glanville.
    Yep,, she sued Brandi and Edie thought that was a great idea..supporting LeAnn 100%!?!??!?!?

    Whatever. Time willtell.
    Vince and Amy are holding on.
    Will Eddie and LeAnn stay???
    Eddie isno good and cheated a few times on Brandi.
    LeAnn is a big fish with pr,fame,and fortune and Eddie has gone from just another pretty boy actor to a well known name now since running after LeAnn..

  • gwen

    Leann says EVERYTHING happens for a reason, so then she should just accept the fact that the public does not like her and Eddie and stop paying JJ and x17 to take these “EC loves me because…” photo-ops and isn’t using her for money because he kisses her or picks her up.

    In her case, her affair with a MARRIED MAN happened because she was too insecure to go out and find a man on her own and because EC is a man who will do anything for MONEY.

  • Chloe

    If it was never okay then why did she do it in the first place? Sheesh.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I don’t agree with Gs.

    However, Eddie cheated on Brandi. LeAnn knew she was after Eddie from day one,so why not just divorce up first and then carry on.
    That is really shotty.

    Cpountry Music and LeAnn’s fans and radio, etc. will take LeAnn as gold.

  • zach

    stfu woman, what a phoney. she has zero remorse and eddie is blind. why would he leave such a gorgeous wife for this ugly t w a t??? he needs glasses. omfg, these two behave like idiots in public.

  • jillie

    Is it true Brandi is taking her kids far away to make Eddie suffer?

  • truvy

    She’s essentially saying she’d do it all over again, b/c she got what she wanted. The late apology is just damage control and PR. She’s trash and they deserve each other.

  • sarahc

    I have to respect the fact that she apologized, but still. What her and Eddie did was just wrong. And I feel so sad for his children. I would be very dissapointed if I found out my father had an affair.

  • AutumnM

    I think Lee Ann is just trying to repair her image. I mean it’s at least good of her to apologize and I have give her props for that, but I don’t feel that she’s genuinely sorry. I think she probably has a new album or project coming out in the future so she’s trying to repair her image now.



    Just stop talking.

    People who hire Publicists to advertise adultery are beyond the edge of indecency.

    No one who isn’t a deranged fan is listening or falling for this pitiful spin.


    What a fcuking BI*CH!!!!!!!

  • jackie

    I believe her and if we want to be forgiven we also have to forgive

  • nombre

    Luv you LeAnn . Your fans will never desert you. Bless you!

  • Jack

    She is such a selfish phony. These trashy two deserve each other.

  • Poppycock!

    Rimes finally realized every one of her recent actions was destroying her career, and for GOOD reason.

    Ergo, spin was necessary to attempt to salvage her reputation.

    Congrats are in order to her publicists for the People article. However, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still just a pig.

    Seriously, WHO calls and texts a married man AT HOME for weeks, AFTER he goes home to reconcile? Thw wife had enough and told the truth about you, texts included.

    WHO threatens to serve a lawsuit on the wife and mother of his children in their own home?

    Sorry, Rimes, no publicist can save you now.

    Unfortunately, the spin won’t work.

    Rimes isn’t only an adulterer, she was a Sherman tank bulldozing a family until she got her victory.

    Congrats LeAnne!

    However, your E list career isn’t going up again, now or ever.

  • May they rot together

    she makes me sick!!!!!!!! men are freaking DOGS you expect WOMEN to be at least classy and faithful!!!!!!!!!!!

  • betty

    Where is Eddie;s apology,wasn’t he involved also/This apology is a phony as Leann is.First,she sues his wife because she didn’t like was she was saying.But now she is apologizing for hurting others..PULEEZ I think not .But a smart PR move ‘Threaten to sue the wife and then apologize. If she wasn’t all over the net it might be believable if it was not so obvious but she has about 3 threads on JJ alone doesn’t she.Her album and video is being released this month and maybe she thinks this might help .She already knows it has been panned by one critic. But her loyal fans will support regardless but to the rest of us thumbs down.

  • AutumnM

    @May They Rot Together

    Honey, these two DESERVE eachother. They both hurt their spouses, not to mention that there are children involved here (In Eddie’s case). Lee Ann is pretty heartless to engage in an affair with a married man with kids, but Eddie is even worse as he is the one who actually took the vows to be faithful. But both of their actions were dispicable. I think their former spouses are better off without these two.

    As I said, these two deserve eachother.

    The only people i’m rooting for and wish well are Eddie’s kids, his former wife and Lee Ann’s former husband.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Poppy cock, you forogt about the meeting Leand Ed had in aMalibu home arranged by a friend…or their meeting at a Lkers game.

    They both palyed Dean and Brandi for dummy’s and toadd insult, LeAnn, with Eddie’s blessing, sues Brandi for Defamation of Character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lkdjnv

    shell regret the outcome when theyre not together anymore and shes alone.

  • gwen

    People mag says that this is the first time that Leann has spoken about her farce with EC, but that is not true. Remember the golf photo-op, LR and EC spending Christmas together, LR pole dance, EC and LR trip to Mexico with the kids, and that fluff piece about how EC and LR shared lunch?

    Leann even paid Daily Mail to say that this was her first public kiss with EC.

    Leann is trying to rewrite history.

  • wut.

    You can tell she is happy, she is starting to gain her weight back. Girl better tighten ship or Eddie will be on to the next one.

  • Dawn

    Oh please. She doesn’t take responsibility. If she and Eddie took responsibilty for their actions, they would lie low and not flaunt their relationship in situations where it is obvious that they have called the paps. People who take responsibility also don’t go to tabloids like People magazine. Leann is looking for validation for her shenanigans. She will get that from People. They do it with Kate Gosselin and Heidi Montag.

  • Cherie

    @trading up: Brad & Angelina
    Ha & Ha

  • nata

    What they did was wrong in so many levels. If you don’t love your spouse you have to be hones with him or her and ask for a divorce, and if you love a marry person do not pursue anything until they are divorce, or you know for sure they are separated. He had kids and didn’t think of the consequences of his actions. I”m not saying that they are this evil people that deserve the worst in life, but their actions were in deed despicable. Being in love is no excuse to hurt others.

  • Dawn


    He’s not apologizing because he doesn’t have a new CD coming out. Didn’t someone say in the other thread that she has new music coming out? That’s why she is doing this. Not because she is genuinely sorry.

  • Erin Renee

    People are not perfect!!! Which one of us has not hurt someone that we love?? Who are we to judge he??. Yeah I think that she apologized and put out her statement because her album is coming out soon. I also think that its ridiculous that she should have to do that. LeAnn didn’t hurt us, the public. She doesn’t owe us anything. I’m sure that she has worked to repair the relationships in her life privately. And now she has done it publicly too. Lets move on and let the girl make some great music!!

  • nombre

    Anyone else see the latest photo of Brandi. Terrible, just terrible. She has aged terribly. It’s on

  • Dawn

    P.S. Her new single premieres June 21st. She twittered last week how she had a new album coming out.

    That’s why she is coming out with the apology now.

  • sam

    Where’s Brandi moving too? SF, Sac, SD? Anyone know? No more HW for her I guess. Too old to snag a HW hunk, me thinks.