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Miranda Kerr Sits In On Orlando Bloom Lecture

Miranda Kerr Sits In On Orlando Bloom Lecture

Miranda Kerr donned a pretty off-the-shoulders sundress at the Ellen and Howard Katz-hosted cocktail party for the 2010 Adam Jeffrey Katz Memorial Lecture Series in NYC on Wednesday (June 2).

The 27-year-old Victoria’s Secret model came out to support her boyfriend, British actor Orlando Bloom, who spoke earlier in the day at Rockefeller University about his own experiences with dyslexia.

READ: More on Orly’s dyslexia lecture series

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Credit: Chacne Yeh; Photos: Patrick McMullan
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  • skipper

    sooooooo pretty here!

  • xxx

    She is such a beautiful girl…….. I hope she is just as nice on the inside… :)

  • mailey

    ew, ok she is not attractive.

  • lovely….

    She’s so beautiful…amazing blue blue eyes and gorgeous skin
    just stunning… the dress.

  • yay

    Love her!
    She and Orlando make such a beautiful couple.

  • gorgeous!

    She is so beautiful!
    I’m glad that she could be there to support Orlando.

  • @3…mailey

    LOL….unattrative….yeah right!…..more like a bad case of the green eyed
    monster…..jealous much???……Miranda is beautiful, get over it!!!

  • Cora

    its kind of disgusting how this chick poses nude left and right…her and kate moss are nasty when it comes to that…dont they have any modesty??????


  • @cora

    Actually. EVERY model is guilty with posing nude “left to right”. EVERY. Or at least almost every, you probably just focus more on Kerr and Moss’s careers. ;)

  • @7 yeah you are right

    You are right Miranda Kerr is attractive, but that is ALL she is. She makes money taking her clothes off and pouting to a camera. She is not saving lives here. She isn’t the one giving a lecture, Orlando is. She can’t string two different words together if she tried.

  • LOL!

    Well, I see that they delphidiots have arrived.
    So predictable.
    Isn’t it interesting that those sad losers find information on her even before most of her fans?

  • @10

    Actually, she makes even more money by putting clothes ON.
    Clothes like Prada, Jil Sandler, balenciaga, etc.
    And who claimed that she was saving lives?
    No one here, that’s for sure.
    People just said that it was nice that she was there to support Orlando.
    You know, something that any girl would do for her man.

  • @8

    You think that posing n*de is “disgusting” and “nasty”?
    What are you, 12?
    Maybe when you grow up you will understand that the human body is beautiful. And that not all n*dity is pornographic.
    For your sake.

  • sucker

    wow her face looks different, too much makeup?

  • Zaina

    She’s lost a bit of her looks. What happened to her carmel skin and gorgous thick brunette hair. She’s looking pale and plain here. Sorry.

  • zick

    i don’t think she will age well

  • @16…

    Oh please….not age well……she’s 27 and looks 20 with gorgeous
    glowing skin, shiny thick hair and a supertoned body…a very beautiful girl!

  • Ms. Anonymous

    @@7 yeah you are right:

    You don’t know her personally, she’s not dumb, there are lots of reasons why Orlando loves her.

  • Melody

    looks like the same dress she was wearing last year when she and Orlando were making out on that balcony.

  • @11

    Well, I see that LOL idiot has arrived.
    So predictable.
    Isn’t it interesting that this sad loser finds somebody to hate on before we even get off the first page?

  • @20

    Well you delphidiots just make it way too easy for them.
    LOL is evidently a fan, so of course they are on her thread. If you guys didn’t start with your hateful comments, they wouldn’t have anything to say about you, r\now would they?
    oh, never mind.
    We all know that logic is not part of your thought process.
    BTW, the way that you guys follow the internet for news on someone that you hate; THAT’S obsession. And not the least bit healthy.

  • HA!

    I love it when LOL arrives to deliver a smackdown.
    And since they speak nothing but the truth, the delhi people can’t do anything but try to twist their comments.
    I think that she/he is great!

  • Greg_bass

    Why is Freddo the Frog wearing a blue dress?

  • Greg_bass

    Whoever said (above) that she’s not aging well is totally right.
    Those jowls are hanging lower and lower and she’s refraining from smiling too much because she knows she’s got huge crows’ feet.
    Ahhhhhh…….. time for retirement!

  • @ Greg_wide mouthed bass

    She’s so ugly that she is one of the fastest rising models out there. Even at the ripe old age of 27, designers who normally use teenagers are using HER!
    That PROVES how no one wants her. She must be HIDEOUS!!!!!
    Plus that fact that everyone knows that gorgeous, eligible hollywood bachelors ALWAYS date ugly women!
    You must be right!!!!

  • @24…

    Guess what?……saying nasty things about Miranda WILL NOT change the fact she’s stunningly beautiful but simply proves that your jealous, delusional and consumed by hate…

  • Evelyn

    I know a bunch of people will be saying “omg you’re just jealous” to people like me… But I dont know what it is about her face, I just dont find her attractive, (I think its the wide set blue eyes, I think dark eyed women are soooo attractive) BUT remember, its all just personal preferance, there is no need to attack people who voice their oppinion because obviously Miranda is doing just fine for herself.

  • @27…

    Everyone is entitled to have an opinion but it’s when comments
    turn nasty and derogatory toward Miranda that’s when her fans will
    defend her. Saying you don’t like her looks is one thing but some
    cross the line by calling her a sl*t, a wh*re and hope she dies…..the reason they do it is simply because Orlando is her boyfriend….that is just sick and twisted!

  • @27

    Having opinions is great. Differing tastes and opinions make the world go round.
    But there is a HUUUUGE difference between stating an opinion respecfully as you did, and hurling nasty insults like some of the others are doing.
    If they attack, they can only expect to BE attacked in turn.
    If they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it out.

  • hee

    Comment twins!

  • Ferula

    I’m so glad that this skank hasn’t been chosen for Transformers….. she must be devasted that beautiful Rosie got the role!

  • lar

    @Cora: \i totally agree with you on that it’s not like she’s done it once it’s constant it makes her seem like gutter tra\mp. She’s pretty put up close her face is a little jacked up , maybe that explains it.

  • @27

    Now look at the idiot haters on posts 31 and 32.
    Are they just offering their opinions? Or are they spreading lies and hate?
    Their posts are a bit different from yours, aren’t they?
    THAT’S why they get attacked.

  • RC

    Looks like the delphites have come out to play again.

  • Alien_suck

    “she is one of the fastest rising models out there”……. laughed my ass off at this statement!
    She’s been in the business for more than 10 years and she’s still waiting for her career to take off….
    What has she done until now besides VS Shows and cheap nude photoshoots?
    Maybe she worked for a couple of designers but so did another 25.000 nameless 16 years old models from Latvia or Ukraine…..
    She ain’t no Gisèle, Natalia Vodianova or Daria Werbowy (and never will).
    Get a grip!

  • john

    She’s a little nasty looking without a ton of makeup and her body isn’t that good

  • @31

    I’m sure that she is just DEVASTATED!!!
    I’m sure that while she is posing for mags like i-D, Vogue, and Numero and walking the runway for HF designers, she is just wishing that she could instead be working on a movie set with the likes of Michael Bay, in what is assuredly an Oscar caliber role!
    I guess that she will just have to console herself with the knowledge that she will have to settle for contracts with Prada andJil Sandler over being chosen to play the ‘sexy girl in a tight t-shirt’ in a lame action flick.
    All the while, of course, being consoled by one of the hottest guys on the planet.
    Poor Miranda.

  • sar

    When they exploit men like they do women then we would be fine with all her tastless spreads, regardless she sleazy and does not have a modeling career she’s alwasy in her underwear or nothing. Model’s wear clothes and for the record they all don’t do nudity but alot of them do.

  • @35

    Well there’s the hater double standard that we have been waiting for!
    Since it is Miranda that we are talking about, signing with Prada and Jil sandler is now “working with a couple of designers”.
    If Miranda wasn’t signed with them, they would be calling her a failure for not working with HF designers.
    Too darned funny.

  • Kelly

    she is pretty

  • @38

    No modeling career?
    Do you live under a rock? Or are you just so hypocritical that you can’t acknowledge her latest contracts?
    Or are you just so stupid that you make comments on a models career with being informed?
    Or maybe both?
    yeah, I think that’s it.

  • Mary

    Yeah, I feel so sorry for poor, pathetic Miranda.

    Wouldn’t want to be in her shoes during the day, traveling to all those wonderful places and wearing all the latest fashions, or out of her shoes at night, in Orlando’s bed.

    She really does have such a terrible life compared to all the beautiful, successful, glamorous posters here.

  • @42

    I love you.

  • love love love…..

    What the haters can’t stand above anything else is that Orlando is so in love with Miranda….hehe….”she holds my heart in her hands”
    so sweet to hear such words from Orlando to the beautiful Miranda….aaww!

  • Lola_laBelle

    I love how all her disturbed fans are hitting the roof when someone says something negative about her, LOLOLOLLLL!

    If you are so sure that she’s so very pretty and successful, then why are you so desperate to attack those who don’t like her in the attempt of defending her “superstar status”?
    Your insecurity about her success says it all and it cracks me up!

    If she’s sooooo famous and all, why do you have to defend her? Her success should speak for itself, right? ;-)

  • @45

    And if you are so sure that she is ugly and a failure, then why do you feel the need to spend your valuable time attacking her?

  • }

    Oh, she’s NOT naked…

  • @45

    YAY!! Double standards!!!!
    Delphites feel that they are normal when they call a total stranger horrible names and try to claim that she is a failure, yet her fans are “desperate” when we defend her!
    They are at their funniest when they try to convince us (and themselves) that they aren’t sociopaths.
    P A T H E T I C !

  • @46

    Because we have no lives.
    We are a pathetic group of lonely losers who just KNOW that b*tch Miranda is the only thing standing in the way of Orlando begging for our hand in marriage.
    How dare she take what is ours (or Viggo’s)!!!!!

  • @49

    Glad you can admit your obsessions and delusions. Looks like you’ve been surfing the ‘net lately.