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Olivia Munn: Daily Show's New Correspondent!

Olivia Munn: Daily Show's New Correspondent!

Jon Stewart welcomed a new correspondent – Olivia Munn – to The Best F#@king News Team Ever during today’s taping of The Daily Show!

The 29-year-old Munn, who gained popularity hosting G4′s geek-culture TV series Attack of the Show, is welcomed to the show during a taped skit featuring all of the current correspondents — Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Jason Jones, Aasif Mandvi and Wyatt Cenac.

“All of them tease Olivia,” an audience member from today’s taping exclusively told “They all try to size her up and protect their turf, so to speak.”

Olivia is the fifth female correspondent to join the show including Steve Carell‘s wife, Nancy. The Daily Show’s newest addition also has another regular acting gig, her new comedy Perfect Couples, premiering mid-season on NBC.

Tune into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight (June 3) @ 11PM/10c on Comedy Central!

Congrats, Olivia!!!

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  • jm

    NOOOO!! not the Daily Show!!! That show was the only reason for me to stay up at night!! :(

  • Tori

    lets hope she doesn’t make a mistake like this on the daily xD!

  • Erin




  • L

    Ugh, she’s not good enough for The Daily Show.

  • http://j ivanka

    i dont understand why she is so overrated

  • sucker


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • wow awesome

    Congrats girlie!!!!

  • tracy

    no one knew who this f**kin’ girl was until she F**ked Chris Pine..
    yeah she is a Hollywood Ho…sleeping her way to the top…but she’s not the first and she will not be the last….I just wish media stop talking about her…

  • ally

    In other news, I still don’t care about this girl. Stop shoving her down my throat!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …What a fcuking joke. LMFBAO

  • Bradley

    is this gonna be permanent thing? if so she’s gonna have to move to nyc.

  • Eric

    Considering how she is never on AOTS anyways, I guess it’s safe to assume that she is done with it….

  • Whatever…

    Unknown, unliked, boring, ugly, and possibly once a man. Oh yeah, another story about this useless hog. Thanks for paying attention to what the fans of your site DON’T like Jared.

  • offtheproperty

    OMG ! It’s Olivia Munn Again !!! She looks sooooo happy to be here ! haha. She makes me feel happy all inside. I heart you Olivia Munn !

  • Ana

    Is she even funny?

  • Shaina

    It’s funny how all the girls are hating on Olivia Munn.. she’s the only chick in Hollywood right now that has a sense of humor and can make me laugh.. they just did a special on her on G4 and i couldn’t stop laughing.. i’m sure she’ll do well on the show.. everyone loves her on Attack of the Show.

  • Gin

    Haters to the left. Girl is gorgeous and funny and super nice, and while I’m not sure TDS is the most logical choice for her career, she’ll probably hold her own.

  • the truth

    love what you said no.18 she is funny and does have alot acting gigs right now. Really enjoyed her on attack of the show. love her she’s really funny. And hope she do well there. So why rachel bilson haven’t gotten jobs like that? But love me some Olivia munn. LoL

  • mr.squiggly

    The Hollywood Reporter tells it a little differently:

    “Olivia Munn ‘trying out’ as ‘Daily Show’ correspondent

    Starting tonight, Olivia Munn will be trying out as a “Daily Show” correspondent.

    The fanboy-friendly “Attack of the Show” co-host will serve as a corespondent on the Comedy Central series in tonight’s episode, plus likely tape a few other segments over the next couple weeks.

    A Comedy Central spokesperson characterized tonight’s appearance as a “try out,” something the network has done on occasion over the years with various performers. Munn, however, is the highest-profile person to ever do a trial run as a “Daily Show” corespondent (Josh Gad did it a year or so ago).

    The quick-witted Munn certainly seems capable of such a gig. Though between her gig on G4, and her NBC sitcom next season, “Perfect Couples,” Munn’s plate has been pretty full…”

  • Jessica

    she is funny

  • jesse

    Olivia is great. Thanks to the haters keeping her name out there!

  • mailey

    just saw her on the show. she is the “senior asian correspondent”.
    she wasnt bad.

  • Matt fox

    no one knew who this f**kin’ girl was until she F**ked Chris Pine..
    yeah she is a Hollywood Ho…sleeping her way to the top…but she’s not the first and she will not be the last….I just wish media stop talking about her…

    Damn Dude true shit man she ruins attack of the show and now this man BITCH PLEASE!!

  • Bradley

    not bad but not great. i guess she could shoot her segments in la.

  • robert

    Its not real news you loosers. As much as the democratic puppet and obama kiss ass wishes it was. She is funny and hot. I would thin the democratic women(lesbians) would like her on the show.

  • Adam

    Republicans should be ashamed that you came out of your hole to represent them with such poor spelling and uncreative insults, Robert. Slither back into the darkness and take a dictionary with you.

    Munn was pretty funny. Loved Aasif Mandvi’s “ninja” bit.

  • jaceym

    Haha,’ fanboy friendly’, that’s one way of putting it.

  • The Walrus

    I say congrats to her and people need to lighten up because she seemed to do a pretty good job on the show on June 3rd.

  • The Walrus


    by the way, it actually is kinda real news.

  • Kelly

    i love her smile

  • mediacrit

    She’s mediocre at best – certainly looked stiff, and lacked comic timing in the TDS skit last night. But she was cast with seasoned pros who know how to deliver a line for maximum absurdity. I wouldn’t watch something because she was in it, but I don’t feel the revulsion for her that many people apparently do. I mean, really, there are a lot of marginally talented people in media – why get so upset over one more?

  • Mike M

    Yeah, kind of bad really. Watched it last night. Fun to see a cameo and all, but she was just not funny, at all. Evidenced by the fact she needed the rest of the daily show cast to make the report watchible. They might as well never use her again.

  • Diego

    Wow, it sounds like all the people who post here are jealous, possibly fat and ugly girls. You are all probably twilight fans, and sit around wishing you could smell kristen stewarts farts. You people are worthless, and just want to hate. The only reason you could possibly hate her is because she is better than you at life in almost everyway, and because you know your life sucks so bad that you need to spend your time hating people who are better looking, and more successful. I can tell by all the disliked comments about how people like her that this site is for people who want to know that “Jake Gyllenhaal is craving coffee.”

  • Sunrise

    @Diego: Okay first of all who in the world would be jealous of this girl. You know how most half Asian girl half white girls mix correctly and you get a gorgeous creation? Well Lisa Munn is the exact opposite of that. She’s so damned UGLY. And you can smell the desperation reeking off of her. She’s an attention/fame whore. I know a girl who is half Japanese and half German and she is way WAY hotter than Lisa Munn. And she hates Twilight. And she plays video games ( the lastest Red Dead Redemption). So.

  • ZULU

    So damn cool. Finally a female reporter on the Daily Show that’s funny.

  • daifukumochi

    I’m a girl, and Olivia Munn is my hero. Not only is she beautiful, she’s also smart, funny and witty. I also love the Daily Show! Samantha Bee, John Stewart and Olivia Munn all on the same screen? Dream come true!

  • Iker Casillas

    She’s not bad. I’ve never heard of her as I live in the UK but always watch The Daily Show cos its hilarious. “I’m not the new “Always pregnant lady”‘

  • jen

    hey guys…please check out my video comparing me and olivia munn’s asianess (i personally would have been a better asian correspondant. don’t believe me? check out my video…thanks….peace out! p.s. i am that hot in person too)

  • datingsite gratis

    woow! she looks nice :-)