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Angelina Jolie: SUR Birthday Lunch!

Angelina Jolie: SUR Birthday Lunch!

Angelina Jolie has an early birthday lunch with friends at SUR restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday (June 3).

“[Angie] was in great spirits while she ate,” an X17 spywitness revealed. “She stayed for about an hour and left out the back door in her assistant’s car while her security team had a decoy car in front. She can be tricky when she’s wants to be!”

Today is Angie‘s actual 35th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Bigger pics inside…

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angelina jolie sur birthday lunch 01
angelina jolie sur birthday lunch 02

Photos: X17
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  • jb

    Thanks a nice shot of Ang.

  • http://yahoo krissy19

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jb

    Oh, I forgot, Happy Birthday Angelina.. you don’t look a day over……..

  • stellartes

    she is soooo pretty

  • groundcontrol

    Happy Birthday to an amazing woman and a wonderful role model for our daughters.

  • Anon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGELINA!! you just keep getting better!

  • groundcontrol

    This tribute from the Hollywood Gossip is worth repeating:

    Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie!
    Angelina Jolie is awesome. We’ve said it before, and we will again.
    Week after week, celebrity gossip magazines will quote anonymous sources, stir up drama, paint an unflattering picture and try to convince us she is nothing but some callous, conniving, vile beyotch who ruined the life of Jennifer Aniston.
    But the fact mains that Angelina Jolie is a true role model.
    Jolie doesn’t whine about tabloid coverage. She doesn’t Tweet about mundane non-events in her life. She lives a very private, family-oriented existence.
    Aside from acting, the star donates millions to charity every year and tries to avoid attention for it, despite critics’ claims that she does it solely to look good.
    She recently spent time in Haiti, opened a school for refugee returnees in Afghanistan, toured war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on. She never stops.
    If you believed tabloids, you’d think drugs, lies and secret lovers comprised her life. In reality, she’s a dutiful mother who gets involved in important causes.
    THG applauds her, and wishes her the happiest of birthdays.

  • Chinnhefer’s old nose

    Damn, You’re how old? Don’t look a day over 25. Happy birthday, you are a talented,beautiful and intelligent actress and can’t wait to see SALT.
    Oh and black looks fantastic on you.

  • QQQQ

    Happy BIRTHDAY a Phenomenal Woman!

  • Chinnhefer’s old nose

    groundcontrol @ 06/04/2010 at 11:25 am

    I agree. She is such an inspiring person.

  • “BB”

    Well, I see Skanalina is looking as haggard as ever…Her 35 years looks more like a 50 year hag…Boney and unkept looking as usual… You gotta love that huge man vein sticking out of her throat…P.S. she has no friends, so who did she eat with??? If someone did have to sit across the table and look at her ugly face, I can see why the lunch would only last an hour…That’s all her so-called friends could take while they where eating…Thought I was gone didn’t ya????

  • mag

    Who goes out to lunch with friends to celebrate your bday and only stays for an hour? CAN WE SAY PR STUNT. She has no friends….they were probably the hired help. AND, she looks 55, not 35.

  • purple poet

    I miss the pre-Brad Angelina. She was way cooler before him. And hotter too.

  • mag

    UGH!!! I forgot to mention, what is that big piece of “whatever” it is, sticking out the side of her neck. Seriously she looks skeletal!!!!

  • MsNJS

    @mag: How long does it take to eat? She may have stuff to do. They may have ordered ahead. You don;t know so shut it.


  • lucy


    Absoutely, I’d love my daughter to be just like her,an anorexic lesbo homewrecker,,,,,, yeah right dont think so

  • lil

    Happy birthday Angie!!! Can`t wait for Salt. She is the biggest world wide star of all time.

  • Lucky Charm

    Happy Birthday to an amazing woman, wife and mother. It’s going to be a great year for you Angelina, happy birthday!

  • N99

    Happy Birthday to the AMAZING ANGELINA JOLIE.!!!!!!!

  • lil

    Mag, I think that you actually adore Angie, but don`t want to admit it, or you are afraid to admit it.
    Think about it honey.

  • “BB”

    GAWD she looks terrible. I swear the woman has lied about her age. She looks like an old nasty gothic lady. She has lied about everything else in her life. Why wouldn’t she lie about her age. She cannot be 35! She lies!

  • Kirsten

    She looks the same since Tomb Raider. Happy Birthday beautiful!



  • Iggypop twin

    B.i tc.h ! Angie had a career, it could be business lunch or lunch with a good old friend. !

  • mag

    @MsNJS: Sweetie when one is out to celebrate a big event like their “55th” bday, you stay for more than an hour. If she had things to do, why even bother to show up….an hour is not a long time to eat and celebrate. You’ve obviously have never gone out with friends to celebrate your bday; otherwise, you’d keep your mouth shut about things you don’t know anything about.

  • scrug

    the great news is….she eats!!! happy birthday

  • she deserves a good man

    I love me some Angie Jolie! I hope Angie has a good B-day with lots of booze and hot men or women.. whatever she prefers. I know Brad ain’t gonna make her happy…. she gots to find it for herself from a less selfish individual. I bet he forgot it’s her B-day.

  • brit brit’s wig

    akjin @ 06/04/2010 at 11:40 am

    Yuck, such vile sickening views. What the heck does someone’s sexual preference have to do with who they are. Just Jared is no place for backward homophobe racist crazy c-unts.

  • lucy

    Dayum girl needs to seriously eat, looks like olive oil from popeye

  • Iggypop twin

    mag @ 06/04/20


  • “BB”

    I wouldn’t want to hit that! Give me Jennifer anyday. She is everything a man wants. She does not look 35, she looks old as hell!

  • sharon

    Happy Birthday Angie !!!!!!!!!

  • brad


    I am sure she is getting a big surprise when she gets home. I bet Brad set up for her to go out inorder to do his surprise….love you Angie and i wish you the best.

    Ignore the haters those haters must be unhappy in their lives.

    hates we don’t care what you say about Angie …you are making us more stronger fun…

  • WhatThe?

    Her neck looks stick thin. You have to wonder how it can hold up all that hair. Are those the only two pictures?

  • tom


  • she deserves a good man

    @purple poet: that’s true. she seemed way more content and at peace with life back then too.
    Her “newer fans” and haters aka Brad Putz stans don’t understand that fact. They think she’s always been thin… which is not completely true.
    She was at a healthier weight in GIA and Playing by heart… and then she slimmed down to a frightening weight.. and then she met Billy Bob and she was heavier at certain times throughout the 3 years with him…. and then she adopted a kid and she was looking fierce and healthy…. and then she admitted that it was the healthiest she had ever been in her life and it showed…and then she met Brad Pitt and went Back to the unhealthy weight of her girl interrupted days. and then ,and then….

    the truth is she’s gone from healthy thin to unhealthy skinny throughout her years as an actress, and you can always tell when she’s not happy. she drops stones fast and
    only gives the fake smile for the fans who don’t really like her for anything other than being with brad and the haters who hate her for the same reason.
    sad :(





  • Barb

    35? I thought it was 38, 39…

  • mag

    @Iggypop twin: UMMMMM JJ, you idiot….read the article Do pehead.

  • to Tony

    @Tony: then why are you in this thread? Go find a Jennifer Aniston lookalike with burnt leathery skin and have some fun. Jennifer’s are a dime a dozen just like her name. nothing unique about her, but hey, you have the right to like whomever you choose.

  • f


  • “BB”

    Can you say PR STUNT! We all know she has no friends. When you celebrate with friends you stay more then an hour. I guess she has to do something to try and promote her stupid new movie Salt. It is going to be one of her worse movie to date. She is desperate using her
    b-day to promote an already doomed movie. Does she own clothes that sre any other color then black> She is nasty looking!

  • WhatThe?

    @she deserves a good man: If she’s so unhappy with him why doesn’t she leave? And why did she have so many children with him for chrisake? Now with 6 kids it’s like they’re both stuck. They should have used their brains and moved a little slower. She’s still young, she was in no great rush. The woman is strange, that’s all I’ve got to say. I would be more forgiving of her quirks if she didn’t make a habit of taking other women’s men. She stole Billy Bob from Laura Dern and Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston. She likes to steal the men away, single men don’t appeal to her.

  • yezi

    @“BB”: “BB”
    Your soul is very vicious,Beware of jealousy will make you blind.

  • Whodunit?

    SALT is the only movie other than INCEPTION that Im excited for. Happy Bday.

  • WhatThe?

    @Whodunit?: Another movie with AJ running around looking anguished. Anguish is her favorite emotion.

  • “BB”

    I don’t care old the bi!ch is, it won’t make her any less of a wh*re. She does not age well. By the time she is 40, she will look like she is 60. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  • she deserves a good man

    @WhatThe?: Despite what people love to say about her , Angelina is all about family and making sure her kids are happy. I believe this. It shows in the way she talks about her family like they are the light that saved her from complete self destruction. her children are what keep her on the straight and narrow these days.
    I believe she “settled” and chose to make Brad the father of her children because it is VERY difficult to find a man who wants so many children.
    she once said she was at peace with the fact that she would never find that ultimate love to end all loves and if she was single she would only have about 3 children. Brad made it possible to start that football team.
    as For Brad… I think he just wanted Angie. Men can have kids late in life so it wasn’t like he settled. He could have had his children with his pick of women. .
    Brad himself said it wasn’t until Angie that having kids just felt natural for him.
    I truely think she’s more unhappy than he is because he would just ditch her if he really wanted to. he would catch no heat for it. he is untouchable as far as negative press goes. Angie is the one who will stay for the Children’s happiness and will never leave brad unless he leaves her first. PERIOD! Brad has her for as long as he wants her.

  • “BB”

    She gets uglier by the day. She needs to go ahead and stick her head in the ground now. Her days are over!!!!

  • tara croft

    happy birthday, angiie <3 love u!!!