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Chace Crawford's Mug Shot -- Marijuana Possession!

Chace Crawford's Mug Shot -- Marijuana Possession!

Chace Crawford was arrested just after midnight on Friday (June 4) in Plano, Texas for marijuana possession.

The 24-year-old Gossip Girl actor faces a misdemeanor charge for possessing under two ounces of pot, according to TMZ, who also obtained Chace‘s mug shot.

Chace and a friend were caught in the parking lot of a local Plano pub with an unlit joint of marijuana.

He’s no longer in police custody and bonded out of jail.

Last weekend, Chace was in Mexico vacationing with family.

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  • Jessica

    Looking good even in a mug shot! LOL

  • Free Chace

    Oh please, do they have him in an orange jumper? LoL I thought it was going to be a drunk driving offense. My best friend Mary jane is harmless. FREE CHACE! I think I’m love with him now.

  • limoen

    hahahah..getting arrested for pot! he looks so sad, but that ridiculous XD. come on now, smoking pot is not a crime.

  • dsbnh

    Silly war on drugs. What a waste of tax payer dollars.

  • Nic

    Seriously two ounces of pot? LMAO, please call me when you find a kilo of cocaine on him, or he is driving drunk, so boring!

  • Whodunit?

    He looks like he got arrested for Murder. Stupid cops–all he had was one joint. Stop wasting tax payers money.

  • Mark

    The best in this photo is the “Get the look” button on the bottom! XD

    He looks fine, still.

  • facts

    Weed is gross. There are far worse things to get booked over, though. They should not have gone to the extent of arresting the poor guy! And yet Lindsay Lohan has gotten how many freaking chances now?! I don’t like pot, i don’t think its attractive AT ALL. And ppl who rely on it shouldn’t have to. But this is a much larger argument that I’ll leave for another time.

  • haha

    @Mark: LOL!

  • S@n


  • sarahc

    Hahaha get the look! Awhh poor Chace, a lot of people smoke weed but don’t get caught. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Pheonix

    i don’t smoke pot and never will but come on, it was only an ounce if even that. Only in texas, in california they are legalizing pot and so is where i live, in colorado. So texas should be more like those states because the face of the matter is even though pot is gross is far less damaging than alcohol, the only thing that marijuana does is that it lowers male’s sperm count and makes you crave doritos. Whereas alcohol has a whole list of side effects.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    Hahahahahahaa.. They should of gave him a ticket and called it a day. He’s Obviously not selling it.. Even though almost 2 ounces is a lot of blunts. Hahahahahaaa.. Chace gets props from me, I hate people who nickel and dime their Happy-Grass.
    He always looks funny with facial hair.

  • sarahc

    Hahaha get the look! Awhh poor Chace! A lot of people smoke weed they just don’t get caught. I guess he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • sarahc

    Oops! I ended up posting twice. Sorry JJ.



  • lol

    Jessica,that was the first thing I thought!lol..

  • zick


  • brooke

    what an idiot

  • soso90

    he just got drunk 8-| what a big deal?

  • Tori

    ILMFAO!,prob the best lookin mug shot ive seen

  • Hannah

    LOL ‘Get the look’!!! And then you click it and it says ‘Gilt’
    .. either JustJared has a hilarious sense of humour, or thats a brilliant coincidence!!

  • laverdadduele

    What a POS, he should rot in jail.

  • Madison

    He got arrested in my hometown. What a shame. But seriously, for pot that’s a little ridiculous

  • Donovan

    He should have smiled. Mugshots never look as bad when you smile.

  • Kora

    seriously? arresting him for ONE joint? It’s not like he had a trunk full of herb! c’mon ppl, there are real criminals out there that they should be focusing their time and money on. If anything, he’s sad face just shows how much of a good kid he is. My face would have been a combo of “whatever” and hard to conceal laughter, cause this is idiotic!

  • Tricia

    Really…Weed, Let me know when he is doing coke or gets a dui. Good to know there is so little crime going on in Texas that they have the time to arrest him for weed.

  • cecily

    He must have been acting like an ass or the officer probably would have let him go. Most cops don’t arrest people for having one joint in their possession.

  • Amelle

    LMFAO aw!

  • Sara

    this is stupid, arrested, orange jumpsuit and mug shot for ONE JOINT? Thanks Texas Police for using tax dollars well.

  • Luiza

    Oh Chace!

  • Paulie

    He looks like he had a good cry before his mug shot was taken. I wonder what he and his male friend were doing in the car? Ahem.

  • Tina

    OMG this has to be the sexiest mug shot! lol he looks even sexier in jail bad boy!!!

  • Bonnie

    for a joint??? seriously?

  • Penelope

    This is the funniest thing I have read all day. I literally laughed out loud because Chace’s image was pretty-boy, good-guy up until today

  • MyGirl

    He was always my least favourite Gossip Guy. Well the show sucks now, anyway.

  • Mel

    This has got to be the best mug shot ever lol He looks so HOT!

  • RioNemesi


  • RioNemesi


  • Helen

    One joint and he gets an orange suit?

  • http://j ivanka

    Chace Crawford arrested for marijuana possession? No! Why, Chace? Why! Well, you’re still cute

    the get the look buttton LMAO how i hate it

  • Cristina

    we need to legalize the mj!

  • xoxo

    ahha okay so im totally against drug use, any drugs, but common..please spend your time busting drug dealers, or serious crackheads..not someone who is smoking a joint (which they werent even smoking yet)..common texas..this is just bull. Kids in my town just get a warning and a ticket…

  • Ridiculous

    It’s time to legalize pot.
    Alcohol, cigarettes and various medications are just as bad.
    Such hypocrisy.

  • whatever

    wow I hope he doesn’t get the death penalty :(

  • Karla

    This guy is arrested and hauled in over one joint and nothing happens to Lindsay Lohan when she’s driving around drunk and tests positive for coke? Come on. Texas is way too harsh but California isn’t harsh enough.

  • ganymede30324

    My thought exactly! Poor Chace! Way too pretty for jail! (And, yeah, the ‘war on drugs’ is ludicrous.)

  • joe

    this douche probably set this up himself so he could look like some kind of badass cuz i mean seriously all of this for one joint? he probably thinks people will think he’s sweet now cuz he’s got a mugshot. LAME

  • Cindy Lu

    I cain’t believe they put him in the orange suit for that!!! not a big deal! agree with everyone about sexy mug shot

  • Ali