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Kate Gosselin: 'Kate Plus 8' Sneak Peek!

Kate Gosselin: 'Kate Plus 8' Sneak Peek!

Kate Gosselin smiles for photographers as she heads into her hotel in New York City on Friday (June 4).

The 35-year-old reality mama is debuting her new show, Kate Plus 8, this Sunday!!

In the first episode, Kate plans a surprise trip to Orlando, Florida theme park Discovery Cove to celebrate her little ones’ sixth birthday. Kate was spotted in a bikini at the park – check out pics here if you missed them!

Catch Kate Plus 8 this Sunday (June 6) at 9/8c! The premiere episode is a two hour special event.

Kate Plus 8 Sneak Preview

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  • Jason

    Jared. WHAT exactly do you get out of posting about this mediawhore? Does her team pay you too?!

  • scumbucket

    oh lookey, Khate and her boyfriend

  • sindyl

    are you kidding me with the dolphins? have you not seen The Cove?. next time do your homework before you indulge yourself and your children. and shame on your producers and the network.

  • Abbey

    Still on TLC’s payroll, Jared? They’re wasting their money because America still hates her.

  • Jake

    I hate this woman.

  • snooooooze the first episode Kate accepts a freebie offer from TLC to send her and her family, and her nannies,and her personal assistant, and her boyfriend/bodyguard, and her her stylist etc. etc. on an all expense paid trip to advertise Discovery Cove….. all disgused as a family reality show

  • pixie

    this media whore is in denial. 10 years from now when her kids are all hell raisers and getting in all sorts of trouble(courtesy of her insistance that they have cameras in their faces 24/7) she will finally see the error of her ways. i saw a “sneak peak” of her new media whoring show on an entertainment show and one of her kids actually uttered, “were back to normal,” when the camera guys walked back into their house. so sad and scary.

  • susan

    Nothing remotely interesting about this nut and her funny looking kids. Send another family on a trip and film it, and I’ll bet it would be more entertaining.

  • Stephanie

    I love Discovery Cove! I’ve been there once! :)

    And that place is FREAKING EXPENSIVE!!! What a waste when the kids are SO young that they won’t really remember that experience! I was 10 when I went and I kind of remember what it was like. Kate should have waited until they were a little older especially the sextuplets.

  • the truth

    New person to like. Hard working mom.

  • troi

    Never saw Jon and Kate plus 8 and don’t plan to start now with this show. Her 15 minutes of fame were up long ago. Any bit of respect I had for her was smashed and destroyed after Dancing with the Stars–her attitude was so poor, so unprofessional, so bad–that she deserved to be spanked and sent to her room or put in time out until she found her manners.

  • Susan

    Never watched before and won’t start now.

  • anyone

    All the big paychecks start coming in again. That keeps Kate smiling. And I thought Jon didn’t want his kids on TV anymore. Just proves what manipulative liars they all are. They’re so predictable that it can almost put a person to sleep. People never change in life.

  • whatever

    how RIVOTING!

  • Jan

    Discovery Cove is educational and FUN. I will watch this show as I have swam with the HAPPY dolphins there 3 times. They were born there.

  • Annabelle

    Fat fug is back!!!
    I wonder how many morons can’t wait to see the show.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Your site used to be so respectable, Jared. Not you let trolls run rampant, people like gwen and Infamously Cool and you don’t weed out trolls from Jennifer A’s threads either.

  • Isa

    Why are there lots of bad and mean people in this world!?

  • Me


    All you guys bashing her and getting all worked up in your hate for Kate and what a waste of time they are…lol seems to me something peeks your interest or you wouldn’t be here wasting your time reading articles on her and even more time and effort to comment about it all.

    If you don’t like them then don’t watch or waste your time reading and commenting. Rather funny to see coz seems to me it’s the over opinionated judges on here have way more to address in life than her. After all she is far too busy to waste HER time on you reading this drivel. I am pretty sure she cares much less about you than you do her. She most likely will not even give the coments the time of day, where those that claim such distain toward her are spending precious time ripping into someone you really know nothing about, when you could be doing much more productive and positive things in YOUR OWN life!

    Lolol oh the irony! The contradictions and mostly the sorry fact that karma will always keep score, maybe there is a reason some are so miserable and negative? Bottom line, if you dislike her fine (I don’t care for her much myself) but it makes you look like a bigger fool when you post such uneducated garbage that points right back at you for even going there!

    It cracks me up, I see it all the time on these sites. You think any of them even bother to read this stuff? And if so, does it make you feel that important? Would you like to have your kids grow up reading such garbage when they get older?

    Yes they chose to be documented, but it IS how she makes ends meet now, at least she is earning a living and not dittoing home on welfare, section 8 housing ignoring her kids while she sits there smoking drinking and sleeping around, having nothing better to fo than browse celebrity articles so she can bash and pass judgement on a situation she doesn’t really understand.

    Again… If ya don’t like her and don’t want to watch then don’t and for those than not only say this but say they never watched nor plan to start… Ummm so this qualifies you to post criticism based on what? Sheer ignorance and self esteem issues? Umm ya.. Good luck with that.. Hahahaha PATHETIC!!!!!!!!

  • blah blah blah

    My great grandmother raised 13 children during the great depression and made it to tell the tale. Kate needs to stop being dramatic about having 8 kids, which by the way is not that unusual, and get a real job. She CAN do that and make ends meet. The problem with that scenario?…no cameras, no free trips and perks and no “fame.” She is contradicting herselfputs herself out there, then complains about the paps following her and ruining her life. Here is a tip Kate…STOP co-hosting Entertainment Tonight. STOP giving interviews to People magazine. STOP pimping your children on television. STOP making weekly trips to the Today show. STOP running around with a bodyguard. STOP doing everything that you are doing. THEN and ONLY then will people lose interest in you and your kids, thus making the paps go elsewhere. Unfortunately, THAT is probably her biggest nightmare. No paps=no $ and she knows it.

  • Heather

    She’s crazy, but her shoes are cute.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I’ve been saying that.

    Kate lovers cannot seem to realize that these kids are kids and not babies now.They need privacy and be kids having their lives off camera.

    This is a sad situation in the making.

  • manny

    He is bonking her, you can tell by the way he looks at her hooties as he opens the door, he is banging her for sure

  • manny

    @Me: much time on your hands ehhhhh, next time don’t write a book, state your mind if you have one and move on, i just see some gals here who just have a dislike for her not a love affir as you do ya lesbo

  • manny

    @scumbucket: bet they couldn’t wait to get to their room and get all wet n sweaty@Me: much time on your hands ehhhhh, next time don’t write a book, state your mind if you have one and move on, i just see some gals here who just have a dislike for her not a love affir as you do ya lesbo

  • Hi Haters

    look at all the haters keeping Kate relevant and making Kate RICH! Go HATERS! LOL

    Congratulations to Kate on resuming her show with her beautiful children. Silly willys who say the show “exploits” the kids but never have any comments or worries about ALL THE OTHER KIDS on REALITY TV like the Duggars, the Rolloffs, the Kardashian girls, Tori Spelling’s kids plus all the NEW reality shows that are popping up every day. You’re not fooling anyone, silly willys. You’re not concerned for the children, you just hate Kate.

    Thumbs up? Nah, haters can thumbs up the truth. I’m hoping for MANY MANY thumbs down from the haters! The more the better cuz ya know…the more you hate Kate, the more popular KATE gets!! LOL

  • dawne

    Absolutely LOATHE this nasty bish fameho. I hope her ratings are in the tank from day one. Go Away, lady!!!

  • You need the truth

    Some of you have to be kidding when you actually think Kate has a hairstylist with her. He actually works in his own NY salon and on What Not To Wear. She did not have a helper with her this trip. Her friend Jamie was there helping. I find it interesting how people pull crap out of their A$$. Maybe you need to have the story straight before you mouth off ridiculous untrue info. It makes you look stupid.
    If you hate Kate so much and want the media to stop reporting then maybe you need to stop responding to every messages board around about her. You are helping fuel the fire.
    I get so tired of people well my mom did this and My grandmother raised this many. The Great Depression was way long time ago and of course things was different. I can almost bet that many of you who mouth off would jump right in if they was offered several thousand dollars an episode.
    Get a life. You do not know Kate, You do not know Jon, You do not know Steve, and you do not know what the kids think about anything.

    Wonder if any of you have ever seen the family out and about? No I am sure not. All this talk is nothing but talk.

  • oatmeal

    i used to like J&K+8, but the last season and this promo now seem so much alike I wont even bother turning my TV on.
    Im tired of Kates voice, all their vacations, the kids screaming, Mady being grumpy, talks about naps and organic food and how she the best mom bla bla.
    Been there, seen that.
    Make some more babies, maybe then Ill watch. The lack of Jon is not a twist big enough to keep it rolling. Just my two cents. Have a nice day!

  • JustNotWonderingKamiHDianneW

    Yeah I cannot wait to see Kate and the kids. I have missed them so much. Lately I have been holed up with hold flat top stuck her in South Bend. I don’t get many opportunities to leave my trailer. I hope there are lots of bathing suit shots of Kate. Maybe we will get a good shot of her humonguous boobs or her hoo ha vajayjay.

  • Katie W

    Did we not learn anything from The Couve? This dumb broad supporting the capture and awful treatment these dolphins get all so we can “experience” swimming with them. Ridiculous! Just another reason to despise this woman.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    There is absolutely no reality in this reality show. It’s all about freebies, more trips, eight sad kids and a narcissistic, mentally ill mother who continues to sell them out. Please don’t watch this contrived piece of crap that will support this famewhore. Stick a fork in her. She’s done.

  • lilly

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is the promo done?

  • Melanie

    what an anoying woman

  • negrojames

    I wish the show was Jon plus 8, now that would be good, and at the end of each episode they eliminate a child, by shooting them out of a cannon. The children must compete for Jon’s love doing various challenges and tasks, all while Jon is trying to get laid. The child that helps Jon get laid, get’s booty immunity for the night and can’t be shot out of the cannon. Anyone else think this is an awesome show idea? I’m 100% serious, at least just have Jon running around trying to get laid, well better about some whore on her period.

  • skorstensstillads

    Took me time to examine all of the comments, but I actually enjoyed the write-up. It proved to become quite useful to me and I’m certain to all of the commenters here! It is always great when you can not only be informed, but in addition entertained! I am sure you had enjoyable writing this post.