Kristen Stewart Apologizes for Equating Fame with Rape

Kristen Stewart Apologizes for Equating Fame with Rape

Kristen Stewart has apologized for her remarks in British Elle after equating having pictures taken by the paparazzi to images of women being raped.

The 20-year-old actress told People, “I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously…I’m really sorry about my choice of words.”

“‘Violated’ definitely would have been a better way of expressing the thought,” Kristen continued. “People thinking that I’m insensitive about this subject rips my guts out. I made a big mistake.”

FYI: Kristen‘s original quote to Elle was “What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction. The photos are so…I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f—ed. I never expected that this would be my life.”

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  • Kelly

    I love her smile

  • Michele

    She can quit that life anytime she wants to. She chose to be an actress. Not saying that aspect of “fame” is not disconcerting but either learn to deal with it or walk away.

  • Nic

    She looks beautiful here, and what she said in Elle was so insensitive i’m glad she realizes it was a poor choice of words, not many celebs would get they said something stupid and apologized for it!

  • http://j ivanka

    she is always whininng and saying bad things of the media.. well hello! you decided this, it’s your choice to stay or go

  • raena

    good of her to apologise :)

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …She’s not sorry. She just doesn’t wanna hear people bish and complain anymore. LOL.. Stupid biish.

  • raena

    good of her to apologise :) what she said was a tad crude

  • raena

    good of her to apologise :) what she said was a tad crude

  • Josephine

    Don’t be too hard on her. The paps are insane, very rude and provocative just to get that pic of her losing it or reacting openingly to their taunts. We all know this harassment is nothing like rape, of course not, but she was probably referring to the highly invasive intrusion into her personal space. I mean, the cameras are mere inches from her face and the paps are screeeeeeaaaming at her

  • andreanne

    I think she didnt need to apologize
    ok she used the word rape but we all know what she truly meant

    but she did something classy , apologize..

  • Harry

    You know if she hated the elements of the biz she should quit. Stop your bellyaching & do your job – if you’re not having fun, move on. This facade she projects of ‘poor little me’ is getting tired.

  • Rose

    well, i dont like her at all. she always wants to find a way to pity, she decided to do this job. she have to endure the consequences. she’s soo immature in some ways. of course she’s young, she have alot to learn but she should look at other actors and learn from them. Like Robert, he doesnt enjoy the fame that much either but he never sound like her, he’s quiet ok and try to escape it but he’s never rude and he can speak. he does not sound like his suffer from it.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Josephine: …There are a lot of celebs in the world, and most of them get that Pap attention 100x worst than this tard, you don’t see them saying such dumb shit.. do you?!? …she’s just a fcuking idiot. a person would have to be to even think of making that comparison. you’re an idiot for placing the blame on the Paps.

  • Noel

    She finally hired a stylist and started to look like a movie star.

  • mimi

    The only reason she was targeted: She’s Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend in RL. There are extreme haters who are so jealous of her for that reason. There is a nasty group of older women called nonsten(old enough to be Rob & Kristen’s mother!) who sit around all day pouring over everything on Kristen they can get their hands on so they can b!tch about her and say untrue things about her. They even admitted that if she breaks up with Rob, they would consider being her fan. That’s what Kristen is up against. I’m sure they had their hand in emiling all the celeb blogs, RAINN, etc.

  • brit brit’s wig

    What a whinny untalented witch.Hey Kirsten if it weren’t for millions of tween twilight fans, you wouldn’t have had a successful movie career so far.

  • candace

    this twilight shit has turned into a nightmare! why must someone apologize for how they feel? and people obviously cannot read because she said” like watching someone get raped” and the real truth behind this is to many woman and way to much jealousy over her life, money and most of all her man! this is complete bullshit and I am a survivor of sexual assault, I don’t even want to use the word rape because that term has a broad meaning, like “violate” and I am not offended at all! all these grown and young woman need to get over this and that word! we use it every day when we pay to much in state and government taxes and day to day living expenses! and at the end if the day gues what? you still won’t get robert because he will be with her sunday at the mtv ma”s! sitting next to her!!

  • opinion

    Once the Twilight films are over, this awkward lump will have had her 15 minutes of fame.

  • Joan

    She didn’t equate ‘fame’ with rape…just the violation of the paparazzi. People need to stop saying she chose this life so she should shut up. I’ve stood around them when they go after a celebrity. They are truly crazy. You wouldn’t think anyone deserves something like that if you saw it, even a celebrity. So find something else to spew your hate on.

  • lola

    using the word RAPE is subjective. I dont understand why people is making a controversy out of her statement. If you read what she was saying, she was not in any way disrespecting at all the “rape” victims… I think the news people is making a big deal out of this to get more viewers!

    now its like the media is defending the ways of the paparrazzis! how unfortunate!

  • Alaia

    I always got the impression that she wanted to be an independent film actress earlier on in her career. If only she knew about the Twilight fanbase before she signed on to make those horrible films. I hope after the Twilight Saga ends, she will go back to making films of higher quality and will stay out of the limelight. Fame comes with a price. She is a very awkward and shy girl. I don’t think there’s any point bashing her for it.

  • Helena

    @brit brit’s wig: I hate to break it to you, but she was a successful actress before Twilight. Maybe you should do your research.

  • iellidy

    ser atriz não quer dizer toma este copo de veneno e você tomar só por que você escolheu ser. É você atuar e fazer o que gosta, vida privada e outra coisas que eles não tem mais, por que todos querem esta dentro de suas vidas e muitos deles não são obrigados a isso. Robert e uma pessoa boa que esta lutando para ter sua oportunidade,Kristen e Taylor a mesma coisa ele querem ser eles mesmo, agora estas revistas francamente fazem de tudo pra colocar os famosos no buraco, e na lama, e o que temos que aprender e respeita os outros e não querer manipular a vida deles só por admirar-los.

  • MyGirl

    I think everybody saying that she should quit…is it really that easy to say ‘just quit’. Not only would she still be hounded by the press for her rumoured relationship with Robert Pattinson, who would still be acting, not to mention the fact that she loves acting. All you need to do is look at her past films and work out that she never intended to become a mainstream actress. How was she know the outcome of Twilight’s success?

    She can complain for as much as she wants. Don’t most actors complain about paparazzi, anyway? Sure fame comes with a price, but if acting is a passion for her, why should she let them win the fight?

  • MyGirl

    I just realised I made a lot mistakes in my post, but I’m sure you get the point.

  • freckles

    Many people don`t like Kristen because she doesn`t fit the ” hollywood star stereotype” … I believe that Kristen is from those people who choose to be actors because of the acting itself and not because of the fame. I like her because she`s always honest and she`s not afraid of being herself… And I don`t think that she should apologize for anything because that`s the way she feels.

  • oletimer

    I know all these actors are lucky enough to do what they love but they also get paid a ton of money and if you are good then you’ll have notoriety as well. They all have to expect that the paps are going to photograph them and they will have their personal lives invaded. It is so wrong but they have to be somewhat mentally prepared for that. That being said, I think these paps are outrageously disgusting and vile with the comments they make to these celebs. I feel for young and older women, especially, that have men with cameras following them around, how gross is that, on any level? Violated was a better term and “rape” was harsh but she understood the bascklash for the comment, let her be.

  • whitneyq

    It’s not really that insensitive, people say that and worse all the time. Mostly that statement is odd and inaccurate. But it does bother me that she seems to ALWAYS be complaining about that aspect of her life. She needs to be grateful and know that you always have to take the bad with the good, and the greater the good, the greater the bad.

  • oh my god

    What a fcucking stupid girl!

  • yay!

    damm can anybody say anything anymore without having to apologize? im not a big fan of hers but the tittle caught my eye,its sad

  • adrienne

    its amazing she has that life at all shes that bad an actress!!
    shes so bloody ungrateful! god, she annoys the hell out of me!

  • trey_trey

    “rips my guts out”? Really? Girl, I’ve had my guts ripped out and you have no idea what its like!

  • Jen

    I cannot stand her because she cannot act. She really plays herself in all her movies. Awkward, stutters etc. it’s really uncomfortable to watch. I tried to give her a chance by seeing some of her previous films and to see if she could act, and no, she is exactly the same in each one. Speak, Land of Women, it goes on. As an actor she should have the ability to be different in each character and for me to forget her true persona and she doesn’t do that. Doesn’t help her either that she has such a b!tchy attitude about everything. As cute as Rob as is, I don’t hate her because she is his gf, if she is. I don’t care about who Rob dates because he is an actor and I just am a fan, don’t idolize or want to be with him like other girls do. There are so many hot guys out there, he ain’t the only one. So the Robsten girls need to get a grip.

  • jaye

    She apologized , good for her and she didn’t make excuses or try to say that’s not what she meant. In an interview unless you’ve already mulled over a response, you’re doing it off the top of your head without time to really think about it. She’s says that’s why she doesn’t like interviews because she has no time to censor her answers beforehand. She’s young and I can understand that. Having said that, who of us hasn’t said something inappropritae or insensitive? Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she’s not human.
    We get how the celebrity has affected her and no, she didn’t have near this amount of attention before Twilight, but it’s time for her to stop complaining all the time. If she’s asked, all she needs to say is ‘I’m adjusting”. At some point if you intend to stay in the business you need to adjust to the attention or you’ll be a constant complainer, which is what she’s turning into.
    Now if she can give up saying ‘F***** or F******, in every interview she’ll show some maturity.

  • Kala

    Boo frickin hoo. Ok so she apologized, but that still doesn’t take back what she said because at that time she said it she really meant it. She is one of those people who thinks before she speaks, you can tell by the way she is so slow in interviews & I believe I recall her admitting to needing to find the right words because they are powerful on oprah. She is just a spoiled person. I mean I’m sure most rape victims last worry would be waking up to kristen’s life. She really has no idea what kind of life they have to live with all those haunting memories. Is Kristen is so disappointed with the way her life is no one is forcing her to stay in the business, it was her choice to enter in the first place & all celebs know their lives become public once they do. She is set for life with the money she got from twilight alone. I will not feel sorry for her when she is so unappreciative of what she has. Hell, I’ll take some of that money off your hands for you. I think the wrong actress for Bella was picked.

  • Courtney

    oh please she’s young stupid and overpaid can’t act to save her life this appology was staged to save her image she’ll never be in a movie like Summer Wishes Winter Dreams The Accused or Doubt all of which got their lead actresses and or supporting actresses nominated for an oscar correct the three lead actresses are Joanne Woodward Jodie Foster & Meryl Streep and the supporting actresses were Sylvia Sidney Kelly McGillis & Amy Adams

    of course all of those actresses are more talented than Ms Stewart will ever be though only 5 of them are actually former oscar nominee’s

    Meryl Streep with 16 nominations Joanne Woodward with 4 nominations Jodie Foster With 3 nominations and two wins all best actress Amy Adams two nominations both best supporting actress and Sylvia Sidney with one nomination for best supporting actress for her role in 1973′s Summer Wishes Winter Dreams as Ms Woodwards mother though she lost to 10 year Tatum O’neals performance as Addie Pray in Paper Moon which was originally supposed to be played by Joanne’s daughter Nell right and Joanne lost her best actress nomination to Glenda Jackson in A Touch Of Class

  • unbelieveable

    To all the people saying oh she chosse this life that is such crap in my opinion. What the paps do should be considered stalking they follow people around they stake out at their houses how is that not illegal. Sometimes the paps are just way out of control. Imagine 50 people or more getting right in your face with a camera with the flash on and taking your picture all the time I don’t care what your job is, that shouldn’t happen. Are we going to have to have a princess Diane incident to happen here before someone gets the message?

  • ummahyk

    the media has gone crazy.and the fans also.but especially the media.

  • Abby

    Although I do not think that what she said was the worst thing ever, I do think her words could have been chosen a little better. I cannot imagine what she has to deal with all the time. But she did chose to be an actress, she chose to take the role of Bella. She had to know that there would be some attention from the career choice. She has the right to feel the way she does, but she also should be grateful for the good it has brought to her life and to the fans who made it happen. If she wants to vent, she should just write it down somewhere for just her to see. Otherwise, whether she likes it or not, she tends to come off as a bitch.

  • MyGirl

    @Courtney: Kelly McGillis is a mediocre actress.

  • P*s

    OK! I totally understand her raction but…wtf?! Kristen, my dear, U should have thought about that BEFORE becoming a STAR!!


  • zzzz

    Kristen does not need to smile or behave any special way to the paparazzi. She should, however smile graciously when he is at an awards show, event, or premiere, and not scowl. Especially at premieres for her movies, as promoting the movie is part of her job.

  • Marisa

    She didn’t equate fame with rape. She was talking about how intrusive the paparazzi are and by saying it’s like watching someone being raped, she was trying to put things into perspective. I think it was a poor use of words but she’s an awkward girl, I’d expect that out of her. People are so overly sensitive, seriously. This situation shouldn’t be a controversy and I think Kristen is only apologizing because of how the media would create a big ridiculous fuss if she didn’t.

  • ignorant, ungrateful…

    She comes across really badly….

  • sally

    She is ridicolous!!

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Her life is just so awful?? You never see this entitled little prig smile either. No, she just scowls and appears to not appreciate 1 thing in her life. Oh, sweetie, i hope you wake up tomorrow and have to bag groceries at the local Food Lion for a living, while your 3 kids are at a daycare you can hardly afford because your husband got laid off and is now working for minimum wage. Honestly, if I hear one more celeb complain about the paps taking their pictures and saying something obnoxious to them, I’m gonna puke! And anyone here that condones her comparison of paps taking her pic to her feeling “raped”, is just as stupid as she is. She didn’t apologize because she wanted to, she would have done that immediately after saying the words, she did it because she was TOLD to for damage control. She is a snotty little girl who has no appreciation for the life she is living. And to the person that said she wants to do mostly only indie films so she wouldn’t suffer so much fame, WAKE UP, SHE JUST DID THE RUNAWAYS – certainly made for the masses and not an indie. She gets no free pass, she needs to grow out of her whiny little pity party and take her punches like the rest. It’s a small price to pay for the lifestyle that she’s now living in. Hey, Kristin (the whiner), If you can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch with the pups! Either way, shut up and smile for the cameras.

  • wow

    What a dreadfully insensitive and beyond stupid comparison! :3

  • carey

    i can’t believe she apologized and some ppl are still bitching on her like seriously i think she doesn’t care about what ppl say anymore and that ‘s really good cuz ppl won’t stop the problem isn’t about her comments it’s about how much they hate her i think her haters are obesessed with her more than her fans
    she will always be there her fans will always defend her and her haters will always hate on her

  • jessica

    i really dont like her. all she ever does is whine and complain. and im not jealous of her because shes with rob. tbh rob is really ugly to me.

  • Iffy Miffy

    I for one am glad she apologised as many people took offence. I knew what she was trying to say and frankly don’t think it was such a big deal but… On the other hand, she needs to learn to deal with the paps, and it’s been a couple of years now so she should really just ignore it. Nothing to be done until the laws get changed and I doubt that’ll be happening any time soon – way too much money to be earned with that alas.