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Rachel Bilson: Headphones Headbanger

Rachel Bilson: Headphones Headbanger

Rachel Bilson picks up some hot new swag at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge celebrating the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at Montage Luxury Hotel on Thursday (June 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress picked up a two-night stay at Hotel on Rivington, which is located on the Lower East Side of NYC.

Rachel also tested out the new V-MODA headphones.

Being a huge dog lover, RB stopped by the CESAR booth to make a donation. She even referred to her dog as her best friend!

Earlier in the day, Rachel was spotted in the same outfit but without her cute denim top.

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Credit: Michael Bezjian/Tiffany Rose; Photos: Wireimage
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  • kim

    she is so cute luv her outfit always looking cool and fashionable

  • Halli

    Her life is so empty.

  • vox

    enough is enough

  • jaceym

    What does she even do now? Besides not eat.

  • Amelle


  • Viper

    OMG how pathedic is she, that jacket does not go with that sheer street walker outfit she had on earlier..

  • johan

    She’s enjoying her trip to …………LOOSERLAND as well as Just Jared. I’m done with this freaking website ! Pink is the New Blog and D-Listed rock now …. LATER

  • stella

    Hey I know the guy that owns V-Moda, he just came out with these Crossfade headphones. Goddd he must be making so much money. Not fair :(

  • angel of darkness

    @ Viper

    Nice comment!! Wrong shoes dear!!


    nobody comment on her posts and maybe jared will stop posting about her

  • Portinari

    Ugh. Enough with this talentless wannabe. She does nothing of interest and has no career to speak of. Calling Rachel Bilson an actress at this point is like calling William Hung a rock star. Enough is enough. We’re sick of seeing her sad pathetic mug on here, Jared!

  • @10

    It won’t matter if ppl post or not she calls out JJ and the media b/c she needs to be visiable in order to be considered a celebrity. W/O JJ publishing non stop she b/c irrelevant.

  • Zoe

    Rachel Bilson is so cute. But what has she done lately?

  • Alex De La Force

    Another DJ in the neighborhood? ;)

  • MyGirl

    I always enjoy reading the comments on here.

  • Iffy Miffy

    I have no idea who this is, but her head seems disproportionately bigger than her body … that made me look!

  • stop!!!!!!!!!!

    @BRIGHTSIDE its the girl brightside doing all the hating posts STOP STOP STOP posting here and she will not get the attention jj will not post if people dont pay attention this is why shes here every day so just stop posting

  • Tomo

    This girls crys into her pillow every night…

  • commonsense

    She hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring for days now an announcement is inevitable.

  • @commonsense

    doubt it, it is all games, the ring will be back in a few days, then gone again, then the fiancee will turn up for a few days, then it starts again

  • amy


    Doubt it, it will be back on tommorow, then off again, then on, same old, same old

    Hayden will reappear in a few days no doubt for a few days then leave again

    Nothing new here

  • lexy hates bilson

    The do/don’t game with the ring helps her remain in the public eye. Let’s face it – these days being HC’s fiance is her biggest claim to fame!
    JJ please just call her Rachel Bilson – it’s insulting to REAL actresses and even those who are TRYING to make their mark in HW. And she’s no fashionista!!!
    Again, it’s pretty sad that the girl who robbed her is more famous than Rachel! Maybe she can try to get on the robbers show!!

  • TPL

    And the fact that I started wearing headphones on my bike a couple weeks ago is a total coincidence???… If H says “jump” R says “how high?”. Get a life, Rachel, he’s using you to seduce me, so I will say “oh, gee wiz, H likes a girl who is justlikeme, I think I will rush off and meet him, not!”

  • Rosie

    Ok, Jared, either she has you on her payroll or you’re just totally obsessed with her. Either case…ENOUGH of the coverage on this has been actress!!!

  • i-i

    Is this all she does day-in day-out? Show up at random events and get freebies? Gosh, girl needs to go and get a job like everyone else

  • the truth

    This is not about hayden its about her. she chose not to wear it ok. leave hayden alone. They already has said something about the ring being off. And both reps didn’t have a comment about a week ago.So you all can leave that topic alone.Let’s talk about the guy she’s with he’s hot. And she seem to be enjoying herself and being happy. You all are funny!

  • Sophie

    Diggin her outfit, not diggin her – she doesn’t DO anything…she’s like Kate Bosworth – a pretty face with some style and no acting ability whatsoever.

  • brightside

    No one wants to employ her….that’s why she does nothing but eat, shop, show up at random events and grab freebies. Lexy is right…her fiance really is her only claim to fame. She’s become a bit of a BARF (Bad Actor’s Redundant Fiancee).

  • seven days

    Every. Single. Motherf***ing. Day. More photos of reality papparazzi star Rachel Bilson not working, uselessly press-wh**ing herself out. Talking about her dog and how much she loves him, that he’s her best friend. She abandoned him with a family member and gets a picture maybe once a year with TM. Well it figures. She doesn’t live with her fiance either and gets pics with him maybe once or twice a year. She doesn’t even have enough commitment to him to wear his ring every day. All her supposed emotional connections are for show only. Even her supposedly adored little sister she no longer appears with. This girl can’t have or show real love to anyone or anything. Apparently Hayden can’t either, its just less in-your-face because he isn’t in the gossips every single day, showing us how shallow infantile and worthless he is. Bilson is desperate to keep some level of celebrity but she hasn’t worked in about 2 years and isn’t much in the fashion world either. She just has no talent at all. None. Her fiance doesn’t either but he’s either too smart or too lazy to play the same press game she does. She’s moving from boring to contemptible very fast. No one is more deserving of it. Hayden is moving from being ignored to being dismissed and no one is more deserving of that too.

    Those two deserve each other so much. I can’t wait for them to get married and destroy themselves both personally and professionally because they are equally infantile and untalented so good riddence.

  • TPL


    Is that how it works? He spends weeks away from her with his friends with benefits blowing smoke up her butt, then when she has an epiphany – a brief moment of clarity – and comes to her senses and get mad at him and takes off the ring he rushes back to L..A. pumps her full of more bs, takes her to a few events and BAM! – the ring goes back on and they are ‘on’ again?

    Considering R is the daughter of a sex therapist you would think she would recognize a pattern of behavior consistent with sex addiction which she and H both suffer from.

  • sand


  • sand

    i think jared likes pissing us off w/ this btch. then if he hates us why does he have this site???

  • kandi

    GTFO!!!!!!!! RACHEL move to some place else where know one gives a sht about you!!!! now!!! and stop calling jared!!!

  • kandi

    what a gay lame as site. this is the only place rachel crack head gets any press!! hahaha what a loser.

  • @ 26

    The man in the photo with Rachel is Kari Feinstein, this event takes place in the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge, so he obviously has something to do with running the event with the MTV movie awards, she just had a photo taken with him.

  • brightside

    That poor woman really has to hunch herself to get down to Rachel Bilson’s eye level. Very uncomfortable, her calf muscles must have been aching.

  • What for?

    Bilson is totally irrelevant. I know she pays for JJ and the gossips to run the papparazzi pics esp of her doing NOTHING. It doesn’t matter she gets a picture taken with. A past-it untalented fauxtress is still a past-it untalented fauxtress. She has family connections in the industry and if she didn’t she would be a barista at Starbucks. That’s the facts. Passive-aggressive selfish player fiance Hayden doesn’t care how desperate and foolish she makes herself look. He just wants her to keep fronting for him forever while he has sex with other men, little boys and the odd sheep on his farm (and does women occasionally but not often.) He comes out and gushes about how in love he is and eager to marry while she is far far away when the general opinion is that either they’re breaking up or the relationship is a sham. That happens maybe once or twice a year. But they never looked like a real couple or acted like one. And if they are one I would feel sorry for Rachel if she weren’t such a hairy little hemmeroid. Hayden is just a cold mentally ill has-been jerkoff that its impossible to want to watch.

  • what a sicko!

    @ What For @ 37 You are really sick, making up lies like that about someone you do not even know. accusing someone of abusing chidren like that! You don’t need to like either one of them, but you need to get your mind out of the gutter, all you ever do is talk trash about them, and it is getting old. Write something that is not an obvious lie or libel, instead of trying to bore people to death with your insults against these two. Grow up Vendre!

  • deshaun

    What a dreadfully worthless and beyond stupid celebritard!

  • Dave

    There’s plenty of people out there that got talent and they’re still in the “underground”, and here we’ve got Rachel Bilson, who’s only background is to have a producer father and some PR’s that constantly “force” the events management to give her some public space. When they will finally realize that no SERIOUS producer will ever give her a job??

  • lexy hates bilson

    Her dad’s got NO connections – if he did she’s at least get SOME jobs!!
    Why wouldn’ t HC want to spend time enjoying his life and family and the fruits of his labor?? I’m sure he enjoys spending time with people who can hold up a conversation and who aren’t obsessed with shopping and who don’t spend 2 hrs getting dressed. His mom probably cooks and does his laundry and doesn’t call the paps on him! When he gets horny he’ll send Rachel a plane ticket or hop a plane himself and come and get laid!!!

  • Anna

    Jared just laughs and counts his $$$$ every time he posts about this useless chick. How does she afford to pay you, Jared? She never works!

  • Michelle

    Honestly Jared she’s not even an actress anymore all she does is shop and go to celeb free swag events. Give me a break.. No one cares what she does & obviously you are on her payroll to constantly have pics and stuff of her.

  • Butthead Bilson

    C’mon, JJ…how much is this bimbo paying you for her media whoring??? I’ll gladly triple her price to keep her off this site – believe me, it would be worth every penny of my hard earned money to cease these crazy daily postings of this irrelevant biatch!!!

  • gilmorie

    So deeply sad to be a (self) claimed actress living & stuck in LA but jobless all the time.

  • @41

    Maybe you’re right that Hayden only sends her a plane ticket to see him when he gets horney but that’s only a couple of times a year. No man who is only about 30 only wants sex with his fiancee a coupld of times unless he’s got some kind of problem (drugs, disease) or he’s bi but primarily likes men. We know where stupid Bilson is because she’s in friggin JJ every single day w/o him. She may well be frigid and sure looks it but this is a total sham arrangement made to fool the press and press themselves out. They’ve been playing press games for 3 years. Wake up. Hayden is a world-class @ssh07e and this dumb celobutard are just messing with your head.

  • Links

    Why would Hayden need to send her a plane ticket or hop a plane to LA if he’s horny? There are plenty of beautiful and willing women wherever he happens to be that would probably be more than happy to be with him. Not to mention carry on an actual conversation about more than sunglasses and purses. Besides, at least Hayden has charity work, two movies coming out, one in pre production and I see from Twitter he’s in K-OS new music video. He’s far above and away out of Rachel’s less than D list league.

  • Nott hardly

    Hayden only does charity work to promote his films. Don’t be stupid. You saw that with Jumper both he and Rachel did that stupid Jeans for Teens commercial with Liman which was totally a Jumper cross-promotion. The peoducers knew it would be a turkey so they were promoting it every way they could. Its the same with Takers and Vanishings. Both are apparently not expected to do well + Vanishings in particular has a very low budget. Hayden who never has backed a charity when he wasn’t needing to be promoting a project and doesn’t have a generous or charitable bone in his body is only doing what he does best: looking out for No. 1. Rachel does even less for charity, most recently promoting blood diamond bracelets for 200 dollars each, of which only 20 dollars went to an actual charity. And she was well paid to promote them. Hayden did the RED campaign to promote HIMSELF and be seen in a positive light with far bigger and better stars than him after having had a string of critical and box office failures. Hayden is reclusive and antiosocial he even says so and I think its clear by how he treats Rachel that he has some kind of mental illness. He also looks like an ad for drug addiction. She looks like an ad for stupid.

  • @ 48

    You sure sound like you have a mental illness! You don’t do anything but complain about Hayden and Rachel, man, you are creepily obsessed with them! Do you ever do anything besides gripe about them? You sound like some sort of weird stalker, why do you know so much about people you hate? Get a life!

  • Jumper

    Alright everybody, we all know this woman pays a fat paycheck for JJ to be featured in every freaking 5 mins. But what I don’t get is, how the hell this boring snob got all the money to pay her people? We know she’s not working and very close to be a “D-list”.