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Sheryl Crow Adopts Second Son -- Levi!

Sheryl Crow Adopts Second Son -- Levi!

Sheryl Crow just announced some more exciting baby news.

“Hey Everybody!” the 48-year-old singer shared on her official blog on Friday (June 4). “I have some exciting news to share with you guys. [Three-year-old] Wyatt has a new little brother! Levi James was born April 30th. Just wanted you all to be the first to hear the good news!”

Sheryl adopted Wyatt in 2007.

Congrats to the happy family!

FYI: Sheryl will be perform songs from her new album, 100 Miles From Memphis, during Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert Series on July 23rd.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • African Girl

    Awwww! Good for her.

  • shaar

    congrats to her :))

  • ughhhhh

    What will her next child be named? Wrangler, Denim, Lee? This is a child, not a pet. Same goes to you Matt McConahey.

  • Rocky

    That’s great news! All the best.

  • Rocky


    Levi is a very old name. It’s in the Bible for goodness sake. Get over yourself.

  • qball611

    She kinda looks like Diane Lane…really pretty lady.

  • ughhhhh

    Is my comment seriously being “moderated”???! There is nothing inappropriate in it!

  • michaela

    What a nice thing to do.

  • Angelove

    Adoption is wonderful, we just adopted a sibling group of 3 on May 24th.
    Adoption is a great option!!!!!!!!!

  • Realistic

    I still play some of Sheryl’s old songs, “If it Makes You Happy” and “Light in Your Eyes” still stay in my rotation. Sheryl was the sh*t back in the 90′s.

    Congrats to her and her new family! Sheryl never ages she still looks pretty and youthful.

  • sam

    glad that she isn’t going to Africa or some other foreign country to adopt a parentless child, instead helping the children of her own nation, same for Sandra Bullock.

  • Well

    Sheryl looks great..congrats to her and Wyatt on having Levi join their family, she could and she did it.
    A baby is a baby, it shouldn’t matter where any child comes from, they all need love and homes. I would hope Sheryl would open her home and heart to a child of any color/nation that needs a home.

  • Adopt from USA too!


    AMEN!!! Why is it the rest ONLY go to other countries, when there are so many homeless children in the goodold USA. I applaud Crow, and Wyatt is a doll, and she dresses him normally, not like it’s Halloween everyday!

  • Rocky


    A beautiful post. Thanks.

  • Katsaridoula

    Her grandad came from Kosice, which is next to Presov where my gran is from.

  • Katsaridoula

    sorry I was supposed to post this somewhere else :-D

  • Dawn

    The comment about Sheryl adopting a baby from the US is stupid because we don’t know where her baby came from. For all we know, he could be the child of a well off teenager or young woman who has access to money to care for a child but isn’t ready to be a mother mentally and emotionally .

  • shoes4life

    It does not matter where the child is adopted from because it is hers and others who have chose to adopt choice, not ours. It is a gift to a child no matter where the child is from. So much prejudice out there and you all should be shamed to think one child is more deserving than the other.

    The waiting list in the US for a newborn is long, difficult and very expensive. That is why most people choose to go outside the US but again what difference does it make where the child is from. Love, is love and love do not have boundaries.

  • pam


  • Orchid

    An orphan is an orphan is an orphan! It doesn’t matter where he/she was born.
    Not that it matters, but did Sheryl adopt an orphan or did she pay someone to have a baby for her, like some people do (Sharon Stone(?), 3 times).

  • Orchid

    9 Angelove @ 06/04/2010 at 1:53 pm +4

    Adoption is wonderful, we just adopted a sibling group of 3 on May 24th.
    Adoption is a great option!!!!!!!!!
    You adopted THREE at the same time??? Congratulations to you!!!
    All the best to your family!!!

  • Orchid

    So many single women have adopted. It makes me wonder why Aniston hasn’t, since she said she wants kids.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Good for her, but best for Wyatt and his baby brother.
    Good deal for this family. Blessings to them all.

  • Cheyenne

    Love Cheryl, she is an amazing artist and an awesome mom. Both boys are very fortunate and so is she..

  • Cheyenne

    sorry, I misspelled her name buy using a *C* when instead of a *S*.

  • troi

    @Adopt from USA too

    Although I applaud her adopting–if I may point out–she evidently has adopted two WHITE, MALE BABIES including one with blond hair. These are the MOST adoptable of children in the U.S. It isn’t like they would NOT be adopted in this country. If you are attacking “others” for adopting third world children who are generally older toddlers–then you shouldn’t be applauding Crowe for adopting the most adoptable of all children–there are waiting lists for white male children (especially those with blond hair and blue eyes). Save your kudos for people like the poster who adopted a family of siblings or for those that adopt disabled or older kids who generally are considered unadoptable.

    Again, I can only applaud Crowe for adopting, but I also applaud Madonna, the Jolie Pitts and anyone who adopts a child a need.

  • Dawn


    Maybe she is not ready. She’s 41. Sheryl didn’t adopt her first son till she was 45. Or maybe she is waiting till she gets married again. Yes Jennifer Aniston has indicated that she wants kids but she has also indicated that she wants to have those kids with her next husband.

  • tinab

    @Dawn: She said she wanted a child. However, she did not say that she wanted to be a single parent.

  • ++Logan++

    that’s wonderful :)

  • Adam

    Wow, a celebrity actually adopts a White kid! Kudos to Sheryl Crow. She must have been getting her dose of Stormfront. :D

  • Adam

    @sam: I too am glad. About time Whites started paying more attention to their own flock, for a change. BTW, here’s a website you might find informative: Great place for learning many new things. :)

  • Adam

    Wow, all of the comments praising Ms. Crow for adopting a White kid instead of importing some non-white kid from a third-world country are negatively rated. Clearly, this site is crawling with anti-whites.

  • Adam

    @shoes4life: No, the actual reason many (White) people adopt non-white children is to use them as a means to show how “unprejudiced,” “progressive,” and “anti-racist” they are. Many also do it for the novelty of the experience. Clearly, they do not stop to consider if it actually is in a non-white child’s best interests to have White parents.

    Children prefer to have parents of their own race, as people are beginning to learn and accept.

  • Katsaridoula

    @Dawn: if only you didn’t stick your big nose into everything, you “walking encyclopedia” :-DDD trying to sound “smart”. If people only knew how much anger and hatred you spray on Angie’s thread, even under different nick names, you PSYCHO!!!

  • Katsaridoula

    @Dawn: I can’t wait for you to attack me again. C’mon, prove who you are, you ANGRY nasty loon, here you are pretending to sound all kind and lovely, yeah…. right….

  • troi


    It is clear you’ve never adopted. White kids in the U.S. are at a premium. Healthy white kids that is. You can wait for years and years for a baby to become available. Many couples/singles don’t want to wait and adopt the first available infant or one that needs a family first. Some folks don’t start adoption until in their 30′s and unfortunately, in my opinion, their are unrealistic age caps. So if they don’t get a baby in “x” years, they aren’t going to get one at all.

    It is too bad your prejudices don’t allow you empathy for a child who desperately needs a home. A white couple adopting a child of another race isn’t awful. For many love is blind to a child’s color, race, religion and handicaps.

    I know many multi-cultural families. Their blending success depends on many things from how the parents raise the kids to react to “threats” and often where they live. A white couple with a non-white child can often raise that child very successfully in urban areas like LA, Chicago, NYC etc. where there are vast cultural opportunities and resources for mixed/blended families.

    Open your heart Adam. All babies and children need love. It doesn’t matter what race they are. Unless you are saying a child is better off in a foster home, orphanage setting and the like instead of being adopted by a white family. And then Adam, I would suggest you read the stats on those kids. Many by three or four have lost the ability to love/bond with anyone. They exhibit sociopathic behaviors. Others suffer emotionally, mentally and physically. Many of the unadoptable kids are on heavy drugs to calm them down, to change behaviors — all unnecessary if the child had been able to be placed with a loving family of any race.

  • she shall remain nameless

    I’m so happy for her!!! Wyatt is the cutest kid ever.

  • happy girl

    Why is it that people don’t call this “collecting” kids like they do so unfairly some other celebs? Hmmm. Interesting. I think I can guess why. Hypocrisy.

  • MrMarleyFAN


    when I read responses like yours, I know people like you cannot possibly be a believer in God because if you were, you would be happy that a child no matter where they are from in the world, is going to be a part of a loving home.

  • Melanie

    and lance didn’t want to have kids with her

  • denise

    Where are theSNARKY comments we see when a celebrity adopts a child from Africa.


  • nosoupforyou

    Wish those boys had a father.