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Wentworth Miller: New 'Resident Evil' Stills!

Wentworth Miller: New 'Resident Evil' Stills!

Scope out these fresh new stills of Wentworth Miller in the upcoming action thriller Resident Evil: Afterlife, in theaters September 10.

The 37-year-old former Prison Break star will play the brother of Ali Larter (pictured below) and of course Milla Jovovich (in the poster below) will be returning as heroine Alice.

Will there be another Resident Evil movie after this one? It’s up to the fans!

Milla shared, “We’ve just finished the fourth movie, so we don’t know if we will make a fifth yet. If people love the film, then the story can keep going!”

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  • Connemara

    Maybe he is a fan of – Bill 524 -

  • Maja

    Wentworth you are so sweet………………ohhhhhhhh

  • Atli

    Just realx he aint gonna give nothin to fans.Next time he pops over to Chinaland to get more big bucks some pics will be on the net. so no need to overstress from acting work old boy just chill out LOL

  • Tomas

    Went is very big in China = 186 cm
    In raining 10 guys hold umbrella over his head
    In walking from car two girls with bare bellies are walking with him with one hand out and one hand in and Went is embarrassed in the face.They would never do this for Ricky Martin.
    This is the life in advertising bisness and being model and ambassador for Cruz car or for me&city clothes. Good he can work like this also.

  • Ellen E

    @Samsira: It will ruin his privacy to have papparazzis. He doesnt want them.

  • It seems almost incredible …

    … that it can happen that he get papped. He is an actor. Grow up. It belongs to the job. Nobody can say it is a invasion in his privacy when he get papped at odd times somewhere on the street.
    No one follows him to his house and some pictures with two month distance is not really a invasion. What is up with you all ? You say you are fans, but you are all only here for ???? nothing ? You bet! Don`t give me that, it is only for his job again. Shammer. There was not much to do at the last few month. An actor should take a little care for his fans they are those ones who have made him. An actor without paparazzi and bit of print media is forgotten within short while.
    The usual suspects, please spare your words!

  • Ellen E

    @It seems almost incredible …: People seem to agree on waiting for whatever is offered about WM. Everything broke loose with enjoyment when old RE stills were brought to the table. WM fans are so used to having leftovers that ANYthing, old or ancient is welcomed with the deepest gratitude. I made my comment #55, to get response like yours cause I like what you write and I think this place is too flat and dull, a part from a few, very few comments.I for one can remember better times on this board and if it wasn´t for a few holding this place up with their wits I´d be out of here.

  • Raphael

    Since Prison Break ended we have been so thirsty for news and pictures of beautiful Went. Thank you Jared for helping to keep him in our lives and in our hearts. Any more pictures would be greatly appreciated by all Went fans.

  • GossipGyal

    Mr Miller u r gawjussssss xxxxxxx

  • CalCal

    @It seems almost incredible …:

    Well said. Thank you.

  • Nadia

    @Tomas: Well said. Thank you.I had a silly shudder when I saw those girls and the guys holding the umbrellas ;)

  • High horse


  • Earl

    I am certain that everyone who cares about my privacy has
    of course – not – stored the pictures from my dad and my sisters
    on their computer .
    Am i right ?

  • Ol’ dog

    @Earl: That´s a darn good point you´re making there.

  • Gammel dansk

    @Earl: Bet ya those who bleat about privacy the most…..

    What about that Official Web site.It is time.

  • Atli

    Some prudes have vacuumed every fn thing about Miller into their computers for je-rc ing off then talk about his privacy out in the street. A big LOL on that.

  • Mariana de Souza

    Thankfully, this site shows news about Wentworth and his fans commentaries because Sept. 10 is far and I’m dying to see him. I know he is already working on a significant role in another film but nobody is writing about it and there aren’t pictures. Meanwhile … we’re waiting. Wentworth Miller is the best! Kisses JJ.

  • http://gato gato

    @Mariana de Souza: Are you surely the same persona that did aske about Went if ‘it decreased in size’ and more strangeness you said? Now I need a dictionary to read YOU, time has maked such difference for your English. No need to answer back for me I don´t have time to look up dificíl words.But I am happy for you and sending back kisses. Lolsgirl

  • Hot-dog

    I would like to see him naked, in boner, who wouldn´t lick his balls ;)

  • http://gato A doll & Icy

    @Hot-dog: Well said. You speak words of wisdom.

  • Ryan

    Mariana dear, you should stop to use so many meds.

    – I know he is already working on a significant role in another film but nobody is writing about it and there aren’t pictures –

    You know it … fine …. we are waiting for that very secret,secret, secret film, who is so secret that it will never appear. Because it is so secret.

    Go back to the playground honey.

  • Hunter

    @Hot-dog: How delishly well put I´m with you all the way ;)

  • Anuswiper

    @Hot-dog: Great that you´re back Y.C. ;)

  • Hellas

    @Mariana de Souza:

    Thankfully, this site shows news about Wentworth ..
    What news ?

  • Emmy


    Yeah, what news ?
    I guess the news are that hidden like the man himself.
    A hidden actor, with hidden projects and hidden news. Wohoooo
    One question, what kind of actor is it ? A new type of actor ?
    Invisible and the movies also.
    I am confused.
    For what we need … … don`t care about me, the most on here seems comfortable with it.

  • Mariana de Souza

    Oh My God! News for me: the possibility of the film Resident Evil 5. Sorry…
    I’m dreaming!

  • lollys

    He could use some pro tips from Zachary Quinto.

  • Ryan

    # 71 Ryan @ 06/13/2010 at 4:42 pm 0

    Mariana dear, you should stop to use so many meds

    What i said, be careful with your meds.
    The latest news/pics were posted earlier at some fanboards until they stranded here and using a picture from the thread of April, 16 to open a new thread on April, 26 are not really news.

  • Granada

    So annoying :A statement that he had outgrown hair for a movie role. Another statement from the same saying he has cut his hair now.Oh what about the movie? No movie?Where is Went? No Went?
    -How nice would be to get rid of such wannabe BS. How nice to get first hand info from official fan site instead.-
    Mayby I can tell you he has now long beard like Santa.
    Then I come to say he has shaved?Who would know?

  • lollys

    The yummiest under cover gay around.

  • Kernel Sanders

    @Mariana de Souza: @Mariana de Souza: Dream on! The drey unuform is not doing anything for his thin barbie legs!

  • Mariana de Souza

    I think some people want to destroy my hopes. I admire the great actor and I want to see him working in more and more movies. Your private life does not interest me. I respect him just as he respects his fans. That’s it! Please, understand my point of view.

  • Witch

    @Mariana de Souza:
    I want to see him working in more and more movies
    … that`s the point, where are the movies ?
    Where are the confirming about new movies.
    That is why some people here want him to have a offical website.
    I think it is still to privatefor you ?

    If it works for you in your own little air bubble.
    Get happy with it.
    … he respects his fans ..
    Does he ? Really ?

  • ZZZ

    @Witch: … he respects his fans ..
    Does he ? Really ? No
    He´s busy with Fionella & the Canadian boys. Fans what? hes not interested in fat mumbling bra & brainless trucks. Who would be? Have fun Went. Oh, don´t forget to call me sweet nuts ;O

  • Brit los angeles

    @Mariana de Souza:

    # he respects his fans #

    In what way ? Not to harass them with news about his work and some pics how does he current looks ?

  • XX

    One advice. Never tell the truth, never say something what could be true and never dare to say you want new pictures.
    Be like Mariana.
    Awwwww he is so cute, awwww i am only interested in his work.
    Awwww blaaaaaaaaaaaah ….

    Otherwise the mass of the hypocrites and **** will beaten you down.

    ( Secretly they all would wanna see and know everything of his private life and drool about everything what they can get )

  • A doll & Icy

    Is it all just about Went & his*fan base*?
    What about the rest of the world!
    A lot of people have no idea if Wentworh Miller is still around doing some acting!

  • Zapp

    @A doll & Icy:

    A lot of people have no idea if Wentworh Miller is still around doing some acting!

    Because he isn`t still around or did you saw him lately ? It is almost one year when he was on TV and his fans don`t dare to talk about him because they are worried about his privacy.
    Still more questions ?

  • A doll & Icy

    @Zapp: Still more questions ?

    No, I´m good.Maybe later? Please comment more often :)

  • Zapp
  • Tomas

    I want to suck his.. pinky ;P

  • Lee

    Wentworth, fans miss you!
    Wish to see you on more projects!

  • Atli

    Some tips from Ricky Martin might come in handy as well =)

  • Gold

    @Mariana de Souza:
    Brainless babble has the most fans. Lucky girl ;-)
    If you have a lot of thumbs up you know you talk only s*h*i*t.
    If you have a lot downs, you know you wrote a great posting.
    Go on with that.
    ( Of course i do not talk about the rude comments. )

  • Gold

    Btw i give souz at the future only ups ;-)

  • Gold

    … and also some of the other awww`s he is so cute and i am only interested in his movies and Wentworth you are so hot and i am only … blatherer….
    you know now it means ….

  • ZZZ

    He didn´t look his best in last pics so maybe that´s why his fans are not exactly craving for more.- feel more safe lookin at shooped old stuff.?You never know what new pics might bring or what? LOL I just hope he will be seen with a hot babe and a smile on his face whenever that will be. Then we can go back to aww how cute….
    This place really sux , it´s all wrong. apart from few who actually have some active brainsells & dare think for them selves.It´s so funy how people who used too beg for new stuff don´t dare to any more.Now it´s just all about wishes of seeing him in new projects .BUT Now, now if his fans are stuck in the old times and really OK with that, they won´t get any new stuff. Ask for nothing- get nothing. On the whole- this place SUX
    Wentworth, don´t you dare hang up on me now ;)

  • XX


    Lol, well said.


    You have very good point here.
    I give you and Gold thumb up, because
    >> i like < <
    what you both have written. :-D

    If i would follow the new rules
    ( made by people who get the rating system wrong )
    i had to give you both thumb down lol.
    But maybe we can try to bring the whole thing partly back to normal.
    ( What ever that means at JJ )
    Up = good, down = bad.
    Ok Gold ? ;) Do we give them a try ?
    Btw, I am honest and say bluntly; i am here for new pictures of Mr. M.
    What about the rest of you ?
    If not, you should not come over here because we could get some day news and pics.

  • vuelvo

    So easy to sit back and say nothing. Too many of dumb a$$ *downthumbers* who never dare have anything to say. hide it´s sooo easy to hide.
    Just ask Mr Miller (if you can find him, boohoo)


  • A doll & Icy

    @XX: I am honest and say bluntly; i am here for new pictures of Mr. M.
    What about the rest of you ?
    I´m here so he can op hold his privacy That´s what being on a gossip site is all about, right? ;)