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Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience Video!

Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience Video!

Alexander Skarsgard cracks a smile during the True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience Q&A, which was hosted by EW‘s Michael Ausiello.

Here’s how the 33-year-old Swedish actor was introduced: “We have the [vampire] sheriff of Area 5. Girls want him. Guys wanna be, who am I kidding? Guys want him too. Say hello to living dead heartthrob Eric Northman, Alexander Skarsgard.”

Check out the 45-minute long Q&A below with the entire cast of True Blood!

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  • dee


  • Sintia

    Btw, he’s SWEDISH not Swiss!

  • L

    I LOVE Alex too but damn, the rest of the cast was there too, Jared!

  • Ali

    I would eat him so bad..geez this man can’t be real…

  • memememe

    oh god Jared – as a Swede, i get called Swiss ALL THE TIME even by other Europeans, let alone people from other continents. I know it was a mistake but please don’t make it again!! Nothing against you or the Swiss but it is SOOOOOOO annoying to have to correct that so often! Love you Alex!

  • dan

    I agree, Jared you’re always shoving down our throats your crushes

  • Is Alexander the ONLY…

    actor in True Blood…NO??? Then why this post centered on just him??? What about Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer or Sam Trammell (who was on Jimmy Kimmel last night) Geesh, JJ, maybe Alex IS paying you to do his PR work but it’s REALLY turning me off of him. Kind of like Maryann was overkill…well, Alex is becoming that way because of YOU, JJ!!

    Love Alex, but JJ needs to chill and start supporting some of the other cast members of True Blood. PLEASE!!!!

  • Peter

    Swiss? LOL! I know your heart’s in the right place JJ, but singling Alex out like he was the only one at the Q & A, just creates resentment toward him from fans of the other cast members.

  • Alex is SWEDISH!

    See above ;)

  • meems

    Everyone was great in the video! That was so cool of them to participate in this.

  • no

    His face is just awful, lopsided, tired, haggard, etc..

    I want to walk into my kitchen take a cooking pan and knock the hell out of his his ugly face until it goes back straight.

  • simple mistake

    The intern is Alex’s publicist’s office is going to get in big trouble for calling him Swiss. Oh well, when you switch to a new pr agency these little hiccups happen at first. It’s not like anyone is fact checking.

  • h

    seriously no offence but since youve got a lot of readers, would it kill you to do a TINY research before you post it up. SWISS?? Everyone knows he’s from sweden which makes him a SWEDE.. And you’re constantly giving false information. You never get it right, unless it’s about rachel bilson or camilla belle or some other professional red carpet walker. Seriously Jared, get it together. It’s getting way too embarrassing for you.

    And usually we europeans, especially Scandinavians take things easy and don’t sweat the small stuff.. But it gets annoying after a while when people like you can’t get it right. Just try to make a solid effort on writing some real facts. It won’t kill you.

    Shame on you.

  • evathediva

    Is it me or does Alex look so totally different from last year. It seems like he is not as appealing, but maybe he was tired. He doesn’t really seem happy. Kinda like he is biding his time. Well on another note, TB looks so exciting, can’t wait.

    Dang wish Lafayette was there, and damn that fine arse Alcide..LOL

  • Shadaliza

    Love Alex, but what’s up with the title of this article? You make it sound like he was the only one who was interviewed. How about a little love for the other cast members who were there?

  • L

    @simple mistake: lol, just stop

  • Johanna

    Hahahha..Swiss?!.. Always the same…

  • Angel

    Ok, I think we are all in agreement that Alexander Skarsgard is swedish, if you watch ANY/EVERY english interview, he states that in fact he is swedish or from sweden.

    Alright people can we please move on now?

  • Liz

    I love the loooonnng look Anna & Stephen share when Mike asked about fang malfunctions!

  • Liv

    Why does every True Blood post center around Alex? That video was a cast video, not an Alexander exclusive. JJ is so PR centered.

  • Superfrenchy

    SWEDISH not Swiss ;)

  • Aeble

    Yeah, if he were Swiss, he’s be wearing thick glasses and complaining about how many foreigners there are walking around. (Sorry, I live in Switzerland)

  • Mismatched couple

    @Liz: I can’t help but think that Anna & Stephen look like father and daughter everytime I see them together in real life. On the show its fine because that’s the way it’s written but in real life they look very mismatched in age. She just seems sooooo much younger than him.

  • Eric & Sookie are hot!!!

    @Mismatched couple: I think that’s the reason Sookie & Eric look so hot together on the show. Cuz they both look young and they have plenty of sexual chemistry! Bill looks more like the responsible dad.

  • Anikah Smith

    Well, in real life Askars is only like 4 years younger than Stephen Moyer. But yeah Stephen does look a lot older than him. I think Askars has more of a boyish face. :)

  • Leslie

    I can’t wait to see that lovely Eric bootay and the sexy Sookie/Eric scenes in season 3!! Just a few more days left. My boyfriend kinda has a pancake butt so I’m going to memorize Eric’s assets for when I’m with my boyfriend, you know what I mean?

  • Michael

    I’ve seen pics of Stephen in real life and DAMN he really does look old. He just has a very mature face and he has graying sideburns and a lot of fine lines on his face. Anna is still very young and looks more like a college girl. Atleast Stephen dyes his hair for the show so we don’t see the gray. But in real life you can tell he’s old.

  • Weird

    The guy has a weird face now…
    And brown hair don’t look great for the character

  • Rutina looks lovely

    Rutina seems so classy and nice. She went to Juliard which is a pretty prestigious college. It’s too bad Hollywood has to WHITEWASH everything so the lighter skinned black actresses like Halle Berry are always preffered over the darker skinned actresses like Rutina. It’s not exactly racism, so people call this ‘colorism’.

  • Gay or nay?

    Is Michael Ausiello gay?? And what is his ethnicity? He looks Hispanic or Italian. I’m a gay man and I think he’s kinda cute but I have the worse gaydar in the world. Some men are kinda soft spoken and classy but are straight so you never can tell.

  • Daddy

    I think Stephen Moyer is handsome but I hope they make Vampire Bill hotter and sexier on the show because I agree that he does act like a dad sometimes. And its a turn off. Vampires are supposed to be edgier than the way Bill is written on the show. But it’s the writers’ fault.

  • Emma

    @Gay or nay?: “What is his ethnicity?” Are you for real?
    I think that Stephen looks much better in real life, with his lighter hair (but don’t get me wrong, he looks awesom as Bill!). And Anna is so mature & smart, and he is so funny & charming that I think they make a wonderful couple.
    On the show, I definitely think that Bill is Sookie’s true love. Even though he didn’t come to Bon Temps for the good reasons, he fell for her hard (remember when he went in the sun (!) to save her), and I really hope she will forgive him.

  • I want a BLONDE Alex

    Why in the world did does Alex have brown hair?! He looks bad. He needs to go blonde pronto. I can’t believe they let him shoot his scenes with that hair color. Do they think we’re all blind?

  • Samantha

    I usually like brunnette men like Stephen Moyer but Alex does NOT look good as a brunette. He looks so plain and dull. Like any regular joe. Alex is a natural blonde, and blonde is what looks best on him.

  • Go away Bill stans

    @Emma: Ewwwwww Bill stan get off this website!! Nobody wants your kind here. It’s always the same Bill obsessed fan who talks about how perfect Sookie/Anna & Bill/Stephen are and then bashes on Askars.

  • kayla

    @Anikah Smith: actually, alex is 7 years younger than stephen.. :)

    and yeah, I’m a HUGE alex fan but even I get pissed off when they single out alex in a post that should be about the whole TB cast. I can see why fans of the other actors would get pretty pissed off, and I’m sure Alex himself doesn’t like it either!!

  • Poor Rutina

    @Rutina looks lovely: It’s not only racist but also sexist how Hollyweird always uses light skinned black women in films and television but not darker skinned women like the talented Rutina Wesley. But for men they very often use dark skinned black actors. So it’s like they’re saying black women need to be light skinned but for black men it doesn’t matter.

  • Stephen is an old looking dude

    I think BOTH on the show and in real life Stephen Moyer looks like Anna’s dad.

  • Please color your hair

    Okay, brunette Askars is so NOT sexy. Why, oh, why?!

  • I hate Chris Rock

    To the other comments regarding Rutina: I agree that female black actors have it much worse than male black actors. That idiot comedian Chris Rock did an entire movie about black women’s hair and their culture and how it’s difficult to maintain their hair because it’s sooooo nappy and afro-ish. And how the hell is HIS hair?!! It’s nappy ethnic hair just like black womens! So why the hell pick on women of your own race and make them feel insecure when you have the exact same hair as they do. He’s such an ignorant sexist fool.

  • Get some!

    @kayla: “actually, alex is 7 years younger than stephen.. :)” NO WONDER Alex looks so much younger and fresher than Stephen Moyer. According to wikipedia Stephen is 40! Eeeek.

  • well duh…

    Yea poor rutina, based on he dark skin tone she’s going to be type cast as the angry black woman all the time. It sucks how this is alex focused pos5 when the one who looked the best was Mr Ryan kwanten….HE LOOKED GUINE!

  • well duh…

    LOL its Supposed to say fine at the end of my post

  • evathediva

    @I hate Chris Rock: @Poor Rutina: @Rutina looks lovely: totally agree, Rutina is a class act. Its is very unfortunate about the skin tone, and yes Chris Rock is a very big idiot.

  • Sanna

    Wow, Jared….we know you love Alex, but how about showing some repsect for the other actrs there too, hmm??

    And Stephen does NOT look old. Just because he doesn’t look boyish and just because he has grey in his sideburns does not make him old. He’s 40 and looks his age. 40 is not old.

  • Sanna

    @Stephen is an old looking dude:

    It’s just 13 years apart. Geez….

  • Liz

    @Go away Bill stans: Please! “Obsessed Bill stans”?? Just look at the crazy Alex fans! They insult everyone (like you just did), and now they don’t like their fave actor because he changed his hair???! AND they think 40 years old is sooo old, and that the age diff. between him & Anna (who is 27) is soooo big? How old are you people?!
    I like BOTH Steve & Alex (even though I’m definitely Team Bill), I think they’re both fine & nice actors. But you AS fans are ridiculous. I understand Alex when he says he’s a little scared! No kidding!

  • Vera

    Its great to see the cast together, but let me just say hello to the crazy Eric/Alex fangirls!

    Why is it everytime Alex and Stephen are together that the crazies begin to compare the 2. Stephen has had a long career and Alex is trying to become established, I really doubt that Stephen has any inadequency issues when acting with Alex. Lets see how about ya’ll compare ALex to his acting competition…ie Chris Hemsworth, Sam Worthington these are the men that Alex is competing against for roles not Stpehen! How is he doing with that??

    And let me say Ive read all 10 books and I think neither Bill/Eric are suited for Sookie in the end. I could careless about Team Eric or Team Bill you women are probably in your 30′s or even 40′s acting like Twilight fans!

  • Idiots

    @Vera and you are a condescending b*tch IMO.

  • Anna talks about being Bi