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Chace Crawford Covers 'LA Confidential'

Chace Crawford Covers 'LA Confidential'

Chace Crawford is the latest cover boy for Los Angeles Confidential magazine.

The 24-year-old Gossip Girl actor, who was recently arrested during a pot bust, talked about his new film Twelve, in which he plays a — you guessed it — young drug dealer.

“It’s a complete departure for me,” Chace shares. “The character grew up with the privilege and the money, but his father is running the family’s bankrupt business, and his mom was stricken with cancer and battled that and died. So he’s almost forced to sell marijuana, and he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He’s in over his head. It’s good for me because it’s a heroic figure, but it’s a pretty tragic, dark, melodramatic movie. There are a lot of really comedic parts in it, and it almost goes over the top to make fun of the Gossip Girl crowd. [The film] is so campy and funny, it’s silly, and then when it’s contrasted with the dark reality of one of the girl characters spiraling emotionally into this tailspin, it’s very tragic. It was a lot of fun—very liberating. It’s kind of a Less Than Zero for our generation.”

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Photos: Brian Bowen Smith
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  • mickey

    Maybe that will be his defense for the pot arrest: He was doing research for the movie. Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket.

  • mailey

    not such a departure afterall. this guy’s such a loser.
    yes, ok, he is goodlooking. but that only gets you so far.
    at some point, you’re going to need, you know, talent and brains..

  • Rosie

    Oh the irony… I have to say he did have the prettiest mug shot I’ve ever seen…

  • http://j ivanka

    still love chace crawford:)

  • Donovan

    Why have I never seen him with a girl? Just asking….

  • XOXO

    @Donovan: he was spotted making out with ashley green last year

  • kraken

    hahaha looks like his mugshot

  • hello

    I like his mugshot better than these pics

  • Malorie


  • BellaDonna1802

    I think that the pics are hot, Chace made a mistake, lots of people do and have, they were forgiven, why not Chace?

  • Helen

    @Rosie: i was going to say the exact same thing – his was the prettiest mug shot i’ve ever seen but oh my, the IRONY.

    @Donovan: he made ou with ashley greene. there were pictures all over the internet. I know, i thought the same thing too

  • Helen

    @BellaDonna1802: it’s not about forgiveness. what he did was minor compared to what.. say, chris brown did. the thing is, it’s RIDICULOUS that you’re young, full of opportunities, rich, handsome…. and you still take chances at ruining your life. because as small as this is, it could ruin his life.

  • Iris

    So…publicity stunt?

  • Mark


    Oh come on, that wouldn’t happen in Hollywood.

    It’s just pure COINCIDENCE, of course. ;)

    Seriously, when the mugshot became public I immediately thought “Wait, didn’t he do that drug movie? Probably comes out in a month or so…”

  • nepenthes

    Lookin’ hot Chasey!!!!!!!!!!

  • weed

    I want to watch this if it’s campy like he said, I love campiness

  • Sacha

    @Donovan: He’d be hotter to me if he were gay.

  • Amy

    he’s so pretty…..his brows bother me tho

  • :P

    LOL look at the first thumbnail, what’s up with the 3rd pose?

  • S

    @Iris:Well I heard about this movie way back, he’d talked about it months ago. And I also gathered him and his mates liked drinking and smoking, most people his age do.

  • WEED

    @BellaDonna1802: As a fellow pot smoker, I’m pretty sure Chase doesn’t see getting high as a mistake, he’d have enjoyed it. He’d have been pis.sed he got caught though. LOL.

  • UNF

    he is just so sexy to me

  • Jason

    @mailey: he is a pretty effortless and convincing actor

  • Amelle

    HOT. He’s beautiful, prettier than me and I’m a chick. :P

  • gg fan

    he is so hot

  • kara

    @Sacha: Omg. he would be 103798760 x hotter if he made out with a hot dude for my pleasure :) He prob likes his women though

  • Someone

    He IS bisexual!
    That’s what I can say!

    Believe it or not… I know what I’m talking about!

  • I WISH

    @Someone: :D


    @Someone: That is the best news I’ve heard all day! (-; **PS: Can I be jealous that he looks hotter in his mug shot than I look all dressed up under professional lighting?


    @kara: Do you have anyone special in mind – anyone NOT RP?

  • Livian

    Wow, he got arrested for drug possession and people still love him? Don’t get me wrong, I like Chace Crawford, but I can imagine the hate-arade that would come if a celeb like Miley Cyrus or Megan Fox if they were found with drugs.

  • Melanie

    i hope fitty doesnt shoot him in the end

  • y.

    @Livian: I wouldn’t hate Megan if I knew she was smoking pot. Gaga does/did drugs and I still adore her. Actually, most of Hollywood and the world does, or did at some point in their life.

  • Cindy Lu

    @Donovan: Carrie Underwood and Ashley Green just to name two

  • Cindy Lu

    beautiful pictures!! cain’t wait to see the movie “Twelve”

  • bakla

    Are you going to risk your life to jail just to gain publicity for your upcoming movie. think peoplr PWE!!

  • rullestilladser

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  • ben