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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Ago Restaurant Date!

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Ago Restaurant Date!

George Clooney holds hands with his girlfriend, aspiring actress Elisabetta Canalis, after having an delicious Italian dinner at Ago Restaurant on Friday (June 4) in Los Angeles.

Tonight, George is expected at Spike’s Guys Choice Awards, where the celebs attending will include George, LeBron James, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone. The special will tape in Los Angeles and air on Sunday (June 20).

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george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant 04
george clooney elisabetta canalis ago restaurant 05

Credit: Robinson/Butterworth; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ka-blamo

    He’s held on to this one for quite a while now. She must be extra fabulous in bed.

  • miss infamous

    I heard she barely speaks English

  • zippy

    Good looking girl, but she has horrible tattoos.

  • anonymous

    Gee, another fake date photo op with the rude tranny. I hope they disinfected her chair when she left. Another restaurant for me to add to my list of places to avoid as a health hazard.

  • anonymous

    Someone wake me up when this stupid skank’s fifteen minutes are up.

  • min

    He looks like her’s dad

  • yawning

    EC probably had those restaurant pics waiting for a good time to release them. She did the same thing with Hawaii pics, releasing a few at a time to make people think she was in Hawaii the whole time when she was usually in L.A. by herself.

  • frightened

    Is that thing a man? Total butterface.

  • lizk

    She totally looks like a guy.

  • ugh

    toothy tile! also her tats are so trashy :(

  • Leonie

    She looks a little like Cindy Crawford, these arn’t very nice shots of her, she is usually really pretty.
    @min, lol, he could pass for her dad you know, there is an 18 year age gap!

  • All You Need is Love

    They are lovely!

    And for the ones that are calling her a tranny: good looking girl for you must be fat middgest with round faces, open your eyes, the girl is gorgeous!

  • frightened

    I see that the Canalis PR brigade is here. Believe or not, there are people who think Canalis is ugly outside and inside, and it has nothing to do with envy or jealously. I would love to see Clooney hook up with a beautiful, intelligent woman, and I’ll be the first one singing her praises when he does.

  • ugh

    I hope he gave her her walking papers.

  • ew

    That chic looks rode.

  • Meganisinshape

    He looks like my grandfather and she have horrible arms and legs, awww.

  • um

    He could do a he ll of a lot better. What’s wrong with him? I think he’s the type that won’t date anyone better looking than he is because then the attention will be off him and on to her.

  • annie

    She looks hard. I see him more with a soft, sweet, classic girl. He has pretty bad taste in women for the most part. His last two steady GF’s have been low grade!

  • j

    He is pathetic, and she looks like a man. Hey Clooney time to get out of the closet!

  • cupckae

    the only ones who call out tranny every chance they can get on good looking women, are usually 5’5 -, stubby,chubby/and or fat,…2…wait no 3/4 double chins,bloated cheeks and excess pudge everywhere and anywhere. its getting so old. fat/bloated/chipmunk faced girls are NOT and will NEVER be pretty or the “ideal” never has, never will be. its gross and if you look like that you need to A. diet. B. lay off the salt. C. get some face lipo and/or chin cheekbone implants. and this is all comin from someone who doesnt even think this chick is all that, lol. but surely I see worse and fatter/nastier everyday of my life, so stfu.

  • anna

    She barely speaks english, and he barely speaks italian. LOL

  • um

    cupcckae, Canalis herself is shorter than 5’5″. You better stop drinking her publicity kool-aid, because nearly everything you read about her is whitewash. She has never done high fashion modeling, only nudy shots and soft p*rn movies. Cavalli struck a deal with her only after she became associated with Clooney, and that ad pic barely even shows her, and what it does show of her is photoshopped all to hell. Google Canalis Cavalli ad to get the fright of your life. As a matter of fact, I am better looking than Canalis but have chosen not to strip or whore myself for a living. Not all attractive women see whoring as something to aspire to.

  • http://hotmailaustralia lisa

    Well I hope George has finally met his life long partner, you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

  • Derek117

    She doesn’t do it for me, and I hope her 15 minutes of Fame are up. George’s best mate was Krista Allen. IMO she was the Keeper.

  • iris

    i not like her … sorry

  • her g

    loo like cupcakea is elisabetta look whatshe typing here calling women fat to make her look pretty insalt other again if not her at least one from her friends like the one on tiwtter she soo bad beside her ugly legs and face so homely with no quality or class go away from the US we hate u so phony haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • anonymous

    Krista also did soft pron and wasn’t much better. It would be nice if the next one isn’t another interchangeable skank du jour.

  • her g

    cupcake is elisabetta or one of her friends like one of twitter
    cup is calling women fat to make her look pretty she un class no quality does that again insult others they try to make her better butshe is bad person dont care of clooney he free to do what he want he like her o.k but elisabettais not beautifull frome out her face and legs look at photo up@ in side look at twitter we hate u go away from THE U.S.A clooney love her or not that your business but dont but a no class trash like her in celeb we wont belive your charity or class again u are

  • Eric

    elisabeta is a man!

  • MB

    Go Liz!
    LMAO at her her twitter comment about Jennifer Aniston resembling IggyPop.. I think it’s the hair that that adds the extra touch. Bwhahahaha.

  • Uwish

    Hey Elisabetta

    Do you even care about George? Or are you too busy trying to show L.A. and USA that I am ELY, watch me, I can do whatever I want, hahahah! Because that is how you come across, you contribute nothing to society except bragging and excessive shopping and showing off all the time. Oh and the Oscars? Disaster for GC! and now you do this on twitter? There are so many disasters going on in the world and YOU are looking for attention??

    Oh and Where is your purpose, your cause? or any good energy? Because I myself and many others are not seeing it, just games being played. If you came to play games with America, go back to ITALY, ok? Because we don’t need anymore games over here, thanks.
    Also, if you don’t know how to use twitter then don’t use it! and GC hates it anyway!

    You Ms. Canalis are at a very important level in life and status because of Mr. Clooney, is there any respect for him at all from you? Because you come across as nothing for him accept using him for your own benefits. I am in shock he puts up with your drama~ and all because of a slight beauty and Italian, that is all. Wow, George is being excruciatingly tolerant with your antics, especially with your dogs on set, and the drama/interruptions. I wonder why he is so tolerant of you? Could there be a manipulation in progress on your end? hmmm

  • SunnyDaze

    @min: He looks like her grandpa!

  • hello

    His marriage proposal to this one will include the right for him to screw around and she will agree to it, she is from a country born to prance around and please mens stupid wishes, and he knows it, she’s a keeper! But living in the US would not be a good idea, she will become an american woman… So they will live in her native country of course! This is all going to happen.

  • pinkie

    I can’t believe this women had the audacity to compare Jennifer Aniston to Iggy Pop, when she’s the one who looks like a man. She looks like a hot ass tranny mess.

  • anonymous

    Looks like someone got left home tonight.

  • Cami

    I like her. George is awesome.

  • oh my

    Jenhags are out in force, sorry but the girl only retweeted the truth. Poor Iggy Pop, all these years Jennifer has been trying to copy his style. Not to worry Iggy, her eyes are not true blue. They are lying brown.

  • her g

    Ely like men in the face with homley body need to wear bikini to look like girls jen is sweet woman blonde and niece angelina also good she both jen and angelina are ladies but ELy not even good looking pluse she uncover her real face wow

  • anonymous

    Canalis has revealed herself to be a liar. If that tweet was so great, then why doesn’t she admit that she sent it intentionally? Whichever way you look at it, she is a liar. She must think people are very stupid, but she’s not fooling anyone. Insulting A-list actors and lying about it are not the way to ingratiate yourself to the American public or entertainment industry. She should and will go back to Italy as the no-talent reject she is.

  • anonymous

    Looks like Lainey, the biggest idiot and laughing stock in gossip columns, has been here. Your girl is not even in a real relationship with Clooney, despite your delusions. You might want to stock up on valium and vodka now for when reality comes a-knocking.

  • Brad Pity

    My poor buddy George isn’t thinking clearly. He’s really in love with me, but since I’m tied up elsewhere (literally), he can’t have me, so he keeps running around with these vapid rubbery looking tatoo tramps. He rents them from the same warehouse at dock 14, in Marseille, called Tarts ‘n Trollops. This one is starting to look pretty beat, she’s due to return to her warehouse for a physical overhaul, where they will probably straighten out her bandy legs and sand off the skank tats and refurbish the ratty hair on her head with some real human silky hair. Molding-yoga by specially trained lamas will help to soften and round out her hard square facial features. Lazer therapy will help dull that sharp as a ferret crazy ass glare that comes out of her eyes. She’s also due for some further educational sessions. For instance they’ll probably teach her what a “lie” is. Like when you do something all the time, and get caught, and then say you didn’t know what you were doing, that is a lie! And after you’ve been caught lying, you apologize to my ex wife!

  • dianad1968

    She didn’t insult an A-List actress. She just spoke the truth about Jen Aniston. LOL

    I see heads are spinning here, and lots of foaming and frothing at the mouths. LOL

  • hah

    @oh my:

    Jenhags are out in force, sorry but the girl only retweeted the truth. Poor Iggy Pop, all these years Jennifer has been trying to copy his style. Not to worry Iggy, her eyes are not true blue. They are lying brown.

    Must have scared the crap of Iggy Pop~he probably thinks he had a one night stand forty-something years ago and could not remember! Now we know what Jen will look like at 63, but not as good. Too bad she doesn’t have Iggy’s talent.

    Everyone starts to age sometime, even George. Man stills good, his girlfriend looks like she makes him happy and she’s pretty. Sense of humor.

  • Tom Brady’s Baby Mama

    I’d like to see George marry Bridget Moynahan. She’s such a classic beauty. I always thought she’d be beautiful with him. She needs a knight in shining armor to be there for her & little Jack. Come on Georgie, stop playing with your toys and become a real man!

  • Tom Brady’s Baby Mama

    It’s Aniston’s own fault. Change your frickin’ hair already JA, you boring scaredy cat!

  • roy

    So, George has finally come out of the closet, huh? who’s the DUDE in the dress?

  • Brownsugar4Georgie

    George should marry a Black woman. She would would keep him in his place. He and Halle Berry would make Beautiful babies!

    Vanessa Williams and Keri Washington would be good choices too;-)

  • JOHN

    really refurbish the ratty hair look

  • mookie

    I admit the joke about Jennifer was funny and true, but DAMN George’s gal looks MANLY as hell. Wayyyyyyyyyyy more MANLY than Jennifer. LOL Jennifer has softer features.

    @ Brownsugar, George has dated Black women, and still does. But, he can’t be seen with them. The majority of his fan base wouldn’t like it. Get my drift?!?

    Imagine if Denzel married a white woman. See? Ain’t happening, this country is still f-ked up when it comes to race.

  • http://. Blue

    Some of Jen fans maybe posting because of the joke, but we cannot ignore that this woman looks too much like a man – just maybe it is a man!