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Leo DiCaprio Followed By Gaggle of Girls

Leo DiCaprio Followed By Gaggle of Girls

Leonardo DiCaprio returns to his car followed by a gaggle of girls — including his girlfriend Bar Refaeli — in Los Angeles on Friday (June 4).

It looks like this happy couple has been spending a lot of time with each other recently. Earlier this week, Leo, 35, and Bar, 25, picked up new equipment together from Samy’s Camera Shop.

Who else is unsure about Leo‘s bucket hat, cargo shorts and shin-length socks?

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Catarina

    They were out celebrating her bday. Good for them!

  • happy birthday, ange

    happy late Birthday, Bar! But is your friend checking out Leo’s shoes or his butt? ha! I’d check out his butt too. Looks like Leo was the designated driver, good BF.

  • XYZ

    Happy couple? What is that, a figure of speech? She’s his “beard”, get real.

  • yay!

    aw she looks so happy, glad she is having a happy bday, with his bf and gf!

  • Erica

    Leo looks pissed! But thats normal for him now.

  • Rachel

    Leo looks like a babysister.

  • Ella

    I’m a fan,really.
    But what’s up with his outfit ? It looks like he’s going fishing somewhere

  • http://j ivanka

    @Ella: lol agree

  • Lulu

    Leo is in the top 10 actors of all time! Love him.Pure talent.

  • french

    “happy couple” lol, only Barf looks happy (of course she saw there were paps). But look at Leo, he seems really sad

  • Nicki

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAR!!! Cool to see Bar surrounded by her girlfriends and her man to celebrate her birthday!

    And no, as usual, Leo does not look happy to have the paparazzi in his face. He is “ALWAYS ANNOYED” when he knows that the razzi are around. Period.

  • happy girl

    Happy Birthday Bar! Aww, can’t wait til they get married. Perfect couple.

  • french

    I can’t believe some people still think they will get married and they are a happy couple

  • Angela

    omg Leo! I hope Bar treats him right

  • Esau

    I do (closer to “did”) care what DiCaprio does off-screen because, unlike most other celebs, he seemed like someone I could genuinely respect for how he lived his life. A lot of the decisions he’s made, fashion not-withstanding, I’d have made myself if I were in his position, and strangely enough that made me relate to him on a basic level. But after watching and hearing about (over years) how he runs his private life and one of the most intimate relationships in his life, I’ve started to just think maybe he’s just got really good PR, and he’s simply an immature boy who would sell his true potential for money, power and sex with enough models to make him forget growing up a dork. Who hasn’t gone through some crap in life? You don’t use it as a continuous excuse to live irresponsibly in any area of your life. Grow up, move on, evolve, learn, dammit…Sad.

    As for the pics, I don’t believe clothes make the man, but that’s just a ridiculous outfit for a grown man in his position. Even his girlfriend’s friend is looking at those socks and laughing AT him.

    I’ve always believed you can tell a lot about a person by the people they surround themselves with. When you look at Bar and her friends, it’s almost sad to think that he might even have something in common with such silly-seeming people. Sure, he has great friends like Kate Winslet and others, but he falls in love with women like Bar. women who are basic clones of each other, really.

    I miss old-school movie stars. They had such great personalities. Who are our generation’s icons? Sloppily dressed, hyper-sensitive, wild-partying, classless children in adult bodies. There’s a time and place for everything, even those things I just knocked. I wish celebrities would understand that and stop lowering the bar in society. If someone can’t get that with their fame automatically comes influence over society, they shouldn’t go for careers that give that to them.

    It’s not my place to judge, but I’ve become quite disappointed in DiCaprio. I’ll go see his movies because he makes damned good ones. But he no longer intrigues me as a person.

  • buncha

    a listers like leo bleong with other a listers. dump the 3rd rate model now.

  • shan

    looks like leo was the only dude! Bar is the only hot one out of those girls leo is lucky he got the best one for his girlfriend lol

  • karen

    leo does this so the paps wont recognise him he tries to go incognito and it usualy works sometimes we go weeks without seeing pics of him but this time it didnt

  • karen

    leo does this so the paps wont recognise him he tries to go incognito and it usualy works sometimes we go weeks without seeing pics of him but this time it didnt

  • tinnie

    haha leo loooks like one of those old fashioned pimps….you go dog love this dude!

  • boo

    omg did anyone else see leo at the lakers the last game?? he looked soo dam sexy in that blak tshirt…..and it looked like hes been working out yuuuuuum!!!

  • …….

    bar was having a party in reo in LA last night that leo apparently arranged so not to sure what this little outing was about…

  • yay!

    @Esau: dude people dont read such long post in gossip sites and honestly who writes such long posts in gossip sites

  • bebee

    Like ESAU writed, it seems that Bar friends were laughing at him!!
    It’s weird because Bar and her friends look like such immature girls, when Leo is almost 36. I wonder what they can do / talk about together.

  • scrug

    he looks alike a german tourist with his socks but he’s a great actor!

  • dd

    @22 ya i heard that it was meant to have been they must be quite the popular pair, it was bars 1st bday not spent in isreal even tho all her friends flew out, il let the cick enjoy her bday but now i want her GONE!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …I would like the guy if he wasn’t such a Fcuking douchebag. I cant believe he’s actually walking around outside without a bag or something over his head. LOL

  • goldie03

    This picture explains everything.
    This is who bar gets her fashion tips from!
    Leo, honey lose the hat, socks, and bar and everything will be just fine.

  • daisy

    dunno why but i hav a feeling this couldve been a dare or a lost bet that leo had to go out like that he has that kind of personality that he’d do it and i will say pull it off, dunno why just have that feeling dont bash on me for it

  • ann

    leo looks sexy in anything he could wear a bin bag and still look hot!!

  • ann

    o and he loos AMAZING in his new movie!!

  • BANG

    you ppl clearly arent from LA this sh1t is all the rage now jeez get out from under the rock ppl….

  • anonymus

    i comment on leo bar posts quite regularly and i was one of bars main bashers put in the past while i began to look up interviews with her and stuff and to be honest and fair she does seem like a nice down to earth kinda girl, she is by no means perfect but shes a lot better than what i 1st thought she was and i dont think she deserves some of the realy hatefull comments she gets here i know il get bashed and ‘thumbed down’ for this but im just telling you ppl that you shouldnt judge a person unless you know them!

  • Esau

    @yay! post #23

    Thanks for looking out, but I write to express myself, not for the sole purpose of you reading it. If Jared only wanted twitter-like responses, I’m think we’d have had a shiteload less characters allowed. Still, feel free to express yourself in as few words as possible. Really, the less the better. With how twitter is conditioning people, you might be back to groaning and grunting soon. (^_-)

    As for this thread, it does nothing to make Leo look good in any way. Not a hater, just being realistic.

  • ohno

    her friends look cheap like her and it seems like they were laughing at leo. he looks like a fool, not like a 36 year old successful actor he is.. and bar obviously doesn’t know because she has always no clue at all, she can’t even pay taxes..uff


    happy birthday bar hope you had a great day with leo and many more you are a beautiful couple and we wish you guys many happy years together with lots of beautiful babies get started!!!

  • french

    Everyone talk about Leo’s clothes but look at Bar, she is suposed to be a model and she doesn’t even know how to dress

  • adna :(

    That’s hard to understand?
    Leo looks drunk and sleepy!
    Probably all night walking….
    That’s why they are laugh for him….

    How disgusting to look at this!……. :(

  • Mari

    Random observations:
    Bar’s friends look a little uncomfortable with having their photo taken by the paps (crossed arms);
    Bar appears to be having a good time with her friends. I can’t begrudge someone that;
    The only times Leo doesn’t wear a hat are when he’s promoting a movie or at the beach; and, most importantly,
    Leo has small ankles.

  • july

    ok people there not laughing at him grow up

  • ferdog

    leo is so hot! best actor today!!!! his gf…umm no comment. she looks more like a socialite/acress than some model.

  • oh my

    I think the girls are a bit drink and having great fun….

  • oh my

    *drunk, wish Jared would have an edit button.

  • Mari


    You are right, Leo looked damn good at the Lakers game. Those shoulders! Sigh.

  • bam

    haha the one in the plaid shirt looks shitfaced eps in the last pic…..even leo is smirking in that one!

  • ……..

    another random observation…… leo is really tanned

  • boo

    @mari haha ya i remember you talking about those shoulders in previous posts and your right there dam sexy think the tight blak t added to the sexyness!!

  • nata

    He is a great actor, but I honestly thought that he was older than 35. He doesn’t look 35. He looks 43-45, or is it just me?

  • Catarina

    @Rachel The same thought crossed my mind… lol

  • gimmeabreak

    I kinda feel sorry for him in these pictures. He looks like a dad with his teenage daughter and her friends. They’re all laughing, and he looks bored. Bar is smiling at the camera. Go figure.
    Anybody know when he’s working again?