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Rihanna's Red Hair -- HOT or NOT?

Rihanna's Red Hair -- HOT or NOT?

Rihanna rocks out her bright red new hair as she hits the stage during Rock in Rio Madrid Festival on Saturday (June 5) in Arganda del Rey, Spain.

The shear genius behind the 22-year-old Bajan beauty’s new do is celeb hairstylist Ursula Stephen.

Rihanna closed out the show with fan favorite “Umbrella.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s red new do — HOT or NOT?

35+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s red new hair…

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rihanna red hair 01
rihanna red hair 02
rihanna red hair 03
rihanna red hair 04
rihanna red hair 05
rihanna red hair 06
rihanna red hair 07
rihanna red hair 08
rihanna red hair 09
rihanna red hair 10
rihanna red hair 11
rihanna red hair 12
rihanna red hair 13
rihanna red hair 14
rihanna red hair 15
rihanna red hair 16
rihanna red hair 17
rihanna red hair 18
rihanna red hair 19
rihanna red hair 20
rihanna red hair 21
rihanna red hair 22
rihanna red hair 23
rihanna red hair 24
rihanna red hair 25
rihanna red hair 26
rihanna red hair 27
rihanna red hair 28
rihanna red hair 29
rihanna red hair 30
rihanna red hair 31
rihanna red hair 32
rihanna red hair 33
rihanna red hair 34
rihanna red hair 35
rihanna red hair 36
rihanna red hair 37
rihanna red hair 38

Credit: Carlos Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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  • Suzanne

    Why must she insist in ruining her hair.

  • carla

    rihanna wouldnt be rihanna if she didnt dress like this.
    yesterday’s show was more than amazing…. did you guys watch it?
    and about the hair… This is as crazy as she is. for a concert is fine but id fire her hair stylist if i was her. soon she wont have any hair to cut.

  • Simon Baillargeon

    It doesn’t look good.

    It’s too short.

  • Dee

    Rihanna HOT or NOT?

    NOT! She used to be such a lovely girl, now she’s just vulgar.

  • Melissa

    I miss her old look from her first album, she looked much better with long hair and normal clothes and her old music sounded better too.

  • Melanie

    she is not a man

  • Vision

    ughh just shave ur whole head Rihanna. Everybody wants to be Lady Gaga now and its irritating. Let Lady Gaga do her and do you, Rihanna.

  • lu

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww, so not

  • waffle bowl

    @enoughalready: Rihanna never had an original bone in her body to begin with. She’ll copy anyone who is currently hot just so that she can maintain her success. Now she looks even more pathetic copying Lady Gaga, someone who is not original in her own right. Except that she looks even more ridiculous than Gaga. Congratulations Rihanna, you made Lady Gaga look completely normal. At least you achieved that much.

  • road

    @Pam: I cant believe you think gaga invented these looks, get some history, you have no excuse now with youtube and all

  • renata


  • jr

    @um: if you think she looks good i wonder how you look

  • Vision

    @brody: hating implies that we would actually WANT this look and I’m sure that’s just not true. Fact is, she looks ridiculous and that outfit is just degrading. Her audience goes into preteens and I’d rather not see some 12 year old girl looking like she should be working a corner.

  • Vision

    @ROC: I shouldn’t even reply because it’s obvious that you are a racist idiot, but just for the hell of it I will.
    Rihanna is not mixed between white and black, you ignoramus. It’s called a genetic mutation, it happens from time to time. Her red hair has nothing to do with her race, I believe the lead singer from Paramore has the same shade and she is the palest woman I’ve seen in my life. Go get an education please. Idiotic people like you should be forced to live on an island away from the rest of us instead of plaguing society with your stupidity.

  • ys

    she look like a dumb too bad she was hot

  • reni

    she needs to get a grip

  • Zoe

    This is a really horrible look for Rihanna.

  • Joy

    NOT! Another person who IF she has talent doesn’t need these gimmicks (Less clothing and changes of hair style & color constantly).

  • Shelby

    Disgusting. Looks like a shaved head with a red toupee. Try harder, Rihanna.

  • R.M


  • R.M


  • WhatevahMang

    Was that hair cut a mistake??

  • Terrence

    i would ride her fine as.s through the night

  • Paulo

    im sooooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im Rihanna’s #1 fan and ive loved ALL of Rihannas hairstyles!!!! but this 1 is sooooo ugly and tacky!!!!! pladge 4 her 2 geta different hairstyle!!!

  • Interesting!

    LOL…put on some clothes young lady! Next she will be rocking some lace-front wigs to repair the color damaged hair.

    Who is managing these kids in the industry? Seems to be falling apart all over the place by trying to catch up to grown up acts.

  • Marine

    Ew, WTF? Rihanna what are you doing? Want to be Ronald Maconald wife?
    Since the “Don’t stop the music” music video she ruined her hair…
    What will be the next haircut? Purple hair, Pink hair, Blue hair, Green hair… Bald maybe!

  • zee

    Not. She went from cute and spunky to wth?

  • T

    @Peter: Her thighs are not THAT fat! Are you blind or just plain dumb shallow?!

  • amagod121

    She’s getting that hard, old, orange look that LaLohan has. What ever happened to wanting to look young??? Hot – NOT!

  • Brat

    Rihanna is able to rock a lot of different looks that no one else would be able to get away with. I think we have all discovered a look that she should not repeat. Let this be a one time thing. Hideous from top to bottom

  • Adora

    He looks like a tired old whore!

  • Alaia

    a big NOT for the hair and the outfit.

  • nat

    NOT! OH GOSH, NOT NOT NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Irreplaceable

    She looks totally ridiculous! She needs to grow her damn hair back.., the short shit has officially gotten old on her! I mean wth, she looks like a gay guy on Halloween hahahaha



    It looks like a little boys haircut…

  • Loving It

    That ain’t a wig because you can see her scalp and the hair is moveable so it’s not like Beyonce’s lace wig.
    It’s real….

  • efron

    Im sick of rihanna trying to look like someone from the 80s-90s. Like salt n pepa looked way back with the pversized gold bling, the hairstyles and the clothes. Damn you wannabe.

  • wow


  • pandoraz

    LOL! good girl gone whack!

  • Atli

    Looks like her tiny tits are down at the waist very strange.

  • Richi

    NOT !!!

  • Matt

    Her hair keeps getting shorter she should just shave her head smooth as a cue ball and start again. She has a beautiful body and facial features. Her outfit is shocking she could have come up with something better than this!

  • sisinca

    I tought she could wear anything and still be hot. I was so wrong!

  • pimple

    absoutely not hot!

  • setokaiba

    Not, definately Not.

  • tessa

    She has gone too far

  • Christina

    She looks like a guy wearing make-up

  • memi


  • Triinu

    Shes so hot, really, i like her style . . GO RIHANNA ! come to Estonia !

  • itsme

    GOOD GAWD! THAT IS A HAIR-DON’T! Wlhat was she thinking?