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Rihanna's Red Hair -- HOT or NOT?

Rihanna's Red Hair -- HOT or NOT?

Rihanna rocks out her bright red new hair as she hits the stage during Rock in Rio Madrid Festival on Saturday (June 5) in Arganda del Rey, Spain.

The shear genius behind the 22-year-old Bajan beauty’s new do is celeb hairstylist Ursula Stephen.

Rihanna closed out the show with fan favorite “Umbrella.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s red new do — HOT or NOT?

35+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s red new hair…

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rihanna red hair 01
rihanna red hair 02
rihanna red hair 03
rihanna red hair 04
rihanna red hair 05
rihanna red hair 06
rihanna red hair 07
rihanna red hair 08
rihanna red hair 09
rihanna red hair 10
rihanna red hair 11
rihanna red hair 12
rihanna red hair 13
rihanna red hair 14
rihanna red hair 15
rihanna red hair 16
rihanna red hair 17
rihanna red hair 18
rihanna red hair 19
rihanna red hair 20
rihanna red hair 21
rihanna red hair 22
rihanna red hair 23
rihanna red hair 24
rihanna red hair 25
rihanna red hair 26
rihanna red hair 27
rihanna red hair 28
rihanna red hair 29
rihanna red hair 30
rihanna red hair 31
rihanna red hair 32
rihanna red hair 33
rihanna red hair 34
rihanna red hair 35
rihanna red hair 36
rihanna red hair 37
rihanna red hair 38

Credit: Carlos Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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  • itsme

    Plus, now her lightbulb head is even more pronounced.

  • http://@RiotRobbie RoB

    I love it!

  • http://naimaalwayshere Lola bannana


  • Jacques

    the thing i like about rihanna’s hair is i can never decide whether i think its a fun fashion statement or if its just a little too bold that it looks ugly.. keeps me gessin’ =)

  • DramaQueen15

    NOT!! =/

  • gojus

    Looks GREAT!!


    WHAT IS THIS? oooooh, rihanna i get it – she stinks, her hair is like puked, yukkkkk! How could she do that?!? BEAST!

  • RadioHysteria

    NOOOOOOOOOOT! If it was cut in a decent hairstyle, she might’ve been able to work but this is rediculously ugly

  • Steven29

    I love it! Rihanna you are the best you can do anything with your hair! It’s incredible

  • martis

    NOT! She looks deeply silly….

  • statt

    I love how most of these comments aren’t even about her hair. Stop hating! She’s probably skinner then most of the people commenting on how ‘fat’ she is or how ‘chunky’ her thighs are. Nobody’s perfect; she’s just doing her! And her hair may be different but it’s HOT!

  • Nadia

    There is a line and very thick line … and Rihanna has just crossed it. You look ridiculous what are you doing ?!?

  • ya

    OMG WOW it seemed like she lost her mind y does she keep cuttin her hair shorter and shorter? i mean the fro-hawk or whatever u want to call it looked weird enough and now she looks like… i can’t even explain it UGH thats not even hot at all

  • ya

    @Rihanna’s Lover and #1 Fan: lol riri? thts a bad nick name..

  • Nancy

    Weew. WTF is up with her since her n criss brown broke up? sh elooks sooo trashy now..its not even sexy. She is such trash now. gross

  • lynn

    it was even more red on sunday when i met her.. i LOVE IT

  • Miss teh old Rihanna

    She is such a pretty girl with long hair. she is too beautiful to be sporting these types of ugly hair cut. What happen to the old rihanna from the Island . She have chage from teh way she act to the way she dress…. She tries too hard just like Miley . Take time to grow, had to believe that she is 22. She look like she is 28 .

  • annabelle

    definitively NOT!

  • Rei

    Don’t like it. Sorry, Rihanna, it just doesn’t suit you. Try something else.

  • Serenity


  • girlofbirthday

    terrible! it’s not stylish when you start to remind people of Bai Ling.

  • Lauren

    Not hot! I wish Rhianna would just go away. What exactly is her relevance anyways?

  • Lauren

    she so manly, for goodness sake woman be more feminine!

  • asdghj

    i happen to like it

  • Angela Todd Kirk

    I don’t like the red hair look..She looks like a rooster. I liked her look then not now.

  • fredrik

    ewwww. she lookz stupid. it just getz shorter and shorter. it looked great when she had dat brown caramel colored hair kinda parted 2 da side over her face or watever. her hair now lookz like a wig. ewwwwwwwww. and watz op wit da shaved all under it deal…. let ur hair grow out and make up ur mind bitch… gosh.

  • VStl3

    SOOOO NOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat was she thinking? Her head looks like monkey budd ewwwww

  • Whatever

    Um….Is she on drugs?

  • http://facebook cali88

    yall are a bunch of haters get off the chics back…she looks good no matter wat!

  • Sadra

    OMG! EW!
    This chick needs serious help !

  • Bex


  • Dani

    OMG, What has rihanna done??? She looks terrible! I thought she looked much prettier when she first came out, like in if its lovin that you want, she was stunning! This is just OTT. Dont like it at all. Go back to the long brown/blonde highlights rihanna!

  • Mike

    SHE IS SO HOT!!! I can’t wait to see her in concert again!

  • migguelii

    She looks good very edgy as always w a new look it’s funny everyone is hating on her but mind you you will see half these girls try the same look in a year or two get over it.

  • http://Facebook XoXo

    this is an ugly hair cut…black was iight..then shaving it off didnt like it but she looked better than this thing here…chris done gone knock her damn senses out her head…i prefer the old RiRi…P.S she looks like a chicken..:S

  • Theresa

    Any b!tch that is hatin on Rihanna needs to take the strapon out her @ss and realize that Rihanna is the baddest b!itch in music. All you fat ugly diseased heffaz need to recognize and pay respect to the QUEEN/. QUEEN RIHANNA 4 LIFE B!TCH.

  • proof of human stupidity

    @Theresa: seriously….get a life

  • pinkdotdot

    i think her hair looked better when it was blonde, but its her money anyways , i think she doesn’t have big thighs I have seen bigger, she’s a pretty girl, i miss the long hair tho, her hair now doesn’t look very nice, hope she grows her hair back tho.

  • MarielleSantiago

    Ugly as hell. WTF is she thinking nowadays?! Her hair gets shorter and shorter everytime….

  • truth


  • shanaynay

    she wants to become a partly skinhead lesbian!

  • enkery

    I love the colour just not the cut, and i dont think her outfit does her any favours either, yes to colour, no to cut

  • danni

    what on earth.. stop commenting on her boobs and thighs.. she’s a real woman with a real figure. dont focus on the perfect image all the time. i personally like the style. none of you have balls to do it.

  • NOT

    Too ugly for words, i mean, come on! It looks like she washed her hair in a toilet with blood ^o)

  • Casey

    I feel that rhianna is the only one who could wear this< i like it go head girl

  • shubby

    ki le le yi…WTH….seriously rihanna needs to go to the rehab!!!

  • cassidy

    rihanna i love you but plz change that hair

    p.s if you dont like rihanna why are you looking at this its best if you just stop or everyone will ask you this Q….not tryin to be mean and who cares if she has big thighs i dont and she is perfectly fine

  • Luke

    Man why does every chick wanna copy lil Kim the overalls over her breasts lil Kim already did That I guess kims a bigger inspration that people thought

  • Eva

    Hmm I don’t like the new hair….
    I think the Cleopatra hairstyle was the best for her.
    And the outfits are…well…Gaga’s style.
    Sorry Rihanna but it’s a NOT.



    Uhh totally disagree with you…it doesn’t matter at the time that janet was micheals little sister he wasn’t that famous as he is today….and it did take janet awhile to be a famous as rihanna is today….marketing my ass rihanna ain’t do shit to get more famous all she did was make album after album for the past five years and did a Covergirl campaign and one movie which she had a tiny asss part…so get ya facts straight boo boo….

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