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Kelly Clarkson: Lincoln Medal Awards!

Kelly Clarkson:  Lincoln Medal Awards!

Kelly Clarkson stays classic in black at the Lincoln Medal Awards held at at Ford’s Theater on Sunday (June 6)

Her performance will be taped for broadcast on ABC on July 2. The Lincoln Medal is given each year to people who exemplify the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. This year, two people will be awarded: South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South African Constitutional Court Justice Albie Sachs.

Modern Family star Ty Burrell will host the program entitled, “America Celebrates July 4th at Ford’s Theatre.” It will also feature Gavin Lee from the Broadway musical Mary Poppins.

Ford’s Theatre is where Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

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Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jack

    I love her voice

  • ilu girl.

    she looked cute just a few days on idol……unflattering pics?

  • oops

    I thought that was Kelly Osbourne

  • zoe

    : O

  • zaraaaa
  • she looks great!

    SHE ROCKS :)

  • Vivienne

    She needs a new stylist. I’d happily help her out a bit.

  • TOM


  • boom boom

    holy cow

  • Caian

    Really beautiful!

  • natalie

    I think she has a beautiful face, but she does look matronly in these photos.

  • MaryGV

    I love his voice and many of his songs, but her every time I see this more weight gain and that is bad for your health.

  • FIX UP

    ew. pasty and fat

  • Steve


    Shutup you tool. She looks more normal than most celebs. Atleast she isn’t skin and bones and is herself. Bet she’s slimmer than you.

    She is known for her voice, funny enough.

  • tone

    You lot over-react. Today i read about a guy in the States who is 53 stone, and hasn’t left his bed in 3 years..and you call THIS fat?

    I see a normal person.

  • Ethan

    oink oink.

  • harley

    She’s really pretty, but I think she just wears really unflattering clothes.

    On a side note – I loved the duet she did with Daughtry.

  • offtheproperty

    I love Kelly because I love her songs and how she sings them and her beautiful powerful evocative voice. So I always like seeing pictures of her.

  • Interesting!

    No one is asking her to be stick thin but most are is concerned about the upward spiral in weight which is not good for anyone’s health. Ms Clarkson can afford a healthy diet and exercise. She is a brilliant singer with so much talent and great fans but the music industry is brutal and without enough support on your side, your voice alone will not rescue your bottom-line. As well, we live in a superficial world with superficial fans to go with it so be good to your body/health.

    So there…hit me back if you think I am calling it wrong!

  • danny

    I’d wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours underneath that dress of hers. Call me kell!

  • Jasmine

    @oops: I thought that too except…Kelly Osbourne is thinner than this now =/

  • Men’s online magazine

    She looks like she is gaining a little bit of weight

  • Liam

    Well….she’s not FAT FAT…I’ve seen ppl with 350lbs and that’s FAT.
    I dont want to be attack with images from magazines with skinny-sick-anorexic “celebs” all the time, telling me that being sick and starving is cool.

    But on the other hand, I dont want to see images of LAZY-ASS like Kelly. I mean, she’s a talented young woman, but would kill her be healty???? That weight will affect her (diabetes, heart attacks, problems with her knees, etc etc etc) She have the money enough to pay a good nutritionist-trainner to be a better example to her fans, being a healthy lady not a couch potato.

  • wow

    holy cow

  • Lisa

    I don’t understand how anyone could go from slimmer than me to fatter than me, but people really should stop pretending to care about her being “unhealthy.” If you just don’t like to see fat people, just say it. All these fake concerns over her health are annoying, especially when she’s not even fat enough for her weight alone to be detrimental to her health. So seriously. You prefer looking at women who are 10-15 lbs away from being underweight? Be upfront about it.

  • kate

    Not sure about you lot but I don’t want normal! I want something I can look up to and not next to me! No offense to Kelly C. but she’s a star and I want to see a shine! If she wants to be normal then I suggest handing the torch to someone that wants it!

  • Samantha

    Shes sooo fat…and short hair makes her look even fatter..when will she understand that long hair makes her look cuter?? oh fatty kelly..stay away from donuts

  • Wow

    Wow some of you people are complete & utterly asses. Kelly looks fine, far from obese. I saw pictures of her from yesterday and I and others could tell that she has lost some. Yeah so what Kelly is a celebrity but that doesn’t mean you have to be a stick like Parus Hilton, Nichole Richie, Lady Gaga, etc. If she wants to live a somewhat normal life than so be it. It’s her life not yours so shut the hell up and look her dress looks fine too. Also the girl looks far from unhealthy. Grow up you bunch of jerks. Leave KC alone.

  • Athina

    She struggles with her weight obviously. Or maybe she has quit struggling with it……anyway, I sympathize. Food is everywhere and it’s not easy to lose weight.

  • Jessica

    Good Lord. Gaining this much weight this fast can not be good. She needs to re-evaluate her diet ASAP. This is how you get diabetes.

  • Wow

    Oh go screw a tree.

  • Emily


  • Jenny

    I like them love handles

  • dorian gray


    WHAT ARE YOU BLIND? she is fat as in F-A-T, tub o lard, doughnut princess, walking cholesterol . With fans like you who needs enemy.
    You would rather see her suffering comorbid diseases that goes with out of control weight gain such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure than tell her to lose those extra pounds. This is not about looking like Paris Hilton this is about life and death.situation GROW THE FU^K UP?

  • mailey

    sigh. kelly, kelly, kelly..

    this is so wrong on u, girl.

  • http://@kristinahs Kristina

    Kelly is beautiful regardless of her size, but I have to say she looks really great here. I am loving the new hair & the simple, classic dress is flattering. And I normally hate feet but those heels, while conservative, are super sexy!

    p.s. I think I spy some new tattoos too…on her right hand & shoulder?

  • Jen

    She doesn’t look very flattering but she doesn’t look unhealthy either. I mean it wouldn’t hurt her to lose 10 or 15 pounds but that extra weight isn’t going to kill her either. If anything she needs a better stylist.

  • Whatever

    @dorian gray:
    What the hell is your damn problem, she’s not that fat and hello the camera adds ten pounds. It’s idiots like you who thinks it’s okay to be a zero. Have some respect, which apparently you and other idiots don’t have. It’s you people like you that need to grow the f*ck up, stop talking about her weight, and instead talk about her amazing talent. And like what I said, I and others saw pictures of her from a few days ago and we could tell that she has lost some. Kelly is human just like the rest of us so back off dumb ass. This sentence “With fans like you who needs enemy.” doesn’t even make since and I am not saying that I “would rather see her suffering comorbid diseases that goes with out of control weight gain such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure than tell her to lose those extra pounds.” don’t put words in my mouth. And when Kelly weighed what she did back in 05/06,(which some you want her to get back to that size) it’s was the one of the lowest points off her life, was stressed out all the time, she got walking pneumonia and others things we’re going on too with her. And before you say anything I’m not saying that I want her to be overweight, obese or anything like tha and she’s is not those things. She’s normal size and if she’s okay with it, so am I and others, so should you idiots. Another thing someone back in January asked her on twitter they missed her washboard abs she had in the Walk Away video and Kelly replied back with “yeah I traded those in for a life”.

  • kookabear

    she is looking good. Love her

  • proud Kezbo

    I love her. Always have and always will. She’s happy with the way she looks…She’s sexy and confident and not a size 2. GOOD for her.

    As far as the dress, I don’t think it’s a matronly thing, I just think she’s not really a dress girl.

  • skaur

    yeh great singer but overweight

  • Kimbee

    love her 4ever

  • apellla

    kelly is short, so it’s hard to hide her weight. Very unfortunate.

  • chris

    Kelly is beautiful. Love her and her magnificent voice!!! She rocks my world!!!

  • Joseph

    All Haters You suck !!! at least kelly is natural not fake like the others !!!! Her voice is ammazing and that what matters besides she looks cute i would date her !!!

  • chris

    She is simply amazing. I think she is adorable and pretty darn cool.