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Miley Cyrus Goes GAY!

Miley Cyrus Goes GAY!

Miley Cyrus hits the stage at London’s legendary G-A-Y nightclub on Saturday night (June 5).

The 17-year-old wore a Union Jack top over her hip-hugging black dress with sexy cut-outs.

Miley once again simulated a so-called girl-on-girl kiss during her performance of “I Can’t Be Tamed.” Earlier over the weekend, she defended her behavior, saying “nothing happened” and there are “more important things in the world.”

30+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus going G-A-Y…

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Credit: Will Alexander; Photos: WENN
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  • LuckyL


  • whatevs

    seriously do ppl just wanna get over miley cyrus bashin…. i’ve seen her do the performance before (on dancing with the stars) and she isnt simulatin a kiss shes simulatin bitin the girls neck. i dont particularly like miley cyrus but think its sad everyone always has to pick faults

  • LuckyL

    ^Many people love her enough to give her millions of dollars every year, so I feel like a few honest comments by people not up her a** are needed and perfectly fine.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, I did love how someone said somewhere this b*tch definitely lost her virginity recently, hence why she’s so “in touch with her sexuality” lately.

  • dollhouse

    Why is she dressed like a 40 year old prostitute?

  • lolololololol


  • WAT

    OH. MY. GOD. her outfit!!!!!!!!!

  • adriennebelle

    who cares about the kiss!?! her outfit is totally inappropiate!
    i can see her butt! she’s trying way too hard to show her new image! after all she’s still 17!

  • bjorkson
  • Emily

    The gaps in the bottom of the dress give sight to some butt-cheeks and undies.


    what a sk@nk lmao

  • Amelle

    That. Is the tackiest outfit ever. Ugh.

  • JJ

    “The 17-year-old wore a Union Jack top over her hip-hugging black dress with sexy cut-outs.”

    Sexy L O L. Is that what we’re calling it.

  • Fierce FAIL

    gurl u need prayer. dont be such a ho lol

  • [marie]

    Go gay..? Don’t insult gay people Jared… This chick is skanky..

  • mari2

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  • mari2

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  • k

    I’MMA BE POSITIVE………… least her fug shoes match her face.

  • poor girl.

    She’s not transitioning into adulthood well.

  • jeeez

    Tacky outfit. Ugly shoes. Great legs. But she’s so trashy. It’s not pretty or hot. Just unintentionally tacky.

  • gross.

    You can see her underage Vag and buttcheeks

  • Someone

    I see London, I see France
    I see …

  • Renata

    Ridiculaaaaa !!

  • Sacha, 23

    @k @bjorkson lmao

  • nicollle

    I don’t get why everyone is so shocked about all the things shes doing now. She’s getting older, its only naturally for her to make mistakes and not only is she growing on a personal level but in her career too, and obviously its not easy. And on top of it, of course she knows shes going to get attention from it, shes a huge celebrity! Maybe she does enjoy the attention a lot, or maybe she’s just expressing herself. Who knows but either way she’d be getting attention for something especially now that shes not a little disney star. And to everyone that says she has younger fans to care about, its their parents responsibility to let them listen to her and watch her, not hers.

  • um

    That dress and those shoes are hideous. Why does she exist.

  • N

    Once again, she looks like a prostitute. Wouldn’t be surprised to find her on a corner once her so-called “career” is over.

  • nessa

    she’s trying hard to get attention O_O

  • Jason

    @nicollle: This girl can’t even shock right. She bores me, she just comes across as a trailor trash hillbilly, you know the type you just have to roll your eyes at

  • jaye

    lol@ SOMEONE

  • http://@erikkaJay Erikka(:

    I really really love her. Like a lot(: But it almost looks like she’s trying to hard… Her music is awesome & people need to stop riding her ass about this “kiss”… i will agree on the comments about the outfit. It just a little bit risky…. I LOVE MILEYY(:<3

  • tari

    Does she not have any other pair of shoes? She wears it with everyday clothes everywhere, and she also wears it on stage all the time… Do people not give her money even after she shows every part of her body unnecessarily? Aww, poor girl!

  • from paris with love

    Just like Julia Robert’s dress in Pretty Woman but with even more cut-outs ! humm what was that movie about btw ? LOL
    Anyway, Miley has a great body and I guess all female pop singers have to be hypersexual nowadays… this is indeed the era of p*rn and s*x everywhere. :sigh:

  • Frida

    WTH is she wearing?!

  • Carrey

    What the hell is she wearing? Seriously just because she’s at a nightclub doesn’t mean she has to dress like a table dancer.

  • Lucy

    I saw things I did not need to see…

  • David

    She’s on the way to became Britney the second xD

  • brightside

    Saw it, she can’t sing and this type of performance is so old now.

  • weed

    @David: A second rate Britney wannabe tbh.

  • Sarah

    I think she is gonna be just like Lindsay Lohan … hope not so ?

  • Tara

    Why does everyone say ‘She’s jus getting older!’ WTF?! We all get older, does that mean the way to prove that we are ‘growing up’ is to start dressing like teenage hookers? ummm no. It is VERY clear that the girl who once claimed she would remain a virgin till marriage(ha!) has gone back of that. The way she acts and dresses laterly, there is noway in hell this girl isint having sex.

  • ghfztzzt

    she looks like a slut??? whats wrong with these teenies???

  • Lisa

    WHAT in the world is she WEARING? If she really believes it’s about the content about her music and not about who can show the most skin, either she’s delusional or she’s really that dumb.

    I don’t understand why she performs wearing these clothes anyway. The people who go to her concerts are people who are young enough to think Hannah Montana is cool. Wearing these clothes for them is just wrong. And also, it’s not so much about her having to “act her age” than her having to act decently. No self-respecting females should be wearing revealing outfits to get boys’ attention, period.

  • David


    I meant the bad part of Britney, kissing girls, drugs, etc xD

  • janiece

    her idea of “sexy” is all wrong. just because you start wearing skimpy clothes and dancing provocatively does not make you sexy or grown up. sex appeal comes from your attitude and how you carry yourself. this outfit screams “oh look at me look at me, i’m an adult now so i can wear what ever i want and be sexy”. the girl is trying way to hard and its coming off as being trashy. having some class and confidence is my idea of sexy, not this crap she’s doing.

  • MyGirl

    Yeah, she’s definitely been tapped, which explains her current slutty behaviour.

  • Suzanne

    Not her best performance outfits.

  • http://j ivanka

    ew i see her undies and def. slutt.y

  • Aitch

    This sexed up image—the whole package–kiss, dress, gyrations–seems so contrived and full of pretense. There is a lack of authenticity about it. She is “grown up” and female so that automatically means (to her evidently) that you thrust your female physical attributes in every one’s face and overemphsize the whole sex thing. She is jumping into this notion that the look of strippers and pornstars is really fashionable, hip and “so current, so now.”

  • Aitch

    ANd the whole long hair flipping around thing is so OVER….