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Sandra Bullock Makes Surprise Appearance For The Troops!

Sandra Bullock Makes Surprise Appearance For The Troops!

Sandra Bullock makes her first public appearance since her divorce at Spike TV’s 2010 Guys Choice Awards held at Sony Studios on Saturday (June 5) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actress accepted the Troops Choice Award for Entertainer of the Year, from presenter Robert Downey, Jr..

“Let’s be honest here, just for a moment. We’re all going to be honest, right?” Sandra joked of the honor, which was bestowed by members of the military. “Did I win this for being entertainer of the year, or did I win this because of the spectacular I.E.D. [improvised explosive device] explosion that became my personal life?” Hilarious!

FYI: Sandra wore a black leather knee length sheath dress with structured shoulders and delicate lace details inspired by Elie Saab. She accessorized with Casadei shoes and Cartier jewels.

Sandra Bullock @ Guys’ Choice Awards!

10+ pictures inside of Sandra Bullock surprising the troops…

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Celia

    she looks gorgeous!!! Go Sandra!

  • memememe

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! She looks utterly amazing – and much younger than 45! Mommyhood definitely agrees with her! She must be very emotionally strong to be able to refer to her personal life of her own accord and in a joke-y manner too. I wouldn’t have expected anything else from her though – she is one very cool and admirable chick.

  • ?

    There some reasons i don’t like this actress:
    First: she is a homewrecker she get with Jesse James while he was married, he left his pregnant wife for her, Karma is a b!tch

    Second: if he there were no scandal, she’ll probably still with this kind of persona with his nazi salute and tatoos..makes me wondering a lot about her

    Third: as soon as the scandal blow, she immediately wh*re herself out her privacy and her kid to people magazine, exposing her kid to the paps, ( taking adavtages from the kid) like a manipulative media h*,tonight she will be also at the MTV awards i see that her PR machine is on is she going to make a PR tour to every single award show?

  • Amelle


  • bless her.


  • Helen

    Awww it’s so great to see her out there again :-)
    Can’t wait to see her at the MTV movie awards
    She really is such a great woman, beautiful from the outside and just as much from the inside if not more. Sandra is amazing!

  • CCrider

    Truly looooooooove this girl!
    She’s, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood… and nevertheless so “girl next door”!

  • Emma

    Love her! Brave & witty lady.

  • Dreads

    Wow. I mean, WOW. She looks AMAZING. I LOVE the leather dress =). So gorgeous. I love how she talks about her personal scandal in joke-ish manner. Gotta love this brilliant actress. So talented but yet down-to-earth, humble, beautiful and FUNNY. She’s an admirable woman. I respect her.

  • Anna

    She looks good but she is trying too hard with the leather dress.

  • yeah

    yeah it’s good to see her out and about again. It’s was weird for her to be all locked up and away from the press especially after seeing her during awards season. Congrats to her for all the awards she continues to win. Her speech as sooooo funny.

  • anon

    She looks great but that award looks like it was part of a reindeer

  • anon
  • Sandra

    She is amazing. Love her.

  • darrrrrrrr

    she looks aaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!

  • darrrrrrrr

    she looks aaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!

  • TJ

    Im soooo sick of this tabloid chick, i do not respect tabloids chicks who sell there lifes to tabloids for PR , yes if we talk about you it’s only because of your scandalous private life, nothing else, that is why you’re here, no one cared about you before the scandal, I do on the other hand respect talented actors who makes it without all the media trashiness.

  • mariam

    her elie saab dress is fabulous

  • Donovan

    Love Ya, Sandi! Can’t wait to see her on the MTV awards.

  • monica

    What’s ironic is Sandra seems to be moving on with her life faster than Aniston did. Aniston is still talking about spring cleaning for almost 5yrs!!!They didn’t even have kids together and Brad gave her a huge money deal, went on one last vacation together, threw her a birthday party, he really tried to make it a very clean no drama break. But being the woman Aniston is, with her low self esteem issues, she had to diss him, have her friends have at him, insult his current love, and is still doing that shit up to this day via her friends like chelsea Handler! Sandra you have already exprienced unconditional love with your baby, may continue to flourish.

  • Manny

    This gal is a class act.
    I love that she has been able to put herself out there for the military honor that night and to address the pink elephant in the room at the same time.
    Well done Sandy. :)

  • john

    Sorry but she is unattractive, no matter how hard this 46 old tries, i’ve always find her unattractive, there is nothing appealing so girl next door, im not gonna lie and pretend something else now and play that fake card..

  • N.

    TJ, plenty of people followed Sandy’s career before this. And “?”, the magazine spread with People was planned well before the scandal came out. Jesse was originally involved with it, but then when she found out what he did, he was dropped from it.

    And before you decide to say she was “wh*ring out her baby” or something like that…the reason celebs do deals like they do with mags like People isn’t to wh*re their families out…it’s to CONTROL the madness. If people found out about the baby without her announcing it, can you imagine how much MORE she would be getting stalked by paparazzi? The intent with the People spread was to let people know, to share photos, and getting it out there so that her child being stalked would not seem as much a necessity for the paps. They get big bucks for “first baby pics” etc, and that was her way of controlling that and protecting her child.

    I think she looked AMAZING. Great to see her back out there and smiling.

  • Kelly

    she looks friggin’ amazing

  • yeah right


    She is already exposing her kid to the paps , haven’t you seen the photos of that innocent kid ? the paps are already making bucks of it, there is no difference, what a lame excuse you have here, she just love the PR , exposing her private life and kid to people magazines, and on the streets( a baby of just a few month), this is lame and media hunry.

  • LuckyL

    Hot woman

  • mickey

    she looks gorgeous!

  • mickey

    she looks gorgeous!

  • African Girl

    Now THIS is a beautiful and classy woman!
    @ Monica
    SB does not need to pimp her divorce because she is a bona fide A list actress. It’s only the mediocre ones who know they can’t get far on their talent, who use pity to climb the ladder of success.

  • jaye

    She’s an ok actress IMO who was fortunate enough to land a role in a true story that had success written all over it. The Oscar IMO was an emotional offering based on the story, now she is receiving additional accolades because people feel sorry for her. Nothing like a husband who cheated to make someone into a Saint ( of the day, because there will be another one coming), the best actress ever, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, the girl next door, a role model, America’s Sweetheart. Realistically is ANY of that true? Sounds similar to things said about Aniston. I can understand people’s compassion for this woman, but it ‘s nice to stay in the realm of reality.
    I’m happy that she at least is getting on with her life. I don’t think she ever sought out attention and may very well be a wonderful human being, but she made a choice and a mistake in this man that a lot of women make. She knew or should have known his history, people who don’t know him personally knew this match up was just a bomb waiting to go off. People as old as Jesse James in most cases don’t want to change ( they like who they are and the life that they lead) and don’t see anything wrong with the way they live their lives. A women, even one they claim to love, isn’t likely to make a difference because in most cases they don’t’ know what true love is. The plain fact is, he only truly loves himself, his lifestyle and his cool bad boy image.
    Before Bullock, he had an identity of his own. When he married her he was thereafter referred to in the context of being Sandra Bullock’s husband. That’s life, that’s Hollywood, but it had to be a blow to his ego. She isn’t a young girl and really should have known better. But women, especially those in love, want to believe the lie even though they may have some inkling that it IS a lie. They want to think they can change someone, but you can only change yourself .
    The man married a p*orn star and then with Bullock’s help used her p*orn star status and lifestyle against her to get custody of her child. I know she went to jail on an unrelated charge, but if you took a kid from every parent that’s been to jail, you won’t have enough places to care for them. The fact is that he USED Bullock for her respectability, because he is no more respectable than his ex-wife and he lived pretty much the same lifestyle that she did. I don’t know if he really wants to get back with Bullock or it’s just the thing to say for publicity sake. Frankly his status has tanked and he has little else. He’s in debt, the butt of jokes and public scrutiny. He certainly wouldn’t be faithful to her even if she was misguided enough to go back to him. It would be like living his life in a straight jacket and I just don’t see him doing that.
    I admire that she loves his children, they are just as much victims of this situation as anyone. They were finally getting into a stable environment or so they thought, but their father was working behind the scenes continuing his cheating ways and lies; this man never stopped cheating. So, really, how much did he love Bullock? He even said that she suspected he was cheating, but he lied his way out of the situation; she believed the lie because she wanted to believe it.
    I wish her good luck and that she finds someone who can truly appreciates her, but I”m not looking forward to her becoming a daily victim in the tabloids; I don’t think she would like that either. She seems to be a woman who can handle this situation with dignity and I applaud her for that more than the superficial tags that people are now placing on her. She’s a woman with a cheating, lying husband, you don’t get a prize for that, you get a lesson; I hope, for her sake, she’s learned it.

  • hopeso

    GO SANDRA, GO SANDRA, GO SANDRA!!!!Looking good girl.

  • loyal

    As usual, Sandra handled this with class and style. And very cleverly. Way to go, you are amazing, Sandra!

  • reba

    Smart. Beautiful. Amazing. What a woman. Take note young ladies… you should be looking at Sandra as a role model – not VS models.

  • uh

    Ilh stands for “I love her”. Why did that get thumbed down ?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …She’s amazing, and she’s always been funny. Good for her.

  • http://!! MEMEME

    Always been my idol, and i idolize her even more because she is such a class act!! beyond beautiful and so happy for her for all she’s been through she’s this strong and even MORE AMAZING!! LOVE HER :)

  • http://j ivanka

    gorgeous and talented!..

  • Jan

    My FAVORITE actress is back. She is REAL. I wish her the best!!! and hope she does not let Jesse talk her into taking him back due to her love for Sunny

  • Solo

    she is brilliant :)))

  • notbusy

    I’ve always loved Sandra and always will. Classy lady.

  • Molly

    And THAT, my friends, is how you make a comeback!

    Sandra, how we love thee…!!!!! You are class personified!

  • Melanie

    Sandy is so strong


    she looks so gorgeous and shes amazing and an amazing person now you can get yourself a real man sandra good for you!!!!!!!! and your baby is adorable!!!!!!!!! luv you! go sandra!

  • someone

    Beautiful woman, and class all the way! I can’t believe there are actually people out there that are trying to make this whole mess Sandys fault.. She married a man she trusted, and when she found out she couldn’t trust him anymore she left…good for her!!!

  • Macchiato

    daaayuuuuum she looks sooo goood !!

  • yhoann

    Someon class will not hung out at the first place with someone like him….

  • plez

    She looks good. Glad she did not go the Oprah/self help quotes route. She is just going on with her life and not lashing out via making stupid jokes about her X or having her friend release statements to People mag

    This is true class and a true American Sweetheart.

  • Jasmine

    She looks FANTASTIC!

  • ilia

    WOW, I don’t know what’s different but she looks kind of STUNNING! I don’t think she has ever looked this GOOD! Happy for her.

  • craig stairs

    another insult to the troops. if these people want to support the military why don’t they date and marry them?

    instead they hang around with garbage and are suppose to be for the troops?

    I got news for you sandra, military men aren’t allowed to be covered in tattoos & don’t lite about their family history.

    they are the real americans that make your lifestyle possible.