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Sandra Bullock Kisses Scarlett Johansson During MTV Movie Awards

Sandra Bullock Kisses Scarlett Johansson During MTV Movie Awards

Sandra Bullock gives Scarlett Johansson a passionate kiss onstage while accepting the MTV Generation Award during the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 6) in Universal City, Calif.

The award was presented by Scarlett, Sandra‘s All About Steve co-star Bradley Cooper and Betty White.

“This is so weird,” Sandra said during her acceptance speech. “Scarlett, why are you here?”

Scarlett replied, “I’m here because [my husband Ryan Reynolds] couldn’t be here and I wanted to be here when you accepted your award for Best Kiss.”

Said Sandra, “We didn’t win that.”

Scarlett said, “I thought if you did win, it would be really sweet and soft…” Cue lip lock for girl-on-girl action!

FYI: Sandra wore an Oday Shakar dress, Louboutin shoes and Gurhan ring.

Sandra Bullock Kisses Scarlett Johansson During MTV Movie Awards

10+ pictures inside of Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson‘s kiss…

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Credit: Jeff Kravitz, Christopher Polk; Photos: Filmmagic, Getty
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  • attention hos

    What an attention whores, they really turned into non sense just for the sake of the PR since both them have no projects coming lets wh*re ourselfes desperately.

  • ff

    Oh please stop copying others, it’s sooo deja vu ,others did it before you copy cats.

  • TN

    After Meryl Streep…they are all a downgrade

  • okay

    Really not impressed. Hasn’t this been overdone?,,,,desperate and attention seeking.

  • NotFlawlessBitch

    Now this is just F-ing stupid.

  • sisi

    yeah its screams let’s talk about us!!!! overrated.

  • Anon

    Wow, Sandra goes from class to trash in failed swoop.

  • cm

    hey they’re not talking about her failed marriage after this… i think that was the point.

  • LuckyL

    Oh please, haven’t you seen the fake makeout kiss before Jared?

  • …..

    Hohanssan got no movie project work coming, just as PR Bullock ,so to exist they have to play the stupid hoes and PR their overrated selfs.

  • Anon


    Sorry, I take back my words—I didn’t watch the clip first. Meh, it was harmless. Lame, but harmless. JJ, you made it out like it was one looonnnggg kiss, nada. Good for Sandra for remembering those that live in the Gulf Coast region. Clean it up, British Petroleum!

  • Jasmine

    Sandra, PR stunts are beneath you…

  • NotFlawlessBitch

    @Anon: I agree now seeing the video (it wasn’t there when I first read this?). But still dumb enough.

  • @cm: Word!

  • Helen

    this whoel thing – her speech, and then what betty white and brad said – amazing. even the kiss! phenomenal

  • big fail

    I really don’t get the point of this??? it’s like trying way too hard so stupid.

  • busted

    When are they going to stop with this girl kiss girl thing. It has been overplayed and the effect is ZERO.

    Such a boring show..

  • road

    everyone copies Madonna years later

    and Im tired of these fame whores

  • Helen

    and oh – sandra’s dress is a major win

  • mailey

    this show was so TIRED. newsflash, girl-kissing is not novel or shocking anymore.

    this is another example of how mtv is blatantly so over.

    they retired TRL, they need to retire mtv altogether. they’re not relevant anymore.

  • Next

    Im so sick of this old hag and the overrated short pig

  • Pot

    I saw an interview of ScarJo recently. I didn’t know she was so sweet, sincere, and down-to-earth. She’s truly a nice girl. I usually don’t expect someone so pretty to also be so kind-hearted. They just usually aren’t nice, or they’re fake. I really liked what I saw of her in her interview! Good luck, Scar. I haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet, but you look damn hot in those trailers!

  • I think that she was quite clear when she said, after the kissing, that she would like to go back to normal. That kiss was just something to make the press stop talking about her divorce. And it worked. I love Sandra. She’s an amazing actress and if she wanted to do something to be on the spotlight, I think she should have done it a long time ago, not now that everything that the press talks about it’s her and her new son and her divorce.

  • Melissa

    that is so hot

  • WTF

    She kissed the corner of her mouth, not directly on Scarlett’s mouth.

  • KK

    Scarlett Jo is a major b!tch she just left esquire editor magazine at the last minute without informing them, till the last minute, they’ve found themselves looking for a remplacement in a short timing, what she did is really low.

  • NotFlawlessBitch
  • mik

    2 talentless media fame whores yike, the granny has always been a fame ho ,sleeping with the majority of her male co workers, Tate Donovan, Mathew MacCaunghey i forget the name of one actor who was younger than her…..her private life was already a media wh*ring, now with her old age she still playing the ho exposing her private life, shameful from a 46 yo, The second who is just like her a talentless limited actress who is seeing her 5 minute acting fallen down..has been the same, from the elevator with Benicio Del Toro, Jared leto, Timberlake, their media wh*ring is well known.

  • lindsay

    wow, i just came to say goodnite

  • happy girl

    I wanna kiss Scarlett. Girl crush! Scarlett is perfect. Sandra has nice legs.

  • sharyllee

    sick!! Sandra, pls grow up!!

  • overrated

    Eww grandma with that plain chick who got a horse teeth.

  • gosh!

    gosh people it was just a freaken kiss! get over it! i thought it was kind of hot!
    Sandra and Scarlett are the best!

  • lala

    @attention hos:

    wow makes me laugh how some ppl can get so angry over so little!. dont really rate sandra as an actress but she’s clearly been thru some hard times. the kiss is just an attempt to shift attention away from all the drama. ps. think sadra looks AMAZING in that dress cracking legs!

  • ridiclous


    *Shift attention* please you fans cracks me up, she drove much more attention with that silly acting of an attention old hag , she knows that this will makes people talking, hypocrite manipulative media ho(but people aren’t blind enough people are smart we are not idiot we saw what its behind this) if she doesn’t want attention ( which is ridiclous cause she does everything for it) she could have retired for some quite time , she could have refused to sell her privacy and pictures of her private life to gossip magazines just a short time after her break up, she wouldn’t go to every award shows to play about her breakup….give me a break.

  • Flora

    I love her, she IS a class act.

  • Liz

    @ridiclous: Oh PLEASE! She had to show her baby, otherwise she would have been chased aroung even MORE by the paparazzi, and with a baby it can be dangerous! Ma,y stars do so to be left alone! And Sandra is known for the way she is so secretive, keeping her privte life private, so pleeaaase! It was a joke, get over it people! How old are you?!

  • Liz

    oops! “Many”

  • LolliLolli

    Scarlett needs someone like Miss J Alexander to teach her how to walk with a melon or something between her knees.She really needs to sort out this knock-kneedness..

  • ridiclous


    Are you dumb? seriously,she had to expose and sell her kid her private life intimate pictures to the gossip magazines so then the Paparazzis will never take pictures of the kid and will go away? do you realize how much dumb you sound , really if you have nothing to say better shut this whole stupid crap, for your sake, paps will always take pictures of her and the kid no matter what, its their job,nothing will stop them, she just exposed her kid to the paps recently like a circus in New Orlean, what’s change? as it wasn’t enough for her for putting this innocent baby in people magazine, she chooses to wh*re her privacy and private life to magazines, and no not all the stars do that, Julia Roberts never wh*red her kids out on gossip magazines, same with johnny deep actually we don’t even know how they look like, because they choose to protect their kids , unlike the media whores like her , who play the media paps game.

  • oh

    whoever sandra’s publicist or pr person is, she should fire him or her.
    this is ridiculous. what has our world come to, making out with people just to get a few laughs or attention? this isn’t really how to make a comeback after your husband makes a mess of your life. it seems gaudy and cheap.

  • yo sista

    that was so lame tbh. what the f___k was scarlett doing there. She just looked dumb

  • the african darkside

    I watched good morning america clip of sandra bullock. And ms bullock has some really nice legs,calves in particular.

  • A

    @ ridiculos. Why don’t you worry about your own life, you self-righteous snob? I’m sure that the people that know you have big fun drowning in a sea of all your opinions.

  • Blackrose

    what did she mean when she said pray for the people in the Gulf?!??

    i love Sandra!

  • Kate

    I wasn’t that surpize. The first time they show a girl on girl kiss on mtv movies award I was more surpirze with britney and madonna then sandra and scarlett

  • go Sandra

    This was the best of the night. Sandra was spectacular. Her body and legs are amazing. I didn’t like Scarlett, she seemed a fool there.

  • A

    @Blackrose: Hi Blackrose…she meant with the BP oil spill and their oceans and wildlife being contaminated….also drastically affecting their economy.

  • asdfjkl;

    Do you guys not get it??? She’s receiving the Generation Award. Of course she’s going to be talked about in the days after. I believe this kiss was to shift our attention to that and to stop talking about her failed marriage.

    In now way is she a famewh**e. The cheating was an embarrassment to her. She just wants to move on with her “new” life and for everyone to do the same.

  • dey

    why does she keep doing this at awards shows? is it like a gimmick or something? it certainly doesn’t remove her from her sleazy husband, it makes her more similar to him…what is she thinking? i think she’s desperately trying to put the cheating scandal behind her, but she’s going about it in a completely wrong way…